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Birthday: May 13
Country: Canada

The basics

Hello! I'm an odd person and proud of it. Gothically inclined, I do tend to prefer darker colours, and things with a dramatic flair. I was born on Friday May 13th, 1994, which amuses me greatly. Something about being born on a 'unlucky' day and being as full of luck as I am, has been brilliant :) I used to keep to myself and was always falsely labled as 'the quiet one'. I like to listen, but I also like to be heard. I have accepted who I am and no longer care about the opinions of strangers, based on superficial nonsense, haha. I do love to please people, make them happy, though :)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To anyone with allergies to cats or dogs, we have them in the house. I try to read all profiles for allergies, but sometimes miss it! If you have an allergy to cats or dogs, and are my partner for a swap, please let me know, and I will put your package together at a different location!

Please message me if you haven't gotten my mail in a reasonable amount of time. I'd be happy to work out a re-send with you.

I love...

-Powerful music with lyrics that speak to me. Currently I have this absolute craving for dream-like, nostalgic, or 'magical' music. I enjoy such bands and artists as The Cure, Thrice, David Bowie, Rasputina, Voltaire, etc.

-Dark colours (navy, purple, maroon, black, grey, green, etc), and the occasional bright colour mixed in with those. I'm not so fond of hot pink, orange or yellow.

-I love fabric. Lace, velvet and elaborate brocades being my favourites. Anything that feels nice and either very light or heavy/rich. I'm very touch-sensitive. So if it feels cheap (costume-y) , I probably won't like it or use it.

-Fantasy books and images. One of my favourite subjects is Celtic Faeries. I've been researching them for years and STILL feel like I've just barely scraped the surface. If you have any information, knowledge, whatever, about them, I'd love to hear it, even if I already know it. Kelpies are one of my favourites, though I'm not entirely sure why!

-The Labyrinth! In my opinion, it's the best movie of all time. Jareth being my favourite character. David Bowie will forever be an immortal in my eyes. I would've said yes to his offer, with certain stipulations added :)

-Gaudy bauble jewelry. I like finding different charms and pendents, and mixing them together with bead, chain and pearl necklaces.

-Things that shine or sparkle. I adore glitter.

-Cursive. It's pretty much the only way I write, unless otherwise necessary. Please let me know if you'd rather I didn't use cursive! I know some people can't read it.

-Vintage images. Black and white photos, vintage postcards/Christmas/Halloween cards, etc. I collect vintage postcards and would be willing to take any extras you may have off of your hands ;)

-Animals. I have two dogs (Raevyn and Pete), a cat (Prince Nuada) and my lovely little bearded dragon (Cinaed). BATS! It's a cliche, but they are my current favourite animal. They are soooooo very cute and strange. Anything with bats on it, I will love :)

-Tea!! I love tea. It's one of the things I drink most. Odd combinations of additives, too. ANY kind of tea (except the very rare one that contains gluten, this is usually in the ones with odd additives, so please check them carefully!). Black, green, white, rooibos, herbal. Loose or bagged are both good to me.

-Wooden items. I received a gorgeous set of wooden spoons from my surrogate grandfather, after he passed, because he knew I wanted to be a chef.

-Natural skincare products or recipes! I like trying out new recipes and seeing what works for me!

-Anything involving corsets or corsetry. This is a bit of a passion of mine. Images, information, new laces, etcetera.

-Sunflowers! They make me absurdly happy.

-Disney movies. I've yet to come across one that I dislike. I tend to favour the villains :)


-Most metals. Don't worry TOO much about sending me something metal. I can touch most metals, I just can't wear them long term. I turn metal black and my body eats away at them if I wear them too long. Gold and stainless steel are the only ones I don't react to.

-Gluten. I have been gluten free since 2009, after having lived with chronic pain for years. I have wanted to be a chef for almost my entire life, and despite my gluten allergy, am still pursuing that dream. I believe I can safely say that I'm pretty dang good at what I do. I have been in the kitchen since I was 3. I will happily share gluten free recipes that have worked for me, with anyone who'd like them! :)

-Heavily scented things. Most perfumes bother my lungs, especially floral ones. If it's a NATURAL (actually derived from the plant/fruit) scent, I have no problems.

-Chemical heavy makeup/skincare products. I break out and hive fairly easily. I will not use chemical skincare products. Anything natural is welcome, though.


I'm fairly easy to please. As long as it isn't on my allergy list, I'll probably accept it. My list of dislikes, as you'll see, is very short.

-Plastic. I'm not a fan of plastic things.

-Pop stars.

-Pink, yellow or orange (don't hesitate to send me something if it has a small amount of these colours, or they are not too bright.)

-Anti-religious propaganda. Particularly anything attacking Christianity.

-Anything of a sexual nature.

Fairy Tale

Lady Gray, the newest, youngest edition to a stuck-up princess's ladies in waiting. Already sick of the gossip and pettiness, she has a scandalous habit of wandering off into forbidden parts of the grounds to meet with a talking raven.

Wish list


-Tea! (please check the additives to make sure no gluten is included, thanks). Green, White, Black, Rooibos, Herbal, anything.



-Halloween trinkets, fabric, etc.

-Elegant notecards

-Unique candy, snacks, foodstuff. Particularly anything 'natural' and 'gluten free'.

-Vintage pictures, postcards, book pages, etc.

Will add more later, as I think of them :)


I've joined a couple of book swaps now, and figured I should probably give my partners a little more to go off of than just that I like the Fantasy Genre in general. I'll read just about anything. If it looks in any way interesting (ie, not a school textbook), I'll read it. This includes both fiction and non-fiction.

-Fantasy. This might be vague, but I have no real specifics I feel I need to list, when it comes to this genre.

