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My Tiny Box of Joy

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My Tiny Box of Joy
Swap Coordinator:Craftycakes (contact)
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Number of people in swap:102
Last day to signup/drop:April 16, 2007
Date items must be sent by:May 5, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

All the negative feelings about scammers on swapbot have given me an idea. Make a tiny package for your partner full of things that will make them happy. This could be a matchbox shrine, a pack of beads or a film canister of sparkles. I don't know. I just know that we need some good energy around here. Take a look at your partner's profile and put something together for them. This should be small enough to fit in a small padded envelope. No monetary value on this swap. You can spend money if you like, but I bet you can put together something nice and useful from the piles of craft supplies in your closet.

The container must be decorated on the outside and filled on the inside.

Please put some effort into these. Gently used and new materials only. I want you all to enjoy yourselves.

Everyone is welcome. International, newbies (with filled out profiles, valid contact info and websites) ... Bring it on.

No flakers allowed. You know who you are (poopie heads).


VelveteenRabbit 03/27/2007 #

Poopie heads!!!! LOL! Thanks for the much-needed laugh. :D

4getmenot71 03/27/2007 #

LOL! Natana! Thank you for the giggle... I needed it. This is a GREAT idea, as I have been getting rather discouraged with swap-bot lately and that is depressing since I love this place so much!

RudeNun 03/27/2007 #

(poopie heads)

Thank you! That was great. I needed it. :D Wish I could join, but I have finals until May 9th, nonetheless have fun! I'll drop back in once the pics are up :]

beegirl 03/27/2007 #

Lovely idea!!! I hope to bring joy to someone and show that new people around here can also be a good news!!! :D

ozrob 03/27/2007 #

"poopie heads" gave me the giggles too!

Aerochik 03/27/2007 #

I love working with little things, this will be great...

threesweetpeas 03/27/2007 #

ooh! i am in, i am also burned out on all the B.S (scams)happening right now, angry hosts...ugh! this is a breath of fresh air~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i am in:)

user960 03/28/2007 #

You are awesome. :D Thanks so much for starting some positivity up!

lighthouse 03/29/2007 #

I'd love to participate so I signed in :) Sounds like good fun!

Mamaw10 04/ 2/2007 #

I don't know how good I'll do on decorating the container -but I'd love to give it a try. I've been on the NONreceiving end of a 2 swaps (so far & I'm a newbie) - very disheartening. We come here to lighten up the heavy times of our days & some "poopey head" has to spoil it !!

anntabor 04/ 3/2007 #

I'm new but I'm not a poopiehead!! :)

beegirl 04/ 3/2007 #

sorry but I can't get the meaning of "poopiehead" !!! :D

knitster 04/ 3/2007 #

i had a good laugh too from the poopie heads! you are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

patabear 04/ 3/2007 #

XD I'm joining (partially because this sounds like a fun swap... but mostly because said poopie heads)

I'm looking forward to this!

kimistarr 04/ 4/2007 #

I am very excited about this!!! It is going to be so much fun...and no poopiehead here :)

ladydy5 04/ 5/2007 #

I'm from the old school.....If you make a committment to something, stay with it....!! Swap bot will fall apart if people let it, the "poopies" and there are plenty of them.

VelveteenRabbit 04/ 5/2007 #

I'm still cracking up over "poopie heads" (snort!) so I think I should sign up. :D

Mamaw10 04/ 5/2007 #

Oh Natana please don"t "boot" me - I don't know about URL's, blogs and all that technical stuff !! And I still have 3 no-shows out of 5 partners :{ I'm so sad

Craftycakes 04/ 5/2007 #

Please don't stress about my newbie e-mail. I'm sorry I wasn't clear. A newbie (to me) is someone with no score. After the first swap you are no longer considered a new member. I assumed that everyone had the same standard, but apparently that is not the case. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

VelveteenRabbit 04/11/2007 #

(dances around room chanting "Poopie Heads")


user4802 04/11/2007 #

I love the sounds of this swap. Unfortunately I won't have time with my schedule. But I will be sending positive thoughts and energies to all.... Karma comes back to you Poopie Heads!

user7219 04/13/2007 #

I also joined this swap due to the big laugh over "Poopie Heads!" LOL Patty

turnsoleluna 04/13/2007 #

New energy! New swappee! This sounds like a great first time swap! I promise not to be a poopie head!

