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Itti on Jul 10, 2019:

Hi, was just browsing profiles and I see you're into dragons, lizards, dinosaurs, snakes, frogs and toads! I think you might enjoy our Scales 'n' Tails group :)

I've sent you an invite. If it's not your thing, no worries!


Maggie249 on May 2, 2019:

what no ravens?

wombatlady on Apr 8, 2019:

You have a very good list of favorite animals and it's so cool you have invertebrate pets! I'd love to keep aquatic insects, but it's tricky to get the ecosystem going and I just don't have the resources right now. I'm on a swap break right now but I'd love to swap with you in the future (assuming paper items that was in the vicinity of cats is ok for you).

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Mar 30, 2019:

HI welcomes to Swap-bot, I saw your post in forums and I agree 100% I will be inviting you to a few of my groups when you hit a 100 rates.

MyRetroSoul on Mar 29, 2019:

Hey, i read your thread and commented but i also want to welcome you. I love your profile and i checked out your art. You are very talented!

I hope you will stick around and get to know people and why these threads for 2nd profile and 1 rating alerts were created. It’s actually made this a really safe place for swapping and while it made me really nervous that i would mess up at first, i am now really grateful for everyone who keeps us alerted. It’s a really cool community, not perfect, but it can be almost anything we make it. Have fun!

VivaLaDiane on Mar 5, 2019:

Saw your note about not pairing you up with users from specific areas. Partners are assigned by a "bot" and not a human - thus Swap-BOT. No one has control over partner assigning.

Trinket on Feb 4, 2019:

Welcome to swap-bot! I saw your comment on one of the Washi swaps and you are absolutely right, tactile things you can touch like letters and paper and pen strokes that have been hand written really matter sometimes. I think you will find mail art and other swap stuff amazing here and forever more - No escape now <3

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