-Romance (though NO SMUT! Harlequin romance is a big NOOOOO!!!!!).

-Historical fiction

-Either Prose or Poetry

-YA books

-History books in general (though I have a definite preference for books about myths)

-Gardening and books about the uses/meanings of plants, or about natural remedies using herbs.

-Absolutely ANYTHING about the Fair folk/Fey/Faeries.

Or a combination of any of the above :)

My artistic mediums...

I love to draw, sketch, doodle. It's something that I can almost always be found doing. I also paint. Mostly water colours and acrylic. I don't paint as often as I draw, though, because it takes a little too long. I write. This has ALWAYS been a passion of mine, rivaling cooking. Even when I was little, what was supposed to be a short, 3-4 paragraph story, would turn into a 100 page one. I also do beadwork (recent, I'm still working on it :]), I play around with clay (little figures and jewelry), a bit of embroidery, paper mache, etcetera. I'll try most things once.

A note about my MAIL ART: Every piece of mail art I send out, will likely be done in either a new medium, or a new style, as I like to try different things. Sometimes it turns out amazing, and other times it's kinda...meh.


Comment: O.M.G.!!! I absolutely love your drawing, you're so talented! :) Thank you so much for sharing this with me!
Comment: Love it! You are talented! Thank you.
heartcore1985 rated for week of tea nr.8 on May 19, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the teas you've sent me, although I was a little disappointed because some bags are sticky and dirty and some teas seem to be pretty old.
idasideetje rated for week of tea nr.8 on May 19, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the lovely teas. My boyfriend & me immediately started a little high tea. Including gold teacups ;-) We both liked the cumcumber tea!
Comment: Thank you for resending.
Comment: Thank you for all the lovely chocolate, I am really looking forward to trying it all!!!
LittleRed rated for CS: Smarties Box #11-LOOSE TEA on Mar 7, 2015
Comment: Thanks very much for the tea! You are right, it is a very good one! Thanks so much for taking part in the swap:)
leilx rated for Baker's Dozen :) on Mar 2, 2015
Comment: Thanks.
EmilyT rated for Plush Halloween Monster or Critter on Oct 21, 2014
Comment: Thank you! Let's call him fangy! :o`) so cute! I hung him up by his wings with my other plushie bats
Comment: Thank you for the ATC! Next time you might want to put the name of the swap you are sending either on the back of the card or on a piece of paper inside the envie. I didn't know which Halloween swap this was for and had to look for your name in the rating box in different swaps that I thought it might be for. Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thank you for the adorable whimsy pocket! I love it :]
Beckster rated for HS: Halloween Themed House ATC on Sep 26, 2014
Comment: Nice house. Thank you.
TrishaLouise rated for Haunted House Shaped ATC on Sep 22, 2014
Comment: Cute ATC. Thank you I loved it :)
sibila rated for KCST: Anonymous Tea Trade #7 on Jul 12, 2014
Comment: Thanks a lot for the teas :D
cajiky rated for Bookmark Swap (NEWBIE FRIENDLY) on Jul 11, 2014
Comment: Thanks a lot for bookmarks you made and send for me.
Comment: Thank you for the specifically Ravenclaw themed pieces. I really liked the bookmark scroll.
Cosima rated for KCST: Anonymous Tea Trade #7 on Jul 7, 2014
Comment: Thank you.
Comment: Thank you! That castle is actually a great idea.
Comment: Thanks for the lovely pictures! I think my mom has been to that castle :)
Comment: Oh, I never thought about Transylvania that would be great. Thank you for sharing.
Response: Thank you for the rating :)

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KateKintail on Mar 1, 2015:


Disney/Pixar/Studio Ghibli in a Bag Profile Check! Have fun!

KateKintail on Jul 1, 2014:

Harry Potter

Harry Potter fandom in a bag profile check. Have a magical swap!

KSENiA on Jun 23, 2014:

Hello, I'm one of your partners at The place I dream to visit!! Profile decorate swap. If I could visit any place in the world I would love to see Antarctica (yeh, I only have to find 200.000 $ Ha-ha!) I would love to see those guys in wild:

If we are talking about realistic dream - I really really want to visit Japan. But then again I would need the same amount of money to buy all the kawaii stuff... Mu-ha-ha-ha!

Tokyo is my DREAM wonderland!

principeta on Jun 21, 2014:

Hello.Here are some photos for The place I dream to visit!! Profile decorate swap.So many places to see my these are my favs.

Disney land anywhere,don't mind

Maldive,love those little houses

Paris,mmm,what to say


Spain,the sea and the cities

And Machu Picchu and Egypt and Alaska and... so much more =o).Happy travel,have a great summer!!!!

draco on Jun 19, 2014:

The place I dream to visit!! Profile decorate


(grand canyon)



NiNa1978 on Jun 18, 2014:

The place I dream to visit profile decorate!

I have been dreaming of visiting Christmas market of Germany, since I was teenager. It is just like a world in the fantasy.

I want to visit Prague one day, too.

And I want to visit the Arctic Circle. And want to see polar animals and aurora!!

KateKintail on Feb 1, 2014:

Some Labyrinth profile goodies to go with you bag:








KateKintail on Jan 1, 2014:

Dark Crystal and Labrynth

Profile check for Dark Crystal/Labrynth in a Bag. Have a wonderful journey!

tanjch on Dec 13, 2013:

Just a note - your RAK was mailed of :) Though it might take some time to get to you (international and this time of year) :) Let me know whan it arrives - and thank you for participating in my RAK :) Cheers

KateKintail on Nov 1, 2013:


Middle Earth in a Bag profile check! Begin your journey...

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