Ninox 04/14/2007 #

Poopie heads... lol.. I'm in!

pinkwhirlitop 04/14/2007 #

Oh, this is so nice... I will be sending a really, really nice package to my partner. Ugh, maybe sending nice things will brighten up my life right now. This is precisely what I need at the moment. Thanks, natana.

SharonF 04/15/2007 #

Hi Everyone! I'm looking forward to having this Tiny Box of Joy!


user6994 04/16/2007 #

Oh this sounds like fun! NON-POOPIE-HEADS UNITE!!!

user7675 04/16/2007 #

I'm new to the world of swapping and now I am a-skeered of the poopie heads! So this looks like a cute, fun way to dip my toe in the water! :)

Farruska 04/17/2007 #

I sure do hope no poopie heads here ....just got scamed on my own Birthday Swap....

Farruska 04/17/2007 #

I sure do hope no poopie heads here ....just got scamed on my own Birthday Swap....

Farruska 04/17/2007 #

Well, I've done some thinking and I've just had it. I've giving up all swaps I signed up for the next 2 months. I've contacted this swap organizer as I cannot leave this one on my own but Natana has to be the one signing me off before assigning partners. In case Natana can't read the message, I'm copying the message here. I'm off this swap and swap-bot all together. "Thank you" poopie heads takers. Apologizes and thank you to all the great partners I had. Good luck to all of you.

"Hello natana,

please remove me from your Little box of joy swap before assigning partners, only you can do this by banning me. I've been thinking for the last 2 hours and I decided to leave swap-bot, after making the last effort and ending up being scammed on my very own birthday swap. No matter how hard one tries to keep the poopie heads away, even perfect swapers turn to poppie heads... my partner had a 5.0 rating when she joined. now has a 2.0 and deletes her profile. I'm currently on one swap to which I was assigned a partner, but I am through with being scamed, and as I just felt on my own skin as organizer there is no certain way to keep this takers away, I'm through with swap-bot. So as I don't want to take advantage of anyone , please remove me from your swap as i will not participate in any swaps on swap-bot anymore.


scottgirl 04/17/2007 #

Stacey aka SliverWings...I'm putting a little bit 'o joy in the mail tomorrow. Happy Spring! Kathy C.

scottgirl 04/17/2007 #

Oops...good thing i don't hav 2 make mi livign bi typinng..

...that would be "Silver Wings"...not Sliver Wings.
Sorry, Stacey!!

Mamaw10 04/18/2007 #

I was so proud - I figured out how to "upload" a picture for this swap - but it is HUGE !!! The size of Rhode Island !! I guess I did not really figure out how to do it!

beegirl 04/19/2007 #

Mamaw you can resize the picture with very simple programs on your pc, try with "paint", it's the easiest!...it's not difficult!

user6635 04/19/2007 #

Mine is off to Maya in Israel today!

SilverWing 04/19/2007 #

^^ No worries, KathyC, I got my box today and I love it! That's my first ATC, and I think I may have to start collecting and making them! Everything was wonderful, though. I love stamps and the tiny cards a fabulous! Thank you so much!

mediatinker 04/19/2007 #

Suzie64, your tiny box of joy is on its way from Japan.

scottgirl 04/20/2007 #

Hey, SilverWing...delighted I could spread some "joy"! Thanks for letting me know the package arrived.

user7642 04/20/2007 #

Yea! I'm not a poopie head. I just mailed mine to 1CrazyQuilter. Hope you enjoy it.

Karen 04/20/2007 #

BrittneyBush - there's a tiny bit of joy headed your way. Please let me know when it arrives!

Mamaw10 04/20/2007 #

Betty Turbo - it will be in your hands early next week ! Hope you enjoy!!

starrycat 04/20/2007 #

Meghan...Your tiny box of joy is on it's way!!! I hope you love everything!!!

