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If you have not recieved a swap from me could you please send me a message letting me know what swap it was and your mailing address. I can't figure out which swappers got what and which didn't. Thanks so much for your understanding. - Jan 14th 2010

Hello everyone. I have been away for a while, life got me down pretty good, I took some bad hits but now I'm back. I intend to make good on every swap I left hanging very shortly. Please be patient with me. I am deeply sorry to make some of you wait for so long, I have been offline for several months now. I really enjoyed being a part of swap-bot and I hope that I can make everyone happy and rejoin this awesome community soon. Hope there are no hard feelings. Here's hoping that next year will be better than this one.

My name is Thespoena but everyone calls me Thespa. I am an avid paper crafter. I enjoy entering paper craft contests, swaps (although I am new to this site, and what a cool site it is) and making scrapbook pages and cards for publication, friends, and family. I have won a few national contests, I won first place in the Skinny Cow Queen of the Crop contest (I got a Canon digital camera and photo printer from that one) as well as a second place in the same contest in which I won a years supply of ice cream, YUM! LOL. I was Paper Crafts Magazine Stamping Royalty in 2007 and top 5 in the national Fiskars Get Ready Craft contest in 2005. I've had several things published in Paper Crafts Magazine and was fortunate to have my recipe for Peanut Butter Brownie Bars published in their recently released book Paper Crafts Gourmet. I am getting more and more into altered art and collage because it is just too darn fun and the freedom you have to express yourself through those works is something I am enjoying at the moment. I can't wait to get started swapping with some of the crafty people of this site!

To find out more about me, click on the links above to view my blog and my myspace page. I'm looking foreward to getting to know some new people here.

More about me

I am a mother of three great kids, a wife to a wonderful husband and I'm addicted to all things handmade. I live in Arkansas home of the Razorbacks! Wooo-Pig-Sooooee! LOL. My favorite color is Turquoise and it's especially nice if it is paired with brown. Although Pink and black color combos are cool too. I love vintage anything, people tell me I was born after my time. My first car was a 64 Ford window van that I bought in 1993. I miss that old hunk of junk. Anyway, I sew, paper craft, make stained glass jewelry, work on home decor projects (especially the ones by Quick Quotes), ATC's, and many other crafts too numerous to mention. I have an ever growing stack of home decor mags and scrapbooking mags which usually results in the customary roll of the eyes from my husband when I bring the current ones home.

Favorite Music

I love classic rock, but I'm not stuck in that genre. I like any song that is well written. Pretty much I flip through all stations and listen to all music.

Favorite Books

The Earth's Children Series by Jean Auel are my favorite books, I just wish it wouldn't take so long to get the next one. (about 10 years) Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of Horses, Mamoth Hunters, Plains of Passage, Shelters of Stone,

I also love Paper Crafts Magazine, Creating Keepsakes Magazine, and Scrapbooks Etc.

I've got stacks of Creative Home Magazines, Better Homes and Garden special publications and home decor books.

Junk Beautiful is a great read and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next one Junk Beautiful Outdoor edition.

Likes and Dislikes

My likes and/or things I would like to recieve...

  • anything turquoise and brown (especially kitchen stuff, and craft stuff) (Don't care too much for yellow anything)

  • samples of anything (as long as they aren't outdated)

  • Love fine and ultra fine glitter all different colors, would like to have some for my scrapbook pages and other paper craft projects.

  • I love the look of the old style glass glitter after it tarnishes and looks aged. I would love to have some of this glitter and/or anything that has the old aged glitter on it. (i.e. old Christmas ornaments, cards, etc.)

  • cute retro pattern fabrics

  • fruity or sweet smelling candles

  • organizers & bins

  • Vintage stuff (like old evening hats & gloves, semi tarnished costume jewelry with rhynstones, 50's style stuff, old cosmetic cases, vintage (pre 1950) ephemera for collage, etc.)

