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This is me:-)

2021 Christmas Card swap partners, this year I am going to open all of my Christmas card swaps on Christmas morning. So I ask that you please indicate the swap name on the envie reverse. Thank you in advance🎄🧑🏼‍🎄

image image Yay! I am celebrating 5 years here on Swapbot!! It has been my great joy meet so many wonderful partners out there in Swapbot Land! Here's to another 5 more years!!

December 2020, allow me to thank Swap-bot for this group of swappers who have helped me thru this weird year. It has truly been my great blessing to be a part of mailing and receiving encouragement to others.

October 2020, Being quarantined so much, I am REALLY into coloring in the Adult coloring books, so any coloring pages would guarantee you a Heart.

July 2014 I rescued a female Chihuahua that I named Sheeba. She is the delight of my life. I rescued her, but I say she rescued me right back.

June 2014 I have been involved with SB since Feb. 2013. I have enjoyed walking to my mail box each day with great expectations of snail mail. My mailbox does not disappoint. On top of that I hopefully, am also making another’s mailbox somewhere around the world a happy place too!

If you're wondering what to write, tell me about something that I have to do/see in your neck of the woods, or tell me which (historical) person you’d like to meet and why!

-OR- you could write me your favorite quote/scripture of encouragement:-)

Since I am an empty nester I tend to spend more me time and SB is my choice of drug. Plastic canvas stitching is my second choice. I also enjoy:

Pocket Letter Pals Cooking--studying my Bible —-ATCs --Zentangles--Zines--Pinterest--crafting--nature

Music of all kinds, except heavy metal and NOT hard rock. I don't like music that you cannot understand the words because they are screaming to sing. I just don't enjoy that.

The sound the wind makes when it is rustling thru the trees or blowing outside. It is music to my ears. ( Many thanx to "seekingjoytoday" psithurism - the sound of wind in the trees and rustling of leaves)

Photography-there aren't too many subject matters that I pass by that I don't stop and take a photo.

I have raised 2 boys who both joined the Army. My children are my world, but when they grow up and move away what then? Well that is exactly what I am trying to figure out. My husband is civil service and prior Air Force. We met in NY, married, lived there 14 yrs. moved to Florida in 95' and then in 98' we moved to Illinois. My husband is retired.

I am an Air Force brat, oldest of 6 kids who live scattered thru out the states. When I was younger I hated moving with Dad's job, but now I am glad for the experience to have lived in Taiwan, Turkey, & several different states.

I have had several jobs mostly in sales and public customer service. When we moved here to IL. I worked as a secretary at a church in the children's dept. 14 yrs., the longest position I've held in one spot. While there I taught preschoolers, elementary, adult Bible studies and a guest speaker at different events. One of my greatest joys in life was teaching and investing in children's lives and watching them grow. I taught 5th graders the timeline of the Bible for 8 yrs. I participated in MANY discipleship events, VBS, Kids Kamp, Sunday school, Creation vs. Evolution, and so many more.

I have the gifts of administration, teaching, hospitality, & service. My personality is a choleric lion.


I would l appreciate any of these themes:


Adult Coloring Pages


words of encouragement

Any brochure, page, visitor's info on your country, state, or area

Your favorite Bible verse if you have one

I am president of our HOA & would love to hear any interesting story you might have of your own about HOA's

Sunflower or just flowers in general, Daisy, pansy, magnolia,

Cows, cowboys, boots & saddle


Postage stamps (used)

Birds, Owls, birdhouses, feathers, cardinal blue bird, eagles, hawk, peacock, chicken, most any bird,

Ocean, sand, sun, surf, & seashells

I collect Box tops for education off of food boxes

Rubber stamped images from your collection

Humor, smiles & more humor

Hands, feet, faces, & EYES images


Butterflies & wings

Red Hat Society

Black & White themes with a burst of color

Trees, nature, pinecones, rocks

Art, abstract art, stautes

Nativities of any medium

Magazine cutouts of any of my likes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE receiving decorated envies


Confetti is one thing but PLEASE do NOT include loose glitter in your swaps to me. Just too messy for this ole’ chic:-)

Please, please, please NO friendship books. Not my bag.

