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I believe I have one more swap I need to send, and 2 envelopes that came back that I had sent out earlier. I will take care of them as soon as I can. If I haven't rated you yet, I promise I will. I am not going to be doing any swaps until Donna has stabilized for significant period of time, and I have caught up on the rest of my life. Swaps are only the beginning of what I am behind on...My house is a disaster! I would appreciate any blessings, prayers, good thoughts from whatever spiritual belief you may have. Donna and I need all the help we can get.

My friend who I take care of has taken a turn for the worse again. She had emergency surgery a couple of weeks ago. to fix her bowel problem...maybe it was 3 weeks ago....it all blends together. Anyway, she was there for a week or so, then came home and was doing well for awhile. Then she had a GI bleed, and aspirated. Fortunately I had arranged my schedule from my other job to be off the entire week after she came home, so I was there when it happened. Off to the ER, and she has been in ICU ever since, and I haven't seen much of my home since then.

I am using a computer at the hospital right now. She just today has started to stabilize, and pulled her own breathing tube out. Amazingly, she is breathing well on her own. I thought we were going to have to start making end of life decisions today. She's still not out of the woods yet, but I think I can sleep in my own bed tonite. I am not going to be doing any swapping until she is stable, and I can count on being able to function in a normal fashion.

Thanks for thinking of me. Fran


I am really sorry. I really can't excuse how behind I am. I can only say my elderly roommate has been in the hospital AGAIN, and alost died AGAIN. She is home now, and we are trying to get her strong enough to have surgery to remove part of her colon, which is apparently causing these infections, I don't really understand how. They also think the masses are cancerous.

I am home today, and I am working on getting the swaps out right now.

All I can say is I am sorry, I fell apart. Too much happened at the same time. I am not going to be swapping again until I am sure I am stable, and my roommate is stable.

Thank you to those who have sent me encouraging mail. I have not been able to face my email yet, I don't really know what is wrong with me. I haven;'t even opened all of my snail mail. I am so upset with myself, and so embarrassed. I am going to try and send this message to all of the people I owe swaps too.

Thank you for understanding.


I apologize to anyone I haven't sent to yet. The elderly lady I take care of has been in ICU with pnemonia, and my daughter and I also have been sick. I have severe asthma, so any kind of illness really knocks me out.

My computer also crashed again, permanently, I think. I have been too sick too do anything about it until now, and I have resurrected an old PC.

Donna is finally back home, and my daughter and I are recovering. She is back to school today, and hopefully back home. I have been too sick to take care of myself, her and Donna, so she has been at her dad's house. I am also working at the pharmacy, probably sooner than I should have, since I don't have sick leave.

Well, enough whining. April has been a really rough month for me, and I am hoping March is better. I should be able to get my swaps out in the next couple of days, now that I am online.

Please forgive me. I am sure there is probably something I could have done better, and I am sorry I didn't. I will make sure everyone's packages make them smile, and I won't be signing up for any swaps until I am completely healed.

IMPORTANT!! Please keep Donna in your prayers or blessings, whatever your faith or practice. Her health is fragile on a good day, and she has several surgeries they want want to do when she's strong enough. She is a really good friend, and took care of me a couple of years ago when I almost died of pnemonia. She is very important to my daughter and I, and we don't want to lose her.

I am a 45 year old mother of three (2 boys, 1 girl) ages 9, 18 & 26. My nine year old daughter lives with me, while my 18 year old son lives with their father, and my 26 year old son finally lives on his own.

My daughter and I also have a roommate, who I am the caregiver for. The three of us girls are allowed to live here by our three cats, who also tolerate (barely) our Pomeranian. I think they like having the parakeet and 2 fish around for entertainment.

The only reason I will mention the divorce I am going through, is that perhaps it will give someone else a ray of hope.

When my husband of 22 years traded me in on a newer model I was DEVASTATED. I didn't know how I was going to live without him, and wasn't sure I wanted to even try. To make a long story short, I am happier now than I have been in many years, and I am succeeding! The best part is I have my creativity back!!

Favorite Crafts

First of all, in anything I do, I like to recycle, upcycle, reuse, or at least try not to buy anything new, if it can be avoided. I have enough art supplies to last me several lifetimes, which is one of the things that brought me to swap-bot.

