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Turn Around ATC Ephemera Swap

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Swap Coordinator:ArtsOnFire (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Challenges  Art 
Number of people in swap:26
Last day to signup/drop:November 10, 2006
Date items must be sent by:November 17, 2006
Number of swap partners:1

This is an ephemera swap with a twist. You will fill a ziplock sandwich bag full of emphemera ATC goodies and send it to your swap partner who will then use the emphemera to make an ATC and send it back to you!!

Participants should include more than enough ephemera to make one ATC (and to cover postage) and a self addressed envelope for your return ATC. Give your partner lots of stuff to work with to make the best ATC possible.

Last day to sign up for the swap is November 10th, and your partner must receive by the 17th. RETURN ATC's BY DECEMBER 5th.

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Happy Swapping!!!


tisdagsregn 10/21/2006 #

Great idea, but I don't think the "with sufficient postage" will work ... I can't by, for example, Australian stamps here in Sweden, to put on the self adressed envelope. What to do?

Ruthy 10/21/2006 #

I have the same problem. Maybe we should send MORE than sufficient ephemera (enough for 4-5 cards)and then the partner can keep whatever is not used on the ATC in lieu of postage.

stoneangel 10/22/2006 #

I just signed up for this swap because it sounded too fun to resist. Personally, I don't mind just mailing an ATC back to whoever sent me the goodie bag. I would think that everyone could handle the postage for one ATC.

ArtsOnFire 10/23/2006 #

OK, yes of course you're right. Send extra ephemera to cover the postage. Thanks for thinking of that!

Susi 10/27/2006 #

I agree about just sending the ATC back... it's difficult to know how much to send especially when you don't know how embellished the ATC will be.. I think that each participant could cover the postage...at least I could, does anyone else agree? susi

Susi 11/ 4/2006 #

Have we decided whether or not we are sending an SASE or not, since the ATCs we recieve back may need more or less postage , also many are coming from over seas and those swappers won't be able to purchase the correct postage. I myself will send enough stuff and goodies to make more than one ATC and am going to cover the postage of the ATC I make when I get my stuff. Hope you all are ok with this, I just think it'll be easier to take care of the postage ourselves rather than sending an SASE. Did I make any sense? LOL... have taken my pain pills this morning and am feeling a bit loopy. Susi

Essy 11/ 5/2006 #

I agree, we should be able to cover the cost of sending back the ATC to it's owner instead of sending an SASE. Looking forward to this swap! Essy

ArtsOnFire 11/ 7/2006 #

Participants should include more than enough ephemera to make one ATC (and to cover postage) and a self addressed envelope for your return ATC. Give your partner lots of stuff to work with to make the best ATC possible.

user4462 11/ 8/2006 #

quick question what is ephemera, kind of feel stupid asking this but Im new to these atc and dont have a clue

ArtsOnFire 11/ 8/2006 #


Ephemera is defined by the American Heritage as 1. A short-lived thing. 2. Printed matter of passing interest.

I don't know what any of that means....to me ephemera is those quirky, unique pieces. Interestingly shaped keys, buttons, old labels, vintage postcards, old newspaper, odd anythings. Even unique paper napkins or coasters, lining from fine chocolate bars, etc.

Come on ladies, help me out here, what is your best definition of ephemera?

Susi 11/11/2006 #

Ephemera= anything you think would be great for an atc.... vintage pictures, magazine pictures, small charms, game pices stamped clay images, stamped images, keys, lace fabric, ribbon, fibers, patterned paper, pressed leaves... shall i go on? Anything could be called ephemera. I think the dictionary definition just does not give it justice!

Susi 11/11/2006 #

I have put together a whole bunch of ephemera etc for my partner! It will make many more than 1 or 2 ATCs! I had fun picking out things and getting them ready for this swap. Now my only problem is that when I click on the link for my partner, nothing happens. It's the same with all the other swaps I am that are due to mail soon. So if I am late, don't blame me, blame a swap bot bug!

ArtsOnFire 11/13/2006 #

PLEASE NOTE - I have received notice that some participants cannot read the link to thier swap partner. Swap bot has been notified and they are working on the problem. Please be patient!!

Thanks, Lora

Susi 11/18/2006 #

I have to apologize to Mari in Finland for the delay in getting my swap sent out. I had a pkg ready to, but misplaced it, so I am putting one together tonight to send out tomorrow. Sorry Mari! I'm trying to send you a great pkg though to make up for the delay! susi

user380 11/18/2006 #

my package to tahlia in issaquah is going to be a few days late...i apologize! i didn't finish it in time to mail it before the post office closed, but i'll send it on monday, i promise. - nicole

JaneR 11/20/2006 #

I'm sorry, I read the swap wrong and thought I could send on the 17th, mine will be a couple of days late. Sorry!

roberta51503 11/20/2006 #

I need to add my apologies to Ruth that my package will be going out today.

user380 11/20/2006 #

i sent my package to tahlia today, monday 11/20!

