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Trick or Treat Goodie Bag!!

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Trick or Treat Goodie Bag!!
Swap Coordinator:ArtsOnFire (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Challenges  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:32
Last day to signup/drop:September 25, 2007
Date items must be sent by:October 15, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

Can you believe it's almost Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere???

In anticipation of the cooler weather and changing of the leaves I propose a Trick or Treat Goodie Bag Swap.

Pretend you're a kid and knock on your swap partner's door and yell "Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Give me Something Good to Eat!" You don't have to wear a costume, be ashamed that you're "too old to be trick or treating", or using your kid (or niece, nephew, next door neighbor) as an excuse!

List your favorite sweet treats, your partner will send you a goodie bag! Simple enough?

Remember to add a Halloween feel to your package, this will be like trick or treating for adults! Make sure your partner receives before Halloween!

International because it would be fun to get candy from other countries! Please no postage whiners, everyone will spend. Newbies are OK, just make sure you've got a profile filled out. Required to spend between $10 to $15.

DON'T FORGET TO LIST YOUR FAVORITES BELOW (and any aversions/allergies)


ArtsOnFire 08/22/2007 #

OHHHH I hope I get an international partner. I would love something native to your country. No chocolate covered bugs, though!!! I don't have any candy allergies, so bring it on. I like dark chocolate with interesting things in it, like chili or coffee beans. I love twizzlers, black licorice (Barrett's is my favorite, if my partner is from the UK), anything exotic or different. Chocolate covered jellies are okay, too. Surprise me!

Rapture 08/22/2007 #

This sounds like fun!! My only restriction is no high fructose corn syrup. I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate, but I will eat it. Apart from that, I'm pretty easy to please.

Delilah02 08/22/2007 #

I'm not too picky when it comes to candy... I love chocolate and especially dark chocolate! I have no known allergies (woohoo!) and the only candy that I can not stand is black licorice... lol This is gonna be an awome swap!

Aerochik 08/22/2007 #

We love all candies here, not the traditional vandy corns though. My favs are gummies and sugar coated marshmallow things.

LOLA 08/22/2007 #

I am open to try all sorts of candy. I swoon over Belgium and other good quality chocolates. I also like chocolate covered gummy bears and hot tamales but please surprise me!

daffyd1963 08/30/2007 #

I love all kinds of candy favorites are Hershey chocolate Reeses dark chocolate licorish black, most anything with nuts or fruit in it and I love surprises . just please don't send the cheap generic candy that stuff is nasty thanks

semfox74 08/31/2007 #

As I am originally from Vermont, but now live in Scotland I would love some classic US candy, like hersheys kisses, swedish fish (American??!!), Tootsie pops. My absolute FAVOURITE are cherry twizzlers. I hope I get a non-uk partner as I can load them up with our best! Also, LOVE sour things, wacky flavoured Gum, butterfinger and all things peanut butter flavoured.

Hailey 08/31/2007 #

I'm from the UK too so hope I get a international partner I love peanut butter / Sour sweets / Pocky / cookies etc .. I have listed prefs on my profile so please check it out :)

rebeccaljames 09/ 1/2007 #

I love all candy especially chocolate. Reese peanutbutter cups are my favorite. I can not stand Peppermint Patties.

Toffi 09/ 2/2007 #

I would love something interesting from where ever you are. No allergies to anything edible. I adore dark chocolate, twizzlers, licorice allsorts, sour stuff, chocolate covered anything. No gummies or sugar coated marshmallow things please.

asmom 09/ 5/2007 #

I have no allergies, I think Reese's are my fave, but like chocolate, gummies. Just anything would do.

DragonflyDore 09/ 7/2007 #

I like most candy but I absolutely HATE candy corn! My bf loves it though so its ok to include it lol.

Reese peanutbutter cups are my favorite and chick 0 sticks!

Kristin 09/11/2007 #

I love candy corn and the pumpkins!! Also, I like most chocolate candy, candy bars, toffee, butterscotch, cookies, nuts, marshmallow, peanut butter. I do NOT like Dots, spree, sweet tarts, licorice (black or red), white chocolate or Swedish Fish.

Kristin 09/11/2007 #

Oh, the candy corn is only good if it is Brock's brand!

NadKnitBlog 09/16/2007 #

I love Halloween and I'd LOVE to try any traditional Halloween candy that is not liquorice. I'd love to try anything. I'm really into dark choc and peanuts. No allergies, I'm vegetarian so no to chocolate covered ants and beetles! ;-)

semfox74 09/16/2007 #

I would love traditional US candy like tootsie pops, twizzlers, candy corn etc. I would also love any candy that is from your country and not from mine (uk)! Love any colour of gum except mint, licorice, sour, gummy, fruity but not citrusy, and especially hersheys!

