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Date Joined: September 10, 2010
Last Online: November 20, 2012
Birthday: May 8
Country: United States

Favorite Crafts

Hello fellow swappers!! I am an Artisan. I have made Art and Crafts basically my whole life. I come from an artistic family. I like all kinds of Art(drawing (graphite/colored pencil/ink/markers) /watercolor/oil painting/ceramics/sculpture/applied design-fiber arts(weaving, stitchery), and printmaking (mainly silk-screening)/jewelry. Crafts of all kinds,sewing,knitting,crochet,embroidery/cross-stitch,painting, jewelry/beading. I like creating my own designs and patterns. I like green-crafts,nature crafts.I do like miniatures, mainly collect cats( any kind/type...including toys). I also collect craft, art, and how-to books/magazines. I love Art dolls,ATC, collage and altered anything like books/clothes/accessories,etc.

Favorite Television

Modern Family,Big-Bang Theory,NCIS,CSI Miami,CSI NY,CSI,Wipeout!,Monk,Masterpiece Theater...as in Miss Marple/Dickens/Jane Austen/Sherlock Holmes/Dr.Who/Mr.Bean/Inspector Lewis/ Midsomer Murders/Law-n-Order/ CI,A&E,DiscoveryChannel,Mythbusters,NOVA,Histories Mysteries,Food Network,HGTV,DYI,I Love Lucy,Animal Planet,Some Sci-Fi,Orig.Star Trek,Macgyver,Desperate Housewives,Classic Cartoons,sometimes Dancing w/the Stars and America's got Talent,The Muppet Show,The Dinosaurs,Jim Henson's work,Good Magic shows,Ellen,Dr.OZ,Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart/Americas Funniest Videos.

Favorite Movies

Nothing dark or extreme,not into gore.

Star Wars,Indiana Jones, Wizard of Oz,To Wong Foo:Thanks for Everything, Julie Nuemar,Julie/Julia,Classics,Christmas Story,The Element,Good Silly Comedies,Home Alone,Good Action/Martial Arts films like Transporter.Jackie Chan/Bruce Willis/Clint Eastwood/Harrison Ford films.Harry Potter Series,Disney like Toy Story,Little Mermaid, Beauty n the Beast,National Treasure,The Mummy,Lord of the Rings, Some suspense/mystery/ghost n horror flicks/westerns/sci-fi.Rocky Horror Picture Show.Big fan of Wallace and Gromit/Sean the Sheep/Nightmare before Christmas(Tim Burton)/

Favorite Books

Just about any book or magazine having to do with Crafts/How-to/Art/Knitting-Crochet/Embroidery/jewelry/poly-clay/Sewing/making soft dolls/art dolls/fabric/altered arts,etc

Woman's World,Family Circle,Woman's Day,Better Homes & Garden's,Somerset Studios type of magazines.

Health-Diet such as books by Ann Gittleman/Jillian Michaels/Dr.Oz/ Prevention/Health & Fitness/Clean Eating magazines.

Crafts business and E-bay.

Romance novels:read mainly Lisa Kleypas/Kasey Michaels/Jo Beverley/Mary Blalogh/Debbie Macomber. Mysteries by Kasey Michaels/Maggie Sefton's knitting series.

Educational like the"Dummy","Idiot","Everything" series books. Eyewitness series,Recycling,household tips,cookbooks/Science,inventions/Make/Instructables,business.

Classics like Dickens, Jane Austen. Children's books; classic and modern.

Journals/Sketchpads/Diaries/Notebooks/Notepads/Calendars(new or old)/cards/pcs.

Interesting stamps of any kind.Cards from other countries like the Loteria & Spanish playing cards.

Favorite Music

As long as it's good, I pretty much like a lot of different kinds of music except for blue-grass,acid rock,none of the screaming stuff.

I like true classic Rock-n-Roll/progressive country/classical/latin/jazz/pop/opera.The Beatles/Elvis/Michael Jackson/Usher/Faith Hill/Selena/Mariah Carey/Aerospace/Queen/Dolly Parton/Barry Manilow/Christina Aquilera/HarryConnickJr./Cher/Pink/Earth,Wind,&Fire,Chicago/Garth Brooks/

Also love to listen to broadway-musicals(just about anything Andrew Lloyd Weber has done, also Rogers an Hammerstein, and some movie scores...like HairSpray,Mama Mia.

