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weatherwax on Nov 17, 2014:

Please check out your inbox. Thank you :)

HelloCindi on Jul 28, 2014:

I received my Traveling Postcard in the mail today! I just want to say THANK YOU for signing & passing along my postcard! ♥

niariel on Feb 6, 2014:


Hi Ima! The pleasure is all mine :D I am from the Philippines. :)

I love Harry Potter with a passion and it's always wonderful to meet someone who shares it with me. My favorite book is the 5th Book, because it made me feel the most - or at least had the most that I can relate to.

I haven't read Cuckoo's Calling, would you recommend it? I had mixed feelings with Casual Vacancy because it wasn't the genre I enjoyed, but it was still written very nicely.

I imagine the scary incidents happening to me too much, so I really can be quite a kill joy when asked to watch scary movies/shows. I really don't enjoy them D:

I appreciate nice-done films though, and those where you need to think. But there's a limit to the amount of violence and blood and scare factor that I can tolerate. :P I love movies that make me feel, make me cry and movies that make me laugh. I also enjoy inspirational movies. :D

I have never been to Indonesia, but I would love to visit someday. :) I hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

xx Din

abbyaguas on Feb 4, 2014:

Helllooo Ate Ima :D

How are you doing? :> I hope you are doing well. Thank you by the way for joining this swap (AR-Profile Comment). Hihi.. I enjoy surprise comments, as well as giving them.

Like you, I also enjoy listening to Depapepe. I have first heard them from Animax, when I was in high school, and I got hooked!

I rarely see pretty postcards from my country. Most of them are very touristic. If there were, I would probably send one to you. Hihi..

Well anyway, I see a lot of things that I also enjoy as well... including this bear: CHOW!

rilakkumasensei on Feb 1, 2014:

AR-profile comment 2 feb 2014

Wow your profile has some amazing pics on it! I'm rather jealous!

I lived in Japan for four years, I love it there. I want to live there again.

I love Rilakkuma! That's why my user name is rilakkumasensei.

I'm not a huge arashi fan, but they're ok.

Have you ever been to Japan?

Can you speak any japanese? If you can speak the language, then when you go there, you'll be able to do so much more.

Have a good day.


Jane123 on Nov 1, 2013:

Ulang tahun kamu deket banget sama gw punya!!!! Gw lahir cuma 2 hari setelah kamu! :D Nice to see another Indo here ^_^

carebear100888 on Aug 27, 2013:

Ooops and one more!'

Decorate my profile with balloons #82

carebear100888 on Aug 27, 2013:

Hello there!

I found blue balloons and a Harry Potter balloon for you...enjoy!

swap4fun on Aug 24, 2013:

Decorate my profile with... #82 ~ Balloons

Hope you enjoy!

paraxparaxnoia on Aug 24, 2013:

Decorate my profile with... #82 ~ Balloons



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