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AllFreeKnitting's Stash Busting Yarn Swap!

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AllFreeKnitting's Stash Busting Yarn Swap!
Swap Homepage:http://www.favecraftsblog.com/special-announcement-allfreeknittings-yarn-swap
Swap Coordinator:FaveCrafts (contact)
Swap categories: Yarn 
Number of people in swap:156
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:April 22, 2011
Date items must be sent by:April 30, 2011
Number of swap partners:2

Do you have to buy at least 3 skeins of yarn every time you find yourself near a Hobby Lobby? Have you considered renting a storage space just to keep some of your spare yarn? Well, my friend, it's time you took part in a yarn swap! Ever since FaveCrafts hosted its first Valentine's Day Card Swap, I've been dying to get us knitters in on the fun!

If you've never heard of swapping before, here's what it's all about: Everyone who participates is assigned a partner (or two, or three--for this swap, you will be assigned 2 partners). Then every swap participant makes/buys/procures the item to be swapped.

For this swap, it's one skein of unused yarn from your yarn stash (I know you have one). This yarn must be around 2 ounces in weight, which is just over 50 grams. Once you receive your swap partners' addresses, you send them one skein of yarn, and they'll send you one in return.

Swaps are a fun way to facilitate a sense of community among fellow knitters. Plus, who doesn't love getting a package!? If you are looking for a fun way to get rid of some of your stash, and get some beautiful new yarn in return, this yarn swap is just what you need!

Please remember: The skein of yarn you send must:

  1. Be unused and in decent condition

  2. Weight at least two ounces in weight (about 50 grams).

Happy Swapping!


Mykatzrphat 04/ 4/2011 #

Just wondering--I have many skeins (and balls) of new AND frogged (from thrift store sweaters, hand rolled into center pull balls). Can I use frogged yarn in the swap?

ciociannie 04/ 4/2011 #

am I in now???

FaveCrafts 04/ 4/2011 #

@Mykatzrphat - As long as it's in good shape and the required size, I'm okay with people sending frogged yarn. Good question!

catjmoses 04/ 4/2011 #

Hi, FaveCraft says 3 skeins of 2 ozs or about 50 grams. I'm not sure about the 'homemade in some way" part though.

catjmoses 04/ 4/2011 #

I'm ok too about the 'frogged yarn'. I have gotten some good yarn from some poorly designed sweaters at good will and other second hand places.

FaveCrafts 04/ 4/2011 #

@catjmoses - The yarn doesn't have to be homemade, just in good condition. Thanks for asking!

shadowstealer 04/ 4/2011 #

I've gotten a little confused do we send the swap partner 1 or 3 skeins?

FaveCrafts 04/ 4/2011 #

@shadowstealer - you will send each partner one skein of yarn. Hope that helps clarify things!

shadowstealer 04/ 4/2011 #

Yes thank you.

kathy02 04/ 5/2011 #

will the two pardeners address be e=mailed to us for the yarn swap?

kathy02 04/ 5/2011 #

Will we be e=mailed the two people we are suppose to send yarn to?

LoveKnitting 04/ 5/2011 #

I'm signed up now. Do I wait until I hear from you as to whom to send yarn to?

LoveKnitting 04/ 6/2011 #

I really don't care for frogged yarn, even though it might be lovely. If something came from a thrift store and were frogged, I wouldn't call it unused. Should I "un-enter" myself?

FaveCrafts 04/ 6/2011 #

@Kathy02 - Once I assign you partners, you'll be notified via e-mail that your partners have been assigned. Then, all you have to do is log in to see their addresses.

Elonka 04/ 8/2011 #

This is a first for me, can't wait to send and recieve...

panthyrr 04/10/2011 #

If it helps, I'm okay with frogged yarn if it's interesting. :) I'm also good with any materials; acrylic or silk, I can use it all.

Knittingdancer 04/11/2011 #

The directions said two skeins of unused yarn. Frogged yarn is considered used to me. I think it means the skeins should be new and not used.

rocknlindak 04/11/2011 #

Does anyone know where I could buy a skein (or 2) of Lion Brand Homespun yarn in the BLUE RIDGE color? I started a project and haven't been able to finish it because I ran out of this yarn. I'm finding this color was discontinued. Help please. Thank you. Also by signing up to this site am I automatically signed up for the yarn swap?

alpacapatty 04/11/2011 #

I'm planning on swapping some alpaca yarn to help promote my alpaca business. I hope I signed up correctly for this swap. Apparently I didn't do it correctly for the valentine swap.

fawnscrafts 04/11/2011 #

I would love this to be a regional swap.