Here are the things I love to do now, or want to do soon:

Beadwork/Jewelry Making Collage/Assemblagen Pen & Ink Drawings with PERMANENT pens with different nib style...ie fine, super fine, brush markers...etc. I like the permanant ink, especially in the black, because it doesn't bleed when you color it in, if I so choose.

Mosaic - I use ANYTHING and everything to mosaic with. Broken jewelry, broken china, buttons, doohickeis, dumaphlagies. plus the normal assortment of tiles and stained glass scraps. If you have a piece of broken china or something else cool, I am probably foaming at the mouth for it...grin

Crochet = mostly scrap crochet. I would love to learn freeform crochet.

Quilting = mostly crazy quilting and scrap quilting. I hate planning my art, I don't think I have ever planned out anything I've quilted, except when I recoverd my couch in denim, rail fence pattern.

Rubber Stamping I like UM stamps, and have wooden blocks to use them with, but I don't have any acrylic blocks yet, of any size.

Card Making Scrapbooking Writing...I know I do more, but that is what I am doing now...

Things I Love

Vintage Paper Items

HORSES!!! I forgot to mention the HORSES originally! My daughter is also in love with them, so ANYTHING HORSEY is always good!!

I also LOVE ANYTHING HANDMADE. I will always give hearts for something you make yourself. I would always love something handmade! I love anything! Bookmarks, ATC's, drawings,knit, crochet,

Pens, Pens Pens! Any Kind of Pens!! I am especially fond of waterproof black ink pens. & Gel Pens.

Any kind of vintage papers: letters, cards,;book pages; foreign language pages. If it's olk, I will like it!

Asian papers Cool paper scraps ATC supplies Any kind of jewelry findings (that's the stuff you use toe put the jewelry together, like earwires, crimp beads and clasps.) BROKEN JEWELRY GLASS BEADS Old chains (for jewelry making)

Journals, blank books, things to write in or draw in. Colored Pencils

Did I mention Horses?

Favorite Television

DIY Network Jewelry Making Shows Craft Shows History Channel Food Network BYU-TV


I ALWAYS send my packages, so please PM me before rating negatively if you don't get yours. I will do whatever is necessary to make it right.

IMPORTANT: I am behind because of illnesses, and I will get the swaps out. Thank you 4-29-09