All time favorite scores: Somewhere in Time/Edelweiss/Music of the Night/

About Me

I am the mother of two boys,,,1grown 1 growing like a weed. Baby boomer born w/one foot in the past one in the future.Young at heart. Love adventure and trying new things (within reason).

I love to go to Art & Craft fairs. Quilt shows. I like to go to re-sale shops, thrift stores, garage-sales, and on occasion either curb-side hunting or dumpster diving...(haven't done these last two in quite awhile...but when I did, I found expensive Mac-tools and two antique chairs to re-do). I love to go to hardware stores n junk-yards.. they have sooo many interesting items.Whether they are store-bought or home-made;I just LOVE Tools!! :)

I love learning about almost everything. I think sometimes I am a closet-geek.LOL. Like Science/Biology/Nature/Mother Earth type-stuff.

I like sports,esp.baseball but like to participate more than watch.

I like practically all kinds of animals but I love cats and collect all-type of cat items(jewelry/mugs/t-shirts/figs/towels/sweaters/toys/figures). I also collect the occasional teddy-bear(cute or realistic).

I like all kinds of "doo-dads" like bubbles, buttons, stamps, tags, etc. So surprise me! :)

I have a bunch of real cats/dogs.

I am very patriotic. Born and raised Texan although I don't live the "cowgirl" lifestyle. I have dark brown hair/eyes.

My favorite colors are blue/purple/green/pink/orange/red/yellow. Pastels are ok too.

I have pierced ears...not allergic to costume jewelry...but avoid wearing heavy pcs. Neck chain needs to be 18-20inches at least..ideally 24..but not nec.

I wear size XL or XXL t-shirts/sweatshirts. I love soft/silky/cool feeling fabrics but I also like fleece. Practically live in jeans or shorts and sneakers. Will do high-maintenance when called for but prefer to be comfortable.

Spiritual but Please no heavy religious or end-of-world propaganda or any type of "hate/angry/grunge paraphernalia". I do like Day-of-the-Dead items and classic religious Art; like from the Renaissance .

I love greenery and flowers. Favorite flowers:Daisies. Like hard candy such as Jolly Ranchers(fav flavor:watermelon) but allergic to chocolate(Husband would enjoy it).

Like coffee/Teas. Like baking more...nut breads/pies/cookies.

Please nothing w/Aspertame/MSG. Natural sugar/ingredients ok. Artificial Strawberry gives me headaches;but love real Strawberries. Like all kinds of berries.

Like real lemonade/pink grapefruit/orange.

Artificial Vanilla smell annoys me...I don't know why...I am fine with the real stuff.

I love to eat nuts-seeds-trail mixes-nut bars,cookies.

Love warm apple/cinnamon/pumpkin-spice scents.Light clean scents like roses or citrus types are nice but no pine,too green or strong florals. Eucalyptus good for Winter colds.


I WILL leave comment or send PM letting you know when I have sent out swap...but keep in mind...I occasionally have trouble with my system where I live. My goal is to send out swaps at least a day earlier than deadline unless the date is significant...like 10/10/10 PC Swap...or I get delayed by something...like a creative disaster and have a re-do time crunch or sometimes my "real job" takes more of my time.(Or more recently, bizarre postal issues w/Brazil???. ) I will rate asap after swaps are received. I will not rate less than a 5 without contacting partner/coordinator 1st...If it's a no-show w/o ANY kind of contact...then it will be a 1 rating. I hope you will contact me 1st BEFORE you rate me if you have not received swap or are disappointed in any way with it so I may have a chance to take care of issue. I WILL NOT flake ANYONE intentionally.

If you don't hear from me right away...it might be as simple as server being down or happen to be at work alot, or Internet inaccessible from where I might be at the time. Anything more serious than that, I have told my husband to notify Swap-Bot. I really love this web-site and I welcome any advice w/making my swaps better.

Favorite Animals

Cats,cats,cats! Love them all! Cute/Cartoon/Real...Big cats/Domestic cats...

Giraffes,Elephants,Wooly Mammoths,Owls,Raccoons,Seals,Manatees,Penguins,Grizzly Bears,Monkeys,Horses,African Grey Parrots,Falcons,Hawks,Bald Eagle,Flamingos,Turtles,Frogs,Dolphins,Dogs(I have Golden Retriever +Lab+Dalmation mix dogs=looks like Golden Labs) :)

Cuttlefish:I find them fascinating.

