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hey there, this is an email check on what is working for better eating and snacking,or what can we try to start using to help that goal come closer, or what was working that we may need to get back to using...

When you get your partners rate them....LEAVE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW, then rate your partner

this way, we can see some pointers and put them into effect for our health-- add as much as needed, dont forget to be clear on recipes and snacks if that applies

if anyone has pointers on making the hungries go away i wanna know!!! have fun everybody!!

go ahead and leave comments just rate partners when assigned!!


mooki 01/10/2011 #

so I stopped drinking my cayenne lemonade right after thanksgiving.. I can see extra pounds on me now!! Have lost the desire for extra sweets and, larger portions.... I do eat smaller meals at the start of the day

I drink warm instead of cold water to make hungries go away and i walk briskly for 15 to 20 minutes at least 3 days a week...yes the king size snickers are OFF the menu! so is white bread.... I eat tortillas instead

DarlingDeer 01/10/2011 #

Just to check - we're going to be assigned partners, but the comments we'll be leaving are here? Am I getting that right? :)

mooki 01/11/2011 #

YES I was in a swap like this before Christmas and it really was helpful to my rates and lots of fun!! but yes partners will be assigned and the answers can be left here so we can all see some helpful tips


fawnscrafts 01/11/2011 #

When do we leave the answer? Any time from sign up or after partners have been assigned?

justsaysmith 01/11/2011 #

I have been keeping celery and radishes in the fridge for whenever I get the munchies and eating that instead of sweets, cookies, chips, etc. I'm sure that you can also use carrots, apples, green peppers, or whatever veggie you like best. I have been fighting the urge to dip them in ranch or other dressings because that is a lot of extra calories. I make an effort to buy more unrefined/unprocessed foods because it's a lot healthier and easier on your body. I always look at the ingredient list of anything I'm buying and never by anything with MSG, high fructose corn syrup, fully and partially hydrogenated oil. Just doing that cuts out most processed candies, sweets, cookies, etc. I have been cutting back on preservatives as well. I also have been drinking green tea instead of sodas and I'm cutting ~300 calories (or 2 sodas) a day! I have also been taking supplements like echinacea and acai berry to stimulate my immune system and keep colds and other bugs away. You should definitely check with your doctor or research supplements before taking them. The only problem I have been having is changing my habits from eating for pleasure and stress eating to doing other healthy things for my body. Replacing eating with other things like fixing a pot of tea or going on a walk is helping but it almost seems like I do it without thinking. Being more mindful and conscious is hard work but pays off! Good luck to all of you!

MessInADress 01/14/2011 #

Being diabetic, I have to watch my diet anyway, but lately I've been trying to eat more veggies and good protein at mealtimes, and things like salad, natural cheese snacks, and fresh fruit when I get the rumbly tummy between meals.

I've also started walking my dog around our apartment complex at least three times a day, rather than just letting her go down to the grass to potty on her own while I watch from our porch above. It's good for her and for me (we both need to shed a few pounds, hah).

And I've been trying (trying oh-so-hard!) to drink more water. Just some days...I can't, and I need the caffeine and sugar from an energy drink, or the happy caffeine-filled Mt. Dew (diet, though, so no sugar, no calories...). I'm really trying. Got a new water bottle and I keep it with me constantly.

nancyn 01/16/2011 #

I've switched fizzy drinks (cokes, fantas, etc) to water. No easy task let me tell you!! But so worth it as now I actually fancy drinking water when I'm thirsty! You have to pee like crazy at first lol. Keep at it though - I promise you'll reap the benefits!! If I'm out then I order diet so I don't rid myself with guilt that night!!

I am also lucky that I love veggies so I've been eating a lot of salads for dinner. I like my salads with either a chunk of cheese, apple, nuts...basicaly anything that can keep it varied enough not to put me off! I also have EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar mixed as a dressing, so not too bad!

When I have chicken or fish, I'll try to eat a smaller piece of chicken and bulk it out with extra salad as well. Chicken I fry on my little flat grill (plancha) with some EVOO and a generous helping of cajun seasoning - and that's it! Fish I do 'en papillote' in tin foil in the oven roasted - so healthy and it taste's lovely!

Lunch is when I have heavy things such as pasta, rice, etc, as these are foods I love and although I'd like to lose weight I don't want to deprive myself. I figure I have all day to burn them cals lol.

