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I have joined quite a few swaps and most of the ones I join are profile based. Out of over 30 swaps I have participated in, I have only received 2 packages that even had anything to do with my profile. I am pretty sure the reason for filling out a profile is so people can send things that you like and will use. I love Swap-Bot, but I have to admit that I get very disappointed when I receive a package that are full of items that I have no use for. So please read thru my profile and choose items that I WILL LIKE. Thank you.

I have a LINK to my Pinterest Boards above. That will give you some ideas of what I like and what I am doing, want to do, or dream of lol. So feel free to take a look if you're stumped while reading my profile.

My name is Mikayla Lavender. :)

My most favorite thing in the world is being a Mommy to my 2 year old little girl. Her and I spend lots of time together. We love doing anything outdoors as well as indoors. So I would love to receive any crafty ideas or items that can be fun for a Mama and her toddler. We also LOVE Disney Movies.

DISNEY MOVIES we would like (DVD) :

Finding Nemo,

A Bug's Life,

Lion King,

101 Dalmatians,


Beauty and the Beast,

Little Mermaid,

Mary Poppins



Lilo and Stitch

Snow White,


Toy Story

KIDS FUN Wish List :

Finger Paints (Not Dollar Tree Brand),

Aqua Doodle, Make Up (Kid Friendly),

Dolls (Nothing Used),

Coloring Books (No Crayons. Have Plenty)

, She LOVES the Cups with the Twist on Lids and Straws (Colorful),

3T Shirts (Nothing Used),

Size 6 Shoes (Nothing Used),

3T Pants (Nothing Used),

Hats or Beanies - Fun Animal Ones with Ears, etc (Nothing Used),

Fuzzy Socks.

She LOVES Animals. Stuffed Animals are ok, but nothing used please.


I love love love Pinterest. I am a crafty person and love baking, cooking, and any sort of craft/projects.

I love new foods to try. I cook for my Dad, brother, and daughter 4 days a week and the other 3 days I a week I spend dinner with my Grandma who loves when I share my recipes. We love love love trying new foods. Hardly ever do we have the same thing for dinner anytime during the month. I love recipes that are full of flavor. I cook in my crock pot alot of times too. So any new recipes for a crock pot are good.

COOKING Wish List :

Pots and Pans (Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have anything PURPLE)

Silicone Spatulas,

Mini Whisk,

Pot Holders (Purple or Green)

Spices (Would love to try new things. Combination Spices. What's your Favorite?)


I also love baking. I prefer recipes that don't include any odd ingredients or anything with dry yeast. I don't seem to have good luck with those recipes. But I love baking anything : cookies, pies, cupcakes, you name it. I would like to try and make some candy or fudge. So if you have any candy or fudge recipes that are not too time consuming or require a thermometer [haha - cuz I don't have one] that would be great.

BAKING Wish List :

Mini Whisk,

Muffin Pans (No Mini Muffin Pans),

Cookie Sheets,

Sprinkles (Any Flavor, Any Color, Any Shape)

Extracts (Something other than Vanilla)


Crafts. I love making dream catchers, and any other little nick knacks. I have tons of beads, so I prefer not receiving any beads unless they are like a charm.

I do occasional card making. I'm more of a drawer/doodler. So I don't put ribbons or anything like that on my cards I make. I LOVE using fine tip sharpies and then add a little finishing touch with some colored pencils. So I prefer NOT receiving alot of card making items like embellishments or ribbon or stickers.

CRAFTS Wish List :

Wax String,

Leather Cords (Long enough to make a full dreamcatcher),

Fine Wire (Crafting)

Charms (No Beads. Already have TONS),

Fine Tip Sharpies (Any Colors),

Gel Pens (Any Colors)

NO STICKERS OR EMBELLISHMENTS PLEASE!! - I scrapbook, but I have PLENTY of these items.


