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Classroom Valentine Nostalgia

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Classroom Valentine Nostalgia
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Date items must be sent by:February 5, 2014
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One of the most fun holidays in elementary school was Valentine's Day!

I remember my mom taking me to the store to choose from dozens of boxed, perforated character valentines. I remember choosing a box themed after whatever my favorite thing was that year- Barbie or Beauty and the Beast or Lisa Frank. I remember carefully choosing which classmate would receive each valentine (which ones can I give the boys without them thinking I have a crush on them, which are the favorites that I will save for my best friends... all that important stuff).

And probably the best part was at the party when your little valentine box was stuffed full of cute and fun valentines from all your friends! (Maybe it's my fond memories of these exchanges that makes me like swapping so much?!)

The fun shouldn't end because we're not kids anymore, so I say we recreate that childhood magic by swapping fun boxed valentines!

For this swap, go to the store and find the display of children's boxed valentines. There are so many kinds these days- cartoons, animals, even movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings! This is sender's choice, just like in school, so feel free to select your very favorite themed box! Then, you will send one valentine to each of your 10 partners. Make sure you fill out the To and From section with yours and your partner's names, and if your kit comes with stickers or bookmarks or other surprises, as some do, be sure to include them! Also, these types of valentines do not usually come with envelopes, but if they do, they still probably need to be put in a larger envelope for mailing since they are usually too small to mail on their own. So please be aware of that when sending.

Due to the large number of partners, this swap will be USA only to keep postage down, however, if anyone would like to host an international version, feel free to do so! You must have at least a 4.98 rating and be rated for 10 different Type 2 and/or 3 swaps to participate. No 3 or 1 ratings within the last six months (without good reason) and you may not have any late swaps on your dashboard as of the signup date. You also must have logged into Swap-bot within two days of the sign up date so that I know you are still active. I will ban participants on the day I check profiles.

Remember that you are going to send your favorite Valentines, as will your partners, so every Valentine that you receive might not be a character or theme you love. That’s okay because your partner is sharing something with you that they love. So as long as the Valentine meets the swap requirements and was sent on time, you should rate a 5.

So, if you are still a kid at heart, sign up and we’ll all have a Happy Valentine’s Day together! :)


NickyNightmare 12/12/2013 #

I'm so excited for this! :D

LittleMissMrs 12/13/2013 #

Me, too @NickyNightmare In the past I've bought Valentines I knew my husband would like, like Star Wars, and left them hidden around the house for them. I'm excited to swap them because I'll get to pick out and send MY favorites this time! Thanks for joining!

Heirloom 12/15/2013 #

Cute idea!

MorahLaura 12/27/2013 #

My profile says I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, and I don't, but the nostalgia factor in this is too high for me to stay away. I may feel the need to cover a shoebox in red construction paper and put the valentines I receive into it! Thanks for hosting!

LittleMissMrs 12/28/2013 #

@MorahLaura I was considering making a little Valentine box for myself as well! haha I saw some cute little mailbox shaped ones at Target the other day that really caught my eye, so I may end up going back for one of those! Thanks for joining! :)

NickyNightmare 01/ 1/2014 #

It's gonna be a lot of fun! I wish there were more of this type of swap because i want a bunch of valentines this year hahah :) i love feeling like i'm back in grade school :) @LittleMissMrs

dterrell 01/ 3/2014 #

I believe that these will need to be put in a regular envelope for sending.

LittleMissMrs 01/ 3/2014 #

Yes, @dterrell they will. As I remember, most of these children's valentine's don't come with envelopes anyway, but even if they did, they would be too small to properly mail. I'll make a note of it in the swap details in case anyone doesn't realize this.

tizzicat 01/10/2014 #

I won't be joining because I am in the UK, but was interested to hear of this custom. I'm pretty sure we don't do this in the UK (or at least we didn't when I went to school - a loooong time ago. Lol).

