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piratejimbob87 on Sep 1, 2017:

Now that you've logged in today maybe you could:
Rate me for "Ratings Booster PC"
Send me something for "Random PC International #3", and I'll change the rating.


EmilyT on Jul 7, 2017:

Please stop signing up for new swaps when you have so many overdue that you haven't sent. Of the 18 you're signed up for, as of July 8th, I believe two are due today and 15 are overdue. Plus now you're up to 3 ones....

I'm sorry, I was willing to give you another chance but now this situation is worse. I can not let you into the cross stitch group nor in postcard swaps.

I do hope you get caught up and fulfill your obligations but I cannot swap with you in the future.

piratejimbob87 on Jun 30, 2017:

Random PC International #3, due 19/6/17. Hi you still haven't marked this as sent, nor have I received anything yet.

EmilyT on May 20, 2017:

When your two 1's become 3's then I can accept you into BCS group. Please pm the partners directly to get addresses if needed. They are both currently active on swap bot. I did angel the art pc, but if you also pm dada and send maybe she'll change rating to a 3.

Crispycritter on Apr 21, 2016:

Hello To All

My apologies to those whose swaps I was late in sending. At Christmas I picked up a virus and it has hung on until now - April. Doctors told me I would have to ride it out. I tried to let as many people know as I could that I would be late but just couldn't get it all done. Have never felt this unable to do anything before. Sorry for any messages I missed. I believe I have replied to all. Also, all my swaps have been mailed and I'm working on getting my mail read and rated. I just realized that I could have let the Swap Master know I was going to be late but the brain never even thought of that. Chris crispycritter

anrtist on Apr 6, 2016:

WHY ARE YOU SO LATE on so many swaps on your dash? 3 are swaps from one of my groups... DID you let everyone know you were not sending those FEB SWAPS????

lou on Mar 29, 2016:

Please read your messages, you haven't sent WIYM group swaps.

Verdigris on Jan 4, 2016:

Hi Chris! Hope your New Year is amazing! <3

dvmac on Dec 20, 2015:

Read My Profile and Leave a Nice Comment swap

Hi Chris

I remember you from a swap we did before. I sent you some postcards.

Congratulations on your long-lasting marriage. My wife and I are close behind you. We will reach the 40 year mar in June.

I like your comment about housework. Maybe you should just give up and turn it over to Dick.

Are you having any luck organizing your pcs?

We'eve enjoyed a very mild winter so far here in Minnesota. I hope you are too.

Happy swapping and Merry Christmas!

Dave - dvmac

StagKing on Dec 19, 2015:

Hello hello Chris (love the SB ID)! I know how you feel about getting into more crafty things, I have a large collection of supplies, but no time at the moment! I also like to collect things from all over and living in a small apartment is doing me any favors. :) You have such a informative yet succinct profile which gives off this wonderful vibe about you. I hope you and your family are doing well as winter sets in, personally I'm looking forward to some snow! I hope you are having a lovely weekend and have been having a fantastic holiday season! Best, Megan - StagKing - Read My Profile and Leave a Nice Comment swap

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