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Lots of Postcards #2 - International

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Lots of Postcards #2 - International
Swap Coordinator:LMeowkin (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Art  Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:83
Last day to signup/drop:May 18, 2007
Date items must be sent by:May 31, 2007
Number of swap partners:5

I like a good rerun, don't you? So, let's do this swap again!

I still have plenty of postcards from Half Price Books. I'd love to swap them with you!

Here are the details:

1) You will have five partners.

2) Send your partner a postcard, either handmade or store bought.

3) On the back of the postcard, share one of the following: Your favorite quote, a silly joke, something special about your mom (in honor of Mother's Day), what inspired you to make the card (if handmade), or a little bit about where or why you bought the card (if store bought).

Newbies are welcome, if profile is completely filled out. People with no sends are not welcome to this swap.

THIS IS A LOW EXPECTATION SWAP. Please, ratings of five if you get your postcard, whether you like it or not. Your personal feeling about the way the postcard looks is not the point: the point is that you got your postcard.

And before you rate someone with a one, please follow up with an email. Since this is international, it may take some time for the postcard to reach you. And, postcards sometimes do get eaten by postal machines. Give your partner a chance to explain and send another if need be, before slapping a one down in their ratings kitty.

Now let's swap posties!


SueFitz 05/ 8/2007 #

Love PC swaps.

brandigirl72 05/ 9/2007 #

I love postcards swaps expecially when we can exchange 5 at a time.

PennyArcade 05/10/2007 #

i love postcard swaps and have been doing them for about 2 years. i would love love love handmade ones for a zine im trying to put together, but i would be happy with anything!

tamipal6 05/14/2007 #

I enjoyed the last postcard swap. I got two very thoughtful postcards and I'm sure the others are on their way. This sounds fun and I really like the way this swap is worded! It really takes the pressure off and keeps the fun factor high! :)

Katie 05/14/2007 #

I'm so excited ~ it's been too long since we've had a postcard swap! I love store bought ones that show where you live or where you've been, but I will be happy with whatever you send me!

CanadianGal72 05/18/2007 #

I love postcards too! As a newbie I am glad to join. I have lots of fun ones I have collected.

CanadianGal72 05/19/2007 #

When will my partners be listed? I have not received them as of yet?

CanadianGal72 05/19/2007 #

Got it!

SummerLion 05/19/2007 #

Postcards headed out to mpontalba, monstermansmum05, k-k-k-katie, schildmaid and Ginger and/or Claudia. Enjoy!

Heather71 05/20/2007 #

I just noticed I could get my partners details. I must be living in a bubble these days!!!! Right ok and who'd have guessed all my partners are in the US!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will get onto it in the next couple of days.

monstermansmum05 05/20/2007 #

Already got mine done, I will be sending them out Monday morning to: Melanie Noll, Lulda Casadaga,Nina C , Debbie H, and oceanmom. Hope you all enjoy:)

Happy Swapping Brittany:)

user8041 05/20/2007 #

I just dropped my cards off at mail drop this morning. The next collection is not until monday (tomorrow), however.

carmen 05/21/2007 #

I finished my postcards and I'll be sending them today or tomorrow to not_paramount, Liz, Simone, Pinkgeek and puremoon. I hope you enjoy them!

carmen 05/21/2007 #

I just dropped mine off at the post office.

user7052 05/21/2007 #

Postcards on their way to: suefitz, grinch, BillieJo, whimzee and lovedrunktears!!

Saor 05/22/2007 #

Sent to srbw69, Kitkat, Aluminates, Heather and WomenTrip. The cards are coming from Ireland.

lilianambrose 05/22/2007 #

mine are sent. The one going to the UK may take a bit longer, though.

Annette 05/22/2007 #

Sent mine off today!

Katie 05/22/2007 #

Postcards are on their way to Melanie Noll, Nina C, mpontalba, monstermansmum05, and Debbie H!

Sallenlouise 05/22/2007 #

Wooo Hooo! Here we go again! This go around, I will be making my postcards. The cards should get here on Thursday, and will go out Sat or monday.

Sallenlouise 05/22/2007 #

ASURESKYZ, Your card came in today!

I love the qoute, and thank you for the kind words. Interesting postcard pic!

Thanx so much!

user7639 05/23/2007 #

gbnaabennett...got a pick kick out the postcard! Where did you find a yahoo.com postcard?! I guess I should google it. :)

Loved it!!

PennyArcade 05/23/2007 #

sent mine out today! keep your eyes peeled stlbarb, lamazon, beckra, JennyGr8, and wicked faerie!

user7639 05/23/2007 #

grinch, billie jo, lovedrunktears, lew2424 and suzanne all have postcards in the mail today. happy swapping!! :)

SummerLion 05/23/2007 #

Thanks, Canadian Gal! Love that big-eyed, cupid's bow-mouthed flapper tennis girl.

nahnahnah 05/24/2007 #

On Tuesday, I mailed out postcards to suefitz, PamBartlow, Blue Eyed Girl, Starwatcher and gbnaabennett.

