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Lila84 rated for Pen pal and Profile Surprise-USA on May 22, 2013
Comment: Letter and envelope were not decorated as states in the rules of the swap. *edit* There are no hard feelings on my end. Just that the rules weren't followed so that's why the 3 rating was given. This user has blocked me. So I cannot get in touch with her. Also, she never offered to resend. If that had been offered I would have accepted and re-done your rating to give you a second chance. But since you've blocked me I have no desire to have contact with you.
Response: **EDIT: I am confused, I didn't block you?? I sent you a PM just a few minutes ago re: this. I understand the rating, my fault completely. I have offered resend but totally deserve the 3 for my first send as I neglected to decorate it as it wasn't in my notes. Thanks for rating.
Comment: EDITED MAY 2013. Well it took four YEARS but you did finally make good on this swap & you did send a very nice profile specific package that i am very pleased with. I especially like the zebra washi tape & journal. And u know i luv the real peacock feather decorative applique/patch thingy ;-) The stickers & colored pens will be fun to play with too. Thanx also for the lil pkg of cute notecards & the Magnet grocery list pad! It was all very nice and i am glad you made it up. Best of luck............. EDIT 4/2013: I got a pm from @YankeeUnicorn saying she would make up this flaked $10.00 Swap NOW! YEA! I think that is AWESOME! It surely sux to be flaked on a big swap like this. will update what comes in when it comes in! .............. AUG 2009: RATED 1, i still havent gotten the d.confirmation pkg you said u sent over a month ago... i will change when it gets here!
Response: Glad you liked it all!! Thank you so much for re-rating SWAP ARRIVED: You entered: 95,05510877483121360139 Your Item's Status Your item was delivered at 9:06 am on May 4, 2013 in PELAHATCHIE, MS 39145.......The swap resend is on its way. I really hope you like it! The tracking number is: 9505 5108 7748 3121 3601 39....I sent it priority so hopefully you will get it quickly:) Let me know when it arrives:) . April l 2013: My account has merged.
lilychouchou rated for A1 - Dollar Store Swap on Jun 27, 2009
Comment: Mysticalunicorn919 tells me that she has sent this twice already and that both times it has got lost. She now says she has sent it a third time and my patience is running out. I will re-rate if this one arrives. Have now changed the rating to 3, as it has now arrived.
Response: Thank you for re-rating as promised.
AngelicDagger rated for **FLAT RATE ENVIE OF FUN #3** on Jun 22, 2009
Comment: **************************************Package at the post office, i was called into work early and wont be off into time to pick up, but i will tommorow. Update when i pick it up, but i did receive the notice they have it************************ As i never posted a comment when i rated a 1, I am commenting now on the awfully rude response to my rating. Firstly When i simply made a comment in the swap about my partner not sending which is you, it was deleted. Secondly I posted this exact comment "If you are requesting people not rate you for not receiving their packages yet, don't you think you should start sending all of your packages with delivery confirmations. Also i don't understand why but u deleted my comment on the swap you are hosting which i have not received. Yes i have spoken with you, but swapbot ratings are not about just receiving the swap. If someone sends late including the swap cord. then you are not following through with the swap requirements. But I cannot rate you yet, but will rate accordingly when it comes time or i actually receive my package." Which you deleted from your page. You requested for people to not rate you - sorry but i follow swap bot rules and if you do not send on time, which you didn't supposedly the first time but as i never recieved it and have NEVER had any amount of mail lost. Yes i recieve letters and many other things besides swap bot related things. Already the situation was very fishy to me with a person who deletes negative comments and tells people not to rate her if they haven't received items and i have seen on her page that she has to resend often. This is poor swapping behavior. And where she makes up this 'couple of comments i don't know, because i only did one and i saved it, because i forseen this behavior. Now on to the other messages i sent you. Copied straight from my messages which are saved. " Date: May 31, 2009 Status: Read To: mysticalunicorn919 Subject: flat rate envie of fun Hi there, i noticed that you haven't sent your package yet and today was the last day to send it.. I hope that everything is going fine. Please don't forget me =) Thanks! =D ~sey Date: Jun 6, 2009 Status: