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PLEASE NOTE the blue box I usually drop my mail in, is no longer there. I am assuming the Post Office did it, but just in case, I want you to know. In case something I sent didn't make it. Just let me know.

Welcome to my profile! My name is Evan. I have arranged my profile in bullet points, so it is easy to navigate and read.


πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨ I am married to my best friend, Tenny(13.9.19)

🎬 I live and work in Hollywood

🎧 I am autistic (if you couldn't tell by my name)

πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί I have a chihuahua ESA/Autism Dog named Luna Lovedog

πŸ›Έ My husband wrote a TTRPG game. It’s called Jump Rangers and it’s about Kid Space Commandos fighting alien dinosaurs and robots, click the link and check it out!


❀️ Colors: Tiffany Blue and Orange are my favorite color combination. Pale pink/blush is my favorite singular color.

🧑 Number: 13

πŸ’› Flower: Orange Roses, Fireweed and Forget-me-nots

πŸ’š Animals: Swans 🦒(especially signets/babies) Seals, Chickadees & Fox 🦊

πŸ’™ Place: Disneyland

πŸ’œ Candy: Suckers

❀️ Cookie: Sugar

🧑 Cupcake: Sprinkles

πŸ’› Dessert: Krispy Treats

πŸ’š Ice Cream: Vanilla

πŸ’™ Fruit: Strawberries πŸ“

πŸ’œ Pizza: Cheese

❀️ Sandwich: Grilled PB&J

🧑 Cereal: Cheerios

πŸ’› Cold Drink: Lemon Lime Kool-Aid (the green one)

πŸ’š Coffee: Starbucks πŸ’š

πŸ’™ Tea: Nutcracker Sweet and Sleepytime by Celestial Seasons

πŸ’œ Video Games: Never Alone and Disney Infinity (always looking for power discs)

❀️ Books: Peter Pan, Anything Neil Gaiman, The Parasol Protectorate, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (#StayPeculiar), Subtle Knife series, and Redwall series

🧑 Comics: Mouse Guard & Babymouse

πŸ’› Authors: Neil Gaiman, Brian Jacques

πŸ’š Artists: Lucy Flemming & Lorraine Loots (the Art for Ants lady)

πŸ’™ Songs: Moonlight Sonata, Wizards of Winter, Musicals and Disney

πŸ’œ TV Show: Doctor Who

❀️ Cartoons: Sofia the First, Invader Zim, Gravity Falls and Code Lyoko

🧑 Top 10 favorite movies: Peter Pan(2003), Rise of the Guardians, Brave, Tomorrowland, Pacific Rim, Legally Blonde, Eddie the Eagle, Aquaman, Marie Antoinette, Penelope (2006)

πŸ’› Super Hero: Captain Marvel and The Doctor

πŸ’š Season: Fall πŸ‚

πŸ’™ Sport: Figure Skating β›Έ and Archery

πŸ’œ Holiday: Russian Orthodox Christmas (Jan 7th) and Halloween

😏 Just kidding I love NAPS!!



⚜️ Keys - modern and skeleton (you can send me any keys from your junk drawer that you don't know what they belong to) I love keys!

⚜️ Miniature toys and items under the size of a quarter or so. I have an apothecary jar I put them in. I play with and sort them randomly.

⚜️ Vintage Buttons which I make into Button Bouquet Stems like these

Things that make me HAPPY

πŸ™‚ Peter Pan - Always Peter Pan

πŸ™‚ Anything from my favorites list

πŸ™‚ Anything with my name EVAN on it

πŸ™‚ Anthropomorphic Mice and Woodland Creatures

πŸ™‚ Kokeshi Dolls

πŸ™‚ 1920/30s Jazz Age, Lawn Parties, flappers, Depression Era and Prohibition Era

πŸ™‚ My American Girl Doll. Her name is Madge Ickel. She is an American Girl Kit Kittredge doll. She is mostly Depression Era, but I like to say she is a Time Traveler. She does kind of look like #13, doesn’t she? She's a 1920s girl living in a 2020s world.

