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Need Help?

You've come to the right place. Swap-bot can be confusing, but we have a few resources that can help.

About Page

The basic Swap-bot info, plus some simple Dos and Don'ts.

New User Info Page

New to the 'bot and just want the starter info again? The New User Page can help.

Site Tutorial

- coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your question is most likely answered here.

Swap & Craft Term Glossary

What in the world is a dotee? Or, an ATC? Or, an angel? Find out in the glossary!

Discussion Forums

The Forums are a great place to ask a question and interact with other Swap-bot Members.

Forum Info & Rules

The Forums can get wild at times and bad behavior can get you suspended. Make sure to read the rules before jumping in!

Swap-bot Blog

The Swap-bot blog is the place to check for site updates and fun, crafty content.

Contact Swap-bot Admin

If you can't find the answer to your question with any of the previous links or you need assistance with your account, Swap-bot Admin can help.