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Adventures of the Traveling Postcard R21

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Swap Coordinator:AnnieMaxine (contact)
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Number of people in swap:129
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:January 28, 2014
Date items must be sent by:February 5, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

Wouldn't it be great to send a postcard and see where it had been all around the world? Then get it returned back to you after its adventures were over? Let's do it!


Choose a card. A card that you think people would enjoy seeing (however, PLEASE DO NOT USE EXTRA LARGE POSTCARDS THAT WILL REQUIRE EXTRA POSTAGE!). Put your name and address (including the country!) on the right hand side of the card. Put the title of the swap ("Adventures of the Traveling Postcard") and your screenname at the top of the left hand side. PUT IT IN AN ENVELOPE and send it off to your partner. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Just write your name, username, city, state/country, on the left hand side of the postcard you received in the previous round. Put it in an envelope and send it to your partner! (DO NOT WRITE YOUR ENTIRE ADDRESS ON THE POSTCARD - THIS TAKES UP TOO MUCH SPACE!)


Hang on to the postcard(s) that you receive in each round. We will have another round as soon as everyone has clicked "Sent" in the previous round. (Sign up when you receive yours from the previous round, start another one in rotation, or contact me, as I may have a postcard that needs to be put back into rotation as well!) When the left side of the postcard is filled up with the names and cities of those that have received the postcard, the last person will stamp your actual postcard and send it back to you.

Only join if you are awesome and a non-flaker. Well-established folks ONLY (50 or more Type 2/Type 3 swaps completed) and I will ban if I feel that you may be a questionable swapper. I want to do my best to ensure that everyone receives their postcard back! So don't join if you don't think you can commit to it for the long haul, K? I will be checking EVERYONE'S profile and will ban anyone that I feel like. Thanks and happy swapping!

NOTE: Do NOT send the postcard back to the original owner until the left side of the postcard is completely filled unless instructed otherwise.

ALSO: Do not destroy, bend, write on the front of, or ANYTHING else that destroys the integrity of the postcard. Treat the postcard how you would want yours treated. That's just etiquette, folks!

Additionally: If you stop swapping for more than three rounds, your name will be placed on the "Send Back To" list and your card will be sent back to you if it's still in rotation. This is only fair...why should a few of us do all the work and you just get to sit back and wait?!


HelloCindi 01/21/2014 #

I will be passing on @racheledj postcard in this round!

spinjenny 01/22/2014 #

I just received a card belonging to Sherry Harmes which I will be sending in this round. There is room for at least one more entry after mine, perhaps two if the writing is small enough.

ladydy5 01/22/2014 #

Is this the same R21 as in the top 10?

twobluecrows 01/22/2014 #

I have Raven Silvers' card to be sending out this round.

Is mine still out there?

Deeno1105 01/22/2014 #

@lady5 ..........this is the one............top 10 again!!!

Deeno1105 01/22/2014 #

The card that arrived too late for the last round belongs to M Roscher in Germany (swap bot name ~ not included) It's about half full now & started in R17.

mcovey 01/22/2014 #

I have @NatasaMay this round started in Round 19

pne 01/22/2014 #

I have a card for Mary Covey @mcovey from round 13, about 3/4 full, and one from Tammy Odell @tao67 which just started out last round (R20).

misscorina 01/22/2014 #

I've got 2 cards, one from Kelly Haag which is almost full and one from Nicki Slate, about 3/4 full :-)

AnnieMaxine 01/22/2014 #

If anyone in the US has not received one by the sign up day, please contact me. I have 4 I need to get back into rotation! I will remove this post when three are spoken for!

jburb 01/23/2014 #

I will be sending on @stiffneckt8 's card started in R19. Of course, there is plenty of room left on this card seeing as it's only seen two rounds.

wadesay 01/23/2014 #

I won't join this swap for a while. but I want to say thank you to Jarielyn Robbins who sent my full-filled-out traveling postcard back to me. also to @mamarochat @spinjenny @AnnieMaxine @manders2280 @gruskal @NathemNeedles (Emily V.), @hkappes (Heidi B.) and Jennifer Hammel who had filled out my traveling postcard. :)

leilx 01/23/2014 #

I have Heather Farrah's, azmom875, to send along.

sherba31 01/23/2014 #

I will be sending Theresa Mather's card this round.

Soph 01/23/2014 #

@leilx Heather Farah's postcard should be sent home as per AnnieMaxine's email from Jan.3, 2014

user6937 01/23/2014 #

Is there any way to track where and when my pc got lost?

fallpetals 01/23/2014 #

Hi everyone, this will be my first round, ready, willin, and lookin forward to it : )

bookworm66 01/24/2014 #

I have Nurulhuda Kadir from Maylaysia's card and Jennie Hammell (JJ9126) from USA's cards. Jennie's card is ready to go home :-) My cards from Rounds 16, 19 and 20 haven't arrived yet and I hope they aren't all lost.

ZzMonstruozZ 01/24/2014 #

KELLY KOO from MALASYA has her traveling postcard resting in Spain! ^_^

preslarb 01/24/2014 #

I have Vicky (IL, USA) and Jennifer's (UAE). Will send them out this round.

kim91262 01/24/2014 #

i have @qltnrt PC (started in R11) and it's almost time to head home! There's room for another name after mine and then it's on it's way back to Corning, NY!

inthewild 01/25/2014 #

I have Cindi Fontanilla's card - no swap name - that will be sent traveling again in this round.

NatashaMay 01/25/2014 #

I'm sorry, I can't do it this round. I haven't received R20 yet since it's coming from Australia to Europe and I'm out of town until 29th so I can't check my mail.