I am finding my local PO is finding ways to add any and all postage costs.

They even upped the type of mail from first class to parcel the other day when hubby went in so they can get more $$.

I got a tea bag swap back today stating it needs to be sent international parcel. And upped the cost to send that.

Right now I am going to have to bow out of a lot of international swaps. I would love to be in this one though.

fawnscrafts 04/13/2011 #

I want to make sure about something for the partners, also, in case I change my mind.

Does the yarn have to be natural or can man made fibers be part of this swap?

FaveCrafts 04/13/2011 #

@fawnscrafts - what is your question about the partners? We'd be happy to help clear anything up. In regards to your yarn question, the yarn does not have to be natural. Man-made fibers are fine.


kestrelkitty 04/13/2011 #

It said I needed to confirm my email before I could join this swap. Ok I confirmed but when I came back to this page to join the swap there was no place where I could join. Am I joined? I'd like to join if I'm not. Could you please help me. Thank You, Have a good day!

FaveCrafts 04/14/2011 #

@kestrelkitty - you are all signed up!

joyegail 04/14/2011 #

I'm not sure if I'm actually signed up or not, but if not, I want to be, Can someone please let me know if I am or not? Thanks.

joyegail 04/14/2011 #

Ditto to what kestrelkitty said.

FaveCrafts 04/14/2011 #

@Joyegail - you are all signed up! I just checked. :)

catjmoses 04/14/2011 #

Just wondering....I don't have a partners yet.

FaveCrafts 04/14/2011 #

@catjmoses - your partners won't be assigned until April 22 which is the last day to join the swap.

fawnscrafts 04/14/2011 #

Faves you answered my question. I just wanted to be sure if I do sign up and if I do send man made it can be cool.

I am still giving this some thought. I have a few odd skeins and never know what to do with them.

The only thing holding me back is the international postage.

fawnscrafts 04/14/2011 #

Oh and I have natural yarns that are just hanging around waiting for someone to do something with.

daisypatch 04/14/2011 #

I am interested in participating, however, is there a way to indicate our preference to our partners? i.e. I prefer receiving yarn from a non-smoking environment. Not a big fan of frogged wool either.

FaveCrafts 04/14/2011 #

@daisypatch - I believe you can indicate your preferences on your swapbot profile page. Great question!

rocknlindak 04/15/2011 #

What is frogged yarn? Thanks

Momskii 04/15/2011 #

I also cannot accept frogged yarn or yarn from a smoking household as my husband has breathing problems and they do make a difference when I am working on the yarn. Also no heavy perfumes. thanks I did put this preference on my profile for all to see. thanks

videolady2150 04/15/2011 #

Rockinlinda, I found 2 skeins of blue ridge homespun on ebay and sent you a message with the link. let me know what you think. the link for the site is http://cgi.ebay.com/2-SKEINS-LION-BRAND-HOMESPUN-YARN-BLUERIDGE-90-/400209356402?pt=USYarn&hash=item5d2e562672#ht1095wt_905

NOSwift 04/15/2011 #

To alpacapatty - I hope I get you! Alpaca is my FAVORITE yarn and I've bought plenty of handspun alpaca in the past. Looking forward to the swap. Everyone should fill in their profile page! I am going to check my partners when I get them to see what colors they like and especially if they do or do not want sock yarn!

TemporaryFix 04/17/2011 #

Hello everyone! I just joined this swap and was curious how I'd find out who my partner is. I have never joined a swap that required sending stuff out in the mail so I am very excited about this one! =)

Sharon http://lapseincomposure.blogspot.com

nanny1955 04/18/2011 #

I am so excited about this swap. My first! What a great way to meet new crafters. Just finished up crcoheting and sewing together a granny patch backbag for my granddaughter's Easter basket. It came out even better than I thought it would. Yey ME!

mrsnap 04/18/2011 #

OK.... i'm all signed up and ready to go....do i just wait now for my two swapper names to be sent to me by email?? this is lots of fun and very exciting... my first swap as well....:)

bblbug59102 04/18/2011 #

How soon do we get name to send yarn to?

