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Half Birthday Giveaway!!

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Half Birthday Giveaway!!
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Hello fellow Swappers!

On 6/21, I will celebrate my Half Birthday! Why might you ask? Well, that is because my real birthday is 12/21 and having a birthday the week of Christmas is not always happy or fair! (I know other December Babes will agree!)

I want everyone to join me this week of my Half Birthday by celebrating everyone's Half birthday!

Please note:This is a Type 1 electric swap as I will be the only one sending anything in the mail.

You/I will have 10 partners (a great ratings booster!) The partners I am assigned to send to will receive an envelope with:

1 Blank Happy Birthday card (store bought)

1 Blank HANDMADE Birthday card

2 Blank Thank you cards

At least 5 washi samples

Happy Birthday stickers to decorate your envelopes

maybe more! (depends on postage!)

You want to join the fun? All you have to do is sign up then come back and comment below to the following 3 things:

1) Wish everyone a Happy Half Birthday!

2) When is your Half Birthday?

3) Do you/have you ever celebrated it? (especially if real birthday is on or near a big holiday)

After partners are assigned, come back here and see if your partners did do the above comment. If so, They are rated a 5. A Happy Half birthday Heart is up to you!

Please do your comment as soon as you sign up as commenting AFTER the swap has closed will result in me replacing you with someone who did follow the instructions and your 10 partners can/may rate you a 3 and we do not want that!

RECAP: You/I will have 10 partners. I am the only one mailing anything. You must comment below to the 3 above prompts. Come back and rate your 10 partners!

Have fun and Happy Half Birthday everyone!


heatherg2 06/17/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday everyone!!

My half birthday is April 6 (birthday October 6)

I celebrated it when I was younger, but my real birthday isn't near anything big, so I can celebrate then :) But a half birthday celebration would still be fun!

Prettyexpressions 06/17/2020 #

Happy half birthday everyone!

My half birthday is April 14! (Birthday is October 14)

I've never celebrated my half birthday. Growing up with 6 sisters would have been a nightmare!

Good luck everyone! And thank you for this opportunity!

And a big happy half birthday to @hyshu

SkyFairies 06/17/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday to everyone!

My half birthday is August 26.

I've never celebrated it but it sounds like a fun idea!

Also, thank you for the opportunity and happy half birthday to @hyshu

MissPlay 06/17/2020 #

Happy half birthday to all :) My half birthday is December 7th! I have never celebrated mine/even thought about it, but maybe I will this year! :D

Thanks for this wonderful swap @hyshu <3

jinxspinx 06/17/2020 #

Wishing everyone a happy half birthday!! Exciting!! <3

My half birthday is June 6th. (My actual birthday is Dec 6)

Ive never celebrated 1/2 birthdays, but i def should since I know the pain of having a december birthday so close to Christmas. Thank you for the giveaway and happy half birthday!!

greenwindow 06/17/2020 #

My half birthday is May 29th! (my actual birthday is november 29th) i’ve never celebrated but it seems like a cool idea!!

have a great half birthday!

kristid1970 06/17/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday to everyone! My half birthday is Feb 7. I've never celebrated my half birthday. Actually I've never considered it.

swiftbrooks 06/17/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday everyone! My actual birthday is July 14th, just 4 weeks away! My half birthday is January 14th. I have never celebrated it as my brother's actual birthday is January 9th. I think that this is a fun concept especially if there is a major holiday that would rob you of your actual birthday attention. :D

AnneC 06/17/2020 #

I am interested, yet I don't have birthday stickers. I do rubber stamping. Is there a recommended brand of stickers or site

Artistic 06/17/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday to everyone!

My half birthday is Nov. 8 which falls on a Sunday. And thank you @Hyshu for this swap. I'd already decided that I was claiming another day in 2020 for my birthday since COVID-19 stole my May 8 one, so that gives me an option. :)

My birthday is always Mother's Day adjacent. So I get a lot of Happy Mother's Day greetings even though I don't have kids. But for at least the last 15 or so years, I have been celebrating my entire birth month! Love it!

Other than little kids and octogenarians, I've not heard of people claiming a half age or half birthday.

Fun swap idea.

riverwatcher 06/17/2020 #

Happy Happy Half Birthday to Everyone! My half birthday is May 5th. I have never celebrated my half birthday before. But I think now any excuse to celebrate with friends and family or to eat cake would be great! Hyshu - Hope you have a very Happy Half Birthday!

