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UPDATE: 7/3/2012 - I was fired this last week due to business slowing down for the summer, I'm still really reeling from it all and i know it is effecting my swaps. If my swap is late I promise it will be worth it when it does get to you. Please bear with me while I go through this difficult time.


I am always about making things right...even if it isn't my swap! I always re-send, always make it right and I love to angel for others...just message me!

My name is Cami, or as I'm known by those who love me, "Madame Cupcake" for my love of baking the little cute treats and for my love of anything cupcake-related. I'm a 24 year old Nursing student whose goal is to become a Midwife shortly after finishing w/ my RN degree. I love school but when will it be over so I can begin doing what I'm so passionate about?!

I live with my little fur ball of a dog Gigi who is a teeny tiny black Pom, the family's blind grey-fluffball mini-kitty Fatty, and my tuxedo cat Roxie Hart (I'm not a cat person per-se but I love these little weirdos) in a house with my loving/insane family.


I'm forever floating in a state between being an Aquarian and a Piscean (my chart has me directly in the middle!) so I'm exacting, confident, and driven but also creative, emotional, and a dreamer. Fun, right?

Though I'm girly and bouncy I also have a fun, dark side which shows through fashion, art, and music choices. I love risque art and films. I don't really like gore but I would describe my love of dark stuff as more "spooky sexy".


I have gauged ears and I'm collecting tattoos on my pretty pale skin and all of them have a deep and heartfelt meaning; each piece is beautiful, soulful, and shows my true spirit and the road I've traveled in life. I have long, long hair down to my bottom, I wear geek-chic glasses, and I love wearing pearls and leather jackets...sometimes apart but mostly together.

I dig international travel and learning not just through books and tests but through meeting new people and seeing ways of living that we can only dream of. I've been to England, Mexico (Baja & Yucatan Peninsula), China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Jamaica, The Bahamas, China, Ireland, Holland, Germany, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, & Spain.

My next trips will be to India, Thailand (again), South Africa, and I also want to do a tour of the major concentration camps of Europe from WW2.

~Your view of the world is only wide as how open your mind is.~


I'm a bit too creative for my own good but who says that's a bad thing? :)

A Note On Swaps...

I will NOT flake, and I will always rate. If there's a problem and something is missing, it is due to a problem that is out of my hands (usps, etc). I promise to always re-send if something doesn't get to you after the two week mark and always try to make it right.


IF YOU ARE SENDING ME A SWAP, please include a little note. I know if you're a prolific swapper like me then you're doing maybe 4-5 envies a day which can seem like a lot of writing; I agree. I have really severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I still hand write a note with every swap. I keep all of my envies from partners with their letters or cards and I like to look back on them. Thanks in advance :)

I am meticulous and passionate in my art-making and very particular w/ the work I send out. I believe one of my purposes in life is to fill the world with beauty. With that said, I like to know that the people I swap w/ care as much about beauty and quality in their work as much as I do.

I also love giving extras w/ my swaps and love receiving them too but I don't rate based on how much stuff you can cram into the envie; it's about the love and artistry and I hope others feel the same.


Favorite Books/Films/Music

  • Books: I inhale books, they're as essential as dark chocolate and oxygen...in that order.

I love historical fiction, political science, era books, and anything with a message that speaks to the subject of our humanity in a stark way. I also love natural child-birth and mid-wife related books, especially from foreign perspectives (but written in English).

Some of my top authors and books are Ayn Rand/ Anthem and We The Living, Jeffrey Eugenides/ The Virgin Suicides, Douglas Adams/ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Anne Rice/ Interview With The Vampire and The Sleeping Beauty Series, Decartes, Aldous Huxley/ Brave New World, George Orwell/ Animal Farm, Simon Montefiore/ Sashenka, and Marquis De Sade.

  • Films/ Musicals, Foreign, Risque, Drama, Psychologicals, Disney Animated, Documentaries.

A few fave titles are Rocky Horror Picture Show, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Funny Girl, Belle Du Jour, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Dolly Sisters, Under the Tuscan Sun (shhh! don't tell anyone!), Suckerpunch, Franklin, Dans Me Peau, Blindness, 28 Days Later, Donnie Darko, Coraline.