FaveCrafts 04/19/2011 #

@bblbug59102 - your partners won't be assigned until April 22 which is the last day to join the swap. Once the partners are assigned, an e-mail will be sent to you. :)

Giusypatch 04/20/2011 #

Just signed in! I'm giusy from Italy :)

cwing 04/21/2011 #

I have only been in one swap. Is the swap okay for "newbies?" Thanks

Knitloomingcheermom 04/21/2011 #

Just signed up. I have some yummy yarns in my stash!! did I do it right?

FaveCrafts 04/21/2011 #

@Knitloomingcheermom - you are all signed up! :)

StitchGoddess 04/22/2011 #

I'm okay with getting frogged yarn as long as it's in good shape! Any fiber is fine with me as well. :-) Thanks and hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

panthyrr 04/22/2011 #

I hope I get @alpacapatty :) I love alpacas.

Knitloomingcheermom 04/23/2011 #

When will I get my names of my swappers to send to? I found some great yarn in my stash that I am going to love to share!

nanny1955 04/23/2011 #

I have not received my info to send the yarn. When will I?

TemporaryFix 04/23/2011 #

Wondering the same thing...

kestrelkitty 04/23/2011 #

Hi, Its April 23rd and I didn't get the addresses for my parteners. Did I miss something or have they not been sent yet? Thanks have a great day!

Latinboop 04/23/2011 #

Ditto above. If you only have 8 days to mail, including holiday, doesn't leave you much time. Happy Holiday all!

panthyrr 04/23/2011 #

What usually happens is that the coordinator has some time to check through the participants and remove anyone they that doesn't meet requirements. When the host is satisfied, that's when she hits the assign button.

Knitloomingcheermom 04/23/2011 #

Thanks for the info panthyrr! This is my first swap here and I am really wanting to do it correctly!

FaveCrafts 04/24/2011 #

hello everyone! If you sign into your swap bot account, you should be able to view your partners. Hope this helps!

Mykatzrphat 04/24/2011 #

regarding the frogged yarn issue--this was already addressed by favecrafts as being perfectly fine to send in this swap. So glad I didn't get either of the people who seem to be "above" receiving frogged yarn, but at least I found two people to block ;).

fairymist 04/24/2011 #

who do i send to?

NanaJan 04/24/2011 #

I got the email that said my assignments had been made (whom I am supposed to send yarn to). And, that all I had to do was click on the link and sign in to find out the addresses. Okay, clicked on the link and signed in, but I can't seem to find my partners info anywhere. Is it just me? Help!

ona 04/24/2011 #

can't find my parnters anywhere? Have they been taken by the great knitting machine?

wyodeb 04/24/2011 #

I had a hard time figuring it out too - on the top right in the yellow box - click on "see the people you send to"

fairymist 04/25/2011 #

ok could those to whom i am swapping with kindly send sbailmail addresses to myemail address [email protected]

fairymist 04/25/2011 #

ok could those to whom i am swapping with kindly send sbailmail addresses to myemail address [email protected]

panthyrr 04/25/2011 #

@fairymist look in the upper right-hand corner of the swap page. Click on "see the partners you send to", and that will give you their addresses.

lindseyOT 04/25/2011 #

ouch....didn't realize how expensive international shipping is going to be...more than what the yarn is worth in some cases!

charliefeather 04/25/2011 #

Can't do international shipping, am on fixed income.(am in USA) Can I trade with someone who is in Canada and can't afford to ship to here?

gypsyinthecastle 04/25/2011 #

fyi-The flat rate priority envelopes at the USPS are $4.95...fwiw I fit 8 skeins of cotton yarn in a legal sized one last week. It's a good option for international.

panthyrr 04/25/2011 #

Just for future reference, if the swap is labeled "international" there's no way to guarantee that you'll get a partner in your own country. There are "USA only" swaps here, too. :)

That said, since partners are already assigned for this swap, as far as I know there's no way to change. Check with your postmaster for the best possible scenario to send.

ona 04/26/2011 #

have not received my swap parnters what is up with this

knittingstash 04/26/2011 #

I clicked on see the "see the people you send to" and went back to retrieve their addresses and it won't let me click on it again. Help!

panthyrr 04/26/2011 #

@ona look in the upper right-hand corner of this page. There's a little box that starts with "Swap member options:". One of these is "See the people you send to", and that's where you get your partners.