I love decorating in different themes in my house. My current themes are :

Kitchen - Grapes and Vines (Purple and Green)

Living Room - Zebra (Black, White & Red)

Daughters Room - Forest Friends (Hot Pink, Browns, Purples & Greens)

Bathroom - Pine cones, Acorns, and Chipmunk/Squirrels (Browns, Creams, & Green)

Bedroom - Birds (Baby Blue and Orange)


Kitchen - Grape Salt and Pepper Shaker

Living Room - Red Picture Frames

Daughters Room - Forrest Friends Wall Stickers

Bathroom - Pine Cone Shower Curtain Hooks,

Pine Cone or Chipmunk/Squirrel Toothbrush Holder.

Bedroom - Bird Picture Frames or Silhouette Bird Pictures. (Black Birds or Blue Birds)


I am an outdoors lover. I love hunting, fishing, walks on the beach, being out in the woods. I live in the greenest part of my state and I absolutely love it. I am a hiker, so I love the mountains. I love any scenery and I LOVE wildlife. ALL critters big and small.

OUTDOOR Wish List :

Anything about Mt. Rainier. Photos, Art, or Books.

Books about Hiking in Washington State.

Books about National Parks in Washington.


I am slowly starting to like some beauty products. I'm exploring. I love painting my fingernails. Any colors from neon to sparkles, reds to blues. Anything.

I don't wear make up but maybe an occasional night out. I don't wear moisturizers or foundations. I pretty much a believe in my natural beauty but am willing to always try something new. I do love lotions and body mists in fruity scents. No "old people" smells and no flowery scents. I prefer NO vanilla sprays but I like vanilla lotions. I also love different scents of hand sanitizes. I do like the original scent, but I love getting new one, any scent! Fruity, Flowery, Vanilla, anything.

BEAUTY Wish List :

Fingernail Polish

Love Spell or Pure Seduction Spray, Body Wash, or Lotion ETC.

Glitter (Eye Shadows, Eye Liner Pencils, Body Glitter, ANYTHING Glitter)

Mini Bottles of Hand Sanitizers

Bath Pillow

Lip Smackers (Any Flavor, Any Style) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~

I love candles, but I have more Scentsy warmers in my house now, so I try to stick to the Scentsy Wax. But a little candle never hurts either. I love love love vanillas and cupcake smells. Anything that smells like you have something baking in the oven lol. I prefer NO flowery scents. Fruity is OK tho!


I am not allergic to anything as far as foods, scents, or plants.


I love coffee. I would love to try any new flavors of coffees. I am not much of a tea drinker although I am not afraid to try something new. Although, I love Oolong tea. I could drink that alllll the time. And I prefer Apple Cider over Hot Chocolate.

DRINKS Wish List :

Instant Coffee (Any Flavors. Would LOVE something new)

Apple Ciders (Any Flavors)


NO Teas, unless I am in a Tea Swap NO Hot Chocolate unless it is something other than just plain chocolate.


I love shopping for clothes. Right now I have a boot craze, fuzzy socks, and scarves. Winter around here can get pretty cold. I like to keep warm. I love soft scarves and socks and boots with fur. So pretty much anything very soft and fuzzy Im a sucker for. lol. I am also a sucker for anything zebra stripe or cheetah print. And if wondering what colors I like! I like em all!! :)

CLOTHES Wish List :

Fuzzy Socks (Any Color)

Fuzzy Scarves (NO Black, Hot Pink, or Red. Already Have!)

Zebra or Cheetah Print Anything

Shirts XL

Pants 14 or XL

Bras 40DD (No Wires)

Shoes/Boots 9


Bobby Pins

NO Hair Ties. I have short hair.


MISC Wish List :

I love Zumba. So anything that says Zumba on it. Shirts, Pants, Jingle Skirts, Bracelets, Jackets, Etc.

Gift Cards for :

Victoria's Secret, Barnes & Noble (I have a Nook), Rite Aid, Cabelas, Safeway, Starbucks, Walmart, The Dollar Tree, Toys R Us, Old Navy, Bath & Body Works.

Snacks :

Gummy, Sour, Lindor Truffles, White Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Puppy Chow (Any Flavors), Birthday Cake Oreos, Dunkaroos.