Exercise is my worst enemy LOL I find that walking my dog at night helps (I live in a hot country and I hate sweating during the day lol) as well as fun exercise dvd's for at home like pump it up, etc.

Snacking is another bad habbit of mine, so I cut up raw carrots, celery, cucumber and leave it in a box in the fridge for when I get the munchies. Usually a glass of water gets rid, but if not then I know I'm really hungry. Also nuts are another good snack, I normally keep a smal bag of mixed dried fruit/nuts in my bag when I'm out.
I also take a daily multivitamin & iron & St Johns Wort supplement, which I figure can't do no harm!!

I've lost about 3 kilos in the last few weeks without really trying TOO hard so I hope someone else can too!!!

mooki 01/16/2011 #

This is turning out really great!!

So you won't have to buy the cosmopolitan magazine, the water sip trick is what reduces weight by 5 pounds a month!!

15-30 minutes BEFORE eating a meal, SIP 1 cup of water, about 8 ounces... RIGHT BEFORE your meal, plate in front of you before taking a bite, SIP ANOTHER cup of water, 8 ounces

what happens is you are eating less, on a regular basis because the water is already in your stomach, not soda because of added calories

water is not adding calories, but IS adding fullness so your stomach is full and your hunger satisfied!!

also, do not confuse hunger with thirst... be strict when your body is signaling for a snack.... first drink some water, hopefully warmer, or at least room temperature!!!!

mooki 01/16/2011 #

you can rate your partners now!!

missyhope 01/16/2011 #

Mooki, I like the idea of the water trick. I know when I am drinking more and more water, I do better on my diet.

Girls, I do believe smaller portions are the key. I am doing my best. I have a large family and I am the one who does most of the cooking so I am around food a lot. It is so hard. I just picked up some "dessert gum" that is mint chocolate chip flavor. I pop one of those in my mouth when I am cooking and that helps so I won't taste everything too much.

I also take a very good multi vitamin with lots of B vitamins. I do believe that helps with my energy level.

I also rebound every day. ( mini trampoline) The information that I have read says that it is very good for the immune system.

Planning is everything for me too. If I know what I am going to eat a head of time I will usually stay the plan and not deviate.

I hope my little tips help. :)

missyhope 01/16/2011 #

I wanted to add another thing that has been a help for me. I bought some special tea at a local tea shop. I like my tea black so this helps me. Anyway, I bought some banana creme tea and a vanilla one and a raspberry one. All no added sugar, just black. I make some of this when I am really craving sweets and it kind of helps. I know it isn't a cookie or anything but it is something. :) This is loose leaf tea and I have a special cup that I make it in and it is kind of becoming a ritual for me. Just something new to do. I hope this helps.

weeatcrayons 01/16/2011 #

Please be advised that @MysticGypsy is a RETURNING flaker, She has MULTIPLE Profiles with HUNDREDS of dollars worth of FLAKING. Here is the PUBLIC FORUM THREAD

And here is the Swap-bot Flakers Thread which goes into more detail about her 15 other profiles she's created and flaked on tons of people.

I would watch her very carefully and if you haven't already assigned partners, I would drop her immediately!

MysticGypsy 01/16/2011 #

for me I drink a slim fast of the mornings and then at lunch usually d like raw vegetables and dinner we usually bake or grill alot and stem vegetables. I drink alot of water too.I also agree that smaller potions are very good idea.

fawnscrafts 01/17/2011 #

OK I have a lot to write, so I di it on my Word program. LOLOL.

I have not ready anyone's as of yet, but I will after I post mine.

This way, I know all my words are mine, because I am not trying to copy anothers.

fawnscrafts 01/17/2011 #

Eat the big meal for the midday meal.

Find healthy snacks to eat at other times.

If you want some of the stuff like cheeseburgers, or pizza or cake or pie, then have it, but not often and not over indulge.

Eat to live, rethink your mind set if you live to eat.

Food is to be enjoyed, but not over enjoyed, and then mentally scolding yourself for eating what you did.

Eat small portions. If dining out, take home at least half of those huge meals they are serving folks now days.

If eating something like Haggen Dass, eat one serving, not the entire carton.

If enjoying treats like chips, sweets, candy bars, eat one serving according to package terms.

Chips should be put in a small bowl and the bag rolled up and clipped shut.

