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What is a Swap?
A Swap is a group of people that organize on the internet to trade items through the postal mail. Items are usually hand-assembled, cheap (but rich with craftsmanship and care) and can include mix CDs, postcards, crafts, or anything you can think of!
What is Swap-bot?
Swap-bot facilitates internet swaps. It removes the hassle of collecting swap participants and assigning swap partners.
How do you create a swap with Swap-bot?
  1. Come up with a Swap topic and post the details online. Include a signup deadline, a deadline for sending out swap items, and the number of people each participant will send items to. You can also include a link to your own site about the swap and/or upload a swap logo you have created.
  2. Pass out your Swap-bot signup URL.
  3. Sit back and wait for your sweet swaps to arrive
What does Swap-bot do?
  1. Swap-bot collects the names and mailing addresses of everyone involved in the swap.
  2. Then, using a complicated, computerized algorithm, it mixes up all of the participants and assigns the specified number of recipients to each participant. No more stressing over hand-sorting participants.
  3. Swap-bot emails each participant after the sign up deadline to let them know that they can now access their recipient's name and address. Participants must log back in to Swap-bot to get this information. Swap-bot also sends out reminder emails to participants close to the mail deadline.
How much does it cost to host/join a swap?
It's free! Signup for a free account and then join a swap or start your own.
Who can join Swap-bot?
Anyone over the age of 18. Swap-bot even allows for international swaps.
Who created Swap-bot?
Swap-bot was created and is maintained by Rachel and Travis. Rachel came up with the idea and Travis wrote the code. Enjoy!
Have more questions?
Visit our F.A.Q. Page or send us a message by using the contact form.