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About Me

I am a 40-something living in the Phoenix, Arizona desert, although I was born and raised in west Michigan. I am young at heart and have definitely found a love for papercrafts. I just love the texture of paper, colors, and patterns. And since I can't really draw, working with patterned papers, diecuts, punches, and stamps helps me feel more artistic.

I am married and I have the sweetest husband ever. We do not have kids, but we do have a chihuahua, Dexter. We love him dearly, even when he is bratty like a teenager. He makes me laugh every day. We also have a niece and two nephews who live in Michigan.

I am a bit of a perfectionist but I am working on that. I tend to spend a lot of time on the things I make. I also tend to get bored if I have to mass produce something so most things I make are one of a kind.

I am a collector of craft supplies. I love shopping for them at craft stores, thrift stores, antique stores, estate sales, just about anywhere really. You can never have enough, although I certainly consider quality before quantity. I hate finding myself needing something I don't have in the middle of a project.

I enjoy organizing. I keep trying to find new storage solutions and enjoy seeing the beautiful things in my stash every time I move things around.

I am so excited to join the swap-bot community. I hope to build connections with other crafters around the world. I would love to find pen-pals and/or swap partners within or outside of the U.S. Please message me if you're interested and we can try it out.

I think swaps are a great way to gain inspiration and ideas as well as to share supplies that we love and our partners don't otherwise have easy access to. Here in Phoenix, we have Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joann's that I keep shopping to death, but I do keep going back. Tuesday Morning is another good source for craft supplies. I'd love to enjoy things carried by other stores and from other countries.

How I Swap

I love spoiling my swap partners. I personally don't put my swap packages together before partners are assigned and I will always consider your profile to the extent I can when putting together a swap unless it's meant to be a blind swap. It's kind of a waste of shipping if it's not something the recipient likes and the benefit of unloading what you want to unload just isn't worth it when it's so easy to listen to what makes people happy. 🏃‍♀️ I just personally don't get that approach to swaps. Maybe that's just me?

I would never, ever flake on a swap and I don't see sending packages late as an option. If you do not receive a package from me, please let me know before rating me so I can find a way to make it right.

I don't hit "sent" on the swap until I have dropped the item off to be mailed. This could be at the end of the day or I may drop it off at our locally-owned "mailbox and more" type store (support local businesses!) so in some cases, the postmark could be the following day. 📫

And, I am very careful about confirming postage, but if for any reason an item comes with postage due, or if you are not happy with your package for any other reason, please message me and I will make it up to you.

I promise to rate you and will usually comment. I am happy to give out hearts when I can see that thought went into the package, even with the simple postcard.

Favorite Crafts

My favorite crafts currently include making handbound books and journals, junk journals (although I don't often use "junk" in mine unless I've upcycled it), handmade cards and shakers, mixed media, collage, flipbooks, flip bags, and coming soon, pocket letters. I have a fuse tool but I just don't seem to have the right touch. Need to try it again. Any advice? I also enjoy making embellishments like tags, shaker paperclips, flowers, collage elements, etc.

My drawing and painting skills are severely lacking, but I love just about any color so I love colorful mediums like acrylic and watercolor paints, gelatos, markers, gel pens, etc.


I've attached my Etsy wishlist to give you a sense of items I love and my personal style. Of course you're welcome to order from there if you want to, but simply using it as reference/inspiration might be helpful. I've found that to be the case for my partners in the past.


Machine stitched fabric/paper tags/embellishments. I would use these in my junk journal, or to embellish special cards or gifts for special people and can't make them myself. Gorgeous!!!!

Vintage seed packets (with or without seeds)

Paper currency from other countries. If you're willing to send but it exceeds your comfort level for the swap, could we swap privately?.

Coffee-dyed papers, doilies, etc

Gelli prints

Handmade papers or other handmade items/artwork.

Those gorgeous collage sheets, digital papers, etc, that people find on etsy or similar sites.

Issues of Daphne's Diary, Flow, or other such magazines with amazing images (current or back issues). Even pages from these are appreciated.


Jewel tones, bold non-primary colors (teals, purples/violets, bright pinks, raspberry, fuschia, especially). Also, black, white or ivory, and metallics/glitters. However, I like most colors, especially if paired properly. Brown isn't really a favorite but it serves a purpose and I do use brown distress inks and kraft paper all the time! Pastels aren't my favorite alone, but work fabulously for me when part of a shabby chic or vintage style.

