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Birthday: March 17
Country: United States
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About Me

My Personal Site: For some reason, the URL link at the top of my profile here isn't working correctly. If you're interested, you can check out my blog, Renaissance Magpie. I load art, bullet journal layouts, and other tidbits of shiny on a weekly basis.

Moving On...

Please keep in mind that the short notes here in no way reflect the entirety of the person I am, but here's a small glimpse of what makes up a Phe.

  • I am divorced, a non-custodial parent to an amazing daughter. My boyfriend currently lives part-time with me, although that's about to change as we get ready to combine households!

  • I am a combat veteran. I served this country for 16.5 years in uniform, in peacetime and in war, and continue to do so as a civilian. Please note that this doesn't automatically make me a flag wavin', gun totin', beer n 'Murica lovin' 'Murican. It makes me someone who believes in serving a greater good, that being the people of my country. I sometimes feel that foreigners really don't know the first thing about the average American and especially American veterans. No, most of us do not, in fact, shit bald eagles in the morning and shoot our guns all day whilst stuffing our faces with oversized deep fried butter bars and wiping them with American flags. Trust me.

  • Over the years I have been varyingly referred to as Tank Girl or "Our own Abby" (NCIS). The current trend at work is to call me "Abby" after Abby Scuito from NCIS. I suppose this means I've calmed down some as I age. Either way, I'll take it.

  • I was a biology major and an anthropology minor degree seeker in college although I never graduated. My specific interest was in emerging infectious disease and how cultural norms and globalization spread catastrophic diseases within, and outside, of their endemic regions. I even assisted with the development of a Forensics 400 course. But now, if I go back, it will be to pursue a degree in Creative Writing. Why? Because I have a career and I'd rather chase a dream. I still love science though.

  • I am very sweary in real life although when I write letters, I temper that depending on who I am writing to.

  • I am a dirt bike rider and street bike lover.

  • I am a city baby from Boston. This city is my lifeblood - the history and architecture; the seasons and pace; the academia and arts - I have lived in so many places over the last 20 years, but I always come home, and this time, I'm home for good.

  • While Boston may run in my veins, my heart and soul is born out of the cold waters of the north atlantic shores I live on. In any season, in any weather, you are likely to find me on the beach throwing away the bad, the heartrending, the cruel; the emotional detritus accumulated by the simple act of living hard and living fully.

  • I am not a Christian. I was baptized Catholic and although I find some comfort in the unchanging rhythm of mass when I have to be there for weddings, baptisms, or funerals, I am not a practicing Catholic either. That said, if you want to pray for me, pray. I don't mind. I respect your adherence to your faith provided that it doesn't interfere with my personal or constitutional or human rights. I only ask that you keep your religious rhetoric to those who would appreciate it and not push it on me in any form or fashion.

  • To that end, I have come to embrace my solitary pagan beliefs again. I am not neo-pagan or wiccan, and I don't spell magic with a "k". I do, however, have a belief system based on ancient tenets, though I don't worship a particular god or goddess. I suppose the closest I could come to describing this is Hedgewitchery, although a friend once told me I was "chaote". For swap purposes, I do not keep a "BoS", but I'm happy to receive stones, herbs, natural remnants, and other items to make witch balls or intention cords.

  • I am a writer who battles writer's block on a daily basis.

  • I am an avid bullet journalist!

  • I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I am continuing to try to live healthier and better each day (although I do backslide) - changing my diet, working out more even when it hurts, meditating, journaling, and trying to practice all-around self-care. I won't let Fibro rule me.

  • I am an unabashed smoker although I don't smoke in my home.

  • I am a musical magpie as I grow older. When I was young, it was nothing but old punk (77 punk), British Oi!, early hardcore, goth/industrial, ska/skacore, rockabilly/psychobilly, and 80's New Wave. I still love all of these but today, I'm more likely to be found listening to EDM, deep house, and trance or Balkan/Russian pop or even gypsy punk. That doesn't mean I pass up the opportunity to head out to a good show when I can though!

  • Art deco, the roaring 20's, turn of the century America and Victorian England fascinate me. But then, so does Marine Biology and the nature of emerging infectious disease.

  • I love to travel and have covered over 30 US states (whether I wanted to or not in many cases) as well as several countries overseas.