I'd hate to make a list of things I "dislike", because all swaps that are sent to me are appreciated- It puts a smile on my face knowing that someone took the time out of their day to send me something!

I cannot help but wonder why if a partner is going to take the time to rate a swap received, that they don't write a line about the swap. A simple 5 rating leaves it open to so much interpretation. Call me silly, but I would much rather a partner tell me that my swap just did not float their boat. Hey it happens. Not everyone I swap with is going to like my swaps. One can only hope for that, but that is life. I do try to put some thought into my swaps and include tuck-ins as I am able.

If nothing else write about the weather or some event happening in your area at that point in time.

So to just get a plain empty 5 rating is beyond me. Sorry if it seems as tho I am complaining, just saying what I feel.

Cowardness & unkindness of others. I don't know what I don't know. Tell me if you don't like my swap and I will be happy to resend something that you might like.

Profanity. I think only small minds swear.

Not into to the darkness of goth or satan. However, I do respect the right of others to their own opinions.

"I DO NOT LIKE FLAKERS. IT IS STEALING. Therefore, I do not flake". Says it all for me. Quote by: Hollycarole92

(Flake- is a new term for me since I joined swapbot. My husband says that I am "flakey", little did I know there was another definition for that word. duh, LOL


I always say:, "cake is nice, but pie says I love you"

"The worst they can do is say 'NO'' so just ask.

"When it comes to the kids, if they are not drawing blood they are just fine."

"if you are coming to see me, come any time, if you are coming to see my house, make an appointment."

Dr. Phil says, "You teach people how to treat you." Also, in choosing your behavior, you choose the consequences.

Thoughts on Swapping:

"In a community of inspired, thoughtful, and artistic swappers, I believe we should show each other kindness, grace, and understanding. We all have enough stressors in our lives outside of swap-bot--let's not let swap-bot become one of those stressors instead of the joy it is meant to be!" quote by isabellasnow, ditto!

Since I began with Swap-bot partners have been more than generous, thoughtful and kind to help me in the understanding of SB Land. I totally appreciate the kindness everyone in Swap-bot land who has helped me along my way. Will be paying that forward by helping other "newbies".

I also do not mind ANGELING for others, so if you need one and I am able to do it, I would be happy to do so. :-)

If you do not receive something form me, please message me before rating, I will do the same. I ALWAYS send. If you did not receive something, please Let Me Know so I can re-send. If you don't have your stuff 3 weeks from "sent date" internationally (or less for the USA), please let me know! I do appreciate comments when you rate.

A word about ratings: If you are going to be late sending me your swap, a quick pm message would be greatly appreciated.

I usually check my sent swaps to insure I have received all my swaps so that I can Archive the swap.

I will only send you ONE pm message about your swap being late (according to the last date sent). If I do not hear back from you I will rate 1. If I do receive your swap, I will rerate a 3. That is it. I like to exercise Mercy & Grace as well as the next person. But I personally feel if you cannot do me the courtesy of a pm about your tardiness then that is what the rating system is for. (I do try to take into account overseas time mail travel).

As for the post date on any of my swaps, my definition of sent is this: Out of my hands and in the postal system hands. Now, if I drive to the drive thru at the post office after 4 p.m. and mail something, I do believe it may get posted the next day's date. Also on the weekend, if something is mailed after 2 p.m. on Saturday it is posted the following Monday's date. When I have to mail like this, I will pm you about the date sent.

Now knowing what I have stated as my definition of "sent date" I do make every effort to get my swaps out in the mail prior to the sent date. I no longer use the latest date to be sent as my to do list on getting them out. As you know tho, sometimes life happens and even with the best of intentions I do not accomplish this.

If you want to express to me something about a swap that I did/didn't do please pm me. I appreciate you letting me know about your thoughts. Most people do not appreciate such comments, but I do. If someone doesn't let another know when something bothers them how is anyone to know?