  • North American Indian decor & old west style (old childrens books with same theme, leather decorated items in earth tones, John Wayne type stuff, cabin chic, flour sack sewables, old cutter quilts)(NOT southwest style, but tastefull modern old west style, if you can combine the two)

  • Old cutter quilts or pieces

  • Old flour sacks

  • Thread assortments

  • In Style Scrapbooking items (I've already got a ton of outdated items that I don't use, LOL) I frequently send items in for publication and can only use current products for a better chance of being published.

  • Scrapbooking cardstock (all colors cause I'm always out.)

  • Paper Flowers for scrapbooking (I love these, I just can't keep them around, I usually use them all up too fast) I would love to receive an assortment of different colors patterns shapes and sizes.

  • stained glass jewelry supplies, (i.e. pre-cut glass pieces in different sizes, black backed copper tape in thicker width, shiny LEAD FREE solder)

  • Copic Markers (any colors, I don't have any) I desperately want some of these but they are out of my price range. I would be happy to receive used ones.

  • swirls and flourishes (on just about anything, and wild about that tatoo look you see on many things these days)

  • Special K coupons & samples (cause I'm losing weight with them)

  • necklaces with glass beads and layers in blues, browns, and/or greens

  • large bracelets (large in circumference cause I have big wrists, not large as in..."oh my gosh, here comes some gals bracelet!") LOL

  • sweet smelling non-greasy lotions or body mists, (don't like musky perfumes, nor strong ones)

  • Tyepwriter keys from old typewriters

  • Rusty baubles (old cast iron rusty's, old things with personality, old rusty keys, glass doorknobs, iron plates etc.)

  • Chirstmas, -my main Christmas colors are bright pink, turquoise, and bright green, with lots of glitter and bling, fun and happy holiday stuff -----(would really like to find some cute holiday baking stuff in Pink-turquoise-bright gree, like hot pads, aprons, serving dishes, etc. and it would be awesome if they were hand made, wink, wink!)

  • cosmetic cases (I don't have a cosmetic case so a nice one would be awesome, a big one for home and a smaller one for my purse would be even better, and if they had turquoise on them (the color) I would be on cloud 9!

  • I've always wanted a vintage dress form, though that kind of thing would be difficult to send in the mail, if anyone has one they don't want I would be happy to help pay the shipping.

  • Handmade glass beads

  • Lowe's Home Improvement store

  • Antique Christmas ornaments

  • Clear Stamps (grungy, swirls, artsy or fun)

  • ATC supplies,

  • Rubber stamps (butterflies, wings, faces, corset, and there is a JAR rubber stamp out there that looks like a mason jar that I would give all the hearts in the world for!)

  • My Mind's Eye scrapbooking stuff

  • Tim Holtz Scrapbooking stuff

  • I'm addicted to Rub-ons and can never have enough. All different kinds but my favorite are Daisy-D's brand.

  • Cigar Boxes made of wood that have good hinges and clasps (especially cool ones with different shapes, colors, depths)

  • I'm always on the lookout for CIGAR BOXES and would be very happy to recieve them no matter what the swap requirements were. I make altered cigar box purses when I can find boxes which is rarely.

  • I like steam punk stuff, but I'm not a steampunk geek, although if I had known about it when I was younger I probably would have been. Little steampunk gadgets and jewelry are cool!

  • 7 Gypsies anything

  • junk drawer stuff i.e. keys, game pieces, jewelry bits and baubles.

  • Vintage ephemera (i.e. old photo postcards, old black and white photos of people, places & buildings) Old brochures, written pages, old diary or letters, old greeting cards 1900's - 1950's.

Just NOT into it...

things I really do not care for...

  • trendy cartoons (like kawaii) Sorry, no offense to anyone who likes them, they just aren't my thing (though I have no problem sending someone else these things if they like them)

  • Pearls (I can't stand pearls, they are really NOT my thing)

  • Yellow (I can think of much better colors, usually I stick to cool tones and earth colors, which is probably why I like turquoise and brown combos so much)

  • anime (again not my thing)

  • sports (love watching my kids play, but really can't stand fan stuff)

  • cutesy country with bold floral patterns and lace (too stuffy for me)

  • things that are slapped together with hot glue when they could be made nice with a little effort (don't get me wrong, hot glue is an excellent craft tool when appropriate, I just don't think curtains should be made with it, LOL)

Stuff I LOVE but CAN'T have.

