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Doctor Who in a Bag

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Doctor Who in a Bag
Group:Fandom in a Bag
Swap Coordinator:KateKintail (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Crafts  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:10
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.80
Last day to signup/drop:August 31, 2012
Date items must be sent by:October 1, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

The September 2012 Fandom in a Bag swap is the Doctor Who fandom. This is in honor of the new Doctor Who season starting this month.

Step 1: Please list in the comments your favorite Doctor, characters, episodes, worlds, companions, villians, or any other preference you may have.

Step 2: After partners are assigned, check to see what your partner likes. You can follow-up with a message if you need to know more. Then scrounge up, buy, and/or create items that fit in a bag. Your bag must contain at least 7 different items although more is certainly encouraged.

Some ideas of themed items: stickers, ATCs, postcards, toys/action figures, comics, note cards, pins/buttons, magnets, jewelry, trading cards, charms, ornaments, books, bookmarks, address labels, plushies/stuffies, promo stills/autograph cards, fainfic, zines, etc.

More specific ideas: sonic screwdriver, journal of impossible things or River's diary, list of your favorite episodes, time travel kit, psychic paper, crafty TARDIS, TRock album (no mix CDs), postcards written to/from the Doctor from various locations/time, pocketwatch, etc.

Be sure to check your partner's profile so you don't send anything he or she might be allergic to.

Step 3: Put the items in a ziplock-type bag. Size: 1 gallon. You can decorate the bag or incorporate the bag into something (mount it or sew something around it). If you want to make or buy a bag instead of using a ziplock plastic one, that's fine as well, but it should be at least a gallon in size. All items you gather or create should fit into the bag and it should close.

Assemble your bags during the month of September and please send by the deadline (October 1).

NO FLAKING ALLOWED! All flakers will be sent straight to a Cyberman factory.


KateKintail 07/26/2012 #

I love the new Doctor Who series best (I'm making my way through the old episodes, but not past One yet). And though I like Eight, Nine, Ten, and Eleven, Ten is definitely my doctor.

As far as companions go, there really aren't any in the new series I don't like. I love Captain Jack Harkness, but I love everyone from Rose and Micky to Amy and Rory. Some of my favorite episodes are Blink, Vincent and the Doctor, Silence in the Library, Unicorn and the Wasp, The Empty Child, School Reunion, The Christmas Invasion, Midnight, Human Nature.

Spencerette 07/27/2012 #

I have only seen the modern series- Doctors 9 to 11. I like all the Doctors, but would probably say the current one is my fave. I really like the trio of 11, Amy & Rory. I think they make a fun team. I also love the Tardis and the Daleks :) I'm not picky though, so send me something you have thoughtfully put together and I will be happy.

Salome 07/31/2012 #

I would join if there was a chance to get a partner who knows the old seasons, for my Doctor is 4. I know, that I still may get a New-Doctor-fan as a partner (my substitute Doctor is 10), but I want to have the chance for 4, because I think he was the funniest one :)

stlouisphile 08/ 1/2012 #

My doctor is Ten. He is the one I (finally) connected with. Favorite companions are Martha, Donna and Captain Jack. I do not like Rose. My favorite gadgets is the timey-wimey detector the Doctor used in Blink, favororite eps. Blink, Midnight, EOT 1 and 2, The Chirstmas Iinvasion, Human Nature. I also love Ten's TARDIS although I could really love Ten in Eleven's TARDIS. Oh and I like K9.

stlouisphile 08/ 1/2012 #

Let me add that if you like Rose you will definitely receive Rose related items. I collect all Ten related items including Rose. So don't worry about if you love Rose it will not be a problem..

KateKintail 08/ 3/2012 #

@Salome I can't guarantee that your swap partner will know Four, but you're welcome to sign up and cross your fingers (tis a bit of a gamble, I know). For the big DW anniversary next year, I plan on having another Doctor Who swap--one for the who Whoverse, including spin-off shows. You might have better luck then? I'll try to make some good progress on my DW watching and maybe I'll know enough about Four by then to be able to private swap with you by then at any case.

AmigurumiNymph 08/11/2012 #

I'm about to sign up, and I live tge new series, but I also watched as a kid and Tom Baker (#4) is my favorite too. Too bad a #4 scarf won't fit in the bag, eh?! ^_^ so it is possible.

AmigurumiNymph 08/11/2012 #

Ooh, some nasty typos there! Sorry! Typing with my thumbs (read: on my phone).

AmigurumiNymph 08/11/2012 #

Oh, but ok, so here's me: my favorite doctors are 4, 5, 10, & 11. Fav. Companions: Romana, Sarah Jane, K-9, Donna, Rose, Rory, & Amy. Fav. Villains: the Master, Daleks, weeping angels, and the silence. And of course, who doesn't like iconic items like 4's scarf, The TARDIS, and the sonic screwdriver?! ^^ the man of the house is gonna be working on this one with me. His fav's are David Tennant (10), Amy Pond, and he likes all the baddies. ^^

Salome 08/13/2012 #

Hurray! I'm in :)

scottishrosefaerie 08/17/2012 #

I haven't seen the older doctor who's, but would love to someday. My doctor is defiantly David Tennant. I love everything to do with him!!!! I was so sad to see him leave the show! =(

I don't really have a favorite companion, but I don't dislike any of them either. Though I do love Amy and Rory, they are a cute couple! I love Rory in Roman times, and all he did to get back to Amy. <3 I love the Tardis, K-9, Daleks, the Master, Adiposes, crack in time, and sonic screwdriver.