StuffbySteph 04/21/2007 #

Lil bit of joy is on it's way to onestrangekitten :) Really hope you enjoy!

user7052 04/21/2007 #

PJ- A tiny box of joy is heading your way from Westerville, Ohio. It posted at my local post office this morning, and should get to your FPO in 3-5 days....then hopefully complete it's journey to you quickly:) Hope you enjoy! Hugs

Artistic 04/22/2007 #

A tiny box of joy is headed to Oakville, Onatario, coming from the U.S. Enjoy!

BettyTurbo 04/23/2007 #

mamaw10, it arrived today! thank you!

beegirl 04/24/2007 #

Jendle, my tiny box of joy is coming to you.... :)

pinkwhirlitop 04/24/2007 #

One little envelope of happy is headed out to Auckland today! (By air mail, so I hope it gets there soon!) Enjoy!

pinkwhirlitop 04/24/2007 #

Sorry! I lied! It's going to Maine! Where the heck did I get Auckland from!?!?! Enjoy it anyway! :)

blufairy19 04/25/2007 #

Whoever was my partner, please let me know so that I can thank you properly! I misplaced the little note in the package, but I loved the box! So many kawaii stickers and I want to ask which of the candies are which... Please let me know who you are!

mrsD 04/25/2007 #

tiny box of joy on its way today, to Nifty in Sweden, airmail from Canada

GracieBella 04/25/2007 #

Just letting Robin aka Babysingsing that I sent your package from Australia today =)

Ninox 04/26/2007 #

I received my box today! So awesome thank you my swap partner.. Ill be posting pics online for it soon... My little niece nabbed the hair clip first off ! I love all the cards you put in it and especially the badges... Awesome thank you soo much.. i hope my partner likes mine when she gets it!

user7675 04/26/2007 #

OK, maybe I am swap-bottily challenged but I can't figure out how to leave a rating for my sender. Help?!

NatandDan5 04/26/2007 #

Nathalie in Belgium, your package is on it's way from Canada. Enjoy!

heyjupiter21 04/26/2007 #

a little box of joy is headed your way jamesdean! :)

sewingspoon 04/26/2007 #

I have a question for any and all Canadian swappers

....how much do you usually pay to ship small parcels to the states? They told me 7 dollars at the post office, and if that's the case I'm in big, big trouble, since I'm up for a lot of swaps :S What mystifies me the most is that the larger packages I've been getting from teh opposite direction (states) all have stamps on them for about 90 cents. Arg! What do I do now? How do Canadian swappers do this affordably? I love the idea of swapping and don't want to give it up before I've even really started because of high postage! Thanks, Spoon

scottgirl 04/26/2007 #

Tamelyn...my little box has me...well,...overJOYED!! I sent mine off to my partner right away and then, I guess, had quite forgotten that I'd be getting one, as well. So, yippee. I have all the goodies spread out here in front of me on my workspace and can see some of them finding their way into artworks immediately. Thank you for the obvious thought and care you took in selecting wonderfully fun stuff. (I love the tiny thermometer!)

PS - box itself is also great

user3915 04/26/2007 #

KathyC ---YAY! It's there! So glad it brought a smile to your face, I had such fun putting it together for you! :)

user7052 04/27/2007 #

ozrob - the fabulously wonderful box of joy that you sent arrived in my mailbox this morning...on a day that I really need some extra joy! It's the first box that I've ever received and is simply awesome both inside and out! I'm having so much "joy" looking through all of the goodies you managed to squeeze into that box! From the bottom of my heart--thank you!!!!!

1CrazyQuilter 04/27/2007 #

I got my little box of Joy today from Kay.

What a nice surprise I got in the mail!

What a great swap, I love quilting charm and buttons and the other little goodies. Thanks so much!

Craftycakes 04/27/2007 #

thank you 1crazyquilter! I love the lovely doll's apron. The material you used is beautiful.

user7534 04/28/2007 #

My little box left my hands for Oregon today :)

mayki76 04/29/2007 #

trickypink - your swap is on the way. it ususally takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive. please be patient and i hope it will be worthy.