@knittingstash Check the taskbar at the bottom of your browser; when you click that link, it actually pops up a separate window, and that window may still be open.

knittingstash 04/26/2011 #

Found my addresses....computer glitch!

Knittingdancer 04/26/2011 #

I mailed my 2 packages today. They should arrive by Friday.

pah1012 04/26/2011 #

I mailed my 2 packages today. I can't wait until mine arrives! I hope the ladies I mailed the packages enjoy what I sent.

hippysherree 04/27/2011 #

Im so happy that i have completed my first swop ,my 2 parcels have been posted today from the U.K all the way to the U.S. It wasn't as expensive as what i thought it would be just £2.20 each. Im confused about it though do we not get a parcel back from the people we send to because its a different persons name thats sent it to me. love n hugs xxxxx

ilashdesigns 04/27/2011 #

yay! I got my yarn today..which prompted me to come back here and figure out who I was sending too..thanks for the instructions! found em! Look out! They're coming! :) too fun! Thanks for doing this all! :)

panthyrr 04/27/2011 #

@ilashdesigns I think you're sending to me, actually. grin Yay! New yarn without getting "that look" from my boyfriend! (in his defense, I told him to keep me from buying new yarn until I destashed. ;))

Latinboop 04/27/2011 #

I mailed my 2 packages yesterday and I hope that they enjoy the yarn I sent.

fiestyecugal 04/27/2011 #

so we send our two out, and we receive two also. then do we send two more to the ones who sent to us? so we send out a total of 4 and receive 4?

alpacapatty 04/27/2011 #

I mailed my yarn yesterday in a small padded envelope first class for $1.88 to and from USA.

NanaJan 04/27/2011 #

AH, Yes, found my info. Now, since my hubby has been in hospital since Easter, I have to get a chance to go home to get my yarn so I can send it out! I WILL make a way!!!

NanaJan 04/27/2011 #

AH, Yes, found my info. Now, since my hubby has been in hospital since Easter, I have to get a chance to go home to get my yarn so I can send it out! I WILL make a way!!!

panthyrr 04/28/2011 #

@fiestyecugel nope. just send to the two partners you're told to send to. Those two will be sending to two other people.

Deydra 04/29/2011 #

I mailed mine several days ago, recieved confirmation that they were delivered! :D

NanaJan 04/29/2011 #

I SAID I would find a way. 2 new skeins of yarn in the mail and on their way! Can't wait to get mine!!

panthyrr 04/29/2011 #

Don't forget: when you send, make sure to click "Click here when you've sent your items". Otherwise it looks like you haven't sent anything yet. :)

colleen1030 04/29/2011 #

the yarn swab is a great idea, hope we can do it again.

domsgram 04/30/2011 #

Hi - I mailed out my skeins. Can't wait to see what I get. I love swaps. Have fun everyone.

nanny1955 04/30/2011 #

I have sent the yarn to my partners, received yarn back from one partner. Now I would like to rate this person but when I click on the site I get two peoples name that I did not swap with. So, now what. I hope this gets fixed as it is not fair to my partners for such a great swap! Sherry

Giusypatch 04/30/2011 #

:) sent the yarns to my partners today!! :)) Oh, the packages will take a bit more to USA from Italy, about 15 - 20 days, so please consider it :)

carolfaith 04/30/2011 #

Do you get yarn from the people ypu sent to or someone random?

theonlyrenita 05/ 1/2011 #

I did get mine in the mail yesterday. This past week has been just crazy! We had tornados here. The town that I live in (Vilonia, AR) was hard hit. We had no damage but so many people lost their homes. My dad was helping clear the road to my aunt's house and got injured. 19 stitches down the left side of his face. He is so fortunate! It could have been so much worse. I hope nobody else in this swap was affected by these awful storms!

mrsnap 05/ 1/2011 #

HELP!!! I am not able to open the link that says "See the partners you send to" !!! How do I know who to send to???? i've been waiting for an email....I got a "reminder" today to send the yarn!!! ..... can you please send me a message to my email ([email protected]) with the names of my participants to send to????? thank you...

nanny1955 05/ 1/2011 #

hi, I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I was just notified by someone who has had to deal with the horrible disasters of the toronado. I feel anyone who has been affected by these storms should excused from this swap. How does everyone else feels? Thx sherry

catjmoses 05/ 2/2011 #

Packages went out last Thursday. Enjoy!

