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FunnerKimberley on Aug 28, 2013:

Hi there! Just checking in with you to make sure you got your Julie Nutting Prima Paper Dolls swap from me yet? It's been sent for a little while and want to make sure it got to you safely! :)

smadronia on Aug 15, 2013:

Hello, I was checking my swaps to rate people, and I don't have a comment on my blog from you for Follow me #14. If I have missed it, please send me a a message and let me know which post you commented on, so I can rate you. Thank you.

PVMcHugh on Aug 7, 2013:

Hi! I left a message for you about Follow Me #14.

BadTurkey72 on Apr 11, 2013:


You are very lucky. My grandmother was a mastermind with sewing- she could make an entire outfit out of fabric. My mom can do some sewing- she can hem or adjust a button or take clothing in a bit.

I would love to watch any video you recommend. I know I have to learn some basics, just to ensure that my clothes fit properly for the remainder of my life.

I will have to find some cheap yarn and needles and give it a go. Oh golly!


wygirl on Apr 10, 2013:


Just visited your blog. You are so talented and seem like such a fun lady. I know you are in my Owls swap, but I hope to run across you at Swap-bot a lot :)

BadTurkey72 on Apr 9, 2013:

Hello! I was one of your partners for the comment on profile and quote swap.

Your comment made me laugh. After reading through your profile, I can see that we really are opposites. I am a quiet girl by nature, and my creative skills are limited but I am trying to broaden my horizons. I have always wanted to learn how to sew, but I have an irrational fear of needles. Someday I hope to learn, if only so I can fix my own clothes to make them fit properly.

Do you have any tips for a first-time sewer/knitter?

nginn1 on Apr 9, 2013:

Welcome to swap-bot!

I am your partner for Comment & Quote - take 2

I enjoyed reading your profile, I am learning how to knit, but had to take a break during this semester of school. I will be taking it back up after finals! I really wanna learn how to make socks and beanie hats before Christmas!

I hope you enjoy the quote, it is one of my favorites! ---Nitasha (nginn1)

Jess12 on Apr 8, 2013:

Hi! I hope you are enjoying yourself so far with Swap-Bot.

My favorite quote is by John Muir (known as the Father of the National Parks).

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alive."

wygirl on Apr 5, 2013:

Welcome to Swap-Bot! You have a couple of weeks to do some quick send outs. I did say unrated swappers are okay for the Owls swap, but in case you want to do something in the future. Check out the forums... they are always helpful. If you click on Groups at the top of the page, do a search for the Newbie Helpers group. They help people get some swaps done to get their ratings going and also answer questions. Keep your email notifications on... Some people sign up and then disappear. I don't think they mean to flake, they just forgot they signed up here.

Here are some Newbie Swaps

sweetsugartree on Apr 5, 2013:

Welcome to Swap-Bot! Thanks for joining my swap, Comment & Quote - take 2! Happy Swapping!

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