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Red & Aqua Swap-closed as of Sept 2006

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Red & Aqua Swap-closed as of Sept 2006
Swap Coordinator:user2110 (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Themed  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:118
Last day to signup/drop:October 15, 2016
Date items must be sent by:September 21, 2006
Number of swap partners:1

Please read: this swap was from last year. This is NOT a current swap. If you are interested in having a color themed swap, you can start one on here-its easy!

IMPORTANT NEWS!!!! All swap members PLEASE READ! I have made a mistake that I must apologize for.

I was under the impression that I could do the matching, but I have just been told that the computer does it. SO-that means I can NOT guarantee a US only swap partner for those who dont' want to mail stuff overseas...

REPEAT-I can NOT guarantee an US only swap partners!!!

If you are really concerned about this-there is time to drop out now.

To participate in this swap, you need to sign up no later than September 5th. This gives you PLENTY of time to gather goodies!!!!

This swap will be open to international participants as well, so you MAY get an international partner.

You will need to come back to swapbot after that date to see who your partner is. This is a One on One swap=You will only receive one address for a recipient for this swap.

The colors for this swap are Aqua and Red-get creative with this!!! Candy, ribbon, stationery, postcards, notecards, jewelry, bag, cosmetics, perfume, etc for your swap partner. The contents of the swap must value at least $25.

You MUST send your swap NO LATER than Sept 21st. It MUST be postmarked on or before Sept 21st, so that everyone will hopefully receive theirs by the end of the month.

I'll be starting a flickr account for this group (http://www.flickr.com/groups/redaquaswap/), so when you receive your items in the mail, please post photos of it in the group.

Please remember, when you receive your package in the mail to let the person who sent it know. Just a little e-mail, comment on their blog or a thank you to let them know you appreciate them coming through and that you received it.


user2662 08/ 9/2006 #

I am glad ms*robyn sent me over. This will be my first time with your group but I have participated in her swaps in the past. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Take care, Connie

igobylorib 08/ 9/2006 #

if possible, I'd prefer a US partner for this particular swap :) Looking forward to it. I love this color combo

user718 08/ 9/2006 #

us only thanks

Dotee77 08/ 9/2006 #

I am happy to ship overseas. Send stuff to friends all the time from Australia :)

user2707 08/11/2006 #

Hi, I do not have a blog, so hope it is alright to join the swap. I will be in the States on that date, but will send my swap just before I leave. This is my first swap and rather exciting. Petah

Crinolinelady 08/13/2006 #

Hello from down under I am very pleased to be part of this swap and look forward to packing a lovely parcel to said anywere. Thanks for putting this swapt together this is how people become friends....giving! Lee-ann

imyorehuckleberry 08/14/2006 #

If possible, I would like a US partner. Thanks!

swaparoo 08/15/2006 #

no overseas please

Farruska 08/15/2006 #

anywhere here :) already started to collect items:) great idea and great color combination fire and water :) heheh

texasbouchers 08/18/2006 #

This is my first swap. I'm am very excited. The colors are beautiful.

user3078 08/23/2006 #

Overseas... underseas... fine with me!

This isn't specifically Christmas things, right?

user2667 08/23/2006 #

I forgot to do this when I signed up, but I will ship anywhere and everywhere. That's the fun of swapping!

user3094 08/24/2006 #

Anxious to do this. Will Ship anywhere...

user3093 08/24/2006 #

I am so excited I found this page! I will send anywhere and everywhere...will now start the hunt for aqua and red (what fun!)

user3097 08/24/2006 #

This is my first swap. I am so excited. This is a lot like having a secret santa:) I would like to stay with someone in the US if possible. What a great idea--Thank you

Queenbee 08/24/2006 #

My two favorite colors! My living/dining room are these colors! Red chairs and aqua couch... I will send anywhere.

user2891 08/24/2006 #

This will be my 1st swap so I'm really excited! US participants if possible please.

lucyellen 08/24/2006 #

I'd love to ship overseas. I'm so looking forward to participating!

user3093 08/25/2006 #

I don't mean to be sexist..so excuse me if this sounds that way! Can we assume that most of the people in this swap are female? The only reason why I ask is that I am starting to collect things...