Pretty vintage-inspired florals, wildflowers, botanical (especially vintage looking) victorian, shabby chic, illustrations/sketches, shiny and sparkly (except glitter that sheds), aged/distressed style, ledger papers, typography/fonts/letters, handmade or handpainted papers, gelli prints, etc. I don't care for sci-fi/fantasy, superheros, things that are cartoony (i.e. disney or most doodlebug), kawaii, country/farm, sporty, religious, eastery, babyish/childish (althoughtthere is some adorable vintage kids images out there I'm good with). I don't really make kids cards or baby cards. And I don't incoporate religious or holiday themes into my crafts or decor.

Non-junky "junk journal" supplies

Cool ephemera, vintage or otherwise, such as timecards and ledgers, book pages, plate images, music, playing cards with unique, interesting or pretty designs, old game pieces, play money, letter pieces (especially K, T, and/or &).

Ribbon, lace, fibers/cord for journals, cards, and tags.

Embellishments (vintage, vintage-inspired, sparkly/glitzy, other). Metal-based embellishments in any finish. Brads totally acceptable. Handmade, awesome. Not really into bottle caps.

Metal or sparkly buttons.

Washi tape or stickers (preferably florals or unique/interesting washi designs since I do have a lot of the ordinary washi prints. Etsy wishlist has some ideas).

Bookbinding twine, fabric, or paper.

Metal charms, unique beads, or cool buttons, especially those that have a sparkly style or vintage style. I also like brooches, clips, pins, etc that also make for good embellishments.

Decorative clips, pins, paperclips (i.e. decorative binder clips, Tim Holtz style clips, etc.). I have plenty of basic silver and gold paperclips and plain binder clips.

Samples of assorted jewelry findings for experimenting. I want to try making embellished stick pins!

Small fabric pieces (think usable scraps) suited to my style above. I have very little fabric and sometimes just want a piece for an embellishment. Small-scale prints preferred, but not required.

Die cuts and paper doilies (pretty colors or patterns especially).

Cool magazines or magazine images. Vintage fashion, or somerset, flow, daphne's diary are my favs. I don't care how old. I have plenty of recent fashion mags.

Quirky collage images.

Vintage inspired collage napkins or tissues. Preferably something other than holiday, seasonal, birthday, childish, country, or oceanic (or anything else from my dislikes for that matter). I would prefer uplifting quotes, vintage style collages with birds or butterflies type designs.

Pretty, cool, fun and/or interesting postcards (unused preferred, but not necessary).

Books or book pages (meaningful text, foreign text, non-religious sheet music, beautiful illustrations/sketches, nostalgic illustrations, and/or inspiring words/quotes for example).

Return address labels for me and/or happy mail stickers.

Stationary paper (personalized or not, samples okay)

Pretty envelopes (handmade or not).

Flipbooks, flipbags, pocket letters, shaker tags, stuff like that.

Cactus/ succulents stickers/washi

Words and upliftimg quotes (paper, die cut, book page, stickers, wood veneer, acetate, handwritten, etc).

And last but certainly not least, handmade things! Your craft/artwork is sure to impress and inspire me. Cards, tags, prints, papers, mail art, handwritten letters etc are all so very appreciated.

Prefer Not to Receive

These are things I don't really care for and/or wouldn't use so I'd prefer if you not send if you can avoid it:

Plaid, country, farming, childish/cutesy, baby, eastery, religious, and sporty styles of anything.

Primary colors together that look too classroomy.

Pastels together that look babyish or eastery.

Any seasonal or holiday themes. Honestly, I really just don't decorate or craft in these styles.

Childish, cutesy, or holiday prints/patterns on papers, ribbon, etc.

Sci-fi/fantasy, comics, anime, disney, harry potter, etc..

Religious, spiritual, or occult-related items, witchcraft, tarot, etc...

Dollar store items. I really don't mean to be a snob here, but they just aren't the same quality and they're not worth paying the shipping to send it to me. I enjoy a good deal as much as the next person, but I definitely prefer quality over quantity and I am super selective about what I buy/use from there. Please, no offense.

Traditional yarn. I dont like the fuzz or texture of basic yarn. I have found linen yarn that is more like a thick twine which I love, and I've seen some ribbony yarn that would be so fun to use for packaging. If you've got something you think I might like with that in mind, I welcome a sample. I'm learning my way and could use it to wrap a package, on a tag or possibly an embellishment. Doesnt hurt.

Getting glitter/confetti everywhere, either from a craft where glitter sheds or from being loose in an envelope. Otherwise, I love glitter paper, shaker cards and the like.

Most things that have a strong smell. I just have a sensitive nose. So please try to avoid sending strongly aromatic items, whether they be perfumy, musty, or smoky. The exception here is with minty, lemon, and cinnamon type smells and teas.

