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Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Photo Scavenger Hunt
Swap Coordinator:user6015 (contact)
Swap categories: Photography 
Number of people in swap:53
Last day to signup/drop:August 1, 2007
Date items must be sent by:August 31, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

I love photography, and have recently began participating in photo memes. I was inspired by a few photo memes on the web, and decided to start a swap on swap-bot.

You must own a digital camera to participate. This is an international swap.

This is a photo scavenger hunt of 30 things. Each person that signs up will have one partner only. I think 30 photos per person is enough. This promotes more creativity and less expense. You are to take a photo of each of the items on the list, respresenting how you see it. Each photo should be postcard size (no small photos), and not printed on your home printer. You will mail your partner the photos only. Do not send these in an album, as those plastic pages are horrid on the photos!

I'm giving everyone plenty of time to work on this project, as I know we all have daily responsibilities. I don't want someone rushing the process. Please no critical comments on people's work! This means do not give someone a bad rating, simply because you do not like their choice of inspiration for the photo. Everyone is new to photography. This is supposed to be a fun swap, not a juried exhibit!

International members are to be given appropriate adjustments on receiving from the post. If you are sending international, I suggest you send with a custom's form and bring to the post office to process.

Now let's all have fun with this project.

The list of 30 things:

1.Water 2.Weather 3.Sunset 4.Warning 5.Community 6.Reflection 7.At night 8.Historic 9.Delicious 10.Numbers 11.The end 12.Sunday 13.Bad for you 14.Tradition 15.Tree 16.Can't Live Without 17.A bridge 18.Pile 19.In Season 20.Left overs 21.Electrical 22.House of Worship 23.On The Road 24.In the Sky 25.Curvaceous 26.Words 27.Alley 28.7pm 29.Chocolate 30.In my bathroom

For each theme, please label the photo on the back.

Bad swappers need not apply. Swap list will be constantly monitored, weeding out the undesirables along the way. Ratings of at least 4.5. Newbies can participate as long as they can direct me to a ebay, nervousness, Yahoo reference.


niecedenise 04/27/2007 #

i am sorry i dont get the list. Everything is run together.

ozrob 04/27/2007 #

wow. 30, thats a lot of photos!

TerryF 04/27/2007 #

Does this help?

*Water *Weather *Sunset *Warning *Community *Reflection *At night *Historic *Delicious *Numbers *The end *Sunday *Bad for you *Tradition *Tree *Can't Live Without *A bridge *Pile *In Season *Left overs *Electrical *House of Worship *On The Road *In the Sky *Curvaceous *Words *Alley *7pm *Chocolate *In my bathroom

TerryF 04/27/2007 #

Ok, I have a digital camera. Maybe it's time I starting using it for more than my swap photos (which are generally pretty bad!). I shall take the plunge and hope that 4 months is enough time to come up with 30 photos that won't completely embarrass me!

KarlaKC 04/27/2007 #

Sounds like another great photo swap! And great subjects to photograph! I might have to join this one!

When you stated that we should mail only the photos and not in a photo album, I couldn't help but wonder how you personally store or exhibit photos if you don't use an album. What is your preferred method of storing photos as an alternative to plastic pages? That is a serious question - not a flippant remark. :-) I was just made curious when you indicated a requirement of keeping the photos loose.

When I joined my first photo swap weeks ago, I was thinking to send mine loose. But when I received my partner's photos in a nice mini-album, I thought that that was a nice touch. I didn't realize these pages might be bad to the photos. What is the best way to store these photos then?

Can't wait to play in this swap! :)

cookiebear 04/28/2007 #

Why digital cameras only? It looks like fun, but I shoot film only.

Aerochik 04/28/2007 #

I love this idea and can't wait to start. Thank goodness we have 4 months!!! In my Bathroom?!?!?!? Where on earth, on never mind!!!!! hahaha

lvpoohbr2 04/28/2007 #

I'm in! I'm new to a lot of the lingo out there. What is a meme? I'm a newbie but should be getting some ratings shortly. My ebay id is lvpooh. Ü

TerryF 04/28/2007 #

I could try to explain "meme", but I think it will make more sense to you if you google it or try Wikipedia!