AnnieMaxine 01/25/2014 #

I will make a note of that in my database! Thank you!

thisismeAXiD 01/25/2014 #

has anyone seen my PCs? I think I have 2 out. Meredith B. from Wisconsin.

crmc 01/25/2014 #

I've got Bonnie Preslar's card (no user name) to send out this round.

hkappes 01/25/2014 #

I have two moving on - Lucine in NL and Chantele in Wales

pne 01/26/2014 #

@inthewild Cindi Fontanilla is @HelloCindi :)

dakotadee 01/26/2014 #

Is any of mine still going? dee from south dakota

zasa 01/27/2014 #

I got mine back last Week! Thank you very much! On the other hand I never rec'd one in R16 - so i'm cardless ;)

mcovey 01/27/2014 #

2 in the tops swap Whoooo!!!

mcovey 01/27/2014 #

@AnnieMaxine if you want you can send me a couple to send with mine , we can send up to 3 right in an envie

alicemayspring 01/27/2014 #

I have Heidi Belinsky,Seattle to send on quite a lot of room on it. Has anyone seen mine Ann from Wales,UK

AnnieMaxine 01/27/2014 #

I had yours last round @alicemayspring !

arianneroxa 01/27/2014 #

Has anyone seen either of my postcards recently? (Arianne Roxa from Oak Harobor, WA).

arianneroxa 01/29/2014 #

I'm sending on Jan Sudmeier's (JAN218) postcard, begun in R12. I will be the 10th name on it. :)

Mimi7 01/29/2014 #

I will be sending on Fatimatuzzahro from Indonesia card. It has stopped several places in the USA and been to Maylaysia and now it is going to New Zealand. What a lucky card!! LOL

mdkrouwel 01/30/2014 #

I still have not received a card from round 20. I contacted the sender twice, as she lives in the same country, the card should have been here already a long time ago. She hasn't replied to me yet. If I haven't heard anything about it next week, I will send in a new one.

flowerchild 01/30/2014 #

I am sending on Corina A from the Netherlands card...sorry but it is currently wintering in the VERY cold USA!!! I love the Delft card. So many interesting cards have been traveling thru lately!!!

EmilyT 01/30/2014 #

I'm sending on Annette G. from IL and Cathy S. From NY 's postcards - each have about 5-6 signers and room for 3-6 more.

Vickyen 01/31/2014 #

I am forward @palmettogirl1727 s card to the UK, it has had several US stops as well as South Africa and Australia, oh' the adventures these cards have been on! Hugs to all! ;)

sunspot 02/ 1/2014 #

I have a few awesome ones to pass on, all still quite young and lots of travelling to do. Loving this game so far!

London13 02/ 1/2014 #

I have bookwarm66 from UK and Joy Hurley's from TN.

ladydy5 02/ 3/2014 #

I think I have two floating around of mine as I never seem to receive from overseas until pass send date. Sending another one to Washington instead and it will be marked R21 so I hope she gets it. Sent one in a homemade envelope and PO didn't like it and sent it back to me, I resent it and another hopefully she gets it today.

pne 02/ 3/2014 #

I got my R13 postcard back today! It was coincidentally in the hands of the person who was sending to me for R21 anyway :)

ladydy5 02/ 3/2014 #

After saying all that I received my international from Malaysia. Sending off to State of Washington with another card. Got a little confusing.

ladydy5 02/ 4/2014 #

I have received today R20 from Kelly Koo and R21 from Bookworm both are Malaysia postcards, I will send both to R22 when it is posted. Still would like to know where mine is Diane Yates in Tennessee.

siouxx05 02/ 4/2014 #

What is the point of decorating an envelope when the post office worker sticks stamps all over the art!?

asmom 02/ 5/2014 #

I had 3 to pass on, on their way to canada. the 3 I had were from Vickyen, Danusha J, and M. Collyer.

KarlaKC 02/ 6/2014 #

I received Lin Wiltrek's ( @shiloh102 ) pc in R20 and sent it off in R21. It appears she sent it off on its adventure in R16 and everyone is writing so small it is half-full. By the time it gets back to her, it may have gone through a full year of traveling! :)

sunspot 02/ 6/2014 #

Hey @apelser I'm going to be sending yours from round 11 home as soon as I fill in the last box! :D I guess that means I make a new one for me next round, right? If I don't have any to send out?

AnnieMaxine 02/ 7/2014 #

Yes, you may send a new one of your own out.

sherba31 02/ 7/2014 #

I will be sending out smokeyquartz1980's next round.

palmettogirl727 02/ 9/2014 #

I have Angela Coffin's (stiffneck78) PC. It has arrived safely to the East Coast, and has lots more traveling to do before heading home to NM.

AnnieMaxine 02/10/2014 #

Waiting for two swappers to click "Sent"! If they have not clicked "Sent" by Wednesday, i will list the next round and send their swap partners a postcard to pass on.

Thanks for everyone's patience!

Deeno1105 02/12/2014 #

I received a card belonging to @shiloh102 Someone wrote it in. Last name is Wiltrek. It's about 1/2 full now.

inthewild 02/12/2014 #

We have had a 2 week postal strike that is coming to an end thank heavens. They have all the mail to sort now and apparently some of it had been burnt according to latest reports. I hope this does not include my partners' forwarded p/c, keeping fingers crossed.m This is also affecting my other swaps, unfortunately.

inthewild 02/25/2014 #

Postal strike is over!! hope not another for a very long time.

sherba31 02/25/2014 #

@spinjenny I am sending yours home tomorrow.

@dlchick I am sending yours on this round.

sherba31 02/25/2014 #

Sorry - above comment should have been for R22.

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