Jillow 08/22/2012 #

I would love to enter, but how big is a 1 gallon bag, exactly? I don't live in an english speaking country so ...

KateKintail 08/23/2012 #

A gallon bag is about 10 inches by 11 inches or about 26.5 cm by 29 cm.

Jillow 08/24/2012 #

Silence will fall when the question is asked - what's the question? it's the oldest question in the universe, hidden in plain sight. It's the question you have been running from all your life. - What is the question?!! You really want to know? - YES!!! Doctor who

thum thum thuum

Jillow 08/24/2012 #

@stlouisphile OMG,I wish I have you as my partner I LOVE 10 and Rose (and Amy, but mostly Rose)

Wanna bet I am out of luck? XD

Jillow 08/24/2012 #

my favorite doctor is 10 (David tennant) as for companions: Rose and Amy.

I HATE Martha and Donna, it was like they were stealing Rose's spot, but with Amy, it's just not like that. I also don't like the Daleks and the Cybermen. I also don't like Rory (sorry Rory) or (what's Rose's boyfriend called? -Yeah, that guy)

As for villans: I like the weeping angels although they freak me out. and the master was just weird, don't like him either

I also like the tardis of course and the sonic screw driver. I love the phrase "Wibily- wobbiley - Timey-whimey" and "Bad wolf" I hate and love River Song, I can't seem to be ably to make my mind up.

Jillow 08/27/2012 #

oh, and I LOVE the silence they creep me out too

TwistedTruth 08/30/2012 #

My favorite Doctor is 11; I love Matt Smith. (The husband likes David Tennant, too.) I also enjoy Martha, Donna, Captain Jack, River Song, Amy, and Rory ( .> She's seriously my least favorite companion. And I'm not a fan of Mickey.

My favorite villains are the Master, weeping angels, and cybermen. And adipose, but I never consider them a villain...

My favorite episodes are the Vincent and the Doctor, The Empty Child, Blink... I like the iconic things of Doctor Who as well. The TARDIS, screwdriver, K-9, daleks, crack in time, 4's scarf...

Hönis 08/30/2012 #

I'm so exited for this swap! I have seen the new series like five times just over the summer!

I like both the old and new series, but mainly the new one. Fave doctors are William Hartnell, Tom Baker, David Tennant and Matt Smith. Tennant is my absolute favorite though.

Companions are; The Ponds, Jack Harkness, River Song, Donna Noble, K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith.

The aliens and bad guys I find most awesome are The Weeping Angels, Daleks, Ood and the Silence.

The tardis and sonic screwdrivers are kick ass! And Fezes and bowties are supercool.

The episodes I geek out most from (from the new series) are; The empty child, The girl in the fireplace, Blink, Last of the timelords, Voyage of the damned, Journeys end, A christmas carol, The doctors wife and A good man goes to war.

No real dislikes really, But my least favorite season is the first one with Eccelson.

Salome 08/31/2012 #

My Doctor is 4 (Tom Baker) (and if you must have a new Doctor, that would be 10) and my favourite companions are: K-9, the Brigadier and captain Jack. I collect ATCs, but I have 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor ATCs already, so I would prefer old Doctors (especially 4th), if it was the case. It would be nice to get closer to completing the collection. And I also already have like 5 Jack ATCs, but Torchwood in general is still welcome. I would also LOVE to get River Song's Tardis-book, Journal of impossible things, anything about Tardis or any K-9, actually all the "mechanical" stuff. I like old seasons more than new. I don't like Rose, her mother and Master in old seasons. Well, I'm not into bad guys in general, I'm afraid.

kpossible 09/ 1/2012 #

Ah, sorry about this! My favorite Doctor is Eleven since it was when I became a hardcore Whovian and I do love his saying, "Timey wimey wibbley wobbly!" and "Bowties are cool!"

My fave characters would have to be Martha, Donna, Craig, Amelia Pond, Amy Pond, and of course, Rory!

My favorite episodes include The Lodger, Blink, Rose, A Christmas Carol, Vincent and the Doctor, and Midnight.

My fave villians would be the Weeping Angels, the Master, Daleks, and the Silence!

I haven't seen any of classic!Who but I do like the 4th Doctor's scarf. I would love to get anything Tardis themed, River Song's Journal, something Adipose themed (they're the cutest!!!), and ATCs if you can! :D I like pretty much all of new!Who so have fun making this grab bag! It will be my first one and hope you enjoy the new episode airing today!!!

TwistedTruth 09/ 3/2012 #

Somewhere along the lines, it took out "I don't like Rose, she's seriously my least favorite companion." So just to clarify, I'm not a fan of Rose. ;)

stlouisphile 09/11/2012 #

The penny dropped. I finally love Eleven. I can watch Matt now and see Matt and not want to see David in the role. Took two years. Who knew?

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