πŸ™‚ Archery/Arrows - Olympic Rings, targets, etc

πŸ™‚ Starbucks

πŸ™‚ Marie Antoinette - Rococo, Florals, Gold leaf, Shabby Chic florals, toile,

πŸ™‚ Cute and vintage-y robots

πŸ™‚ Gudetama πŸ₯š

πŸ™‚ Disney - Mickey Mouse (especially Sorcerer Mickey), Donald Duck (I was him on ice), Pluto, Hei hei, Rex, Merida, Snow White, Peter Pan (any character from that movie), Tigerlily, Bruni, Figment, Duffy Bear and Friends. Star Wars - D-O, x-wings and mouse droids. Marvel - Captain Marvel, Loki, Scarlet Witch

πŸ™‚ Daiso stationery items, especially the Disney stuff! (really ANYTHING from Daiso...love this store!!)

Things I am wishing for

✨ Marie Antoinette (also shabby chic/cottagecore)

✨ Starbucks, Target, Daiso, Disney Store gift cards

✨ Anything from or inspired by my Profile or Wishlist above (if you own something and want to pass it on or if you can make or find it cheaper - please do)

✨ Archery/Arrows/Olympics

✨ 3/8" ribbon - 1 yard samples

✨ Pretty Hair Things for short fine hair


🚫 NO TOSS INs NOT PROFILE RELATED - We live a pretty minimalist lifestyle and lately I have been getting envies full of things that I have no use for. So, if you are putting toss-ins please be sure they are something from my lists above. If not, please do not send them, they are wasted on me. I do appreciate the effort, I just don’t keep things in my house that aren’t useful, and I usually end up sending them out on in RAKs and such, but lately it has been costing me a lot of money to do that. I would really rather not get them. If you aren’t sure, please ask. I would rather have a ruined surprise than get stuff that is not useful for me. (NOTE: This does not apply to swaps where random things are part of the swap) RAK If you are reading this and would like an envie of destash items (mostly swapbot type stuff - stationery, stickers, ephemera, etc) please message me. It is randomly filled. This offer will stay here as long as I have stuff to send off.

🚫ALLERGIES: Walnuts (other nuts are okay)

🚫Anything musty, strong perfume/incense or smoky smelling - it kills my senses and overwhelms me and goes in the garbage.

🚫AUTISM SPEAKS anything - puzzle pieces, blue pieces especially. This organization is not supportive of actually autistic people. I don’t agree with their philosophy, nor do they speak for me. (Advocating moment)

🚫 Propaganda of any kind

Autism Awareness

I am AUTISTIC. I get a lot of questions about being autistic. I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my world with you. (Everything I am sharing is my experience with autism, and may not be like other autistics you know. I am aware of this.)

Executive Function Disorder This is something that makes it hard to get from Point A to Point B in a task. Swap bot has actually been helpful in teaching me skills to remember things in everyday life. There are steps to everything!! For example, you probably don't think much when you take a shower, but I have to have a literal list to check off so I don't get out of the shower without remembering all the things I was supposed to do. It's not just about being distracted, it's a lot like walking down a trail, and getting so wrapped up in following a rabbit - you forget about the trail. This is my life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Special Interests Special interest are something autistic people have/do to help them focus their lives. This is not to be confused with hobbies. The difference between hobbies and special interest is when life gets too hectic/stressful I can stop a hobby. Swap bot is a hobby. Special interests on the other hand help me cope with the changes, hectic-ness and stresses of life. Stopping a special interest can/will lead to a meltdown. Usually when I am focused on a special interest I am happy and content. My special interests at the moment are...

  • Peter Pan - The book, the play, movies...you name it, I love it.
  • Acting/Making Movies - I love the whole process, and all the moving parts. Everything from writing to the watching on the big screen.
  • Disneyland - Specifically the history of the park. I do like other aspects of Disney, but Disneyland history is my jam.
  • Madge (my American Girl Doll) - I love being creative with her. She has an Instagram (link above)
  • Archery - I practice a few times a week, but it is becoming more and more, as I get better.
  • Marie Antoinette - Anything about Versailles and her era.