user6015 04/29/2007 #

Hi all, I'm sorry that my listing of this swap presented so many questions. I listed the scavenger list totally different than what is being presented here. I will address the individual questions by tomorrow evening (4/30). Everything will be much clearer with the addressing of questions, promise! I'm so excited for this swap! I'm currently dealing with some unexpected family issues right now, but will be cleared up by tomorrow evening. I will address everyone's questions individually at that time. Hang with me.

user6015 04/30/2007 #

I have numbered each photo theme. It's not perfect, but just the way swap-bot's system is. I listed this a lot differently. Not noticing how jumbled it was until comments on the confusion. Sorry about that. I think it's listed less confusing now. To address the digital camera format. I choose this, as I knew a lot of individuals are new to photography, me included. I know I need a way to look at my photos before having them developed. This way there is less chance having blurred photos, etc. being sent. This is nothing against film users. I'm envious of your photography abilities, and hope to be more confident someday. To answer the question posed on mailing in a photo album. I personally don't store my photos in albums, but in photo boxes with plastic flim sleeves. The cheaper albums (nothing agains anyone that uses these), can stick to the photos, especially in extreme heat. Since we are mailing in August (I made it this far out so everyone had plenty of time to scout for the perfect photo opportunity), it will be very warm and might cause the photos to stick. Plus those photo albums cause a lot of glare. I hope I've cleared up somethings and the swap listing is a little less confusing.

HappyCactus 05/ 1/2007 #

so...can we use film if we are competent in our abilities?

buttercup 05/ 2/2007 #

I am in I think this swap looks like fun, I love taking photos. I usually take photos everyday, so this should come easy.

erouse 05/ 8/2007 #

So, if I were to join, would I be unable to use my photo printer at home? Would I still have to get them from the store? I mean, it is just a postcard printer. But I think it's a high quality emulsion printer on heavy duty postcard stock.

This swap does look interesting.

sewingspoon 05/ 8/2007 #

As others have asked, strictly digital? Thanks, Spoon

sewingspoon 05/ 8/2007 #

Oh, and do we give a story or any particular rhyme or reason on the back of the photos? Or do we just put the scavenger hunt item and leave it a mystery? Because I know for some items I would take very un-self-explanitory(new word) images. Thanks, Spoon

inky 05/21/2007 #

I love taking random photos....my hubby get irritated at me....he's exceptionally good at shooting film....I use my digital and disposables. ") This is so going to be cool.....especially seeing the photos we get.

inkybru sharon b

DelennaGaribaldi 05/24/2007 #

Oh this is so me! =) But how do I picture "16.Can't Live Without" as the answer is my camera! :D Also 3. and 7. and 28. might look alike as the sun doesn't really set here during summer ;)

We used to have this kind of photography competitions here when everyone still used a film camera. We'd get 24 words and we were supposed to take one photo of each (in the order the words were given). We'd get 4 words at a time, every 4th hour or so, so it took 24 hours the whole competition. No wonder it was called "Photo Marathon". I went on several with my dad when I was a kid :)

I would love to join, but I'm a newbie and don't quite get this part "direct me to a ebay, nervousness, Yahoo reference" - I don't use ebay and have never heard of the second. I do have a Yahoo account but can that be called a reference?

I live in Finland and would love an international partner - if I'm good enough for this swap.

user6015 06/ 2/2007 #

I've been trying to answer people's comments. My firewall is preventing me from posting. Aggravating me to no end. For some reason it won't let me input a long post. I'll try this is steps.

user6015 06/ 2/2007 #

Answering the digital camera use only. This requirement is to prevent blurred photos, etc. from being sent to your partner.

user6015 06/ 2/2007 #

Answering the home printer use...Home printed photos will stick together in the heat of August.

user6015 06/ 2/2007 #

Answering the labeling of each photo. Yes, please do...I've corrected this in the swap listing.

user6015 06/ 2/2007 #

Answering the newbie question...If you are new to swap-bot with no swaps under your belt before partners are assigned, you will have to direct me to some other swapping reference.

user6015 06/ 2/2007 #

I saw the comment concerning home printing on postcard stock. No home printing and no postcard stock. These are photos on photo paper.