DoulaJo 05/ 2/2011 #

I received yarn Saturday and went to go rate the person who sent it to me - however, there are two names and they both say they're from USA - how do I figure out which of the two to rate?? There was no name on the envelope - the return address said Birmingham, AL, but the postage sticker says Califon, NJ???

Latinboop 05/ 2/2011 #

I just received my package and YAY I love the yarn(mango my favorite fruit), however, when I went to rate who sent there is a totally different from who actually sent. So as of right now I haven't rated anyone.

ilashdesigns 05/ 3/2011 #

ok..I was late...I sent my packages out on Monday, cuz that's the day I do all of my postal chores for the yarn orders that I get over the weekend. Because I have an online yarn shop. Check me out sometime! Thanks for putting this together! I received a note from a sender that said one of mine is on it's way from Australia ~ woo hoo! and I also received another package with the most beautiful shade of orange/coral that has inspired me to try to re-create with my dyes sometime! Sorry I mailed my packages out a bit late..but they are on their way! :)

Tripleransom 05/ 4/2011 #

I got packages from both my partners and they sent lovely stuff. I had the same problem as DoulaJo--luckily, one of my partners had marked "Sent" and the other one hadn't, so I could figure out who was who. This was a lot of fun. I hope the people I sent to enjoy their yarn.

nanny1955 05/ 9/2011 #

I enjoyed this first time swap. A couple of small glitches but I'm sure they willworked out for the next swap!!

Lottiefla 05/ 9/2011 #

I got yarn from both partners --- and even got yarn from one of the folks I sent TO as a great surprise! Confused me a little though... I was supposed to send TO the two people that were assigned, right? Was I supposed to send to the other two people that sent me yarn too? Thank you to Shirley Kimball in NC to sent yarn to me.

FaveCrafts 05/10/2011 #

Lottiefla- you were only supposed to send yarn to the two people you were assigned to. These people may or may not be the people that also sent you yarn. Hope this helps!

fiestyecugal 05/10/2011 #

I still havent gotten one of mine :(

mrsnap 05/11/2011 #

@nanny1955 -- if you notice... i did leave a comment on 5/1 asking for help since i could not open the link to see who my 2 swap partners were.. I had my two packages all ready to go.. i just needed the mailing information and when i finally got it they were mailed out the same day.... i'm sorry you had to wait an extra week for your package... but like you said... this swap did have a few glitches...hopefully the next one will run more smoothly..

FaveCrafts 05/13/2011 #

@mrsnap - Is there anything you'd like us to change to make this swap a better experience? Please let us know and I will try my best to make the changes for the next time around.


mrsnap 05/13/2011 #

My only problem was that i could not get into the link to see who to send my yarn to.... once i was able to get the names.. i mailed them out right away.... i thought it was alot of fun... i just felt bad that @nanny1955 .left me such a negative comment because she got her package late ... and stated that i did not meet the requirements...all in all... i think it was alot of fun... maybe nanny1955 has a suggestion...

ilashdesigns 05/14/2011 #

This was my first swap and honestly, yes, I didn't know what I was doing. With the postal service lollygagging the way they do..(and packages from Australia even!) I'm not going to let that ruin my fun time doing this! hugs to you mrssnap! I don't think I still understand everything about hitting the sent button, that I don't even remember doing or when....opps....alls I know is I sent my yarns and received my yarns within a reasonable manner of time and if I'm not doing something for someone here correctly will you please let me know? Beyond that this was a rocking blast! I love the yarn I received! Thanks for hosting this swap!

catjmoses 05/14/2011 #

I'm still waiting for both of my packages. Hopefully this week. I had fun sending things out and would definitely do it again.

catjmoses 05/14/2011 #

Just reading through some comments.....I would just die if one of my yarn came from Italy! It would be so worth the wait!!!! I have been wanting to go to Italy for a long time now. That would just be karma --wouldn't it?