PhoenixSwap 01/10/2014 #

@LittleMissMrs and @tizzicat I also never heard about this, I'm from Belgium, only couples gave a little present to each other at school but never cards for friends

me2u 01/14/2014 #

To Tizzicat and PhoenixSwap, This is a custom we did on Valentines Day, Feb 14. when you were in grade school. We would make a "Valentines Box" either at school in art class or at home and bring to school and it could be made out of any box but usually a shoe box. It would be covered in pretty paper and you would decorate it and put a slit in it for the valentines to be slipped into the box. You would go to the store and select your favorite box of valentine cards and I remember sitting at the table or in the floor with them all spread out and select just the right one for each of my classmates and write on the back of them To:_____ and From:_____ back then they came with envelopes and my mom always let us select candy to put into each valentine. We had a valentines party at school and went around to each valentines box and put your valentine in it and we played games and had cupcakes and punch. I always loved grade school and the parties we had, wonderful childhood memories. It was a really big deal to make sure you picked out the perfect valentine for each person and my sisters and I would work on it for several nights. It would be interesting to know what some of your customs are.

Mimi7 01/15/2014 #

And the years we didn't make a Valentine box, we decorated a white sack,with hearts, glitter and such. Then the teacher taped each sack under the ledge of the chalkboard with each persons name on the sack. The on Valentines Day we put our classmates Valentines in their sack!! Oh the memories!! :)

LittleMissMrs 01/15/2014 #

I was shopping the dollar section at Target the other day and saw that they were selling solid white "shoeboxes" for decorating with a slit across the top for depositing valentines. I guess the tradition lives on!

coolscabin 01/16/2014 #

I Love this idea! I am a homeschool teacher and one of the drawbacks is my daughter not having a classroom full of students to exchange Valentines with each year! I too loved this aspect of my childhood. (She is involved with other outside activities with friends, but they don't really do anything for holidays). So, I was wandering if I joined, if I could have everyone send to my daughter instead of me and I could have her make a Valentine box during art class at home? I would have her pick out the Valentines at the store and send them to my partners. She is 8 and has nice penmanship and would love this. If you would like to keep it adults only or see what the others think about it, I understand as well. Thanks for any consideration.

dodgegirlred 01/16/2014 #

Is this swap open to Newbies?

coolscabin 01/17/2014 #

Pleases address all of my Valentines to Kate Cool Thx!

LittleMissMrs 01/17/2014 #

@dodgegirlred - unfortunately, it is not open to newbies. I made this choice because it seemed risky considering how many partners we will have. If you are interested, though, I am willing to do a private swap with you. :)

LittleDonnaGirl 01/18/2014 #

@coolscabin - What a lovely idea for your daughter. :o) I have extras and would be happy to send her one if you want to PM your address to me. If I get you as a partner to send to, I will include an extra for her.

coolscabin 01/19/2014 #

@LittleDonnaGirl just messaged you, Thx!

thehotmageaeris 01/22/2014 #

I only just joined Swap bot and this one of the types of mail events I want to do! But I don't have any ratings yet... This blows. ;__;

Rabbitfreedom 01/24/2014 #

I am soo excited for this swap!! What fond memories I have of Valentine's card exchange except I was always the one who made her valentine's cards, no boxed one's from me - is it possible that I could continue this and make small cards for everyone? If not, that's cool, I could buy them too.

sherheart 01/24/2014 #

This sounds like so much fun. I always enjoyed Valentine's day for 2 reasons... we always got lots of valentine's and treats at school then, when I got home we celebrated my birthday. A very special time for me when I was younger.

LittleMissMrs 01/24/2014 #

@Rabbitfreedom the swap is for boxed valentines, so you will need to send one of those to each partner to meet the requirements, but if you wanted to make them anyway and just include them as extras, I'm sure your partners would be very happy to receive them :)

LittleMissMrs 01/27/2014 #

Alright, everyone! It's time to swap those valentines! I checked profiles thoroughly and removed 7 people for various reasons. I believe we are left with a great group of swappers. Please remember to put your valentines in a larger envelope so they don't get lost in the mail. Please send on time, and if for some reason you can't, keep in communication with all your partners. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to send me a message! Happy swapping and Happy Valentine's Day! <3

LittleMissMrs 01/27/2014 #

Also, @lloydp has both a Canadian address and a US address. If you are partnered with her, please be sure to check her profile for her US address!

kiki95816 01/27/2014 #

Woohoo..just sent my Valentines off.

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