DelennaGaribaldi 06/ 4/2007 #

I'm in! I now have some ratings too :)

erouse 06/ 5/2007 #

Well, that's too bad. It looked so interesting, too.

sweet1 06/20/2007 #

Do they need to be photos that were taken specifically for this swap? I have a great photo that I took a few months ago that would be perfect for this, or would that be "illegal"?

lvpoohbr2 06/24/2007 #

I'm about half done with these. I hope that it's ok that I started taking pictures as soon as I signed up for this swap. Ü

Missy 06/29/2007 #

I'm a newbie but I should have several reviews by name assignment day...here is a link to my ebay feedback for reference though...



ladydy5 06/29/2007 #

Wouldn't a choice of say 15 pictures out of your 30 would be better, between developing prints and postage now it can get a little out of hand. I for one am retired, can do the pictures but the expense is a little much, probably end up paying $10.00 or is that amount okay with you guys.

user9385 07/ 2/2007 #

hello I am a newbie, but i could not be more exited. superduckie03 is my ebay name and jenna bo benna is my myspace. Yeah Seattle

auntouch 07/ 4/2007 #

Do you mean that we should take these to walmart or somewhere and have them print them for us? and if so what size would they be, or are we suppose to ask for postcard pictures?

bluecrayons 07/ 5/2007 #

my cam is a kodak easy share digital and it only works transfering and printing with its own printer. and there normal pictures. cant tell difference between mine and walmarts.

this ones so confusing. lol good luck everyone.++

maybe message me with ideas and i can host one for you per your liking.

earthnk 07/ 7/2007 #

This swap is very fun for me so far. I printed off a copy of the 30 subjects to photograph and have been happily surprised at how some of the pic opps have literally fallen at my feet. I thought 30 was a lot but now I'm wondering if that isn't too little~ ha ha- There are soooo many things that fall under the required pic opps. I also checked with my local CVS and they have digital developing kiosks that make it easy breezy to make photos from a digital camera card, cell phone and other apparatus. The CVS near me has the photos at 29 cents each but they have specials all the time where prints go as low as 15 cents each. Ya can't beat it.

Fun Fun Fun!

ladydy5 07/ 8/2007 #

Why .29 a picture, I get them at CVS for either .15 or .19. Shop around girlfriend.

FarStarr 07/ 8/2007 #

One hour at Sam's club is 17 cents, I'm not sure what the send-out rate is. I use PePhoto.com when I have time to wait. I upload right from home and it is only 8 cents for a 4X6. Their really good deals are on enlargements. Even with shipping I find it comparable to Sam's if I am printing a lot. The pictures are fantastic! I even got a 11X14 and it was less than $5.00. I have my list in my wallet, but I need to start actually looking at it. I think I only have 3 pictures so far!

JVCScoutMom 07/10/2007 #

You can get prints from snapfish for something like 12 cents (and the mailing time/cost).

ColleenMc 07/10/2007 #

I think this is a great form of expression, though given as an assignment it makes one "look" for the photo to take. It definitely puts a fire under my butt. :)

www.ofoto.com a kodak company, charges .15 cents for 4x6 print. I've used it like crazy this last year, and have yet to be disappointed. You can pick up @ a store like CVS or have them shipped to you.

Question: 4x6 prints are what we are aiming for right? That's pretty much a postcard size right? (just checking)

I'm still totally signing up! Cheers!

PattyJ 07/11/2007 #

This sounds like fun! I'm in...

StarGazerCrys 07/13/2007 #

Wow, a lot of people seem to be confused. It's really easy to have your pictures printed at a store. I usually use Yahoo! photos...I think it might be in transition to Flickr or something, anyway-they print at a local Target of your choice in US and you usually get a discount for doing it online and when you do that you usually get a coupon in the envelope for $2 off the next time you use it. Check the website-but it's not expensive at all. As for shipping-I buy bubble envelopes at the dollar store (Dollar Tree) 2/$1 and sending 30 photos isn't going to cost more than a dollar or two. They aren't that heavy. Honestly, this swap shouldn't cost more than $5. As for the size, 4x6 is standard.

