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Kawaii Minizine Swap #1

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Kawaii Minizine Swap #1
Swap Homepage:http://hollywoodruff.blog.com/2012/04/15/kawaii-minizine-swap/
Group:I LOVE Kawaii!
Swap Coordinator:hollycopter (contact)
Swap categories: Kawaii 
Number of people in swap:15
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:May 7, 2012
Date items must be sent by:May 28, 2012
Number of swap partners:3

I was SUPER inspired by MissPickle's Fill It! Project, so with her permission I've created a kawaii version!

In this swap you will have THREE partners that you will send minizines to. This swap is international as you should be able to send your minizine in a standard envelope. All you have to do is print the template, fill it in, make copies, fold and send! Here’s how it works!

Step 1) Head over to my blog post to read more about this swap and to download the template, or just click HERE to download it and print it out. It is in .pdf format and it’s 8.5 x 11 inches so your standard printer paper should do. If you use A4 as your standard size (8.27 x 11.5), click HERE for the A4 template! NOTE: I tried to make everything line up as best I could but it may still be off so feel free to trim your minizine if it prints funky.

EDIT For a template with cut and fold lines, click here.

Step 2) Draw, paint, collage, and decorate the sheet how you wish, following the guidelines on the template. Be creative! Make it colorful, keep it in black and white, whatever your heart desires.

Step 3) Here you have two options: 1) Make photocopies of the original or 2) Make two more minizines by hand, keeping them the same or make each one different. You decide how much time you want to spend! There is a sticker flake page that would be cuter, in my opinion, to have actual stickers and not a photocopy of them but it’s up to you! So basically you can make photocopies and add stickers last.

Step 4) Fold the minizines according to this tutorial. No glue or tape required, just scissors. If you’re still having trouble, here’s a video on how to fold it, also.

Step 5) Send one copy to each of your partners!

Awesome minizine by strawberrymilkmade!

Your zine will have 8 pages including the front and back covers. You are more than welcome to embellish the front and back covers as well. This would be a great time to use your piles of deco-tape! Participants who are new to zines are invited to flickr or google “mini-zine” to have some pictures/inspirations.

- Blog Post
- Letter Size Template - 8.5 x 11
- A4 Template - 8.27 x 11.5
- Kawaii Minizine Flickr Group

Good ideas!

  • If you’re scared to draw, try tracing! You can also collage using memo paper, print-outs, etc.
  • Keep your minizines neat and make sure anything you glue is attached securely and not sticking to other pages.
  • You can print on colored paper to give your zines added color if you wish.

Not so good ideas:

  • Waiting until the last minute. Filling in your zine shouldn’t take too long, so take your time and give your partner a quality minizine!


ColoradoKate 04/15/2012 #

This is an AMAZINGLY CREATIVE idea, Holly!!! Thank you for hosting this swap! I have to watch for now (I don't know how crazy May will get... it being the end of the school year and all), but I'm definitely interested. ^_^

hollycopter 04/15/2012 #

Thanks Kate! I really can't take credit though, it's all @MissPickle I'm hoping everyone likes this one and we can do more! :D

adoluxia 04/15/2012 #

i totally LOVE minizines but every time i join a journal or zine swap i get flaked T^T the universe hates me... BUT this group is so fantastic i'm sure that won't happen. thank you holly for hosting this swap. and thank you for taking the time to make a kawaii version. i can't wait to do this ♥

tiggerkitn25 04/15/2012 #

I LOVE this idea! I will try to make time to do this...

vanima 04/16/2012 #

This is so amazing! I am going to print out a template to see if I can do it and not rage at my lack of artistic ability..lol If I feel inspired, I will join..but I have never ever done a zine in my life. X_x

hollycopter 04/16/2012 #

I believe in you @vanima :D

SabrinaDeeBerry 04/17/2012 #

I am so excited for the kawaii version! I was in @MissPickle Fill It! Issue 1 swap! Check it out here.

hollycopter 04/17/2012 #

Very cool @glamazon08 Love the stamp ^.^

hollycopter 04/17/2012 #

If you guys have any feedback on the template please let me know! :)

strawberrymilkmade 04/18/2012 #

AWESOME template!!! AWESOME!

hollycopter 04/19/2012 #

NOTE: I've now uploaded an A4 template (8.27 x 11.5) for those that need it. I haven't been able to test it as I don't have A4 paper, but please feel free to trim it as needed since printers can be a bit different! Thanks!