If you know you love reeces peanut butter cups, do not get a bag, but get one bar, and then make that be it.

Eat things like pizza, cheeseburgers and along those lines, no more than once every few weeks.

I cannot do formal exercise, so I try to find other means to do so.

Bending over and picking up those little items, not just sweeping it all up with a broom.

Do laundry differently, hang it to dry, if you are not doing so now. I chose to hang it out to dry. I have a dryer and my husband uses it more than I do.

That would cover weight lifting, bending and raising your arms over your head.

Keep busy. Do not just sit and watch TV, make sure your hands are busy. Twitch and fiddle, burn those calories. (But do not drive people crazy)

I have to be doing something all the time, even if I wake at night, I can usually find something to do, if I am not back asleep within a minute.

Every thought, every movement burns calories.

fawnscrafts 01/18/2011 #

I will add some more also, because Missy started it.

Gum, a good sweet gum can and does satisfy a lot of sweet cravings.

I crave sweets like mad, so I will pop a stick of gum ion my mouth to alleviate those cravings.

There is another plus, your bad breath will also go away.

mhoward 01/18/2011 #

For Christmas, my husband and I bought ourselves the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer (http://www.powerjuicer.com) - but we ordered it online from Walmarts. Shipping was free - total price only $105.00 - but built solid - and has lifetime warranty. Look at the juicer and watch the infomercial to see why it is so popular. We have been juicing every evening before dinner. We find that having a glass of 100% juice from fruits/veggies not only help to fill our tummy's up - so we don't eat as large of dinner portions... but also - helps meet daily requirements of fruits/veggies we are suppose to have. One glass is like having 4 or 5 pieces of fruit/veggie. It is amazing how inexpensive it is to enjoy the drinks. If you had to buy the drinks processed - it would be a small fortune weekly. The juicer pays for itself in a couple months. You can also save/freeze the pulp to add to salsa, muffins, sauces - giving you even more "good" bulk/fiber. Juicing is really a calorie saver. It's fun to mix and match fruits and vegetables to your own personal taste preferences. Lot's of combination recipes available online too.

I gave up pop/soda - for water with lemon and Splenda. I am a coffee drinker - but have dropped the cream and use Splenda only. Absolutely - the water also helps to give you a "full" feeling.

If I am eating a sandwich - I eat open face - one slice of bread.. and omit any high fat/sugar special sauces on the sandwich. Also...minus the cheese if you are having a "meat" type sandwich vs. a veggie sandwich.

If husband and I (or a friend) eat out... we share a meal and order an additional salad. We both have a full salad - and then split the entree. If we have a dessert - we split it too. We drink water with our meal - no soda.

Also... lot's of chewing before we swallow. Chew chew chew. Often when we eat - we take two or three chews then swallow - and eat fast and more. Chewing a lot and slower - gives the feeling of fullness faster. Think in your mind a number like...15 or 20...and count to that with each forkful before you swallow your food.

I hope you will be able to use some of these tips. I am looking forward to reading everyone's ideas! What a wonderful suggestion - to share our journey with others. Good Luck and Good Health to all.

fawnscrafts 01/22/2011 #

Hi all.

I have rated most of the swappers. For some reason my ratings for you will not go through until 2 weeks have passed from the day we get the names to swap.

I am so sorry for this delay.

I do not understand it, unless it is because I am still new.

Chic 01/22/2011 #

Amazing swap, and lots of useful tips I´ll use!!

Here are my tips: once heard, if you crave something, do something else for 8 minutes and the craving will have passed, or trick yourself you are to eat it later.. and then later.. and you get the idea. I also heard someone saying she had a bath at the most crucial time of day when she had those cravings, you won´t really leave the bath to go up and snack, and as you are pampering yourself in the bath you feel less likely to snack as you come out of it. Or take a walk, without your wallet before the craving sets in.

Other thing that are brilliant, in Sweden we have Wasa bread, I know they have it abroad now as well, they are soo low in calories but still very filling. Amazing snack.

Another thing I do when I crave something is have a cup of hot tea with a little milk in it, it does the trick almost every time, also doing exercise in the morning helps you stay on track for the rest of the day, lay out your exercise clothes by your bed and get in them first thing in the morning. You wouldn´t want to eat cake after an hour of exercise.. would you?!

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