Favorite Games/Pastimes

I love to play Scrabble/Chess/Baseball/Crossword puzzles/Cryptograms (get the occasional multi-puzzle type magazines)/challenging board games and puzzles.

I love to go to the library/museums/nature walks/travel/visit historical sites-monuments,etc.

Garage sailing,re-sale/Antique/$1/hardware stores/craft & quilt shows.


My profile is just that, a profile. To be used for the purpose of communicating what I am like. It is not intended to intimidate or demand anything from anyone. I will edit on occasion and welcome any feedback.

There are a few comments about allergy and propaganda issues. Some of the things I don't care for others may, I don't have an issue with that.

I only expect to receive swaps as per the requirements listed per Swap-bot rules.

Please forgive me when I send "extras" and they are not "your-cup-of-tea"...especially if I may have over-looked it in you profile or if your profile is updated after I read it...please either donate or pass the item(s) to someone else that would enjoy them. I have no intentions of deliberately offending anyone.

Anything you send/share/create will be greatly appreciated. I just love to get mail! :)

And so does my youngest, Garth is 15yrs old and he LOVES to open my swaps. He wanted to join Swap-bot but of course he's too young.He only gets mail from my mom, Boy Scout magazine,Lego Magazine, and the occasional surprise mail from me...so if you would be so kind and to say a hi to him sometime...it would make his day!

(((Update:Thanks again to all of you that have gone out of your way to think of my son. He sends out {{{Hugs}}} and many Thanks!!:)...if he could he would physically hug each of you!:)

Garth is VERY Artistic..he has been drawing since he could hold a crayon/ pencil. He has designed his own playing cards/comics/and all kinds of creatures-super heroes. He won several best design contests as a Cub Scout...including a t-shirt design for a Summer Camp. He is now a Boy Scout and plays/studies the Drums(full trap-set)...very musically inclined.

Update:1/2 way there to becoming an Eagle Scout. Recently inducted to the Order of the Arrow. Has completed NYLT. New update:He was elected Senior Patrol Leader.

He is a Great Kid w/a Big Heart. He has always had a Great Sense of Self. He gets along with younger children and older adults; let alone those of his own age. He tends to be more serious and conservative than most boys his age.(( Thank-you God!! )) :) He takes care of his Mama when needed...I CAN count on him...very responsible young man. :)

In case you might want to swap or send extras, these are the types of things he likes...he pretty much has the same likes of movies/tv shows I like. Anything Art related. Uses alot of pens/markers/pencils/notebooks/sketch books/journals. He prefers classic Rock-n-Roll...and just LOVES!!LOVES!! LOVES!!THE BEATLES!! :)

Update: because of Swap-bot...we both discovered Zentangles and Garth really took to them;he is currently working on his own designs.

He loves Yu-gi-oh cards(collecting & playing),Manga,Legos,Bionicles(even bits-n-pcs,basically anything you can build with...he likes to design his own creatures)/Halo(game ) items,robots,Sudoku,and card/board games.

He is allergic to chocolate. He wants to start collecting stamps/pcs from around the world. If any one is interested in swapping with him...esp.Yu-gi-oh cards please PM me.