CupcakeSprinkles 04/19/2012 #

I just printed it out to test it before I attempt to sign up lol. Is it just me or the pages aren't straight :(

hollycopter 04/19/2012 #

I tried my best! :( I must have adjusted it 20 times, I don't know if it's just my printer? Sorry guys :(

CupcakeSprinkles 04/19/2012 #

No it's okay =p I tried it again lol it's my folding haha sorry bout that =p thanks Holly! Great job ^^b

strawberrymilkmade 04/20/2012 #

Whoa. All the girls signed up are very talented, very creative. This is exciting!

hollycopter 04/20/2012 #

Including you @strawberrymilkmade Yours looks AWESOME!!!!

strawberrymilkmade 04/20/2012 #

lol blush Thanks, Holly!

strawberrymilkmade 04/22/2012 #

Ooh! So I had trouble folding it correctly & getting the sizing right. There was so much white space that it looked awkward & unbalanced.

I figured out the solution! I put a border around the entire image. After printing it out ("fit to page"), I cut along the border. That helped SO much! The sizing was perfect after that.

The only other problem is that my zine looks like a kawaii monster vomited all over it & couldn't tell one page from the next. xD I'll probably add dotted "fold" lines or something to make sure I stay within the page for the next zine.

vanima 04/23/2012 #

I've started on mine, so yeah... I'm joining. XD I'm having trouble staying in/figuring out where one page ends and another starts too..mine will prob be all weird.. ha!

adoluxia 04/23/2012 #

if you guys fold the paper before you start decorating the pages it helps a lot. you don't have to do any extra work like drawing lines and you're going to fold the thing when you're done anyway.

strawberrymilkmade 04/24/2012 #

^ Would've been SUCH a good idea... if I wasn't already done. LOL C'est la vie! Next time. Good tip for those who haven't started yet!

hollycopter 04/25/2012 #

Do you guys think on the next one I should put lines outlining each page as a guide? You'd probably have to cut all around the whole thing to make it align right, but would that be easier?

vanima 04/25/2012 #

My idea was next time put light gray "fold" lines and a dotted "cut" line, so everyone has an idea of where the border of each page is. :) I'm almost dont with my "prototype", so I may post pictures soon! :)

vanima 04/25/2012 #

My (unfinished) zine is up on my Flickr here! http://www.flickr.com/photos/vanimoo/

ColoradoKate 04/25/2012 #

@hollycopter - maybe give the whole image a cutting border, then also fold lines maybe? I'm still waiting to see if I can do this...

aviahz 04/25/2012 #

Well... I have been slowly working on mine...I can't draw to save my life so I have been tracing stuff I find...I am pretty awesome at coloring though! Would tracing make it seem not so genuine??

hollycopter 04/26/2012 #

Ok everyone! I've now added a template to the swap that has lines. Sorry they aren't perfect, I kind of rushed :/ Next time they'll be better! Make sure when you print to set it to fit to printable area. Then cut around the outside, fold on the solid lines and cut on the dashed line. Hope that helps! I'll do this from now on.

@vanima I wish I could see your photos, my work blocks flickr :( but as soon I get home!

@ColoradoKate I hope you can join! ^.^

@aviahz I don't think tracing makes it less genuine at all! As long as there is some art to it I don't think it matters if you draw it all yourself or trace. Coloring is lovely too :)

weeatcrayons 04/27/2012 #

I want to do this but for some reason my printer is not working :(

weeatcrayons 04/27/2012 #

Anyone willing to print out three templates for me and send it to me? I'll send you a little thank you in return! :D

vanima 04/27/2012 #

I can mail some to you with your letter, Jen! Do you mind if I fold them? :)

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