I suppose that in the end, when you factor in these small pieces of me with the rest that make up my whole, I consider myself to be a half-assed renaissance woman. That seems about right.

On Swapping and Rating...

My Swaps

Unless I don't have enough postage or a package simply can't be posted in the blue bin, most of my swaps at this point are being walked to the blue bin on the corner and dropped as soon as they've been completed and partners are assigned. When I return from posting, I mark the swap sent. That could be at midnight, at 0300, or in the middle of the day.

I will not mark sent until a swap has physically been turned over to the USPS - whether at the counter or into the bin.

This means that the postmark may not reflect the date the item was mailed. My bin's pick up time is 13:00 (1pm) Monday through Friday. Please bear that in mind if you're someone who is meticulous about checking postmarks.

Rating and Non-Raters

I have spent far too much time in the last year wondering and worrying about whether or not partners have received my swaps - even e-swaps! This is because, after ample time has passed, I have not received a PM or a rating. A rating, to me, is both a way to acknowledge receipt of a swap, provide commentary (and even constructive criticism which I welcome), and to say, "Hey! Thank you!". For this reason, I always rate upon receipt.

My Swapping Philosophy

First and foremost, if you do not receive a swap from me, let me know and I will re-send. I take pictures of almost everything I send and post them to my Flickr account (which also means no peeking if you're waiting for something from me).

Secondly, as noted above, I always rate. It's my way of saying "Thank you for making my day with your creation!", of letting you know that it's been received, of generally acknowledging you. With that in mind, I do tend to lump swap flakers and non-raters in the same category. It's not a very nice category. Trust me.

Finally, the rules of swapping on this site are quite clear. If I receive nothing from you but excuses or worse, nothing at all, you will get a 1. If I receive something late with no communication or if it doesn't meet the swap description, you will get a 3. I am a patient lass but even I have my limits. I can only work with you if you tell me about the house that fell on your sister. I'm not actually psychic you know!

And of course, if I receive a swap from you on time that meets the swap requirements, it's a 5.

So that's that. Simple and straightforward

Creative Endeavors

I love to write. I love to paint in the abstract. I love to do mixed media work. I love to draw in the abstract. I love trying new arts, crafts, and techniques, so here are some of my current creative endeavours.

  • While I get that writing isn't a craft, it is certainly an art. Regardless of the topic, a writer who can convey clear meaning, emotion, place, time...using nothing but words...he or she is a true artist. With that in mind, I write daily for my job. For myself, I write letters. I write in journals. I write poetry (and won the Glasshouse Shelter poetry contest last year - a contest for Homeless Veterans. This resulted in my publication and a few readings, plus an interview with MassPoetry.org). I write snippets of things that come to my mind that perhaps one day I'll be able to expand into a story. I just...write.

  • ATCs. I love to create these and try to challenge myself, having moved away from collage and more into hand drawing, painting, and mono-printing.

  • Handmade postcards. I've done quite a few of these now and I always fret when they're posted naked, but so far, only one appears to have been lost and one has been mangled. I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, that's not so bad. When doing them, I tend to stick more to collage work although here again, I've been doing more mono-printing.

  • Mono-Printing! I recently got a Gelli Plate. How I lived without this is beyond me.

  • Abstract painting. I use mostly acrylics, though I've discovered the joys of Derwent Art Bars for smaller pages in my art journal - they can be used wet or dry. But when painting canvas, I use acrylics.

  • Collage art.

  • Pen Pal Flipbooks. I've just recently discovered these and have fallen in love with them.

  • Pocket Letters. OK, so I really, really resisted this trend for a while. Then I received one as a RAK and after seeing and holding one in my actual hands, I ran down to the comic book shop to grab a stack of 9-pocket pages and basically...I've become obsessed. The RAK was from @OrigamiGrace so I blame her for my complete 180 and newfound obsession. :D

  • Photography, most especially architectural and industrial decay. Boston is the perfect place for wandering and photographing. I post all of those pictures to my Instagram.

  • Magpie journaling. I've just started to get into this in 2017 and I found it to be so much fun!

  • Mixed media canvasses and art journal pages.