Deydra 05/14/2011 #

I havent gotten mine either however I am still patiently waiting :)

Deydra 05/14/2011 #

Also i havent recieved a rating and i know both my partners recieved their packages because i had email allerts saying they did, was wondering what was up?

ona 05/14/2011 #

I got both of yarn skins and were great .l hope that my yarn was enjoyed as well. Whenever there is another swap I plan on sending some more great yarn!!

orkchild 05/15/2011 #

I too will happily join the next swap. As to those who know their yarn was recieved but it is not marked on this site a recieved the person the got it may be like me and never done a swap on here before and not only did not know how to do so but may not have even known they should. Just a thought.

Deydra 05/16/2011 #

I recieved one package today, the other i havent gotten anything and it says not sent by their name not sure whats going on, just letting ya know.. :)

mrsnap 05/16/2011 #

thank you @ilashdesigns .. hugs right back to you!! i can't believe that some people are still waiting for their package and are being so cool about it.... where as my partner left such a negative message because i mailed it out on the 3rd instead of by the 30th....because of a computer glitch....oh well... its nice to know that some people can play nice together.... i enjoyed it very much... met some very nice ladies and would definetely do it again.... thanks and i hope those of you that are still waiting will get great yarn that was worth the wait....

heavenscreations 05/18/2011 #

I am still waiting for mine from both of my senders...I know one of my receivers has received so far...just hope the 2nd one gets hers soon as well

heavenscreations 05/18/2011 #

ok Both have gotten theirs. Thank you for letting me know. M

Deydra 05/18/2011 #

I am sorry mrsnap that someone was so negative :( Some people dont have any patience or understanding. I am glad you enjoyed the swap, I recieved one of mine and personally I dont like pink however my best friend does so I cant wait to make some dishrags for her with the yarn :D And even if i dont get my second package i enjoyed reading profiles and had fun in the swap :) cant wait for the next one <3

heavenscreations 05/19/2011 #

I think I got duds...haven't received anything...one of my partners did not receive hers...will post again to her as not fair.

But I have received nothing from anyone. :,(

Deydra 05/20/2011 #

yeah i havent recieved my second package so I am not sure whats going on ... Packages from overseas can take 20-25 days though so I suppose we will see :) I was rated for one package but not the other and I know both were recieved Since i recieved email confirmation, will keep checking :)

Deydra 05/23/2011 #

Negative ratings left unfortunatly,... my partner was not from overseas and I still havent recieved anything, sorry for everyone else who got flaked on... better luck next time <3

catjmoses 05/28/2011 #

Well I too had to leave a # 1 rating for both of my senders as I haven't received anything yet and it looks like BOTH of my folks (go figure) are MIA. Joanne Deschenes (Ciociannie) and Judy Christiano (JudyChris) --both of whom are in the US have not sent me anything. I see that one of them was 'suspended'. Just my luck on my first swap--nothing from either. I wish them both well as you never know why things happen. But it's just a bummer. Oh well, I'll try again another time.

33crafty 05/31/2011 #

I have not received anything either. I sent out on time and both of my partners received their yarn. My understanding was that..who we sent to in NOT who we get from...Is this right? How do I find out what happend to my patterners and if they even mailed or not???

Deydra 06/ 5/2011 #

It certainly seems like most of the group got flaked on.. Kinda sad that adults cant be responsible and a shame that nobody was angeling :(:(

theonlyrenita 06/15/2011 #

this swap sucked...

Elonka 06/17/2011 #

oh yea o yea This is the best swap. All most 2 month to the day, but boy oh boy was it worth the wait. Thank you Catherine Alford for all your trouble (and money). I have just received the nicest blue pure cotton ball. I am on cloud nine. In SA cotton is not that reddely available. I am going do knit myself a pair of fingerless mittens and think of you each time I wear them. Thank you once again, will sure do the next swap.

amamas2centsworth 06/20/2011 #

I still haven't received my yarn from my second partner. I messaged them but received no reply to the message.

RachelB 06/26/2011 #

You can ask for angels on the forums if you were flaked on - so sorry there seems to be a lot of you

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