Makeup, perfumes, or body products. I'm particular about what products I use. That said, if you like them, I'm open to sending per your preferences.

The desert sun in Phoenix is brutal (it can reach upwards of 118F degrees) so it's something to be mindful of, especially from April/May through September.

Thanks for taking these preferences into consideration. It's just information that is meant to help you get to know me. Hopefully attaching my Etsy wishlist will help with that too.


Comment: Dear Kristin, I just finished my day and now was able to open your beautiful gift. I am amazed of how wonderful it is. You're not an amateur nor a newbie, this cover is AMAZING and I am in love with it. There is so much to see and discover.... I loved the way you arranged decoration in the elastic band (the fiber it's stunning and a so cleaver embellishment) and how you added the buttons to close the journal! Oh, I need to use this technique. It's inspiring and the perfect Christmas gift! Thank you so much for swapping with me and spoiled me with so many extras from my wish list! I hope this is the first of many more FJ's or swaps with you! Fantastic swap!
Response: I am so happy you love the journal. It was fun to make and I definitely look forward to swapping with you again! ❤❤❤
Comment: Kristin my friend!! Thank you for this amazing burst of lacy fluffiness!!! I love everything. The cloud ribbon made me shriek with excitement! It actually startled my son. 😀 Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.
Response: I am glad you enjoyed the ribbons and trims in the package, including the cloud ribbon. Happy Holidays to you!! ⛄
marliese rated for PVT: Botanical Pages and Images on Nov 3, 2018
Comment: Wow, thank you so much! I love everything you sent me! I really liked this swap. I will continue to be on the lookout for things you might like! 👍🏻❤️❤️
Response: Me too! So much fun. I'll be on the lookout too. Would love to do another swap or just stay in touch. Thanks for the ❤!
Comment: Thanks so much for re sending ! I absolutely love everything ! Just my style. Especially the stamps ! I can't wait to use them. This was perfect happy mail on a rainy, cold day ! Let me know if you want to do any other swaps.
Response: You are very welcome. I'm a little sad that the first one was lost but these are addictive and fun to make and I was happy to make another. I'm also glad you love the extra goodies too. I would certainly do another swap with you.
Comment: Wow! Wow! WOW! What an amazing SWAP! I loved everything you sent, and I loved your Letter! Thank you so much for all the wonderfully thoughtful and handmade goodies! (Shark charm!?! I mean, come on! ) Lots of ❤❤❤❤❤
Response: I love that you liked the items. Your profile was so much fun to work with. Thank you for the 5 and the heart and happy crafting!
Sagebrushs rated for Botanical Postcard Swap USA #18 on Oct 4, 2018
Comment: Cactus, my favorite plants, having to bring them in, after spending summer outdoors. Thank you.
Response: Aren't cacti amazing plants? Although I think it should be cactuses when plural, LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed the postcard. Thanks for the heart!
Fabriqueen rated for Lace Swap #1 on Sep 29, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the laces and so much more!!! I love all the ephemera you sent. It's getting hard to find the beautiful laces anymore. Have a great day! Hugs, Diane
Response: You're welcome! I'm glad you liked the package of goodies. I tend to look for extra special laces these days and I agree that they are hard to find. Thank you for the heart and hugs back!
paulinefrenchgirl rated for Lace Swap #1 on Sep 27, 2018
Comment: Thank's a lot and thank you for the sticker and the postcard you include :*
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for rating me and for the heart!
taledo rated for DIE CUTS, DIE CUTS AND MORE DIE CUTS on Sep 26, 2018
Comment: OMG!!! I wish I could give more than one heart. This package of goodies is AMAZING. Love the butterfly further follies and one can never go wrong with glitter sentiments. Thank you very much for the happy mail
Response: Oh, good! I'm so glad you like them. Thank you for rating me and giving me a heart. ❤❤❤
Victorianna60 rated for MAE - Leaves of Fall on Sep 25, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the envies and extras ! Sorry for the rate problem I am sure I did it once already !
Response: I'm glad you like them! Thanks for the rating and the heart! ❤
amyduff rated for MJS: Napkin Swap USA on Sep 25, 2018
Comment: Oh wow! First loved the beautiful envie you sent! Your calligraphy is gorgeous! I loved all the napkins and absolutely can’t wait to use! Thanks for the extra labels and the decopodged glassine envie! So much goodness in that envie! Love it all! Thank you a million hearts!
Response: Yay! I'm so glad you like everything. I can't believe how small return address labels really turn out to be. I write my address like 6 times that size when I do it by hand, LOL. Thanks for rating me and for the million hearts! ❤❤❤