Local Friendships:

I would love to find some local buds who want to explore all those things here in Tullahoma & southern central Tennessee area that we just don’t make the time for. I'm accustomed to travelling so if anyone wants to meet and combine it with exploring some cool areas nearby or just explore a few fun local places I am in.

If you have read this far, I say thank you! I know this profile is long but, I prefer to have more than less. One can choose to not read it all, is up to the reader. Have a blessed day!

THANX Candyn29

Thank you for sharing with me how to post an image on another person's comment section. I can't tell you how I have fretted over doing this. Now it seems so simple to me. You are and have been a sweeeeet blessing to me!!!

From @Candyn29 profile:

adding photos (for members if the need help)


you have to start the markdown with a ! exclamation point and put the word image in brackets [image] and the image URL between these things ( )

to find a photo, go to google type in what you want and browse images.

right click an image and it says copy image URL or image GIF you can do gif if its a moving pic. so copy that, bring it to your profile for a trial run (make sure it looks good and fits the space for comment section. you can delete it after. If you wanna share that image w/ many after you get it typed/pasted in just click copy and that way you dont have to enter all the stuff over.


lynnpinkdaisy rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on Jun 20, 2024
Comment: Thank you for all the neat things you sent for this swap. Your dad has lived such a long life so far! If he was to write a book of all he's seen and experienced, it would be a best seller!
pbcquiltlover rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on Jun 18, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much! <3
ladyaduial rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on Jun 10, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much!
Alexb rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on Jun 6, 2024
Comment: Wowsers what an amazing envelope! Thank you so much for everything and the lovely note.
Honeybee203 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on Jun 5, 2024
JenZen5 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 30, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the great envelope filled with goodies. I love the Florida postcard! Even though I live here I just do not have many. I've always wanted a 'Greetings From Florida" postcard for my collection. The pizza zine is awesome and I love the handmade envelopes. Thank you for all of it! Have a wonderful day.
blinger2008 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 30, 2024
Comment: thanks for all the fun stuff! i love the pizza zine!
klover rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 29, 2024
Comment: Hi Ellie:-) Thank you for the envelope of fun!:-)
Response: Thank you for rating🌻
Leekoba rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 28, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the assortment of goodies :D And handwritten note! Thoughtful! Happy Swapping!
Response: It always makes a swap a bit more personal when written note is included. Thank you for rating🌻
Gardenbird73 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 27, 2024
Comment: Hi Ellie! Thank you for the fun goodies and all of the cool postcards! ❤️
Response: So glad you liked them. Thank you for rating🌻
spicemom rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 27, 2024
Comment: Hi Ellie Thank you for the goodies Spicemom
Response: Thank you for rating🌻
Sabrina573 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 27, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the swap. I have really enjoyed being a part of the Swap-bot community. Thank you for the great bookmarks and postcards. The minion stickers are adorable!
Response: Glad you liked what I sent. Thank you for rating🌻
Cindymt rated for Encourage Me on May 26, 2024
Comment: Thanks!
Response: Thank you for rating🌻
Panda1122 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 26, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the very nice items! (‾◡◝)
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for rating🌻
catlingmex rated for Zine a Gnome on May 26, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the cute zine, the gnome memo sheets, and for hosting this swap and encouraging me to participate in it!
Response: Glad you joined. Thank you for rating🌻
inventacharm rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 25, 2024
Comment: Thank you for all the goodies! Especially the pizza zine and fashion postcard. <3
Response: You are welcome. And who want like pizza. Thank you for rating🌻
DParker85 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 25, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much!
Response: You are most welcome. Thank you for rating🌻
meganimal rated for Stuff the Mailbox #49 on May 25, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the fun coloring pages! :)
Blufox421 rated for Zine a Gnome on May 23, 2024
Comment: thank you for creating this swap, love the zine
jamicam rated for Encourage Me on May 23, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the encouraging notecard! Much appreciated
Response: You are most welcome. Thank you for rating🌻

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