  • I love chocolate but I am not eating it right now, at least trying very hard to avoid it. I am eating an alternative to candy bars, Special K Blueberry cereal bars are to die for and I CAN eat those. Also I can eat the chocolatey delight Special K cereal, which has chunks of a type of chocolate in it, YUMMY!

  • Love cheap glitzy earings but CAN'T wear them because of a metal allergy. This ONLY pertains to earings I can wear base metal necklaces and bracelets with no problems (although my wrists are big so bracelets most often don't fit)

Serving Our Country

I frequently ship care boxes to men and women serving over seas. I don't know anyone serving at this time but I contact soldiers through www.anysoldier.com Many of our citizens are serving their country outside of the country and could use all the support they can get. It doesn't take much to send a box of things from the home front, a few things to remind them of home and let them know that we're thinking of them. You don't have to support war to support troops.

  • If anyone has things they would like me to send in one of the many boxes I ship send it along (clearly labeled that those items are meant for soldier care packages) I will be happy to include them. OR you can send your own boxes by going to the address above.

  • I usually send things like DVD's

  • non-parishable snacks,

  • socks,

  • games,

  • CD's,

  • smell good stuff like lotions, shower gels, shampoo etc.

  • Anything portable.

  • Single servings Tylenol (so they don't have to go to the medic when they have a headache)

  • Little stuffed toys for soldiers to give to children. etc.


  • I will ALWAYS rate.

  • I will ALWAYS contact you first before rating for a package NOT received. And I will try to work with you if you have a problem, just please let me know.

  • If you have not received a package from me PLEASE contact me before you leave a rating, most likely it has been lost in the mail. Because I will ALWAYS send.

  • thanks for reading my profile, Happy Swapping!