Prpldy 05/24/2007 #

Mine went out today! Enjoy!

Prpldy 05/24/2007 #

Received an awesome PC from STLBarb yesterday. Love it! and a couple days ago one from....boy can't remember at the moment, but love it too! Thanks!

lilianambrose 05/24/2007 #

got a card from lew2424! Thanks!

Heather71 05/25/2007 #

I received a beautiful postcard yesterday from WomenTrip in Qatar.

Heather71 05/25/2007 #

Postcards are on their way to NMJulie, jamesdean, Elizzabeth, Summerlion and Canada Girl

Coming from the UK, so may take a while.

I hope you like them.

wickedfaerie 05/25/2007 #

barb a (stlbard), toni c (toni), natalie m (aerochik), rebecca r (beckra), and jenny p (jennygr8) your postcards are going out in today's mail!

:) raven aka wicked faerie

brandigirl72 05/25/2007 #

Sent my 5 postcards....

SummerLion 05/26/2007 #

Got your sweet dog postcard today, Elizzabeth. What an expression! And I love the Oscar Wilde quotation. Thanks!

Suzanne 05/26/2007 #

girlee girl , scowlette , Kasha , Laura , and lilian ambrose should be getting mail very soon! Everything went in the box today, but will be picked up after the holiday on Monday.

Yay, postcards!

wickedfaerie 05/27/2007 #

Lisa (Penny Arcade) I rec'd the post card from you yesterday. It's cool! Thanks! Raven aka wicked faerie

wickedfaerie 05/27/2007 #

Miet, i rec'd the postcard from you yesterday. It's beautiful!! Thanks! raven aka wicked faerie

mpontalba 05/27/2007 #

Received from k-k-katie, Misty, and sendmyfamilyapostcard! Thanks, guys!

Will be sending mine out in the next mail (sadly, that is Tuesday :( !)

brandigirl72 05/27/2007 #

I recieved a very cute retro card from Dlowewin. Thanks!

Sallenlouise 05/27/2007 #

OK, Mine are all in the post!! I hope you like them, they are Mother's Day Themed!

dithreabhach 05/29/2007 #


Postcards will be posted today Tuesday 29 May by me Emma (linuxsounds cousin) as Cal has been ill since last week with a severe asthma attack. He'd already written the cards so has asked me to post them)

dithreabhach 05/29/2007 #


Postcards will be posted today Tuesday 29 May by me Emma (linuxsounds cousin) as Cal has been ill since last week with a severe asthma attack. He'd already written the cards so has asked me to post them)

SummerLion 05/30/2007 #

jamesdean, got your pc with the wonderful Johnny Cash quotation. He's a hero of mine! Thanks!

tIREEN 05/30/2007 #

I got a postcard with Disneyland (and elephant)but it didn't have a name on it! So I'm not sure who send it to me... :( Help!

Lyuba aka tIREEN

CanadianGal72 05/30/2007 #

I have received from all of my partners. Thank you!

SummerLion 05/30/2007 #

Heather: I got the Bloomers recipe today. That gave me a laugh, but the pudding looks good. Wonder what's the secret ingredient? Thanks!

ArtfulAmy 05/31/2007 #

All my postcards were mailed today 5/31/07. Enjoy!

Kasha 06/ 1/2007 #

My postcards have also been sent, hope they arrive soon ^^ I have received 3/5 ^^

Sallenlouise 06/ 1/2007 #

Sorry.....I never marked sent...but mine should be arriving.

I have received 2/5

carmen 06/ 2/2007 #

Ellen, I got your postcard!

carmen 06/ 3/2007 #

Tara-in-Colorado I got your postcard! I received 5 out of 5!

brandigirl72 06/ 4/2007 #

I got 2 cards today. 1 from Juh-Shan & another from Crystal. Thanks!!

SummerLion 06/ 4/2007 #

NMJulie: love the New Mexico state thingies card. Now I've got to look up coelophysis. Cool.

brandigirl72 06/ 5/2007 #

I got a cute homemade card today from Stacey in Austrailia.

brandigirl72 06/ 5/2007 #

Artfulamy, Thanks for the postcard and the recipe. I love cupcakes...yum yum yum!!

Prpldy 06/ 6/2007 #

I've received 2 of 5 so far...and love the one from Jenny Gr8...especially that she took the time to make it an Iris one. Thanks so much!

lamazon 06/ 6/2007 #

Puremoon your postcard arrived today . Thanks ! I like the little flowers on it !

schildmaid 06/11/2007 #

Elizzabeth, jamesdean, SummerLion and send my family a postcard: Thanks for your lovely postcards. Now only one is missing :D

donsta 06/12/2007 #

Sent all mine out a bit ago and today I recieved the last of the ones owed - thankyou all for the beautiful cards and inspiring words!

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