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Pocketsize Journal/Sketchbook Swap #12

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Pocketsize Journal/Sketchbook Swap #12
Group:Pocketsize Journal Swappers
Swap Coordinator:martingale (contact)
Swap categories: Journals 
Number of people in swap:17
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:August 26, 2014
Date items must be sent by:September 18, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

Thank you so much to everyone who got involved in the last round. There were very few issues so I am really grateful to you all for making my first time hosting so easy. So here is Round #12...


...you send out a journal that will be forwarded to at least 19 other swappers (who'll do an entry) before it gets returned to you.


You will buy or make a pocket-sized journal that has at least 20 pages. It can be more than 20 pages but remember the shipping costs, so keep it as thin/lightweight as possible. You must fill the first two pages of your own journal. Whether you take 1 page front and back, or just the front of 2 pages, or a spread, is up to you. You can (but don't have to) add some instructions for other swappers (do you want it front and back, or front and front or spreads?). You can also add a request for something. Or you can ask the swappers to number the pages as they go, and you can add a list or reserve a page where swappers can add their Swap Bot info after they've filled two pages, so you know who's had it when.

Write your name and address (and email address in case you move) on the front or the back, and a note asking to return the journal to this address when it's full.

If you've joined before:

You will forward the journal you got in the last swap to the partner you'll be assigned this swap. Make sure to have 2 pages filled. Unless the journal owner has added some instructions in the journal, stick to the set up of the journal owner. If the owner used 1 page front and back, use 1 page front and back. If the owner used the front of 2 pages, use the front of 2 pages. Make sure to add your swap name to your art, so people know the art is yours. (This is important for rating as well. Read on...)

Journaling Ideas

Google Images has plenty of journal art to drool over. But you may also write a short story, a poem, or whatever you may like. Let your creative juices flow, so to speak.

About Rating & Flaking & Lost Journals

Please, communicate! If the journal doesn't arrive, do contact me but also contact your swap partner. Before you rate a 1: Try to come to an arrangement (for example, wait a bit longer or arrange a re-send, depending on the circumstances). You can find whose journal you were supposed to receive in the forum or by asking me. If the journal never arrives, please arrange a new journal. Either let the re-send be the replacement journal, buy/make one yourself, or ask the person to whom the journal belonged to send you a new one. If all else fails I'd be willing to send you a replacement journal myself, but please try to solve it yourself and keep me updated in the process.

If you have questions or if you can't come to an agreement, do let me know. After all that's what I'm here for. Only rate a 1 if you never received anything after considerable time and your swap partner isn't willing to come to some sort of arrangement. However it is extremely important you rate your swap partner. So while you shouldn't rate a 1 as soon as you can, it is important you do if appropriate. Rating a 5 upon receiving the journal is no less important. It lets your swap partner know the journal arrived and it helps build a good Swap Bot standing, which is something we all deserve since we put in a lot of work.

Last but not least, if you sign up and swap partners are assigned, you have to send a journal out. Which means it's best to drop from the swap or not sign up at all as long as the journal hasn't arrived. It's not a problem if you skip a swap (or more), as long as you don't vanish from Swap-Bot without a trace.

Swap Frequency

I am going to try to keep 3-4 weeks in between send deadlines and sign up deadlines. They may deviate a little here and there. Also, you'll now have 2 weeks (instead of 3) to fill your two pages and send the journal out. If you're worried about not being able to participate in the follow-up swap because you haven't received the journal read the above.

Communicate & be available

If you're delayed for whatever reason, let your swap partner (and me) know. If you're going to be on vacation or in a place where you don't have internet access, let your swap partner and me know, or put it in your profile. Do check your email and/or your Swap Bot account for messages. If you suddenly seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, alarm bells start ringing.

How to rate your swap partner?

If you receive a journal from someone who didn't fill two pages, you rate a 3. I don't like setting rules for ratings but if you didn't fill two pages you did not meet the swap requirements. If swappers pass on journals without filling 2 pages, the journal will be longer in rotation than is necessary, and the owner will just be waiting for it longer. So make sure to add your Swap Bot info to your art, or if you receive a journal with a list, to add your info there!

If you don't receive anything at all, you rate a 1. Of course taking in consideration the time it may take for the journal to reach you.


Official pocket sizes are: 13x20cm or 5x8inch. They can be a little bigger but not much, and they can certainly be smaller.

Returning journals that aren't full

You can't return journals to owners before the journal is full. If you send it back, you will have no journal to forward to your swap partner. So don't send a journal back to its owner unless you've just filled the last two pages. Of course this does not cover exceptional circumstances.

Shipping Costs

Try to keep the journal lightweight. It helps to keep shipping costs low. However, since we fill these journals, postage will go up and mailing these journals will cost more than the average letter. Keep this in mind.

My Journal is Lost

The thing with these swaps is that you may not know where your journal is. Since each journal has at least 20 pages, which means at least 19 swap partners will have it, it's going to take some time before it gets returned to you. I suppose the best thing you can do is sit back, relax, and wait.

Swappers may not always join the next swap in line. They may have joined #3 but not #4, and join again at #5. Unfortunately there is nothing to do about that. However the large majority of swappers are still reliable people, so trust that the journal gets forwarded or get in touch with the swapper that has your journal (if you can trace him/her). If you sent your journal out a few swaps ago, you could ask the swap partner you had then and get in touch with his/her swap partner of the next swap, and so on, and follow the chain.

Of course there is always a possibility your journal just gets lost. This is the risk involved. To reduce the risk of disappointment, you may want to send out a journal that didn't cost a lot of money, or didn't cost a lot of materials/effort to make.

Email Alerts?

I will not contact you to let you know the next journal swap is up. You now know the frequency of these swaps, so check for these swaps around the times they're due. You will find them under the categories "Art", "Crafts", and "Journals".


Have fun!


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