Nushkinathan 06/17/2020 #

Happy half birthday everyone! This is a cool concept!

My half birthday is the 6th of August (real birthday is the 6th of February). I've never celebrated (or even heard of) my half birthday before but I might in the future. My real birthday it's too close to Valentine's day that my boyfriend complains!

sam4sam 06/17/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday to everyone! :) My half birthday is St. Patrick's Day here in the U.S. so there is always some kind of celebration I can go to and feel festive. I usually celebrate and have a little get together with some friends to have cake. My real birthday is on Constitution Day, but nobody ever seems excited about that holiday, so I got off easy :)

SarahStinson 06/17/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday!

My Half birthday is July 28 (January 28)

I have never celebrated my half birthday but when I was younger I would have liked to! My birthday used to fall on the same day as a Super Bowl (before they changed it to one week forward) and I always HATED those year! XD

StargazerLil 06/17/2020 #

Happy Half Birthdays! My half birthday is just a few days before yours, July 19th- so I totally get your holiday birthday blues! I think I celebrated my half birthday once when I was little? I think everybody wanted an excuse for cake lol. I've also had summer birthday parties, if that counts.

ymasophie 06/18/2020 #

Happy half birthday everybody!! My half birthday is 1st August. I have never celebrated my half birthday before, infact I've never heard of this term before! Since shelter-in-place is over & the socialisation rules in my country has been relaxed I'll make it a point to celebrate my half birthday this year O: It's such a good idea!

emibubs 06/18/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday! My half birthday is April 26th, but I never celebrated it before. Sounds a little like Alice in Wonderland to celebrate it. It would be cute to celebrate it though. My half birthday is pretty close to earth day, April 22.

MikiCat2020 06/18/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday! My half birthday is on 11/27. I have never celebrated my half birthday before, but it sounds like a pretty cool idea.

Happy Half Birthday @Hyshu and a BIG Thank You for this awesome swap!

J198928 06/18/2020 #

Happy Half birthday everyone!!

My half birthday is July 14. (January 14)

Celebrating a half birthday sounds like fun. I have never Done anything like it before. I ve never heard of a half Birthday celebration but definitely something everyone Should try haha

Happy Half birthday @Hyshu !

paperboats9 06/18/2020 #

Happy half birthday! What a fun thing to celebrate :)

My half birthday is January 18 (real birthday July 18). :) I have never celebrate it - in fact now is the first time I'm hearing about this :D

lizisalion 06/18/2020 #

Happy half birthday all!!

My half birthday is February 10.

I don't think I've really celebrated it before - maybe when I was really young I might have done some kind of celebration for myself - but I do often realise on the day and just go "oh! it's my half birthday today!" or "I'm exactly __ and a half today!", especially because I have a sister who is a year and a half younger than me, so her actual birthday is only 10 days after my half birthday. :)

Burger1girl 06/19/2020 #

Happy Happy Birthday!!!! My half birthday is Jan 24 (real, 7-2)This is the first time celebrating my first half birthday!!! Whohooo!!!!

MSKcat 06/19/2020 #

Happy half birthday everyone!!! My half birthday is November 26, 2020. My real birthday is May 26th. I haven't really done anything to celebrate my half birthday before, but I do remembering acknowledging it when I was younger. Maybe just telling people it was my half birthday.

MikiJoyce 06/19/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday Everyone (: My half birthday is 26 March ( actual is 26 September ) It’s my first time hearing about half birthday haha 😂

LavenderSprinkles 06/19/2020 #

Have a lovely half birthday to all of you! My half birthday falls on , August 27th, 2020. I have not celebrated this before but hey it is just around corner so why not!

Hyshu 06/19/2020 #

I guess I should offically post like the rules are :)

Happy Happy Happy HALF Birthday!

My Half birthday is June 21 as my real birthday is December 21.

I have celebrated my Half birthday most of my adult life! :)

@MikiJoyce you can buy greeting cards for Half birthdays!

Thank you to everyone who joins in my celebration!

brichandra 06/19/2020 #

Hi everyone,


My half birthday is August 3rd!

I have never celebrated it before, but it seems like fun if I do...perhaps this year I will treat myself to some boba on my half birthday!! : )

Atomictea 06/20/2020 #

What up everyone,

Everyone have a merry Half Birthday!

My half birthday is the same day as the host 6/21 !

I never celebrated my half birthday ever.

Kiwijuro 06/20/2020 #

Hi everyone, Happy Half Birthday!