  • Although not considered by many to be a “craft” (although I do think of it as an art!), I love to cook from scratch and no recipe survives contact with me. I'll use them typically as guides for cooking times, but I almost always improve it (in my eyes anyway) or just create from scratch. Some of my family and friends' favorites are dishes I just sort of...made up.

Themes, Likes, & Dislikes

Note: Please do not construe this as a "Wish List" as it is not. It is simply a guide for swapping partners for profile-based swaps. I do not auto-heart just because you put something from this list into a completely un-related swap package.

Postcards: When sending PCs, whether handmade or store bought, I prefer that they be mailed naked and written on unless they have elements that may be damaged or torn off in the postal handling process. If the swap description gives you the option of mailing in an envie and you're really nervous that mailing naked would result in something disastrous, just let me know. I'm fine with that (having had handmade PCs get mangled myself, I understand that fear).

As far as themes, I prefer non-touristy PCs. I love to see pictures of where you're from, but I prefer that they not have your location emblazoned across the front. Otherwise, anything goes!

Themes that I love to Explore in My Creative Endeavors (and also receive):

  • The Atomic Age

  • Cold War and Propaganda

  • Asymmetrical warfare (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear)

  • The Roaring '20s

  • Modern design

  • Dark Victoriana

  • Nautical

  • Sea creatures and the undersea world (please note that this is NOT nautical - sea/oceanic life and nautical are very different, even if they both pertain to the ocean)

  • Anatomy/skeletons

  • Seascapes

  • The Autumn (my favorite season)

  • Science - especially biology and chemistry

  • Spiritualism


  • Scarves - especially infinity scarves. I have skulls, leopard print, blacks and greys...and am always looking for more!

  • Tank Girl - the comic!

  • Gas masks! Images, clothing depicting them, jewelry...

  • Absolutely anything related to the ocean -especially Arctic and Atlantic seas.

  • Letters from similar minded pen pals or people who love to sit and write pages. I love to receive in-depth, thoughtful letters that are less a Q&A session and more like a wonderful conversation over good beer or whisky or wine in a cozy pub.

  • Lettersets! Kawaii: San-x Sentimental Circus, Q-Lia New Sound, San-x MonoBoo, Sanrio Kuromi...anything Kawaii Noir really. Also anything vintage/dark Victorian!

  • Steampunk image branded t-shirts and crafting supplies

  • 1950's cocktail and martini kitsch

  • New Orleans through the early/mid 1900's (especially Storyville)

  • Pre-Christian history and mythology (particularly Persian, southwest Asian, and European)

  • Arthurian legend

  • Celtic history, mythology, and symbolism

  • Grimms Brothers fairytales - the real Grimm with the blood and the true consequences, based on even older tales. Not this watered down nonsense of today

  • Local legends, lore, and ghost tales

  • Anything I can use in my spiritual journey - stones, herbs, smudges, altar items, witch balls, intention cords, etc.

Colors... If you're ever considering something in colors, I wear mostly blacks and greys and prefer cool tones in general (blue, purple, deep greens, silver - think the colors of the seas).

Scents Clean scents only please. I do have a tart burner so feel free to send those or any sized candle or oil you choose, in any variation you find of the following scents:

  • Ocean/Surf/Driftwood/Beach

  • Rain

Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate... I am not a huge tea drinker however, I prefer strong or fruity brews if you're going to send tea as part of a swap. When it comes to coffee and chocolate drinks, the darker/stronger, the better. I drink my coffee very strong and prefer deep, rich, dark chocolates as well.

Makeup/Bath Products... Like my home scents, I prefer clean (ocean-y) scents. I love handmade soaps and use almost exclusively Lush bath and skin care products. But for makeup, I'm a MAC and Urban Decay girl. I don't use anything else.

Please Do Not Send (Dislikes)...

  • Planner items. I have moved from my Kikki-K planner to a Bullet Journal and I don't use stickers, flags, clips, etc. anymore.

  • Displays of Wal-Mart Patriotism, the US Flag, military memorabilia/kitsch. So, I think I need to explain this. Nothing aggravates me more than Wal-Mart Patriotism. I served under my nation's flag. I don't need or want to plaster and display it everywhere. I am not, as I stated above, a WOOHOO MURCA type person. And as for military kitsch and memorabilia, the only things I've kept are things that have been given to me as part of units and missions - or exchanges between friends/service members. Challenge coins, commander's coins, other nation's military kit (my most prized is the RAF beret I was given by someone I served with in the middle east), unit patches - that's all super meaningful...when exchanged as part of something greater. Being a veteran is a big part of what makes me, well, me...but don't mistake that pride in service for some bullsh*t Lee Greenwood "patriotic" crap please.