toscabelle 08/26/2006 #

This is my first swap thru Swap-bot and I cannot wait to put my package together. Shipping over seas is no problem.

user3189 08/26/2006 #

This is my first swap also through swap-bot. What an ingenious idea!

deathsdanish 08/27/2006 #

This is my first swap as well. So exciting!

rutabaga 08/28/2006 #

107 people! neat!

lovejanet 08/29/2006 #

hi everyone. this is my second swap. they are so much fun, i can't wait. i have already shopping :)

user3260 08/29/2006 #

Never swapped before but I''m really excited about the prospect of collecting luscious stuff and sending it off into the great blue yonder (should that be 'red and aqua yonder'?) and then, stunning prospect, receiving some goodies of my own!! Look out! Goodies winging their way from England!

user3263 08/30/2006 #

My first swap! I love the red & aqua color combo and I'm so very excited! I hope my SwappyPal likes quilts! Will gladly ship internationally.

user3139 08/30/2006 #

Shipping in US only Please

Zmrzlina 08/30/2006 #

Okay, I am seeing lots of requests for US only on this swap and it is my understanding that there is no way to control that. Do I misunderstand the FAQ?

user3150 09/ 5/2006 #

I dont mind shipping overseas! We love international mail.

user1861 09/ 5/2006 #

:D:D This is fun :D I stay all the way over here in sunny Singapore. So I cant wait to get a package from one of you guys.

DragonflyCrafts 09/ 5/2006 #

Wow! Sounds like this is a first for a lot of people. This is my second swap. (Haven't received my first swap yet) I'm downunder and wanted to swap with here but OS is fine too. Can't wait to get started.

user2802 09/ 5/2006 #

This is my first swap. When do you get your partner? Where will it be?

rutabaga 09/17/2006 #

received my package today and it was awesome! check out the good on the flick group! jumplittle - thank you!

DragonflyCrafts 09/19/2006 #

I have sent my parcel over to the USA. Hope the recipient loves what I put together.

user3189 09/20/2006 #

Mine was sent out today! :) I hope she likes it!

user2782 09/20/2006 #

I just posted a picture (over at the Red/Aqua Flickr group) of the fantastic, amazing, wonderful package Kate sent to me. It was better than my birthday (no, it really was!), and each nifty little thing had a note attached. A huge thanks to Kate!! xo, Sarah (a very lucky girl, indeed :) )

user2877 09/21/2006 #

Hi- This message is for my swap partner who is Jen P. in Canada. Just to let you know that I did send out your package and the post office here in the states said it would take between 4-7 days to arrive to you, so I expect you to recieve it by at the latest September 30th or before, Please email me and let me know when you do recieve it. Thanks!!!!! I hope that you like all the things enclosed as I had fun putting it together and also hope you will find use for everything enclosed.

user2877 09/21/2006 #

Oh my goodness everyone, I recieved the most beautiful box of things from the person who got my name and her name is Jill Burgess. I was floored when I opened the box and saw everything enclosed inside. It took my breathe away and literally put a tear in my eye. It was so perfect, so lovely and everything was obvious selected with great thought, with much care and LOVE. I just adore my box with all the goodies inside. Jill to me went above and beyond and I am forever grateful that she got my name. This is by far one of the nicest boxes I have ever recieved since becoming a member of swap bot in 8-06. I am literally speechless at what was enclosed and it was very nicely packaged, everything was intact when the mail-person delivered it and it got here so fast. The only other thing I can say is simply is a thousand times over thank you, thank you, thank you. I just loooooooooooved everything inside and will cherish it forever. I hope maybe one day I might get your name in a swap and hope to do you as proud. You are simply the BEST and it shows in your box that you sent me. GREAT SWAP PARTNER to have. I give you a score of 10+ but they only allow us to go up to a (5), so that is the score that I give to you again and again and again. From thousand of miles away I send a big HUG. Keep up the great work and anyone like me who is lucky enough to have you get them for a swap partner will never be disappointed!

