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I'm No Artist ATC, USA only

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I'm No Artist ATC, USA only
Swap Coordinator:HisChild (contact)
Swap categories: Artist Trading Card (ATC)  Paper Crafts  Mail Art 
Number of people in swap:78
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 22, 2013
Date items must be sent by:April 6, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

On a recent ATC swap there was quite a bit of discussion on what makes an ATC. I realized that there are many people like myself who are not in any means an artist. I can not draw, or paint beautiful pictures. I do however, love the creative/artistic process and believe that anyone can make art. If it's true that every child is an artist until they grow up, then I refuse to grow up. If this sounds like you then this is the ATC swap for you.

For this swap you will have one partner and make one ATC card. Standard ATC rules apply; card must be 2.5" X 3.5" and have a sturdy background. You can make the card however you wish: collage, magazine images, cutouts, stamps, embellishments, stickers, etc. However, please put some effort into it and don't just stick one sticker on a plain background. Show your partner that you can create art even if your not an "artist."

Must have a minimum 4.8 rating with no unexplained/unresolved ones or threes in past three months.

This is USA only. Will do an international one if there is enough interest.

*Please message me if you have any questions as I don't always remember to check the comments section below for a couple of days.


Ozzyflsgirl 03/12/2013 #

Looking forward to this swap! :)

ladydy5 03/13/2013 #

Creativeness stirs in all people so I created a group call Artistically Inclined if anyone is interested in joining. This is a nice swap, count me on too.

althena 03/14/2013 #

Eep, I have never even attempted an ATC before... I'm nervous!!! Any tips, hints, etc for a newbie?

HisChild 03/14/2013 #

@althena there are lots of tutorials, tips, etc online if you Google artist trading cards.

ladydy5 03/16/2013 #

I was going to join in but re-read the description of the swap and I am down sizing my atc's so this would not be something I wanted to continue to collect. I was hoping it was trying to do an atc artwork, not embellishments etc. But join in this one as they are fun to make.

dragonalloy 03/16/2013 #

can they be hand drawn??

HisChild 03/16/2013 #

@dragonalloy yes they can be hand drawn.

Vorkat 03/18/2013 #

Are newbies welcome?

ladydy5 03/18/2013 #

If anyone is interested in my atc collection, I am willing to share them for postage tosend to you. Just send me a message. USA only

fawnscrafts 03/18/2013 #

are zentangles Ok? I am sure, but as you are the host, I want to make sure. and if so, can they be our own patterns and/or from the website? Multi media? I am sure must be Ok also, once again, I want to make sure.

I have started one atc and got st the started part. So this swap is perfect for me.

and if my partner, can draw, and wants to I love fawns. However your artwork is what you feel comfortable with.

I just had to toss the loving fawns in there, just in case.

and this is my opinion, the host will have the final say. Newbies are risky, @Vorkat you may have wonderful intentions and may follow through, however there are some that will sign up to get an atc and never send one in return. ( or worse send a piece of cardboard with a sticker stuck to it. That makes for an unhappy swapper even if the hosts angels the swap. It puts pressure on the swapper to contact the host and then the host has to either angel or sadly state she/he won't angel or find and angel for the swapper.

And then the swapper has to leave a one to be fair and it is never easy leaving a one. Deserved ones sure, but they are not easy, because most of us swappers see the good in others and hate to have to destroy a person reputation, even when they deserve it.

Once again it is up[ to the host and I will respect any decision she makes be it she allows newbies in or does not let them in.

HisChild 03/18/2013 #

@fawnscrafts yes zentangles are fine, any pattern is okay. The goal here is to make a nice ATC without having to be an "artist."

HisChild 03/18/2013 #

For newbies: I require that all newbies have at least five rated type 3 swaps with a 5 rating. This is because a lot of people are afraid to swap with newbies. (Which is unfair, considering we were all newbies once....and, I have been flaked on by people who have been long time swappers, so being new doesn't necessarily mean more of a risk in my humble opinion.)

I will angel, once you have rated your partner a one.