  • Fabric/fat quarters/yarn etc. I do not sew, quilt, or otherwise do textile arts or crafts at all so I have zero use for these things.

  • Blank recipe cards - I have a book I've created for all of my recipes and don't use these, however, I have quite a few now as I've gotten several in swaps and tags. I'll send them on, but I'd prefer to not receive any more.

  • Drink packets such as MIO or powdered/liquid beverage additives, decaf coffee

  • Hand sanitizer/anti-bacterial soaps liquid/foam/gels of any kind.

  • Drug store brand makeup of any kind, or nail polish. I am very picky about my makeup brands and I don't do my own manicures/pedicures.

  • Coupons

  • Lavender, cinnamon, apple, baked good, pine, or other "homey" scented anything. Please. The scent of these candles and oils makes me sick.

  • Anything that can be considered Proselytizing - religious OR lifestyle

  • Children's stickers, reward stickers, super hero stickers, etc.

  • Soppy images of animals in any form

  • Country crafting/country cutesy items/papers/stickers

  • Form letters

  • Decos/FBs/LBs - I no longer swap any of these

  • Disney or Diddl stationery or stickers or anything really. I just really cannot stand these designs. Sorry. :(

On Pen Pals and Letter Writing

I love letter writing. I'm sure I've said that once or twice already. I prefer long, handwritten letters and all but one of my pen pals is from overseas. I am not currently actively seeking new pals however, if after reading this profile you'd like to write to see if we click, I'm open to a PM. Here are some things to know:

  • I take a while (up to several months depending on my work and volunteerism schedule) to write back, but I do write back.

  • I treat pen paling as growing a friendship and some of my most trusted confidants and closest friends are pen pals. Thus, I am not a collector of pals. If you are, please do not send me a PM.

  • A long letter to me is 10+ pages (1 sheet of letterset, both sides written on = 2 pages) at the shortest. Mine average between 12 - 16 pages however, with some pals (a growing number as we grow closer), even a large pack of letterset isn't enough and I now write my letters to them in small notebooks.

  • I do have a few shorter letter pals whose friendship I cherish.

So, in short, if you think we'd be a good match, feel free to PM. : )



Seraglio, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Tea Rose, Discworld Series, Dreamland, The 20th Wife, Pharaoh, Auntie Mame, Around the World With Auntie Mame, Storyville, Gangs of New York, Haroun & the Sea of Stories, All Creatures Great and Small, Paddywhacked, Arabian Nights & Days, Stiff, Outlaws Inc.

...Let's face it. I just love to read and I do it every night in bed, no matter how late it is. When the day is done (and that includes all of the stuff I like doing on top of everything else...), reading is a must.


Amelie, La Femme Nikita (the French original), Leon the Professional, Snatch!, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Ronin, From Hell, Eraserhead, Repo Man, The Bourne Trilogy (I don't count the 4th one), Rocknrolla, Lord of War, Contraband, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and just about every John Waters film ever made


The Blacklist, NCIS, Scrubs, and documentaries - especially history and nature

On Extras

Please, Please, Please... do not send me random extras! Too often since I've returned to swapping here have I received rather subpar swaps with the flat rate limit of random scraps and "extras" enclosed. These have almost all uniformly ended up in the bin and I've been left feeling as though the enclosures were to draw attention away from the swap itself and still beg for a heart.

Conversely, I don't send random extras unless it's something I have that your profile clearly states you'd love to receive. And if I send it, I don't expect a heart. I just want to make you a little extra happy. I want my swap to stand on it's own merit, not anything else I may choose to send, if I choose to send.

And to be clear, - if "going above and beyond and sending extras to make a partner happy" is part of a swap description that I sign up for, then obviously, I am prepared to send and receive things above and beyond the minimum - although I don't consider that "sending extras" nor do I view that as random and not related to the swap itself.

