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leashingfear on Mar 29, 2012:

I have a cat and have been wanting to get a pair of rats, so this makes me "squee!". Hope it makes you squee too! :) squee! :)

Pixie82 on Mar 29, 2012:

I hope that this picture makes you squee :)


dawnturtle on Mar 29, 2012:

little husky

HeatherWill on Mar 26, 2012:

Week 4 was mailed today. There is 2 PC's coming :)

taoiionam on Mar 23, 2012:

Wheeeheeee ^0^ I'd love that!!

HeatherWill on Mar 18, 2012:

Week three is on its way!

taoiionam on Mar 17, 2012:

Dear Jess ~ I totally forgot about that, brain is a total mush after the last term... But, I wrote you a letter (for the LLP swap) and it's flying on its angel wings to you now!! Take care, Darja


HeatherWill on Mar 11, 2012:

Hi! Your week 2 card is being sent tomorrow :)

Brookhouse on Mar 7, 2012:

I received your letter for the "six week snail mail" swap. Thanks for writing and good luck on the 8th with your phone interview. I hope it goes well!

tigermousecat on Jan 31, 2012:

Thanks for the great recipes. Will have to try at least one of them on the weekend!

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