Nathalie 04/30/2007 #

Crystal your tiny box of joy is on its way to you ; )

nifty 04/30/2007 #

A tiny box of joy when out from Sweden to Kye today! Enjoy it!

knitagirl 04/30/2007 #

MangoGypsy - your box went out in today's post. Hope you like it :o)

Mamaw10 04/30/2007 #

SNOWOWL - little package arrived today - thanks so much. Very cute little stickers !!

NatandDan5 05/ 1/2007 #

Hi SewingSpoon, Our postal rates are higher up here in Canada. I try to take that into account when I sign up for swaps (having been surprised at the cost 1 too many times!).

user7639 05/ 1/2007 #

Danielle...keep an eye on the mailbox...your little box of joy is on it's way to you. <3 I hope you like it. :)

user7417 05/ 2/2007 #

A little box of joy is traveling to from Ohio to meet Sewing Spoon. :)

user7675 05/ 2/2007 #

Yuna, your package headed out today. I hope it doesn't take too long to travel across the ocean! :)

pinkwhirlitop 05/ 2/2007 #

I got a lovely, joyous box of good yesterday! Thanks so much, you sweetheart!

turnsoleluna 05/ 3/2007 #

My package is making its way south to acraftgeek. Hope you enjoy it :)

Karen 05/ 4/2007 #

I received a wonderful box of joy from Danielle F. It was actually a MEDIUM box of joy, lol, filled with the most wonderful selection of goodies based on my profile. Much of it was packed into a precious little Willow Tree box, and there were several other things also included. Thank you, Danielle!

user7423 05/ 5/2007 #

So 11th hour by my box is on it's way to you Barbara!

lindalinda 05/ 5/2007 #

Hi Ozrob, I have your tiny box all wrapped up and ready to mail. I just took a walk to my post office, and was sad to realize that it isn't open on Saturday. It'll be in the mail on Monday, though...I promise! So sorry for being so last-minute ;*)

lulubird6 05/ 5/2007 #

Cranialbleeding, your box is on its way! Sorry so last minute! Hope you like it.

user7219 05/ 5/2007 #

I received the most fun package in the mail today!!! How did you know I love headbands and hair clips? Candles and candy (my hubby is working on the sweets!) beads and more!!! Thank you! Patty

snarglebean 05/ 5/2007 #

Got a wonderful fabric box of joy from smartcakes yesterday! Thank you so much for all of the tiny goodies, the one that spoke to me the most was the tiny red ceramic bird bead. Amazing! You really made my day! Kelli

twobluecrows 05/ 5/2007 #

Angie aka Little Kitty, your box should be there soon, I mailed it Friday morning. I hope you like it, and would apreciate it if you could post a picture of it in the gallery--I forgot to scan or photograph it before mialing it, I was so eager to get it out there!

I hope more folks upload pics, it's great to see all the fabulous stuff! Thanks, Cyn

twobluecrows 05/ 5/2007 #

mawmaw10, I resized your picture and uploaded it again, now we can see it! Cyn

wiccangal50 05/ 6/2007 #

I know im late, its just that ive been REALLY busy, i will send the package though as soon as i can though, i just completely forgot it was exam season when i signed up for the swap, but i will send it, don't worry, sorry

iona xx

sewingspoon 05/ 6/2007 #

Caroline, sorry about the delay, your box of joy is on it's way from Canada now! Spoon

user7038 05/ 7/2007 #

Kimi Tom aka kimistarr - your package was sent out on the 5th, I just wasn't near a computer to mark it sent until now. Delivery confirmation # 0306 0320 0005 7136 7108.

Have a fab day.

user6165 05/ 7/2007 #

Pam, It is on the way! Hope you enjoy!!!

PattyJ 05/ 7/2007 #

Stacia Robin aka stacia318:

Have you received your little box yet? I sent it last week. Please let me know when it arrives. Thanks,

Patty J.

