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Crazipurplelady on Feb 15, 2018:

Can I just say for someone just 18 years old, you seem to have your head screwed on better than most people my age (61) and I think you are amazin! Where do you live???

angelasunshine3 on Feb 9, 2018:

Hello :) Have a nice day, it'll be Chinese (Lunar) New Year to me soon, here in Hong Kong, China, so happy new year as well. hello

reauk on Feb 8, 2018:

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from reauk

hello from a cold wet England have 4 dogs 3 Yorkshire terriers Tinkerbell ,Titan and Diva and 1 king Charles cavalier called Monty have a great evening

jaimierandolph on Feb 8, 2018:

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Hi! I see that you like to pen pal and I love pen paling as well! I have been watching youtube lately and feel so sorry for my penpals as they have only just been getting letters on paper but as I know now all the neat and cute little things I think I will get to brighten your letters a little... I hope that you have a wonderful day. Hugs-

TonyaAshe on Feb 8, 2018:

Hello from Cisco, Georgia-USA. I'm wishing you a day filled with Blessings. Blessings is the act or words of one that blesses or it is a person, place or thing that is conductive to happiness or welfare. Have you counted your Blessings today?!

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DeAnnaVarela on Feb 7, 2018:


I love dogs too!

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SniffyCreates on Feb 7, 2018:

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Thanks for the note! I also played softball but that is quite awhile ago now, man I am getting old!

I actually have a AS in Environmental Science and was actually going for my BS in Earth Systems, Science and Policy with a concentration in Marine and Coastal Ecology. Maybe I was before my time but honestly I found out people that were graduating in my major were not making much money and I felt like I wouldn't have the lifestyle I had hoped for so I changed majors, to Telecommunications, Multimedia and Applied Computing. I loved studying the rocky intertidal zone and actually ended up taking pictures and documenting a sea anemone that I couldn't identify. After seeking assistance from my instructor I got to meet the a professor that was assisting in the research for identifying it as a separate species. Check it out! https://www.eeb.ucsc.edu/pacificrockyintertidal/target/target-species-anthopleura.html

I dont seem to have any of my old photos on this computer anymore but I might have to dig around for some!

DeAnnaVarela on Feb 7, 2018:

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Good evening, swap partners have not been assigned but I’m taking the initiative to message you just because! I hope you have a great evening and I leave you with a quote:

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” ~ Katharine Hepburn

PS Welcome to Swapbot!

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