Note to ALL my Partners. I like to spend some time on my items I send out. If I am doing a recipe swap, I don't like to just print someone off and stick it in an envelope. I will at least make it cute, fun, and exciting for you to look at. Anyone can click print on a computer and stick in it the mail. I send things out the way I would like to receive them. It would be great if you could do that same. Thank you!

I AM NOT A FLAKER!! I send my items out, usually in a timely manner. If you have not received a package from me, please contact me before rating me a 1. I HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER not send out a package. I have been flaked on TWICE and it is NOT a good feeling at all and I would NEVER do that to someone else. I have had an item I sent out be lost in the mail and never made it to the person. I am very thankful for the communication between my partner and I and I sent out another package. So please, COMMUNICATE!!


That's about all I can think of. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I'm a pretty open person and love to try anything at least once.

Thank you!!


hg08 rated for "P" Recipe on Aug 30, 2013
draco rated for Dollar Swap on Jun 21, 2013
Comment: pm'd you about this and never got a reply. will rerate if/when received
Amane rated for Grant 3 wishes on Apr 30, 2013
Comment: thanks for the hello kitty tape and other goodies :3
SkipsStylishPixie rated for "T" Recipe on Apr 27, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much!! They are PEACH RECIPES!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am. Haha. Wheeee. Happy swapping!!
Response: Yay!! I was hoping you'd like it. I read your profile and seen you liked peaches, so I took a chance!! haha. You're very welcome!!
ladyaries7 rated for Send Something Purple - USA on Apr 27, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the pen and purple goodies :)
institches rated for I Love My Crockpot - April on Apr 23, 2013
Comment: Thanks, everything sounds good!
JaMaJo rated for "S" Recipe on Apr 20, 2013
Comment: Thank you! They all look yummy, especially the cocoa pecan recipe. I have some other nut recipes like that but not with cocoa. I will have to try them soon!
inskydiamonds rated for "R" Recipe on Apr 17, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the extra recipe cards too!
melanie8284 rated for 5 Things For You - Profile Swap on Apr 15, 2013
Comment: Love everything! Thanks so much!
Comment: Thank you so much! My boys loved their Easter baskets & all of the goodies that they were filled with!! It was so very kind of you to make baskets for both of them, thank you :) My boys loved everything :)
Comment: This scrub smells delicious. You totally made my day. And I love the perfume sample, too.
Grammy13 rated for Socks and a Snack on Apr 10, 2013
Comment: LOVE the socks...soft and fluffy! Plus popcorn and Gobstoppers !!!! Yeah!!
swap4fun rated for Decorate an envie in GREEN! on Apr 9, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the great envelope and extras.
2littlewings rated for Thrift Store Find #34 on Apr 4, 2013
Comment: I can ALWAYS use more clippers! thanks so much! Great package :)
Bootses rated for Favorite Color Swap! on Apr 3, 2013
Comment: Thank you for all of my goodies! And for letting me wait to open the package for my birthday. The socks will be well worn, as I'm only wearing thick socks recently, since silly me decided to not wear a buffer with a pair of dressy shoes, and thus rubbed sores onto both heels. (Bandaids, wooly socks, and heelless shoes have been my consequence until they heal.) And you gave me a challenge to decide if I have a picture of my boys (guinea pigs) for the frame or if I need to take a new one for the occasion. Thanks again! EDIT: Weird. The first time I sent it the heart did not show up. Trying again. :/
Tonieshell rated for Kid swaps!!!! for girls on Apr 1, 2013
Comment: Thank you she loved it all!!!
MySlideShowLife rated for Easter Basket Swap on Apr 1, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the package Ray was happy.
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Comment: Everything was great!! Loved the way you packaged everthing and omg the game card! Thanks again
gmasusie rated for Send something Green - USA only on Mar 27, 2013
Comment: WOW ! Thanks for the nice green kitchen things. Love them all.

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Looking forward to swapping with you on the Ziploc swap! Thanks for signing up.

ladydy5 on Nov 29, 2012:

Nice profile newbie. Welcome to my photo swaps.

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