AuntNub 11/20/2006 #

Hi! I've already sent my bag o' goodies out to my partner & just received a bag o' goodies in the mail today, to make the ATC. What I was wondering is, if we don't use all the ephemera that was sent to us, should we send it back with the completed ATC? Not sure what was decided on for that...



roberta51503 11/21/2006 #

Received my package from OR today, no name, but I wanted you to know that the sticker snow globe came smashed so i won't be able to use it.

Ruthy 11/22/2006 #

Aunt Nub, I understand you keep the ephemera and just send one card back to the sender with some goodies from the bag. Please, correct me if I am wrong.

Roberta, don't worry about the delay. I am patient :)

user4472 11/25/2006 #

OH NO!!! ROberta want me to send something else I think I may be out of the snowglobes. I am so sorry!!!! I will put something in the mail right now should get it by wednesday or so.

ALSO I have not even received my bag yet to make and do not see robyn anywhere on the chat...everything ok???

Ruthy 11/27/2006 #

Roberta, your thick envelop arrived today! So many wonderful papers and so much inspiration!!

rhodyart 11/27/2006 #

I haven't received anything as yet

roberta51503 11/29/2006 #

Ruth, Thanks for letting me know you received your package.

please keep all that you don't use I have a lot of papers. I go to print shops and ask for their sample books when they are out of date....lots of papers lots of sizes and lots of graphics to use!!! So enjoy!!!

bren 11/30/2006 #

This is one of 3 swaps I got out in the mail today(nov 29) and what do I get for it? My truck dies in front of the PO and I have to walk back home in the cold pouring rain!! At least the swaps went out!!

I was able to make three cards from the assortment my SP, Laura, sent. Pic is in the gallery.

roberta51503 11/30/2006 #

JennaPerry, the second package came to day all intact!!!!now to get busy over the weekend and create!!

bren 12/ 1/2006 #

Aunt_Nub, got my card! Thank you! You used the twine! =D

user4472 12/ 1/2006 #

I still haven't received anything!!!! I would love to make mine but nothing again today. :-( How sad people sign up but don't fulfill

ROBERTA!!! GLad it arrived safe and sound sweety!!!

roberta51503 12/ 3/2006 #

Jenna, Got it ready to go to the post office tomorrow.

user4472 12/ 4/2006 #

AWESOME ROBERTA!!! Will be on the look out

can't wait

user1699 12/ 7/2006 #

Jane are you out there? I have yet to receive anything to use to make you an ATC. You said you were running late, that was OK by me. But so far, I have received nothing and the deadline to return a completed ATC has come and gone. so disappointing............. Laura/Lark 2006

JaneR 12/ 7/2006 #

I'm sorry, Laura! I did send it very late, it really should be arriving any day now. I mixed it up with another swap. Sorry I didn't send you a follow up email, I should have. Please let me know if it doesn't arrive by Saturday.

JaneR 12/ 7/2006 #

Karine, I haven't received yours yet. I hope it didn't get lost.

sultrypeacock 12/ 7/2006 #

Nicole-- I got your ephemera package, loved it! :) Your ATC went out in Monday's mail, so you should have received it by now, or it should show up soon. (this time of year the postal delivery seems so unpredictable!) I hope you like it!

user1699 12/ 8/2006 #

Jane, Got your envelope a few hours AFTER I typed a message saying I received nothing. Its all very cool stuff, I hope to send you something great very soon. So no harm, no foul, eh? Next time I will try to be more patient. Best wishes in the meantime......xxoo Lark 2006/Laura

user4472 12/10/2006 #

Got it today ROberta THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it and will definately make something for ya this week...LOL



sultrypeacock 12/13/2006 #

Oh my gosh!! I LOVE the ATC!! I can't believe how amazingly creative you were with the materials I sent, and the woman's face is a fine addition! Love it!! Thank you, Diane!

roberta51503 12/14/2006 #


Received your cards today...quite amazing thanks for the extra one!!!

JaneR 12/15/2006 #

Karine, I still have not received anything from you. You have very good ratings so I'm assuming something is up with the mail. I hope to hear from you soon.

kvidas 12/16/2006 #

jane i am so sorry you have not received my pkg., i mailed it the same day i got your name, i can't imagine it taking so long to get to you,will assume it is lost. will get another together asap!!!!!i just wish i had read comments on site sooner .again very sorry karine

mari 12/18/2006 #

Hi, mine is sent - and recieved the bag - sent the ATC but then there was silence....

JaneR 12/19/2006 #

Karine, thank you for responding. I figured it was something like that. I'll be on the lookout for it, sometimes my mail carrier delivers my stuff to the wrong address. take care, jane

kvidas 12/20/2006 #

jane r., your pkg. is in the mail!!!!!! i hope you enjoy! karine

kvidas 01/ 9/2007 #
jane r.-did you ever receive the pkg. i sent you?

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