Stimming Stimming or self-stimulation is a form of repetitive movement used to help in coping with emotion and/or outward stimulations. Examples would be rocking, bouncing your leg, chewing on things, spinning...the list goes on and on. Most of the time I use it to help me concentrate on the task at hand. I also have echolalia responses, meaning I repeat a word, noise or phrase while I process something. I flap my hands or sway back and forth when I am excited or happy. I like to have small stuffed animals to pet and smoosh when I am stressed. A stim I love doing is Crocheting. The repetitive motion and the feel of the yarn are perfectly calming. These are all just examples of stimming I do.

Routine Being autistic, routine is very important to me. Deviations from my routine can lead to shutdown or meltdown. So, I work really hard at maintaining a comfortable safe space in which routine can be built and nurtured. I am not unyeilding to change, but it does take some adjustment time.

Function labels For people who value the respect and safety of autistics, here is something to avoid. It is seen as highly ableist. I am sure you have heard the labels "high/low" functioning, or mild/severe autism. These labels DO NOT describe the autistic person. They are used to describe the inconvenience of the autistic person on those around them. I am autistic. I have learned to cope with things that were tough as a child, but I did NOT outgrow my autism. I can participate in swap bot and work on a movie set, but not without tools to make it accessible for myself. I have a genius level IQ, but can't remember the steps to taking a shower. On that note, not all autistics are savants or love math - nor are they completely helpless.

Communication Every autistic has their own way of communicating. For example most of the time I prefer communicating via text or AAC, but I can talk verbally and usually will with people I know well. I will talk verbally if needed. It's just not my most effective form of communication. To respond to the question of now a non-verbal person can act in film, acting out a script is different, it uses a different part of my brain as well as literally scripting out what I say and when. That takes a lot of pressure off, that's for sure.

I try really hard to fulfill swaps properly and as personally as I can, but sometimes things get lost in translation. Sometimes, being autistic, I take things a bit too literal. Though I am not afraid to ask my husband for help defining "between the lines" things.

Ask Evan If you have any questions about autism, please ask. Just be aware that any answers are based on my experience, and may not be shared by the whole autistic community.


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Comment: Great answers, thank you!
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Comment: Thank you for the nice items especially the photo from your late mother in law. (βœΏβ—‘β€Ώβ—‘)
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Comment: Excellent swap as always. I enjoyed your happy mail, thank you!
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Comment: Thanks for the postcard & your Scattegories answers! We had 1 answer in common - the ocean (or really any body of water) is part of a perfect day for me too!
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Comment: I love all of my items! The photograph is beautiful, and what a wonderful way to honor your m-i-l's passion and art.
ddcats rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 13, 2021
Comment: The photo took my breathe away and I'm definitely matting and framing it! I sooo love nature photos and the clarity of it is absolutely amazing. Thank you for the chain, notepad, stickers and goodies. Besides the pic, the fish bowl sticker with water and a fishy in it will be turned into a magnet for my fridge. It'll go perfect with my cat magnets. I wish I could find stickers like that ❀️Thank you again. You made my day
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Comment: Thank you so much!! I love the card!!
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Comment: Thank you for the wonderful envelope full of goodies! That picture is amazing! Happy swapping!
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Comment: Thanks for all the goodies love the dragon fly stickers and the photo u used to make the envelope is gorgeous.
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Comment: Especially love the vintage post cards and the lovely note card. Thank you so much!
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Comment: I loved the picture on the card lots!
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Comment: Do you know where the picture was taken? I see cactuses. Washi tape is awesome. Cape Cod map, Penguin paper clip!! <3 Alice in wonderland piece of paper, post its, abc stickers, and a thank you card. Thank you for all the goodies!
Response: It should say on the back of the card. if not I think it was in Arizona.
maureen97 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 8, 2021
Comment: The picture card is lovely - thank you for sending something so heartfelt!!
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Comment: Thank you for the beautiful swap
Comment: Hi Evan, Thank You for the pasta, princess book , and the art book. I look forward to making the pasta dish and I know I will be able to use the 2 little books. Thanks again! Barbara, sleepingrover2010

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Tysm for the AMAZING LGBTQ+ stickers ( my gf will love the trans one) and notecard! ❀️🌈❀️ WW-Aug

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Your Mind Is A Garden

Your Thoughts Are The Seeds

You Can Grow Flowers


You Can Grow Weeds

I dont know who create this saying but I have always loved it :) Hope you enjoy it too!


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