StuffbySteph 05/ 8/2007 #

I received the most wonderful box of goodies from Jendle this morning! This was the most thoughtful, personal packages I have received yet and I am very grateful and sincerely appreciate the time and effort you put in to it, Jendle! Thank you so so much!!!

user6307 05/ 8/2007 #

heyjupiter21, WOW the most awesome package to date!!! I couldn't contian my excitement I showed everyone right away!!!!! Such effort!! thank you thank you thank you!

mediatinker 05/ 9/2007 #

Douajee, your not-so-tiny package arrived today. Thanks for the goodies - I especially like your GhoulGirls pin!

lulubird6 05/10/2007 #

birdbeth, wonderful box arrived yesterday! I was having such a poopie day and then, to get that terrific package, oh, what a mood-lifter, thanks! I really love everything you sent and am going to try the very yummy-sounding Caramel Cappuccino hydrating shower syrup with ginseng extract just as soon as I get off the computer! :):):)

sewingspoon 05/11/2007 #

Pinkie, I got your AMAZING box yesterday! I mean really though, even just the box would have made me happy, let alone all of the awesome stuff inside! And where does one get such interesting things as a mini treasure box and a peanut shaped eraser? haha :) Thanks a BUNCH! -Spoon

heyjupiter21 05/12/2007 #

I havent recieved anything thats three swaps in a row and I give up. :(

lighthouse 05/12/2007 #

heyjupiter21, don't give up! If it's coming to you from abroad, it can take quite long! Some of my packages send by priority (supposed to get in 5 days anywhere in the world) took 3-4 weeks to get to USA. Mail in unpredictable unfortunately :-(

Craftycakes 05/12/2007 #

Hey peeps, The rating button is available. Please allow time for the tiny boxes to arrive. Especially from overseas.

If you haven't sent yet, please message your partner to prevent any hurt feelings. Everyone has issues that come up. We just need to communicate. (Wow, I sound like my mom!)

Happy swapping!

mayki76 05/14/2007 #

trickypink - have you recieved your SWAP yet?

Saor 05/14/2007 #

I got an amazing box from Barbara today. She really studies my profile. I love the pincushion. Thank you.

Hope my partner gets hers soon and she likes it as much.

brbbritt 05/14/2007 #

ArtIndulgence- I received your box last week and haven't had time to let you know. I loved it. So did my daughter! The beads are great and my daughter stole one of the tags to use as a bookmark! And we loved the butterflies! Thank you again! Saor - I'm glad you enjoyed yours! I was in such a rush to send it out that I forgot to stick in a note! I had fun putting it together!

user7423 05/14/2007 #

I'm glad you liked it brbbritt0720!

I received mine today from Melissa and I just LOVED it! I was so tailored to my profile, I was blown away! So sweet!

What a great swap, thanks so much for hosting natana!

heyjupiter21 05/15/2007 #

Saor -

Thank you so much I recieved my box of joy today and its very lovely. I loved all the beads and the beautiful sea shell!


When I posted my previous message the other day I was just disapointed because every swap I've been in so far I have never recieved anything!

Saor 05/15/2007 #

I am glad you like it. I didn't notice your message above or I would have dropped you a line to say it was on it's way. I had so much fun putting it together.

This was a great swap:)

CherylCraftCabin 05/15/2007 #

Kye, received ur parcel this morning, it was really a wonderful package! i loved them so much especially the clay box... thanx for putting in so much efforts :)

user7639 05/17/2007 #

JeanLi...got your package today. Thanks!

OwlAntler 05/20/2007 #

Hi, Im still waiting for a package. I am in Europe, and my package is coming from the US, so how much longer do I wait until I make a bad rating?

user7038 05/20/2007 #

Kimistarr -

Your package was in my mail Saturday marked refused - return to sender. Please advise if you have another address I should be sending to.

Thanks. Lauri Jean Predheaddesigns

Nathalie 05/29/2007 #

tarah_masu I'm from Europe to and I wait for a month before I contact my swappartner, depending on his answer I make a rating

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