  • Music/ Indie, Progressive, Dubstep, Alt Rock, Rockabilly, Ambient, Electronic, Contemporary Country and Christian, Classical, Grunge Blues.

Some fave artists are The Dresden Dolls, Muse, Billie Holiday, Brandon Heath, The Black Keys, Kings Of Leon, Adele, Tiger Army, Bjork, Skrillex, Miranda Lambert, Jace Everett, A Perfect Circle, BitterSweet.

Favorite Crafts

I have too many craft addictions, but paper arts (ATCs, art envies, collage, scrapbooking) are my current obsession (I've just started at inchies but the jury is still out on whether they're here to stay!). I've been keeping art journals for the past 8 years and I love them. I am also an Up-Cycling junkie and love to sew and make my own patterns. In addition I do jewelry and reclaimed leather accessories too!

I love making Halloween props and costumes, acrylics on canvas, multi-media scultpture, charcoal sketching, photography, and make-up.


What I Love/Wishlist

  • Female-Centered Art
  • Candy: Dark Chocolate, Swedish Fish, Caramel, Spearmint Gum
  • Really random, cool things I can stick on ATCs
  • Scents: Vanilla, Mint, Rose, Gardenia, and Sweet and Desserty ones too!
  • Halloween/spooky/macabre images, props, jewelry, and cute zombies!
  • Vintage Mini Bottles, Packaging, and Advertisements
  • Big funky, girly headbands, fascinators, and hair clips
  • Vintage Cameras
  • Risque or Sexy Films/Art/Themes
  • Vintage Medical Instruments/Equipment
  • Mermaids, faeries, dragons
  • Gas Masks
  • Teas; loose or bags. Peach, black, chai, mint, rose
  • Victorian images of Fashion and Machinery
  • French Language and Culture
  • Pin-ups & Corset Related Anything (I'm a traditional tight-lacer!)
  • Gay pride & Rainbows
  • Pearls, crystals, copper
  • Old photographs
  • Voodoo-esque (art style only: no bad juju plz!)
  • Octopus and Squid
  • Pinot Noir wine
  • Zebra print
  • The colors Aqua, Pink, Silver, and Lime Green
  • Nag Champa Incense (only kind I like!)
  • Swirls, Scrolling, Brocade, & Damask Patterns
  • Modern Christian (NLT)
  • Tattoo Art
  • Indian fabrics, henna art related
  • Eastern religious symbology, images, and dieties


  • Beachy sort of stuff w/ sand and shells etc (I live very near to the beach, if you want some sand I'll gladly mail you an envie full of the stuff!)

  • Small little beads/sticker flakes/bits/bobs as extras

  • "You Can Do It!" type sentiments on anything

  • Cutesey images especially for holidays -ick!

  • "Happy chirpy bluebirds on a fence" type images

  • I'm a Christian but I don't like anything having to do with hell or Christian supremacy propaganda. Everyone chooses their path in life and we're not here to proselytize each other; I love Jesus but you don't have to! :)

  • "Home and Garden" type things

  • Smiley face stickers

  • Very badly done ATC's (ie, a piece of construction paper with horrible drawing done on or a random sticker)

  • Something copied verbatim from someone else's work (re-trades are ok but don't claim it as your work!)

  • Pet Peeves: People using the same stamp on 50 out of 60 pieces they make, overboard sticker slapping, not receiving hearts when you KNOW you deserve it, postal machines eating envies, and lazy swappers. Yuckies :/

Private Trades

Let's make it happen...especially if we have some cool random similar favorites.