user6937 rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter O on Mar 20, 2012
Comment: Bastet59 hasn't been on this site since Jan 27, so hasn't been reading my pm's about not getting this swap.
runnerbean84 rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter M on Jan 3, 2012
Comment: Thankyou for such a wonderful swap! Me and my daughters were thrilled with the package. I've had a bit of a rough time over the last few months and your package has really perked me up, so Thankyou! Also, aside from anything else, the actual ATC is absolutely amazing aswell! xxx
ladycregga rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter L on Dec 29, 2011
Comment: Oh this poor little boy and little tummy!!!! :-( I think that this one might be my favorite one..but the swap is still young!! Thank you for the package and all the little goodies...still not sure if I can eat that worm lollypop though. ! will keep you posted:-)
Comment: Oh how I love getting your cards!!!! The time and care you put into them makes it worth the wait! I hope that 2012 is a better year for everyone in your life!!
biggirlssweets rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 29, 2011
Comment: Gorgeously 'pimped' post card! I love it - especially the awesome line, "Allow Nothing To Worry You". We ALL need to keep that in mind, don't we? I also wrote something similar to you on my cards - Hope to see you in 12.12.12! Great minds...hehehe. Thank you!
Response: Hi Kate!:) 1st PC I have sent to your country.:) Would love to travel there one day. I am glad you liked the PC. I am so thrilled to know I have you as a PC partner...I mean what are the odds? Too cool if it happens again next year! Great minds with great timing!:) Thanks for rating & Heart<3!!:) Happy Swapping!Ciao!:)
caribouranch rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 27, 2011
Response: Hi caribouranch!:) I hope to see you next 121-12-12 swap! Thanks for rating.Happy Swapping!!Ciao!:)
Ztax rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 27, 2011
Comment: Thank you Anita ! You can tell your niece Zoë that I love horses too! But I'm really not an expert like she is. take care !
Response: Hi Zoe!:) So glad to know you got the PC! Will tell my niece you are a kindred spirit. She recently took her graduation picture and chose to wear her dressage outfit.:) Yeah, it's that horse-blood in her veins!LOL! Thank-you for rating & Heart <3!!Hope to see you next 12-12-12 Swap!Happy Swapping!!Ciao!:)
Miamort rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 24, 2011
Comment: I enjoyed reading your message, I'm always glad when people write something on the postcard. It's kinda windy in Finland and the first snow fell to the ground about week ago. It's so exiting to see whether it will be very snowy winter or not! :)
MargeGoh rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 21, 2011
Comment: Hello Anita, thanks a lot for the beautiful postcard....I like it very, very much :). In Malaysia we experience warm & wet weather the whole year round; now due to monsoon season it is raining almost everyday.
Response: Hi MargeGoh!:) I am so lucky my Intl PCs have arrived so soon. So glad you liked it.:) It has gotten warm again and humid. It is supposed to rain today...and then get cold at night...go figure!LOL! I don't know if I could handle your weather all yr round. I would need it to get cold some time. I hope your staying dry making swaps.:) Thank-you for rating & Heart<3!! Happy Swapping!Ciao!:)
GirlFriday rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 19, 2011
Comment: I got a mix of countries too! It is exciting. Thank you for the 11-11 PC
Response: Hi GirlFriday!:) Do you have any idea YOU are my 100th "5" rating!!YAY!! Thank-you so much for the rating & the Heart<3!!:) So glad you liked the PC. Happy Swapping!!Ciao!:)
luluvision rated for 100,000! on Nov 17, 2011
Comment: oh Anita! What an absolutely lovely package you sent! The outside package is great! I love the Ernie box and filled with fun stuff! And the extras! You went above and beyond for this swap! I love the socks and the fabric and the notepad! Thank you so much! wish I could give you more than 1 heart!
Response: Hi luluvision!:) I am sooo glad you liked it...I was little worried about it until I saw your fliker pics and saw that you like to create using all kinds of mediums. I figured a little Ernie that was also functional would be the way to go for you. Thank-you sooo much for your lovely comments, rating,& <3!! Here's to the next 100000 Swaps!! Happy Swapping!!Ciao!:)
ina rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 17, 2011
Comment: Thanks for your wonderful card.Swap Bot is magic too,mailing with strangers all over the world.See you at 12-12-12 in my mailbox.groetjes,Ina.
Response: Hi Ina!:) Wow! I didn't expect your card to get there for 2wks or more. I am impressed w/our-your mail service.:) Thank-you for your lovely comments, rating,&<3!! Happy Swapping!! Until next year....Ciao!:)
Jess18877 rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 17, 2011
