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TerryF on Jan 22, 2011:

Just in case you ever come back, I want to let people know that you sent something (that I had handmade for you) to someone else in a different swap and said you had made it yourself. Shame on you.

marionjoy on Sep 17, 2009:

lauren.. drop the swaps you can... hope to see you online soon.... hug..marion

Bearynice on Sep 1, 2009:

Is every thing all right ? we would love to hear from you bev

marionjoy on Aug 27, 2009:

welcome back...

glendas on Aug 24, 2009:

welcome back and hope your dad is feeling better and all is well with you too,.love Glenda

lorri on Aug 16, 2009:

Well it's been since July I''ve been emailing you, (5th July, 12th July, 27th July) and still no reply....... I've also commented here July 16th and July 31st and still haven't heard from you........why? whats happening? Are you ok? Are you there? I see you came online here on 27th July, and I sent 2 emails before that - but you still didn't reply. I hope everything is ok with you, and would appreciate a response. I won't email or ask again. Thanks, Lorri

Bearynice on Aug 15, 2009:

Lauren, where are you , no contact is stresssing us out, what journals do you have

lorri on Jul 31, 2009:

Ok, i'm asking again - has it arrived?? Please let me know, because It should have only taken 2 days, Even if you got it but are not happy or something, please let me know either way... because it sucks if it hasn't arrived. I can't believe how two things I've sent you seem to have gone missing in the mail- Bec watched me post your envelope and I have the postal receipt for it too -not that it will help if you haven't got it yet. Anyway, just a reply would be nice. thanks & Take care xo

Bearynice on Jul 19, 2009:

We have changed the xmas quilt to an angel quilt, where everyone makes 9 appliqued squares and sends them out at the same time . Would you be interested ? We need 3 more

marionjoy on Jul 18, 2009:

and the clips too thanxxx.....

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