LivingAsRosa 09/23/2006 #

I recieved my gorgeous package from Wren's Nest yesterday. OH, it is more than just wonderful! Thank you Ms. Wren so much. Everything is great! I posted on my blog, here and on Flickr. I think that probably covers everywhere. Well, perhaps I'll get on the roof top now and yell my excitement. Great Swap!!!

katiewoo 09/23/2006 #

It's saturday night and it's been probably the last beautiful sunny day of our too short-lived English summer and I thought I would just check out how the ol' Red and Aqua girls were doing...when, hurrah, I see that the lovely Sarah at StarCitySound (otherwise known as my swap partner) has posted a note to say she got my swap! What an amazing buzz to read about the things I put together. Sarah, I am thrilled that you liked them! I had such fun shopping and musing over what should go in. The whole experience has been really exciting (you can tell I don't get out much!). Looking at the picture of the swap was great (you very nearly didn't get that cute polka dot tape measure!). More red and aqua swaps I say!!!! Kate, Brighton England.

deedeenet 09/24/2006 #

Well, I tried to make something special for my swap buddy that I thought she would like, not something I liked (which is what I put together and decided not to send). It will be a couple of days late but I hope she likes it!

Farruska 09/25/2006 #

Runnig behind on this one, a lot of personal problems but will sent my pacakge till the end of this week

sorry :(

user2679 09/27/2006 #

Wonderful package from Lisa for the swap !!! tons of goodies I loved ! I don't have any contact addy for you so sent you a thank you in the snail mail.

Farruska 09/27/2006 #

:) sent! I hope she likes it :) will upload tonight a picture on my flickr account

LivingAsRosa 10/ 2/2006 #

I never heard if my partner received. Anita, if you received your package, can you let me know?

princessfiona 10/ 2/2006 #

hi i just recived my package nd i love it it is fantastic thank you so much leanne you made my day fionaxx

princessfiona 10/ 2/2006 #

lauren have you recived my package yet?

toscabelle 10/ 3/2006 #

I too have not yet heard from my partner. Jennifer, please confirm that you received my package. Ciao bella!

Farruska 10/ 3/2006 #

5 times infinitv rating for dear Cielle (Ciellec) who brightned my day with the greatest "more me" selection ever on this two wonderful colors! felt like xmas checking everything! Oh, already used the bath salt ball ;) couldn't resist it! will upload a pic as soon as I finish filling my camera's card. Thank you again and again!

raesha 10/ 5/2006 #

Tania Ho sent me a GORGEOUS package! She made an apron and a softie for me and included many other wonderful goodies. I feel so spoiled:):)

user609 10/ 5/2006 #

Hello Lisa, I got your package, it made my day! I have a photo to upload to the Flcker group as well, just been lazy. Thank you for the great package!

user2877 10/ 6/2006 #

Hi- This msg. is for Jen P. In Canada. I was wondering if you had gotten my package that I sent you yet? I see no comments left and no email was sent to me saying that you recieved it or not and even if you liked what was inside. Please leave me a note to let me know that you got the package that I sent to you. Thanks!

user3189 10/ 7/2006 #

Nothing here yet...

deedeenet 10/ 7/2006 #

To my swap buddy in Brazil, I hope you got your package! Please let me know.

Deborah http://deedeenetblog.blogspot.com/

funkykchicken 10/ 8/2006 #

[email protected] Van if you have received your items please let me know.Ive been in hospital welcoming a new son but ive not received a reply to my email.This is my first time sending international.Please let me know. Thanks [email protected]

user2877 10/ 8/2006 #

Jen P. in Canada, have tried to reach you by email and have left msg. here also as to wether or not you have recieved the red/aqua package that I sent to you. Would you be so kind as to leave me some sort of note as to whether you got it or not? It would be appreciated. I am the same person who you sent the braclets to and you had to explain how they were to be attached. I hope there are no hard feelings, and this is maybe why you are not responding to my request. I see that you have not left me a comment or a numerical score in my profile as well. I did apologize for the confusion in the jewerly swap, so why no response from you??????

user2196 10/ 9/2006 #

package sent but will take 4-6 weeks shipping to portugal.

user2196 10/ 9/2006 #

never received anything from my partner.. never heard anything.... Have not heard any response.. I've sent my partner several emails to let her know that her package was on the way.

deedeenet 10/ 9/2006 #

I too haven't heard from my partner. She is in Brazil.

katiewoo 10/ 9/2006 #

Nothing yet for me over here in rainy England either but I'm still a wishin' and a hopin' (there's a song there somewhere). Dear swap partner, do please let me know when the package might arrive as I keep jumping on the postman and it's getting just a teensy bit embarrassing!

user2196 10/10/2006 #

I'm very disappointed with this swap ;(my partner was from Canada , which took forever to get here . There are no colors that are aqua and red in my swap. I can't believe that this.