Read To: mysticalunicorn919 Subject: ???? If you sent on the 30th, my flat rate envie should have arrived by now." Do either of those seem that awful???? Yes my comment after you went on your vacation was angry because you have no right to tell me not to rate. I have every right to rate appropriately WHEN SWAP BOT ALLOWS. IT IS OVER 2 WEEKS AFTER SEND DATE. GET OVER IT, AND RESEND OR NOT. I AM BEING FAIR ABOUT THE SITUATION. If you are so dramatic to call 1 comment in the swap, 1 comment on your profile, and 2 messages harassment then i would love to know how my behavior was over the top and cruel or unusual. Of course you may have no problems with this swapper in many swaps but obviously sending late and resending is common enough of a behavior to have been said on her profile. Yes even if i recieve the package, if this person resends it still deserves a 3. Requirements are requirements and a swap host should be able to follow those. Updated: I hate this going back and forth so seriously if you can't read that i am willing to still rate FAIRLY not unfairly and give you an undeserved 5 for being late. That is up to you and it shows your commitment. Oh and i think your behavior still should be shown as what you previously replied, which was the reason for this long response in the first place. "Response: From 1 week after partners were posted this gal began PMing me to know where the swap was...I DID send, 2 days past the send date (we had family drama that took center stage in my life) and she claims to have never received. I heard from her 1 day before I left for my vacation, and I told her (and posted as a comment on her page which she may have deleted by now) that I would resend the Monday the 15th when I could get to a store, buy more stuff and then resend to her...And here it is the 15th and she goes and rates me a 1. She posted a couple nasty comments on my profile as well--while I was gone on vacation--I promptly deleted them....and have blocked her from contacting me for all the harassment....I am still more then willing to resend...but this swapper was OVER THE TOP with her harassment about this from day 1. THIS WAS MY SWAP--I HOSTED IT--WHY THE HELL WOULD I FLAKE ON PURPOSE??? This kind of stuff really discourages me from swapping...But alas, those of you who know me know that I am not a flaker--I make good on any and all swaps that go MIA and I am typically prompt in sending! I am not sure what to do, I am hurt and angry by this rating! I am hopeful that any future swap hosts will contact me with any questions or concerns before booting me out of a swap! Thanks!"
Response: THANK YOU FOR RE-RATING. HOPE YOU LIKE THE ITEMS WHEN YOU PICK THEM UP AT THE POST OFFICE! BTW, it might be a good idea to erase some of your comment--its hard to read and will confuse people but that is up to you. ~TRACY~Update 6/21/09: According to DC this swap should be delivered today!!!UPDATE 6/18/09: This swap has been resent. The delivery confirmation number is: 0103 8555 7497 1558 7657 This info has also been fwd to admin.
Comment: Unfortunately Tracy did not read my profile and 2 of the magnets I received were pink (my profile clearly states that I *detest* the colour pink due to upsetting personal reasons). I explained this to her and never even received an apology. The magnets were also of poor (cheap) quality & more suited to a child (I gave them to my friend’s 8 year old). I contacted both the coordinator of the swap (Kathyp – who was very helpful) and then Tracy herself - who replied that "oh well you cant please everyone". Very disappointed as I always go out of my way to ensure my partners are happy. A little bit more effort could have been put in on her part.
Response: Looking back on this swap---the user says she hates pink, but um...there is pink on her profile...wow. Guess the user didn't detest it as much as she thought. Kinda BS but whatever! On all swaps I think to myself before I send, "is this something I would like to receive" and in this case it was. I am sorry I didn't scan the profile to find out she didn't like the color pink, but I thought the magnets were cute....And I do stand by my "you can't please everyone" statement--and as you can see by my currently 165+ 5's and 70 Hearts that most all my partners have been pleased! What can I do? I can't afford to send another swap of magnets out to Australia right now--ESPECIALLY when the ones were received and of decent enough quality for the swap. There was NO ill intention in sending the pink magnet(s) I just thought they were cute....Forgive me for missing the part where a color was hated......I just sent something I would like to have received----and I am 28 so it's not an age thing! People are just too picky sometimes and I believe this is one case of that!

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