My half birthday day is August 26, my real birthday is February 13.

I've never celebrated my half birthday but it seems like a great idea to spoil yourself!

snailmailbella 06/20/2020 #

Hello pals! Happy half birthday! My half birthday is April 17th i think! I’ve never celebrated it before because it’s something my family doesn’t really do and it’s also sandwiched between my mom’s and brother’s birthdays!

atomita2 06/21/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday everyone!! Especially Hyshu (because it is your half birthday today).

My half birthday would be June 17th (my, I'd say full birthday, is on December 17th).

I never celebrate it because summer is 2 months of work. I take college classes, participate at a summer fun to junior lead (help senior leaders to watch the children over the summer). Also, with college and this program with Ma'o Farms, we work over the summer to help cover tuition

shalvorsen 06/21/2020 #

Happy Half-Birthday, swap pals 🥰. My half-birthday is December 22 (real bday is June 22nd). This is a great idea to celebrate! I never have since it’s just three days prior to Christmas. But this would be a great year to do it, since COVID-19 dashed any birthday plans. Thanks for this swap and the great idea! Love and peace to all.

knittyl 06/21/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday, everyone!

My half birthday is September 6.

I have never celebrated my half birthday, but I might start! Thanks for the swap! What a fun idea.

Somewhatfanciful 06/21/2020 #

Happy half birthday to all!

My half birthday is December 6.

No I have never celebrated my half birthday since I feel like my birthday is during the perfect time of the year. This is a good idea for my husband tho...since his birthday is December 22...maybe I can surprise him tomorrow with a half birthday treat 😊

Itslikelykim 06/22/2020 #


My half birthday is August 19.

I’ve never celebrated my half birthday before, but it would be fun trying something new. Great way of getting spoiled twice a year hahah.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this pandemic.

CookieMomster78 06/22/2020 #

CookieMomster78 06/22/2020 #

Happy HALF Bday’s y’all!!

According to birthday calculators [dot] com my half bday would fall in September since I have a March birthday.

I have never celebrated it before, but did get a Very Merry Unbirthday Surprise party thrown for me by some college friends in September 1999! What an interesting coincidence, huh?!

arystotle 06/22/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday, woohoooo!!!! My Half Birthday is February 24th I have a couple times because there is a restaurant called RA sushi that sends you $15 gift certificate on your half birthday. They only celebrate half birthdays so it's kind of fun and free food.

laurenmarie323 06/22/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday! :)

My half birthday is August 23rd.

I’ve never celebrated my half birthday before, but my birthday this year was a little lonely because of quarantine and not seeing friends, so maybe I will celebrate my half birthday this year!!

pinklilly 06/22/2020 #

Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday all of you!! My 1/2 Birthday is on Jan 20!! Interesting, I never thought of celebrating a half birthday!!! It's passed a big holiday which is Christmas and New Year!!!

Hope everyone will have a beautiful day!! Thank you for this beautiful opportunity! You are so awesome!!!

eileensariot 06/23/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday to you!!! Mine is July 27th. I should do this :)

Pikapika 06/23/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday everyone!!!!!!

My half birthday is February 10th, and I have never celebrated it before. Never had thought about celebrating it either. I really don't like to host parties in winter also.

Heylittlesongbird 06/23/2020 #

Happy half Birthday to all, especially you @hyshu 👑

My real birthday is Apriln19th, making my half birthday October 19th.

I never used to celebrate, but funny enough, my son was born on my half birthday! So my birthday is his half birthday, and his half is my actual birthday. It's become a nice little tradition to celebrate now ❤.

megan1230 06/23/2020 #

I hope everyone has a happy half birthday!!

My half birthday is next week on June 30th!!

I do celebrate my half birthday because my real birthday is five days after Christmas!

MCGalaxy 06/23/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday!

I have never celebrated my half birthday. My birthday is at the end of April so it's not near any major holidays unlike my half birthday which would fall around Halloween.

I should try that for my daughter next year though. She keeps talking about wanting to have a BBQ in the park for her birthday like her friend Brook does but then I have to remind her that Brook's birthday is in the summer while her's is in December.

mcovey 06/23/2020 #

Happy 1/2 Birthday everyone !

My 1/2 Birthday will be December 22( because I just had a Birthday yesterday) I have never celebrated it . One of my sons birthday is December 24 th , maybe we should think about celebrating his 1/2 birthday !

emmajo 06/24/2020 #

1- Happy half birthday everyone!

2- My half birthday is on October 20th.