Here are the specs for this swap..

The colors for this swap are Aqua and Red-get creative with this!!! Candy, ribbon, stationery, postcards, notecards, jewelry, bag, cosmetics, perfume, etc for your swap partner. The contents of the swap must value at least $25.

I don't think by the looks of this swap value was worth $25.00.

She sent all the items wrapped up in a ball of yarn which was so awful to untie. Hence the knot of yarn..

Sorry if I sould miserable.. But, i think that this swap wasn't fair.

geekxnerd 10/14/2006 #

I too am disappointed in this swap. I never received anything and when I checked my partners profile it seems that she has numerous negative feedbacks. I am used to swaps on Craftster.org where there are systems that prevent repeat offenders from swapping. This is only my second swap on Swapbot, so I don't know if that is employed here. It seems not. Granted I sent pretty late, but late or not I've always put time and care into every swap that I've done.

monkeybox 10/15/2006 #

My partner hasn't receied my package yet - I mailed it many weeks ago to Singapore. Hope it arrives soon - this swap has givenme headaches. Not sure if I will do an international one again.

deedeenet 10/16/2006 #

I just got my swap and it is amazing!!! Thank you Cerri!!! I just got back from the ER with my son, he broke his ankle and I can't post my pictures or update my blog yet. I just had to hurry up and post this note to such a lovely and generous swap buddy!

user2802 10/18/2006 #

This message is for the pink boudoir. I hope you recieved my package. It travelled a long way. I tryed to email you to confirm. Please confirm. Thanks!

designsbyjamie 10/18/2006 #

I haven't received my package. Vandolls said it was sent some time back, but I haven't received. Please let me know! Jamie

LivingAsRosa 10/18/2006 #

The person I sent to has yet to inform me if she received or not. She will not return my emails either. By the looks of her ratings, she is a repeat offender. Oh well. Hope she likes what I sent her anyway. I feel badly for whoever she was supposed to send to. Swapbot needs to take not of these folks. I feel it was a waste to send such nice things to a person who didn't deserve it. Just putting my 2 cents in, sorry. Don't think I will do another Swapbot swap.

deedeenet 10/18/2006 #

Dear Cerri,

I've updated my blog to celebrate your wonderful gifts to me.

Deborah http://deedeenetblog.blogspot.com/

geekxnerd 10/23/2006 #

Rosa - did you send to Beth in Brazil? She was supposed to send to me and I never received anything. She hasn't answered my email either. I'm SO bummed! I've been swapping for years and I've always received SOMETHING, even if I didn't like it!

user2877 10/24/2006 #

Hi- Jen P. in Canada, eventhough I didn't hear from you personally, thank you for the rating today and I hope that you liked the things that I sent to you in the red and aqua swap!!!

LivingAsRosa 10/26/2006 #

Hiya Geek. Yep, that's the one. I wish I had sent to you, I sent nice stuff and the postage wasn't cheap either. It's sad that there are people out there taking advantage of this. If I ever do another swap on here, I will look at my partner's rating before I send!! Email me your addy and I'll mail you a little something!!

LivingAsRosa 11/ 2/2006 #

Geek, actually I didn't send to the above-mentioned person. Gee, I'm sorry. Thinks I'm still jetlagged! (blush) At any rate, I never heard a peep from my "partner." Glad you liked your stuff!

geekxnerd 11/17/2006 #

Rosa I loved the stuff - still no package from Beth, but yours made up for it :)

deedeenet 11/20/2006 #

I never heard from my partner Érica Fontes aka essgf email: [email protected] in Brazil. I wonder if she ever received my package....

elizabeth13 06/22/2007 #

I want to join in the red and agua swap

[email protected]

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