katmandu rated for Botanical Postcard Swap USA #18 on Sep 22, 2018
Comment: Love the cactus PC! I tried raising a tiny cactus garden once but alas it didn't make it! My mom's in Tucson and she wants me to move there but I may actually go up north later since we have family there too! And I tell people I'm "artsy-craftsy" since it covers everything! Thank you!
Response: I'm glad you like the postcard and I appreciate your rating and the heart.🌵
Comment: I don't even know where to start! This was one of the most amazing packages I have ever seen. The thoughtfulness was just astounding, all the way down to the carefully wrapped and tagged packages. My daughters were just blown away, the special things with their initials... the quotes, they loved everything, especially your handmade envelopes..they were fascinated by how tiny and adorable they were. My oldest has already hung up the quotes in her room and my youngest declared that she wanted her room to be decorated like your packaging...and then there was what you sent me...absolutely beautiful selection and I love your flowers. I could not possibly give you enough hearts for your kindness :o)
Response: You're welcome! Putting this together gave me joy. It was fun to pick out things you and the girls might like. And I'm flattered that the packaging was a source of inspiration, too. Thank you for the kind words, the rating, and the heart! ❤
sleepingrover2010 rated for Lace Swap #1 on Sep 21, 2018
Comment: Hello Kristin, What a FABULOUS Swap Package YOU put together for ME. It is definitely worth more than one heart but I can't give it to you but know if I could, I would. Thank you so much for the various playing cards. I love them. Thank you for the wash tape and the erasers. Last but certainly not least, thank you so much for the beautiful pieces of lace you sent me. I look forward to using them in future art projects but until then I will enjoy them. I really enjoyed your letter. Barb sleepingrover2010
Response: You are so very welcome. I was happy to swap with you. Thank you for the rating and the heart!
Susang7 rated for Stuff the Box Ephemera Swap 📦 on Sep 12, 2018
Comment: Eek! You nailed it on the things I like. Thank you so much Kristin! I love everything. I also love the letter you sent and if your interested, would love to be pen pals &/or swap buddies. Let me know 😊. Thanks again!
Response: Oh, good!! I would love to exchange letters and swaps with you. Feel free to pm me and we can coordinate. Thanks for the rating and the heart. So glad you liked everything. ❤
ericabella rated for HI. My name is... PC swap on Sep 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute postcard! My pets appreciate that you thought of them, too!
Response: You're welcome. Say "hi" to the critters for me. And thanks for the heart!
Jsereg001 rated for Swappers Dream! on Sep 10, 2018
Comment: OMG!!! I am blown away by the beautiful box of goodies you sent!! Everything you sent is perfect!!! You put so much thought into the way you packaged everything as well as what you sent!! There is so much awesome stuff, I can’t even pick my favorite....everything is exactly what I would have picked myself!! This is actually one of the nicest and most awesome packages that I have received from a swap!! Thank you so so much!!! You deserve more than one heart for sure!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Thanks!!!!
Response: You're so welcome. I'm so glad you like it! I can't help but notice chicken stuff everywhere I go now. 🐓🐔🐥 Thank you for rating me and thanks for the heart!
polyk rated for Just Randomness on Aug 28, 2018
Comment: Why can’t I give you 500 hearts!?!?! Not only was all that ephemera just AMAZING —- but that flip book!?!? SERIOUSLY!?! Omg!!!! I thought mine were up to par, but now I feel like their pure crap after seeing yours!!!! Wow!!! You seriously went above and beyond and this was no were near “just randomness” this is pure AWESOME!! Thank you sooooo so so much! 💜💜💜
Response: You are too kind and so welcome. That was my first flip book so the compliments mean a lot. It was fun to do and it was a great way to use up some papers I didnt want so I'm so glad you like it and the goodies inside. ❤❤❤
polyk rated for One Stamp Happy Mail #1 on Aug 26, 2018
Comment: What the what the WHAT?! 😮😮😮 this is some of the happiest mail I’ve gotten lately!!!! Everything so well thought out - ty!!! Perfect neon glitter, AMAZING pcs (I can’t believe that Lovers Lane one from GR!!!!!) and you totally nailed the Moroccan type papers! Tytytyty!!!! All the hearts to you!!! 💜💜💜💜
Response: Awesome!! I'm glad I got it right. That poor lovers lane pc... found it at an AZ antique mall. You will give it the perfect home. Thanks for the rating and hearts right back at ya. 💌💕
Milla84 rated for FAST Swap - get/improve rating on Aug 23, 2018
Comment: You spoil me Kristin! Thank you! The decorated envelope is awesome and pretty!
Response: So glad you liked it. Thanks for the heart!

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