SassyBird 09/17/2007 #

ohhh, goody, I love this swap! :)

I love white chocolate so white chocolate in any form is perfect for me! also like jolly ranchers (green apple and watermelon are faves!) wintergreen lifesavers, peanut butter m&ms, really any of the american candy bars...

Please no black licorice or sour sweets!

If my partner is from the UK - here are some of my favourites: milky bar (white chocolate) buttons, sherbet lemons, wine gums, jelly tots, refreshers (my husband is from the UK so he'll probably end up stealing my sweets!)

willowsmarika 09/18/2007 #

I love Halloween :) I love all kinds of candy, & I don't have any food allergies. White chocolate is my favorite.

AndreaSmondria 09/18/2007 #

i like almost all candy! i dont have any allergies and think it would be cool if i got some of my partners favorite candy as well as some they thought would be nice, it would be cool to see what other people like.... my favorite is anything gummy, or made with real fruit!!!1

KimyCate 09/20/2007 #

Hello... We love tootsie rolls, and the other basics.... all of them, except dark chocolate and candy corn...

I'm so excited!!!!!

ShabbyJules 09/20/2007 #

yummy hmmm lets see i adore hersheys chocolate kisses the bigger the bag the better ,love candy but not sour,gum is great candy corn is not.Novelty candy is good so is pez. This will be fun.If my partner is english do sugared violets count as candy.

psychokitten 09/23/2007 #

I like any type halloween goodies...... Send whatever you would like. Thanks

simplysarah 09/23/2007 #

no alergies! I love candy! you can use your "artistic freedom" for this swap, just send me your favorites! the only candy i dont like is anise candy and black licorice.

hookedonstring1 09/23/2007 #

No allergies here.

hiddensun 09/23/2007 #

This sounds like lots of fun! I love all sorts of sweets and have no allergies :)

KawaiiMommy 09/24/2007 #

I love Halloween :)

I have no allergies, but don't like candy corn...Reeses peanunt butter cups are my favorite, but I'm pregnant so any candy will be yummy to me :D

Zia 09/24/2007 #

No allergies...

Faves are Panda Black Licorice, chocolate, gummis, chocolate, honey drops, chocolate, lemon drops...did I mention chocolate?

Hope my partner likes what I send!

user10825 09/25/2007 #

Hello please nothing with peanuts or peanut butter as i am allergic but anything else is fine thanks!

jennyknitstoo 09/25/2007 #

I LOVE cadbury chocolate bars from the UK, Mr. Big, Velvet Crumble (which is Australian, I think)

I also love abba zabba bars from the west, and southwestern US, as we are unable to get them in MN.

I don't have any allergies, but I do not like dark, or white chocolate very much.

swapusilly 09/25/2007 #

Im up for almost anything...the candies I like are in my profile but if you live somewhere besides the US & Canada I would love to have some of your popular candy to try :)

Nickelbeetuna 09/25/2007 #

I am really not picky about candy (especially any kind of chocolate) and I have no allergies... I love trying new things so don't be afraid to send my anything!!! Just no black licorice... blech.

And I used to work for Hershey, so I hope my partner likes chocolate...

jennyknitstoo 09/25/2007 #

I forgot I LOVE kinder brand choccolates, the happy hippo, kinder beuno, all of it...soo good.

daisyjane 09/26/2007 #

I'm easy to please, I like it all! (As long its not too icky sweet i.e.truffles)

Agnetha 09/26/2007 #

To my partner: Please read my profile as I have listed there what I like and dislike.

AndreaSmondria 09/26/2007 #

oh yeah, i actually don't like sour candy but my boyfriend does, so half it up if you want!!!!!

Agnetha 09/27/2007 #

This will be SO much fun to shop for!!

Truley 09/27/2007 #

No allergies here, I love halloween!

JMP2cute4u 09/28/2007 #

I like all candy except for licorice, white chocolate or anything grape flavored. I especially love dark chocolate and candy with peanut butter in it!

Agnetha 10/ 2/2007 #

I am hoping that the stores soon will start selling some candy with hallween theme!! It would be nice to send to my partner...although I have a feeling they won't...I think last year they started selling them about a week or so before Halloween...

dolphingirl 10/ 4/2007 #

I love chocolate covered almonds, Nestle Crunch, white chocolate, odd and unusual candies and candies in cool containers. I love anything Halloween :)

Zia 10/ 9/2007 #

Package headed for Newfoundland today -- PO said a week or ten days :)

Irene 10/11/2007 #

This sounds like a great swap. Unfortunately, a known flaker has joined, and I'm a bit nervous that I'll end up with her as my partner. See this thread: http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/2623

This isn't the only thread she's mentioned in. I run a Yahoo group in which she left owing swaps. Just thought as the host, you'd want a heads up.

nejxr25 12/ 5/2007 #

looks like i got the flaker as no parcel ever turned up

jennyknitstoo 12/10/2007 #

Nejxr25, me too... :(

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