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ashmail rated for Handmade envelope swap on Aug 20, 2016
Comment: I was pretty bummed to receive such a "thrown" together swap. You did not seem to put a lot of thought or energy into your envelopes. They were uneven, covered in sharpie marks, and not decorated. I would never feel comfortable sending these to someone.
Response: Odd. I have sent the same type of envelopes made the same way on at least half a dozen swaps, yet you are the only one to express dissapointment. And no where did the requirements state that they HAD to be decorated. Hmmm...
Jess123 rated for 200 Sticker Swap on Mar 24, 2016
Comment: Hi Nelda, I received your 200 sticker swap but it seems you may have missed some of the requirements of the swap. The description states "No labels, words, letters, school, teacher, reward, puffy, 3D, holiday, foam attachment or promos." and about half the stickers you sent me were holiday stickers or teacher/reward stickers. This is of concern to me because I chose the swap specifically for non-holiday stickers. Consequently I have to rate you a 3 but if you would prefer to do a resend I would be happy to re-rate you.
Response: I disagree. Half of what I sent you was NOT holiday or teacher reward stickers. I did send several sheets of holiday as extras since I sent you well more than 200 stickers. And as far I, remember only one small sheet was teacher reward stickers sent as extras. That said, I will accept the 3 as I had sent you my entire stash and do not have another 200 stickers to send. Thanks.
Comment: I received greeting cards instead of postcards. I immediately messaged her and offered the opportunity for a re-send, but she replied that she didn't have any Christmas postcards and would be fine with a 3 rating. When I went out of my way to give her the opportunity to make postcards (contrary to the swap guidelines), it became more of a hassle than it was worth receiving anything from her due to the unpleasant correspondence.
Response: The unpleasant correspondence went both ways. I was more that willing to accept a three on a swap that I admitted I didn't thoroughly read and instead only read the title "Christmas/Holiday Card Swap" and, as I was doing multiple swaps, I didn't pay as much attention as I should have. I naturally assumed Christmas cards meant just that :Christmas greeting cards. I did receive communication from her and then replied, telling her that I couldn't send until a week later and asking politely what rating I could expect when I sent her homemade PCs. She responded with what, to my mind, seemed an unnecessary attitude about how she was being kind enough to allow me to send her homemade PCs despite the fact that I had already requested the three that I deserved. My response did indicate that she need not be concerned, as I would do an excellent job on the PCs. Then she responded that she didn't appreciate my attitude in print, accused me of being passive/aggressive, which shows how little she knows me, and no longer wanted anything from me. I agreed that the respect she apparently expected from me for going so far out of her way allow me to make up a swap that I was willing to take a 3 on, didn't seem to be mutual and told her to go ahead and give me the three I was already willing to accept since I'd admitted from the start that it was my responsibility to read the body of the swap and not just the misleading title, which has since been edited to more clearly reflect the actual parameters of the swap. So she's right on the last point. The whole mess did become far more of a hassle than it needed to be. She should have just honored my request and given me the three since it was my honest mistake and would have saved us both unneeded irritation and misunderstanding.
LunaMoody rated for Book Page & Teddy Bear ATC on Jul 19, 2015
Comment: Will rerate if I get swap. 2/26 Still have not gotten swap item. 7/19/2015 - I got the card. I would have given you a 5 however it took a long time to get anything from you. And you have given me way to much attitude over the swap. The messages on here were enough you did not have to email me as well. You've told me that you have sent 4 times and to be honest I'm not sure I believe that. You've made me feel like you think I'm lying about not getting anything. Which I find hilarious because judging by the card I just got I can assure you I would not want 4 of them. Now I've re-rated you so please stop with the messages and emails. In the future if you have this problem again and trust me I've done over a 1000 swaps you will have this problem sometime again, I hope that you show your partner more respect. 7/24/15 Enough already. Stop harassing me with emails, messages and here. Just leave me alone. I rated you as I felt you deserved. I stated how you made me feel by your attitude. I did not say that you came out and accused me of anything. I only said how I felt. As for being unavailable for contact. As I have said before I have health issues that take me away from coming on swap-bot or even online. So yes I disappear sometimes. But I never ignored you and contacted as soon as I was able. Now this is over with, you've been rated. Leave me alone!
Response: Since I did indeed send 4 different times and worked hard on each and every one of the ATCs I sent, I have fulfilled this swap over and above the call on this one. I have done plenty of swaps myself and have never had this kind of difficulty in getting a swap to my partner. Usually one resend is all that is necessary. I generally do not have to resend three times to a valid US address. If you choose to interpret my repeated attempts to fulfill what should have been a fairly simple swap as my accusing you of lying, that is your choice. Although it is interesting that you complain of my accusing you of lying about not receiving anything, yet in the previous sentence you question my veracity about how many times I have sent to the same US address in an attempt to fulfill this swap. And you received numerous messages and, ultimately, an email from me precisely because I have had so much trouble maintaining regular communication. I'd send you a PM asking if you had received my resend, three resends, and hear nothing from you for weeks. Yet you resent my repeated attempts to communicate? I wanted to make sure you received what was due you. Well, the end result is that you finally got what was due you, I have fulfilled the terms of the swap several times over and it is now quite obvious to all swappers that I went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I got this sorted out even though I probably shouldn't have had a problem with it to begin with. Also, I see no problem with my behavior or respect. I fell all over myself to straighten this out yet you balled me out in an email because I didn't somehow know that you had been in the hospital. One hundred swaps or 10,000 swaps, this one swap has been more trouble that it needed to be and I am happy to finally get it behind me. I am delighted that you finally received the ATC that worked so hard on to create just for you. According to USPS tracking this 4th resend was received, and signed for, at 10:38 a.m. on July 16,2015. I have done everything I can to make good on a swap that I have, to date, sent 4 times, including the original send. This swapper's address is valid and she did indeed receive my most recent send. Resent again July 13, 2015. Resent a third time in June and I still have not heard anything either way. Resent early May. Contact around May 10th and still haven't heard anything. Sent March 24,2015. If you hadn't gotten it, you should have contacted me before rating a 1. I can't make good on it if I don't know about it.
mariasalas91 rated for Homemade Envies on Apr 14, 2015
Comment: I am going to give you a 3
Response: Update: I have contacted this swapper and haven't heard a word from her. No explaination or anything. Why?

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