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julianapena on Dec 1, 2011:

Hi, i'm you partner in: Make new swapbot friends #2 :) barra

Greetings from Brazil! Happy Swapping! Xoxo!

aprilagain on Nov 10, 2011:

HI there!

I just ordered your surprise from Etsy for the swap! I hope you enjoy it! What a fun swap this was, and so easy :)

Happy swapping!


aprilagain on Nov 10, 2011:

HI there!

I just ordered your surprise from Etsy for the swap! I hope you enjoy it! What a fun swap this was, and so easy :)

Happy swapping!


RyeRye on Sep 26, 2010:

lvenokzolotoy on Sep 20, 2010:


My name is Aleksandra, I am one of your partners from the Read your partner's profile and comment swap. I adore your name it is very beautiful! (I have a best friend with name Sonya :)) I love cats too. Your cat on userpic is wonderful and sweet. I would like to pat her. Scrapbooking is a very interesting hobby, I love it and love knitting too. It's wonderful to live on the coast, hear the sound of the waves and see the ocean every day...It's a dream :)))

Welcome to swap-bot and Happy Swapping!

name for image

Robynmh4 on Sep 18, 2010:

HI this is for the read your partner's profile and leave a comment swap, so here goes: first let me say, "welcom to swap-bot". Hope you are finding this an enjoyable site so far. I live in Ohio and was just out to California (San Francisco) a few months ago and had a wonderful time. YEA for Bon Jovi appreciation! After all these years, still love his sound! Yes, The Twilight series was wonderful - did you read the onlince version of Edward's perspective? Really hoping she will finish it! Love the Amazing Race and really "bummed" that they changed it from twice a year to only once a year! Loved watching reruns of The Dick Van Dyke show when I was little and happy to have found it on cable. So happy to see you are a scrapbooker!! It is a passion of mine and love hearing others share the hobby as well!! I agree with you, 'One person's trash is another person's treasure" and I LOVE going to yard sales, thrift stores, antique shows, etc... you have a nicely filled out profile and that makes swapping so much more fun and easier to do. Have a great weekend and hope to see you on swap-bot.

Starberrie on Sep 17, 2010:

Hey there Sonya I am one of your 5 partners from "Read and Comment on your partner's profile !" First off, welcome to Swapbot. I have an obsession with Hello Kitty too! Our favourite holidays are the same! As a kid Halloween used to be my favourite holiday because you get to dress up and receive candy! Christmas is a time where everyone gets together and it is just so much fun to be reunited. Like you I love yard sale, but I haven't found anything that great yet... What was your best find? Bella sounds very cute, was her name Twillight inspired? Haha, you should post a pic up :) I hope to see you around Swapbot in the future and have a great weekend!


wolfeagle on Sep 17, 2010:

Welcome to Swap-bot.

mware on Sep 17, 2010:

Hello Maria here, I am a partner from the Read your partner's profile and comment swap! I adore the picture of your cat Bella she looks like such a sweetheart, I am so glad you are a cat lover to!! Welcome also to Cats that rule the home, hopefully we can do some swaps on there. I also adore country music,I was lucky to meet the man in black himself, Johnny Cash when he was alive. Another thrift store and yard sale fanatic!! I have found so many treasures at them!! I would love to know about your finds! I hope you have many wonderful moments here on swapbot and meet mant excellent friends, I know I have. I hope to swap with you in the near future, come by and say Hi sometime!! Hugs, Maria

benny2248 on Sep 17, 2010:

Hey there! I'm one of your partners from the read your profile swap. We have a lot in common! Lets start with the crafts. I love scrapbooking too! I also have learned to knit. i don't know how to crochet or do cross stitch yet, but those are on my list of things to try. I love mystery books too! Some of the books i've been reading lately are needlework/knitting/scrapbooking mysterys. They're so much fun! My favorites authors are Maggie Sefton, Laura Childs, and Monica Ferirs. They're not very gory,but they're a fun, easy read. I think the comment you wrote about saying getting mail is like it's christmas all year round! It's so true! it was great getting to know you!

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