zabecc rated for ATC EASY Mono Print on Jun 12, 2009
Comment: My first swap... and I never even got anything in return :'( 6/09 Updated from a 1 to a 3. Did eventually receive my monoprint over a month after the due date.
Response: Please double check your mail, I did mail it to you, and I mailed it again in May, just to make sure you got something, along with some extras. My roommate has been in and out of ICU, mostly in, and it has been very difficult. If you haven't received it please PM me and I will send another one.
Comment: Hi Fran - well worth the wait, some of those vintage ribbons you sent as extras are beautiful!! sooo unique! The rings are wonderful too and the extra buttons are demanding to be used right NOW :) hehe thank you so much. I hope all is well with you and your family and friends. Many Thanks, T. x x x
Response: Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I am glad you enjoyed the goodies I sent you!
Comment: Glad to have you back "in the groove" of things!! Hope all can stay healthy and healthy!! Thanks for the great, creative mail art!!!!! :-)
TC rated for Creative Mail Art 2 - (Spring) Flowers on May 29, 2009
Comment: No envelope, and no communication. :( Updated 5/29: I *really* appreciate your working to make good on your swaps. Too many people get behind and then just abandon their commitments. The envelope was very pretty!
Response: Thank you very much for your kind words. Things are still kinda bad with Donna right now, she's in ICU again. She is just now getting better, I thought she might not make it until this morning.
blueackerson rated for Paper Crafting Envie Suprise on May 29, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much
Response: Thank you so much for rating me fairly, even more than fairly really, since I was so late. My roommate is back in ICU again, and we thought she might not make it. She seems to have turned the corner this morning however. Any thoughts, blessings, or prayers from whatever your spiritual beliefs are would be greatly appreciated. It has been a difficult few months.
Comment: Thanks Fran for a huge package of fabrics :)
Response: I am glad you enjoyed the fabrics! I really enjoy this swap, and am looking forward to when Donna's health has stabilized enough that I feel I can safely participate in swaps again.
Comment: I received my item. Thank you. I wish it would of been when we had the swap but I am thankful that you are back and all is ok for now. Thank you for the extra stamps and the papers I know I will use them.
Comment: Got this Sat and thanks so much! I love the silver cup/pincushion, I've always had a thing for old silver :)
Cinnimini rated for Goodie Envies #2! on May 19, 2009
Comment: 1 for now, will change if I get anything. :(
Response: I thought I sent this one out, I have a couple of envelopes that just came back from the PO, so maybe it's one of those. My roommate is back in CCU again, so I will check as soon as I get home again. I have been at the hospital for over a week. She has just started improving today, so if she remains stable I will go home tonight and figure this out. Thanks for your patience, and I am very sorry for the delay.
vronica rated for Embellishments All Around!! on May 16, 2009
Comment: Looking forward to recieve this swap!
Response: I had a couple of packages come back from the post office right before Donna went back into the hospital, so I think yours must be one of them. I haven't been home in well over a week, and then it was only briefly. She has finally started to stabalize, so I think I may sleep in my own bed tonite instead of a hospital couch or chair. We really didin't think she would make it. Since April I have spent more time at the hospital than at home. She gets very frightened at the hospital, and even in a coma, people know when someone they loves talks to them. I believe I will be going home tonite and will straighten this out. I am sorry for the delay, and I will get your goodies, along with extras out to you. Any blessings, prayers, or good thoughts, from whatever spirituality you practice would be greatly appreciated. Donna has had a VERY rough couple of months.
mling rated for ATC EASY ink blot fold print on May 1, 2009
Comment: Got the packet and it was gorgeous. I can get over lateness. Stuff happens. Good days and bad days. I hear you. If you want to talk, msg me.~~~ Meanwhile, thanks so much to Helen, my coordinator, and Tammy, my angel. You're the best!
milliecent rated for One man's junk... on Apr 25, 2009
Comment: thanks so much x
Helena8664 rated for Black & White ATCs on Apr 20, 2009
Comment: thanks for the ATC...
jandcmom rated for Black & White ATCs on Apr 18, 2009
Comment: Thank you! :-)
goosiilove rated for Creative Mail Art on Apr 15, 2009
Comment: WOW! I loved your art style, I do the same kind of thing when I don't know what else to do or for borders on things...I really appreciate the letter you sent and am putting together a package for you, hope to have it sent out by the first week of May! Keep your smile on, it will never fail you. -Audrey PS - Glad to have made a new friend with you by the way.
CraftDiva4 rated for Stamp Crazy Fun on Apr 7, 2009
Comment: I love the stamps you used. Thank you so much for all the extra goodies!. I would give you extra hearts if I could. Thanks for joining my swap.
Comment: Wow, what a package! Thank you soo much!
Punkapod rated for Scrap Swap #4 on Apr 5, 2009
Comment: Vera was so excited about her portable art kit, she just couldn't stop telling me how beautiful everything was! She does a weekly trip from her home to ours (about a 20 minute ride), so she (and I) love it that she has her very own portable kit. Of course, grandma had a hard time keeping from squealing over all the goodies you sent me! Thanks from my heart.
Response: I am so glad she liked it so much!! I am equally glad you were happy enough to squeel too! I had a lot of fun putting everything together!
Caam rated for Handmade Postcard on Apr 1, 2009
Comment: Loved the card, well done!

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Bananajana on May 28, 2009:

You seem like a great person and I know you will pull out of this. I did. When you come out the other end it will be brighter than ever. God Speed.

ButterflyPrincess on May 26, 2009:

Thank you so much for everything! You are very thoughtful! ;)

Purrsnickety on May 17, 2009:

Hi Fran, your package for the 5-inch Fabric Charm Square Swap #16 (May) was delivered yesterday (USPS DC#03071790000517969596). Please let me know that you've received. Thank you!

ButterflyPrincess on Apr 12, 2009:


Have a Hoppy Easter! :0)-

straycat911 on Apr 7, 2009:

Hi there, I'm hosting a vintage pages swap that might interest you -- check it out if you're interested! Have a great day!

Skron11 on Apr 6, 2009:

Fran, Did you receive my card for Stamp Crazy Fun? It was sent on March 17. It sounds like things are a bit "crazy" at your end but I'd appreciate it if you could rate or let me know if it didn't arrive. Thanks, Sarala (Skron11)

ButterflyPrincess on Apr 5, 2009:


beadeful on Apr 5, 2009:


HEAH! Come see what new swaps I have going on in my Groups - all various dates, so pick one, or pick them all. Hope to see you there.


ButterflyPrincess on Apr 3, 2009:


Simone on Mar 22, 2009:


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