MissAndree rated for Sender's Choice ATC on Feb 6, 2010
woopsydaisy rated for Rub On Transfer ATC on Jul 16, 2009
Comment: Never got anything! Bummer. Will change if anything ever comes.
Response: I left some people hanging, but not by choice, had some pretty ruff times, I did send this one out though. I will definately resend though. Not a problem. Hope there are no hard feelings.
groundhogstamper rated for Sender's Choice ATC on Jul 1, 2009
Response: I've sent you an email to let you know what's up. I'll be sending your items out this week.
Joy rated for Beeswax ATC swap on Jun 16, 2009
Comment: 2nd swap in which you were my partner and I never received anything from you.
Response: Please look for my email today. I'll be getting caught back up soon.
stunnedbannana rated for Beeswax ATC swap on Jun 15, 2009
Comment: Hello, hope everything is ok. will change if something is sent or receive communication. Again, hope you are all right and that nothing bad has happened.
Response: I sent out emails today. You will recieve your ATC's soon. Hope there are no hard feelings.
user6937 rated for VINTAGE ATC ~ NEWBIE FRIENDLY ~ on Jun 3, 2009
Comment: This swap has still not been sent - pmed on May 29; no response. Hope things get straightened around (whatever they may be).
Response: I'll be sending these out this week. Trying to get caught back up after the storm.
Comment: Haven't heard anything from you even tho' I pm'd you. Will change if anything is received.
Response: Coming soon. Getting back on track.
Joy rated for Newbies ONLY Gift swap #2 on Jun 2, 2009
Comment: I sent a message to you before rating to make sure there wasn't a misunderstanding, but have gotten no response. I can only assume that nothing was sent, which is sad because you hosted the swap and were my partner. I hope everything is ok with you because from your profile you don't seem like the type to flake out on a swap. :(
Response: I am emensly sorry you didn't get your items. I am sending out swaps this week that I am behind on. Please let me know when you get yours. Had some crazy things going on and am trying to get back on track.
Tunamarie rated for Kidz Cheap & Easy Swap on May 21, 2009
Comment: Isaac says thank you and immediatly ran to the fridge to test out his magnets. He smiled so big when he saw his name on the blue bag.
Kimberly3 rated for Crown ATC on May 14, 2009
Comment: Very Cute!
Response: Thanks!
magicjessnrach rated for Crown ATC on May 8, 2009
Comment: Thanks for the ATC. It really helps when rating if the sender adds a note in the envelope saying who you are and what the swap is for.
Response: I always write that info on the back of the ATC's. Hope you like them, I worked hard on them.
cittylou rated for Paper Art Doll Swap on May 7, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much for the doll, loved the colour scheme you chose :)
kchristisen rated for Craft Kit in a Box on May 6, 2009
Comment: Loved everything! I'll be back to put that heart on! Thanks
Response: Have fun with all that cool stuff. And thanks for joining my swap! Happy Crafting!
Comment: Thanks so Much :)The flip flops and summer ones are from one of my favorite lines of paper !!!
Response: I thought those summer ones were cute. Have fun with them! Thanks for being in my swap!
Response: Oh good. Glad they got there ok.
chiefdragon rated for Scrapbooking Flat Rate Box CRAM on May 4, 2009
Comment: O my goodness. I can not tell you how much I loved my box. The extra special was so wonderful. My 3 year old has already decided that it is her mommy 100%. Thanks so much for being my partner.
Response: No, thank YOU for being such a wonderful and considerate partner. I appreciate your patience. Have fun with all that great stuff! Happy Scrapping!
CSNYfan rated for Private ATC swap on May 4, 2009
Comment: I received your ATCs today -- beautiful cards -- you do such wonderful work! Thanks so much, and thanks for the extra card as well!
Response: Yeah! I'm glad they got there, I was beginning to wonder where they went. LOL. Thanks for a great swap!
Comment: Thespa...I was so excited to see a box from someone in Springdale...I used to live there! The apron is outrageously cool! You are very talented and I can't wait to show it to everyone! And I do love the butterfly/flower fab! Tons of hearts!
Response: I'm happy you liked the apron. I think it turned out pretty cute! And it's cool that you have lived in Springdale! You are the second person I've swapped with that has lived in my home town. It really is a small world. Have fun!
Comment: Thank you for the great old catalog pages! Vintage Buttons make my heart sing! I LOVE mother of pearl ones! Thank you!!
Response: I'm glad you like the old catalog pages, they are my favorite to create with. I just love the old hand carved printing plate images. ENJOY!
colleenp rated for owl atc swap USA ONLY on May 2, 2009
Comment: both of these owl ATCs are fantastic! great colors, embellishments, and one dang cute owl image! thank you :-)
Response: Thanks! I had a lot of fun with them. Happy Swapping!

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edgetorn on Feb 14, 2012:

Happy Valentine's Day!

1GruviScrapper on Jul 29, 2009:

Sorry everyone to leave you hanging like I did. Life sure does throw some hellacious curve balls and they all seam to come at you at once. Hoping I can make things right for everyone again. I'll be contacting people I left hanging this week and get their items sent out pronto. Let me know if you haven't recieved something from me.

raven on Jul 19, 2009:

I am so sorry to have to ban you from the Monthly ATC Swappers group but your ratings have fallen to low as group rules states for you to be a member..I wish you the best of luck...

TeePeeMaiden on Jun 22, 2009:

Did you get my vintage ATC's?

happypup on Jun 18, 2009:

did you ever receive the beeswax atcs i sent?

Zefaniya on Jun 12, 2009:

Did you get the resend I sent? :(

SpookySweets1 on Jun 8, 2009:

Check out my 2 newest swaps I'm hosting, Marilyn Monroe Swap (http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/38743) and We Love Elvis!!! (http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/38742). Hope you'll join us!

scottishlass on Jun 4, 2009:

Sending vibes and good thoughts your way to give you strength to deal with whatever crap life sends your way. Hope to see you back here soon.


CraftySenorita on May 22, 2009:

Red & Brown Whimsy Jar

Join us!


here ---> http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/370409

littlebluestar on May 19, 2009:

HI! Hows that swapping going? Just wanted to pop in and tell you I started my first swap, I'd love it if you stopped by to check it out! A Week In The Life Of

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