Comment: Hi Anita, Thank you so much for your altered card. I love this swap a lot! Nice to see all those cards from all over the world! You wrote that your husband might have an rolodex punch for me which he doesn't use anymore. You would make me the happiest girl!! I would be so glad to receive it! Let's keep in touch and hope to see you at 12-12-12 pc swap! ~Jessica
Response: Hi Jess18877! You are my 2nd Netherlands PC that got there like...asap...I am so surprised and truly impressed how fast it got there. About the rolodex punch....I will PM you as soon as we get it out of storage. He's gone to teach at a Scout Leader training camp for a week but I will get it to you asap. Thank-you sooo much for comments, rating ,& <3Heart!! Happy Swapping!! Ciao!:)
ladylouie rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 16, 2011
Comment: Cool Postcard. thanks
Response: Hi ladylouie!:) So glad you liked it. Thanks for rating! Hope to see you next year 12-12-12. Happy Swapping!!Ciao!:)
fairieangel80 rated for Between US & the Kids on Nov 15, 2011
Comment: sorry for the delay on your package ,but i hope you all liked the stuff
Response: Hi faireangel80! Thanks for sending. I did like your stuffed box.I was surprised when I received it. I hope you and your son liked yours as well. Thanks for updating the swap & rating.Happy Swapping!!Ciao!:)
Comment: Wow, your fantastic ATC takes my breath away ! Love it !You have great talent and taste . It is so kind and generous of you to have sent all the cool little extras to! MANY THANKS!
Response: Hi yesh!:) So glad you liked it. I had been doing alot of Day of Dead related swaps and this was a fun one to do. Kinda reminded me of coloring books but you make your own design. Thank-you so much for your lovely comments, rating & Heart<3!!Happy Swapping!!Ciao!:)
Karenmomofthree rated for A GNOTE from a GNOME on Oct 7, 2011
Comment: UM HELLO YOU ARE AN AWESOME SWAPPER 1 Million hearts for you. I am truly touched and moved by all the effort you put into this swap, I am beside myself. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am blown away!
Response: Hi Karenmomofthree! :) So glad to know you got it all. Franklin is glad you liked it and wishes we could have found a little Gnome friend to add to your collection...but alas...down here in the South they don't tend to be around until Spring time. Franklin is alsoVERY happy with all the lovely comments about his human.We hope to see you again in more Gnome swaps.Thanks for the rating & Heart<3!! Happy Swapping!Ciao!:)
MonkeyKnitter rated for Gorey Alphabet ATC -Letter J on Sep 21, 2011
Comment: Oh - My - Goodness!!! Your ATC is so AWESOME!!!!! I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) All your extra goodies were so thoughtful and profile targeted and I thank you! But my heart is for your ATC alone. It is clever, perfectly creepy and so well done. :) Thanks again! Heather
Response: Hi MonkeyKnitter!!:) Soooo glad you liked it. I kept trying to get my son to model for it, but finally used a younger boy for the sketch. Originally, I was going to have it look old-timey..with him doing the wash outside in a tub...and reaching for a "drink"...and picking up the wrong one. I think this drawing was simpler, subtle, and just like you said, "creepy"...and to the point. I hope you signed up for the next Gorey ATC K swap. Maybe we will get each other again.:) Thank-you for rating & the Heart<3!!!Happy Swapping!!Ciao!:)
janski48 rated for Day of the Dead matchbox shrine on Sep 16, 2011
Comment: I am so blown away by your beautiful matchbox you made for me! It is SOOOO Awesome! I really appreciate all the hard work and detail you put into this swap! The letter you wrote telling me about the box is awesome too, and I learned a few things I didn't know!!! I would give many hearts to you if I could!! It will have be displayed right out front after I get done showing it to all my friends and family! :) Thanks so much~ :)
Response: Hi janski48!:) I am soooo glad you liked it!:) I don't remember if I told you but this is my 3rd matchbox I have made. I really enjoy the challenge of "minimalist art". I have learned, over and over again, the more "research" I do for my idea the better the execution. It has been great to "re-visit" Frida; she has been influencing several of my recent swaps. Thank-you for all the lovely comments...this is the 1st thing I have read this morning...you have made MY DAY!!:) Hope you have a GREAT DAY TOO!:) Thanks for the rating & the Heart<3!!Happy Swapping!Ciao!:)
mandymo rated for AltEreD Bottle or jar-USA only on Sep 6, 2011
Comment: Gasp! OMG! This is the coolest swap ever! THis was my reaction when I opened the bottle you sent to me. I have an entire collection of Day of the Dead stuff and this art bottle is now the crowning glory of the collection. I LOVE it. It is sooooooooo amazing! THank you so much for all of the time and talent you put into this swap. I wish I could give you a thousand hearts. I will love it forever and ever and ever and ever. . .
Response: Hi mandymo!:) Awwww...you are soooo sweet....Thank you for all the lovely compliments. YOU have made MY DAY!:)....I am flattered that you like the bottle enough to give it such a special honor in your collection. Thanks!!:) Thanks so much for the rating & Heart<3!!Happy Swapping! Ciao!:)

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