So please...spend time on your creation. Try something new. Enclose a note telling me about your technique. But don't send me random scraps/ephemera/destash stickers or other such "extras".

Thank you. xo

Amazing Swappers

I've added this section because I think it's as important to recognize the good on this site as it is to warn about potentially bad swappers in our profile.

  • @OrigamiGrace for being just the most amazing host and group founder, and making up not just for flaked swaps, but for swaps that barely met the requirement to get a 5. Truly she goes above and beyond.

  • @CariahCreates sent me an amazing RAK which literally brought a tear to my eye. (12 Jan 16)

  • @Paige1900 lovingly angeled the Sea Creatures ATC Week #3 swap after my partner sent me (twice) things that were not even close to being ATCs.

Flakers, Non-Raters, Others

I have contacted everyone listed here on more than one occasion prior to naming them.

Swap Flakers

Tag Flakers



anicka22 rated for CO - Animal Postcard Swap - Int'l on Nov 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute card!
Response: You're welcome and thank you for the lovely rating! xoxo
susieq11 rated for MAIL ART - Winter on Nov 20, 2017
Comment: This is the prettiest envelope!! I love the silver snowflakes. Just beautiful. Thank you for your kind note and the embellishments. I am very glad you joined and I was lucky enough to be your partner! : ) Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving. ---> just saw the snowy scene stamp too!
Response: Oh yay! I'm so happy you liked this envelope. I love working with winter colours and themes, so thank you so much, again, for hosting this! Happy Thanksgiving to you too. xoxo
Doraecyscraps rated for Adult colring Books atc swap on Nov 20, 2017
Comment: Love the ATC Phe! it is so beautifully done! Thank you for the lovely mail! ❤❤❤
Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this: :) xoxo
Comment: Love you magpie- ing (did I just make up a word? Hmm)
Response: It's a good word! And thank you so much. xoxo
Poftoffel rated for Writing Prompt Generator story #6 on Nov 17, 2017
Comment: Your writing is just getting better and better isn't it? :D Thank you for sharing this piece...it's very well written, very lively and gripping. I always love reading your work <3
Response: I hope it does, my dear! Thank you so much for your comments. They definitely inspire. xoxo
sassafrass rated for ISS: End of Month PC Swap on Nov 15, 2017
Comment: Love the beautiful Eiffel Tower PC! ♥ Thank you so much for sharing your month with me. Wishing you a happy November!
Response: I'm so glad I was able to send that on to someone who would appreciate it. Thank you so much for the lovely rating and I hope you have a brilliant month! xoxo
Comment: Thank you for the envelope and the extra sheets of stickers. I lovvve The mouse ones!!
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating - and I'm so glad I found someone who will appreciate those stickers! xoxo
Comment: I thought the writing in this notebook was absolutely stunning and I'm not just saying that because you are a friend. I was truly impressed by the style and eloquence and just....how much I enjoyed reading it! I wished there was much more after I finished reading, because I was so "there" with you. I loved every entry! Beautiful work <3
Response: Thank you so, so much, Lieve Annejo. You know how I actually struggled with this, so I'm so grateful that I was able to send something that captivated you for a moment. And I'm really happy that I could share it with you especially! xoxo
pat5036 rated for Just Write #13 - Poem on Nov 10, 2017
Comment: Wow! Powerful poem full of harsh grief and enduring strength. And a picture of how life changes us. Thank you.
Response: Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and lovely rating. I'm so glad I could share this with you. xoxo
Comment: Beautiful picture and so many interesting stories! I love all the local lore, cemetaries are always special places. Thank you for sharing!
Response: Thank you, my dear, for the lovely rating. I was so happy to share this space and those stories with you. xoxo
Comment: thank you thank you thank you for such lovely envelope full of lovely goodies!! I really love it!!!
Response: Oh yay I'm so happy that you liked this envelope! Thank you for such a lovely rating - and for joining my swap! xoxo
ToujoursMoi rated for RM: A Day in the Life - Letter on Nov 8, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for your letter. I will reply to you soon
Response: You're welcome and I'd love to hear back from you! Thank you for joining this swap and the lovely rating. xoxo
tigerlily2110 rated for MLF: Local MLF swap on Nov 8, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful tale, what a pity it is fiction. Quite a lot of tales like that, get taller as they travel through history.
Response: You're welcome and I'm really happy you enjoyed it! There are so many "true ghost stories" here in the area that turn out to have zero evidence that the person or event ever happened...but that is probably the most famous one. Thanks for the lovely rating! xoxo
sweettems rated for ATC - Stars (INTL) on Oct 27, 2017
Comment: Awesome! Thanks, Phe!
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the lovely rating. I'm glad you liked the ATC. xo
USAFwife rated for RM: Collected Journal pages round 3 on Oct 27, 2017
Comment: Loved the top 1 0 list! :) Tiger, huh? My friends had a tiger blanket with a similar story!
Response: Tiger is the man! Er...cat? Um...plushie...uh... Go Tiger! :D Anyhoo, Thanks for the lovely rating, Cindi. xoxo
Comment: Omg Can please advise 47859 more hearts So so so beautiful Thank you thank you so much
Response: Thank you so much for this beautiful rating! You just totally made my morning. And thank you for participating in the swap! xoxoxo
Angie rated for CC: 3 Piece Collage Portrait Postcard on Oct 23, 2017
Comment: Hello and thank you for the postcard! It's great! It's fun to try out these various techniques to discover whether we love them or hate them. I think you did just fine and I hope you can make use of your other 11 portraits! LOL!
Response: It really is fun, isn't it? And I thank you so much for the lovely rating and giving me the opportunity to do so. xoxo
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful overview of your city! I have friends from the Boston/Somerville area, but I didn't know whole lot about it. Everything in the parcel was so cool and I really appreciate the tarot cards, they are absolutely gorgeous! The pictures of the art houses are also so charming, I hope to visit Mass. again soon and hopefully take in the lovely city of Somerville! :)
Response: Thank you so much for the lovely rating! I would absolutely recommend a trip to Somerville just to take in some dinner and the vibe. I'm so happy you liked everything included. And thank you for participating in this swap! xoxo
Jamnj rated for All Hallows Eve #10 Profile Gift on Oct 18, 2017
Comment: I had a number of packages/ envelopes to open when I returned from sitting for grandkids. Apparently I saved the best for last😀 I opened the box and saw the bag and I immediately knew that I would be putting a travel cloth and a deck of tarot cards I have been admiring. Then I found the beautiful card (very nice handwriting) and opened the stone and have been holding it and admiring it. (Great energy!!😀) AND the bell is wonderful! You tuned into me and sent the right things at the very right moment for the perfect swap! Many blessings to you🎃🌴
Response: Thank you so, so much for such a lovely rating. I was a little worried that I might have missed the mark so to find out that I channeled you whilst shopping absolutely made my day. Blessings and love! xoxo
samsstuff rated for Create and Write #2 on Oct 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the great ATC (the roses did survive), card & poem. I love it all!
Response: Oh hooray they made it intact! I was so worried about that. And I'm so happy you received it and liked it. :) Thank you for the lovely rating. xoxo