3) I've never celebrated it, but I have definitely considered it on the years my birthday has fallen on easter.

stkirsch 06/24/2020 #
  1. Happy birthday 🎂 everyone!
  2. My half birthday is July 22nd.
  3. I've never celebrated a half birthday before. Maybe I should 😏 tell my husband it's a thing lol, more presents!
Ace330660 06/24/2020 #

1) Happy Half Birthday to everyone ! 2) My half birthday is Jan. 13th 3) I have never celebrated it ! I enjoy my summer birthday too much ! Would not be fun to in the middle of winter either !

Leekoba 06/24/2020 #

1) Happy Half Birthday Everyone :)

2) Mine is on the 26th of August!

3) I've never celebrated it, but I think it's a neat idea, especially for those whose real birthday falls on a holiday (and I know some people like to lump birthday and holiday gifts together) so it would be a great solution :) Makes it more special!!

AZmom875 06/24/2020 #

Happy 1/2 birthday. I missed mine this year. But those Unbirthday swaps are always fun. Thanks for hosting such a fun swap idea.

One of my daughters was born Dec 28th so right after Christmas and right before New Years, when everyone is broke out of town. But the summer babies, June and July say it did stink just as bad, when they were young, as they didnt have contact info for schoolmates.

AZmom875 06/24/2020 #

My 1/2 birthday is JUNE 5th, I have never celebrated just the Unbirthday swaps.

AZmom875 06/24/2020 #

I failed basic math in general. my 1/2 birthday is May 5th, not June 5th. I always wanted to have a baby girl born in May so I could name her Emerald. I am thinking claim this myself.

AZmom875 06/24/2020 #

I wonder if there is a prize for posting the most idiotic posts, I am the front runner so far.

carol 06/24/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday everyone! My half birthday is March 15. I think probably the only time I ever even considered when it is was when I was waiting to get my learner's permit and in AZ you had to be 15 1/2. I didn't exactly celebrate with a cake or anything, but I got my mom to drive me to the DMV that very day! When I taught high school I used to give my students a Happy birthday card with a free homework pass. Summer and holiday birthdays got theirs on their half birthday. I called them "Unbirthday" presents after Humpty Dumpty's line in Alice in Wonderland! Such fun!

DakotaSkye93 06/24/2020 #

Happy Half Birthday Tami and everyone else! My Birthday is actually very soon, on the 2nd of August. So my Half Birthday would be on the 2nd of February. So no, I wouldn't celebrate then, having my Birthday in the middle of the summer is pretty great actually. Do have to have my party later, if I'm having one since everyone is always on holiday. But I love being on a holiday myself and celebrating my Birthday in another country. I've had my Birthday in airplanes, a cruise ship, night train... pretty cool right :) I always seem to be travelling somewhere.

neca84 06/24/2020 #

Happy Happy Half Birthday Everyone

My Half Birthday is 7th August

I am thinking maybe I should celebrate my half birthday, I never have but in our family there are lots of birthdays in Jan Feb so it would be nice to celebrate in August and not so close to Christmas either!!!

vitiator 06/24/2020 #

happy half birthday everyone!! I hope yours is lovely ❤️

my half birthday is April 30th.

I always celebrate my half birthday! my normal birthday falls the day before Halloween but that doesn’t bother me at all. I just love celebrating. - I always celebrate my birth week as well haha and tend to be happy all of October. I also love celebrating my husband’s half birthday and birth week.

Hyshu 06/25/2020 #

Sign ups are closed.Thank you to everyone who joined! I love reading all your post! The 10 Swappers I am assigned to are:

jinxspinx, AZmom875, Leekoba, Burger1girl, Pikapika, MSKcat, kristid1970, lizisalion, laurenmarie323, and Heylittlesongbird

They will be recieving a prize from me. Everyone else needs to find their partners comment to rate them a 5. Hearts up to you!

eileensariot 06/25/2020 #

Party time 💃

stkirsch 06/25/2020 #

Eek I just realized I said happy birthday rather than happy half birthday above!

Burger1girl 06/26/2020 #

Thank you very much!!!! Very kind of you!!

AZmom875 06/26/2020 #

As a child I did notice that my real birthday would fall around an election Tuesday. When I turned 18, it was exactly an election Tuesday. I wont tell you who I voted for, and I am not even sure my vote counted. I was in college and away from home, but I voted. My real birthday is also GUY FAWKES day in UK>. Fireworks overseas, just for me? Awe shucks.

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