I'd really love to get someone to do shared Art Journals with. We could start with 2 journals (1 for each) and each do a layout and keep sending them back and forth til they're all filled up. Help me make my dream come true! :)

I also love International swaps from Ireland, England, France and New Zealand! Contact me!



kathiec rated for Women of History ATC #7~ Cleopatra on Oct 23, 2012
Comment: Sorry will re rate it i receive the swap
Comment: Love love love love love! These r so fun and this one is such a perfect summer creepy baby! Thank u for being such a great partner!
Comment: Deadline 25/06, PM'd 07/07 to say was behind due to losing job. I will happily rerate when I receive but I feel you should NOT have marked this sent on the 25th, when clearly you had not - that is dishonest and unfair to those who did get theirs sent on time. I wish you well with the job-hunting and hope you get back swapping soon!
Response: I understand where you're coming from. I let you know about the late send personally so you would have a heads-up. It wasn't meant to be be deceptive, how could it when I contacted you? I'll send you a message once it's sent.
PeggyO rated for Steampunk ATC on Jul 17, 2012
Comment: Beautiful ATC, Cami! Definitely, my Tim Holtz style--and steam-punk. I love the woman's portrait and the title. I'm as retired English prof and immediately thought of Henry James' noevel f same title--the portrait certainly matches the novel. Thanks for the little exras as well--definitively will make use of them!
Response: Thanks for such a wonderful rating and for the heart too. I am so thankful for your patience, life has been so out of line lately! xoxo
ixykix rated for Cupcake Shaped Atc Swap on Jun 16, 2012
Comment: Such a gorgeous cupcake ATC thank you so much!! I loved the little paper cupcake bag too and the card - what a great package!
Response: Yay! Cupcake swaps are my very favorite...for obvious reasons! So glad you enjoyed it :P
lacey38655 rated for My Secret Desire ATC on Jun 14, 2012
Comment: I loved it, thank you so very much
Response: Thanks so much for getting back to me with this rating, it's much appreciated :)
Poffie rated for Legend of Zelda ATC on Jun 1, 2012
Comment: Great atc, TY :)
Response: Thanks so much for the heart, so glad you love my little ATC xo
MissRuth rated for Nyan Cat ATC on May 31, 2012
Comment: Thanks Cami, I love the Nyan Cat ATC! So clever!
Response: Thanks so much!
pennypuppy rated for Vintage ATC - Travel Themed on May 24, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the fun travel ATC! Also loved the beautiful card you sent it in. OK, so now I'm curious, how exactly did you get that copper look? What is aging ink and what is MAC? (=^.^=)
Response: You're so welcome, it was a super fun one to make. I love doing pockets and using new techniques. The aging ink I use is just a coffee-colored ink pad and you just rub the ATC against the pad or use a cotton swab to rub it on the edges to get that vintage look and MAC is the eyeshadow I use, they're a make-up company. You can get it at Macy's. I just touch a bit of the eye shadow to my fingertip and rub it into the paper to get that copper0rubbed effect. I used Amber Lights by MAC Make Up (thats the name of the copper color!) So glad you like it!
Saristotle rated for Naughty Magazine Advert ATC Trio! on May 19, 2012
Comment: Thanks for resending. I really like these 3 ATC's.
Response: Yay! I'm so glad I was able to get in touch with you and make it work. Thanks for being a great part of the swap! xo
HeidiJean rated for Saucy ATC #1 - Senders Choice on May 17, 2012
Comment: thanks
Comment: Thank you for the pretty ATC I like it :)
Response: Yay! She was such an interesting character :P
Comment: Thanks for the really great Amelia ATC!And for re-sending..(-;
Response: No worries <3
Comment: Super nice card. Thanks.
Response: You're so welcome, thanks for being such a great group member :)
Comment: Great card Cami! And thank you for the pix! Kathie
Response: Thanks for you patience, all of my envies keep getting eaten by the usps monster :D
Alias rated for Marie Antoinette ATC Swap on Apr 11, 2012
Comment: Finally received the ATC, thank you!
Response: Yay! Third times the charm apparently :)
tejka76 rated for 4/2 Sender's Choice ATC on Apr 11, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful ATC + extras. :)
Response: You're so welcome :)

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Happy August to you! Think of you often, and I hope things are going better. Hope to talk with you soon!

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THANK YOU for Angel-ing the Creepy Baby Valentine swap to me! I absolutely love the ATC and you are so sweet to angel it! You Rock!! :) pickapeppa

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