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jukejan on Nov 15, 2017:

Hey! I am a few days late, but thanks for your service. I am wearing my poppy on my hat. You make our country a safer place and I appreciate your hard work.

hamolla22 on Nov 7, 2017:

Thank you so much for the 2 Tombow brush markers, they are awesome ❤️ First time using a brush marker 😊 Thanks again xx

bjmonroe on Nov 1, 2017:

Paige1900 on Nov 1, 2017:

Hello...How was your Halloween Salem trip with your daughter?

bombardiette on Oct 23, 2017:

@jukejan - Thanks for the head's up. I think it's resolved now.

jukejan on Oct 23, 2017:

Hi there, your website,above went bye bye.

thefruid on Sep 8, 2017:

I'm so super thrilled (and relieved) to hear you love honey lol! I really, REALLY, wanted to share something edible from where I live and my husband was like, "What if she doesn't even like honey?" And I was like, "What? Not like honey??? Blasphemy!" LOL. Thank you for the rating fellow honey lover! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the swap!

WaywardDreamer3 on Aug 26, 2017:

Loved the halloween items you sent via the Tag Something thread! Thank you so much!

VivaLaDiane on Aug 9, 2017:

Bigger love on you sweetie!! xoxo♥♥

VivaLaDiane on Aug 2, 2017:


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