That's it. Hope the Mod isn't mad at me for trying to clear things up a bit. ;)

Cnvingltlbtch 07/18/2007 #

I really like the idea of this swap but things are a bit tight right now. I may wait and join later. I am taking the pics for it, so if i am unable to join (and no one minds) I may post a link to what I would have sent. Hope everyone is having fun with their cameras. Thanks..


user9701 07/29/2007 #

Picked mine up today, and they are ready to go. Can't wait to get a partner now. Some of these were really easy, and a few had to be 'creative', but it was fun.

okyourturn 07/30/2007 #

i had to drop :( i found out today shipping is just way too much overseas! good luck everyone!

earthnk 07/30/2007 #

I've been batting way too high in being assigned overseas send partners here lately on swapbot. This is a fun swap and hopefully someone will do one that is USA only. With that I humbly bow out. Have fun you guys!

supaflydesigns 08/ 3/2007 #

Is it just me or should we have received our swap partners by now?

FarStarr 08/ 3/2007 #

Hi miss.supafly, The host has 3 days from the end of sign-ups to review and remove people who don't meet the requirements. Then she hits the button to assign partners. If she doesn't do anything, swap-bot will automatically assign partners after the 3 days. I hope she does make it on though because there appear to be a few inactive swappers in the list that should probably be removed.

user6015 08/ 3/2007 #

Assigning partners right now. I had to weed through a bit. I hope that everyone understands the printing requirement. I felt my instructions were self explanatory. Lots of chatter and messages. I decided to stop answering them. The rules were written many moons ago. Anyway, also in the future you cannont assign partners until after the sign up deadline and the swap host has three days to assign. I needed to go through last minute stuff, that and birth my new grandson. Been a little busy around here. Hope everyone enjoys this swap. Happy photo swapping.

user6015 08/ 3/2007 #

I just wanted to make a comment again on the printing and digital requirement. I made the digital requirement, because many are new to photography. The digital reuirement was made so everyone can see their photo subject, delete as needed, and shoot again. You can't do that with regular film. This was to alleviate fear of signing up if you're new to photography and doubting your abilities, plus to ensure quality photos. The printing requirement as previously stated was to ensure longevity of the photos and nonsticking of photos in the hot August heat. Photos printed at home on a printer stick. That has always been my experience. There are other issues as well. I know there have been concerns about cost. Let's look at the real cost of the time it take you to print 30 photo at home (even if everything goes right with printing), the wear and tear on your printer, and the cost of colored ink. I believe it's a lot cheaper to print at CVS for .15 a photo. Shipping should also be very minimal.

user9689 08/15/2007 #

I sent my photos today! I hope the recipient will like them. This was my first swap. :)

AngelFaeryKathleen 08/19/2007 #

Hi Sissy keep and eye out in 7 to 10 days as yours are winging their way to you from Nz :-)))

FarStarr 08/28/2007 #

Mine will be ready to go out by Friday, but it looks like I won't be getting any in return...My partner, arevalette, has a "1" rating and hasn't logged in since 8/9/07...:(

sillywickle 08/28/2007 #

FarStarr - I'm in the same boat as you. Low ratings and last logged on 08/09/07. Hopefully there will be some follow thru!

FarStarr 08/31/2007 #

Photos are on their way to "a touch of whimsy" today...Enjoy!

user6015 08/31/2007 #

Hope everyone is enjoying this swap. I'm sorry I haven't been around. Computer has been in the shop for about three weeks now. Everyone please send in your swaps, your partners are counting on you. Everyone that has received photos, I hope you are enjoying them.

FarStarr 09/ 1/2007 #

Hmm...just found out my partner's my space page says she's under age. I'm not very hopeful that I will receive any photos..:(

whimsy50 09/ 1/2007 #

can whoever is sending to me a touch of whimsy, [email protected] please contact me before you send me my photos. thanks

whimsy50 09/ 1/2007 #

sorry, just read all the e-mails here and see you have already sent mine ....thanks maxine

bicyclerepairman 09/ 2/2007 #

I shipped photos out to April!


sillywickle 09/16/2007 #

I havn't heard from my swap partner yet either! She hasn't logged in since Aug 9th. A little communication would be nice!

ShoppinRobin 10/ 5/2007 #

Very disappointing swap. Not only did I not receive anything from my partner, (which was no surprise & I had notified the coordinator regarding this) nor did I ever get a response from the coordinator :(

spoonergregory 10/ 8/2007 #

I'm disappointed too - I haven't received anything from my partner, and I've had no luck with the hostess either :( I was so looking forward to this swap!

I have posted a message about swap angels on this forum thread -


I'm more than willing to send someone who has been flaked on the photographs I took for this swap - would anyone be willing to send me some? PM me if you're interested!

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