BerlinGeorgia 03/18/2013 #

Already sent you a PM: I think it is not nice to host a almost similar swap to the one I am hosting right now. There are some courtesy rules here on swap-bot and one is to ASK if it is ok, to host an only slightly different version at the same time, or just wait. Have fun!

HisChild 03/18/2013 #

@BerlinGeorgia Really? This isn't the place for this, but as you insisted to leave your comment I will respond. As I stated in my reply to your message; my swap is not like your "ATC for beginners" swap. In which you state, "I have never made an ATC before, if you don't mind receiving a beginners piece this is the swap for you." My swap is for people who don't necessarily consider themselves "artists" but love the creative process. This doesn't mean they have never made an ATC before, it doesn't mean they are beginners, however, if they are, that is okay too. Like my swap description states," show your partner that you can create art even if you're not an "artist." This is for people who want to show that you don't have to be a so called "trained artist" in order to create a piece of art. I honestly don't understand why you feel I stole your swap or the need to send me a pm instructing me in "courtesy" as you put it. I did not take your swap, your swap idea, or anything of the sort. Sorry you feel this way. Even more sorry you felt the need to leave your comment here. Hope it made you feel better in some small way!

QuilterinMotion 03/18/2013 #

So sorry to hear this kind of interaction. It is not possible for any of us to SEE every single swap that is on SWAP-BOT. My feeling is we are all here to enjoy swapping and if we have a chance to do a similar swap more than once, it's up to each of us if we decide to participate.
Let's be grown-ups and play nice. You do your swap over there, and she'll do her swap over here. Maybe the rest of us will/have join both!

Just saying......

TereDiane1954 03/18/2013 #

It is impossible to claim an "idea" as your own. As creative swappers, we all have ideas that anyone else may have, and we can't say that it is our own idea, or that no one else may have that same idea. @BerlinGeorgia please re-think your stance.

smadronia 03/18/2013 #

Are folks new to making ATCs able to join? I don't draw or paint, but I'd like to try and make an ATC, but I don't know if this is the swap to attempt it in.

Tia 03/18/2013 #

As someone who hosts decorated envies ad nauseum (lol), people are always sweet and ask if they can host a decorated envie swap. My feeling is OF COURSE!!!! I don't own the "invention" of decorated envies and why not have lots of swaps to choose from? I actually had someone private message me a "warning" that someone was hosting a swap and it sounded like they had "lifted" my guidelines. lol Hey! That's the ultimate compliment and I have no issue with that. :) Especially if they want to do an international version which I am always too cheap to hostess. Let's all get along, be creative, and have fun swapping is my bottom line. :) Great comments from all.

HisChild 03/19/2013 #

@smadronia yes folks new to making ATC's may join. You may also wish to check out the ATC for beginners swap.

RachelB 03/19/2013 #

Would love to have joined this one but I am not in the USA, have fun with it, sounds great!

TC 03/19/2013 #

Thanks for hosting this! I'm big on USA only swaps right now, postage costs being what they are.

stlouisphile 03/19/2013 #

Never be said that @HisChild isn't a class act!

mcall 03/19/2013 #

Really people? Really? Stop fighting!

FieryMon 03/19/2013 #

Great concept! Glad to join!

Eponita 03/19/2013 #

Cool idea!!!! Wish I was USA...

fawnscrafts 03/20/2013 #

I will give this a try. I am not an artist and this is another great swap for me. The timing is helpful also. With all I am going through, I have to spread my swaps out now.

Puggle 03/21/2013 #

I'd join an international version if you were to run one

AgathaWiddershins 03/22/2013 #

Thanks so much for making this swap! I'm always intimidated to try making "artist" trading cards because I am not technically an "artist". This will be fun and help a lot of us get over some of our fears!

Terri07 03/24/2013 #

I am joining this swap to support @HisChild Swaps are "owned" by any one person here on Swap-Bot. I love making ATC's and have changed to card swapping for awhile, but when I saw how @BerlinGeorgia acted, I had to join this ATC swap. I love the final number of "78" in this swap. Way to go on supporting @HisChild in this swap.

ladydy5 03/25/2013 #

It doesn't matter who does what in setting up a swap. I just think changing the title of it so it is not the same is the proper thing to do. Great minds think alike.

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