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Here's my info for anyone who may want it:

Sarah Kringlen

1939 Grande Ave SE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52403


ABOUT ME I love crafting, art, writing, math, and science. I like old fashioned and vintage fashion, tools, and methods. The old fashioned way is often cheaper, less wasteful, and better for your health. I love museums and try to buy the booklet with photos at the end of the tour.

I'm 40, I live with my dear sweet husband & we love the internet. I spend more time at my computer than anywhere else when I'm at home. I check www.Ravelry.com and www.Etsy.com at least once every day. My husband and I have side by side computers and take turns putting on a TV show or movie while the other is free to search the net for whatever or play video games. We have a cat and two French Angora bunnies, and they all have long hair, so it gets all over everything, sorry!

I don't spend quite all my time in my small library computer room locked up in the house. I love biking, walking, exploring, and adventuring.

I have degrees in Physics and Astronomy, and I love science, but my love for art is even greater. I always have several craft projects in the works, and I can count at least 10 at the moment. Art has always been important in my life. I consider many different media and crafts art - anything that takes creativity and creation. You could say I'm obsessive and that I have a relatively short attention span. I must have several different things all going on at the same time.

THINGS I ALWAYS ENJOY RECEIVING: ATCs, stickers, stationery sets, envelopes, notecards, postcards, interesting pencils and pens, photos, pen pal letters, postage stamps, books, Magic cards, rubber or clear stamps and stamped images, pretty paper, fabric, interesting math problems with or without solutions, diagrams, perfume, soap, shot glasses, chocolate, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, your favorite recipies, and museum postcards, tour photos, or brochures. I also super love good quality handmade stuff! I'd love to hear your own personal travel advice for restaurants, hiking or biking trails, campsites, nature reserves, museums, and other sites of interest, even if it's unknown and out of the way. Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to visit your favorite places someday.

STICKERS - Generally, I like stickers in realistic photo quality, in Victorian theme, or anything with butterflies, flowers, mythical creatures, animals of all kinds (except for cats, dogs, or livestock), plants, trees, nature stuff, hearts, and other pretty objects, especially those relating to my hobbies and interests. My favorite stickers seem to be photo realistic stickers like Mrs. Grossman's Photoessence and Studio Line, Paper House, and I also love K & Company. If you have me in a sticker sheet swap, I would gladly take a "giant" sheet of Mrs. Grossman's stickers or even half of a "giant" sheet if it's perforated. I would also take a strip of Mrs. Grossman's as one or more of the sheets. I ask that a "strip" consist of 4 mini modules, 2 small blocks, or a whole strip like they sometimes come in. If you want to mix it up and send lots of mini modules or small blocks, that's fine too, as long as you're counting 4 minis or 2 blocks as a sheet.

TEA - I like most teas. My favorites seem to be Earl Grey and Jasmine, but I also like white tea, herbal tea, mint, and dessert teas. Rooibos isn't my favorite, but I still like to try different kinds, so send whatever!

ATCs - Yes, please! I just discovered how fun these are and I'm growing my collection. I couldn't even really tell you what my favorite kinds are.... I guess I often like them with realistic drawings/paintings/photo quality backgrounds and collage elements and interesting scrapbook style, but that doesn't mean I couldn't possibly like one of a cartoon drawing. Seems like my favorite ones I've made or received are inspired by a book, movie, or TV show, but my ultimate favorite is a handpainted dragon head that's just really cool. Like every other kind of swap, I don't really get into kid style cartoon stuff.

I Love

My favorite color is blue violet, but I also like red, purple, and green. Really, I like most colors.

Damask patterns






Coffee & Tea




Sea horses


Hydrangeas, Orchids, and Roses


Nature Scenes

Outer Space




Detailed Scientific Diagrams & Equations



Pirate Ships

Fountain Pens


Art (especially realism)





Ancient Egypt and Hieroglyphics

Ancient Artifacts and Ruins


Natural Fibers: Wool, Silk, Rayon, Linen, Cotton

Scents: Jasmine, Rose, most florals, Cotton Blossom or Egyptian Cotton, Sandalwood, Sweet Pine, Cedar, and most woods, Musk, Rain, Spice, Sweet Stuff, I love perfume and soaps!

Curse Words, Rude Funny, & Art Nude Stuff are OK.



Acrylic Yarn


Cinnamon, especially artificial flavoring

I do not ingest artificial sweeteners.

Girly Girl Stuff:

-Pink - especially hot pink, but soft pink's alright if not in excess.


-Glittery - well, ok, glittery accents are fine.

-Fake Fur


-Princess / Drama Queen Stuff

Cartoony Kid Things like Disney stickers

Cutesy Cat and Dog stuff makes me sick.

Religious Items, especially the attemped persuasion kind. I don't want religious pamphlets, stickers, cards, or phrases. You COULD send me a postcard or similar item of a cathedral, some church's beautiful stained glass windows, the Sistine Chapel ceiling or a Pieta by Michelangelo, some Buddha stuff, or other photo of a beautiful artistic object inspired by any of the various religions, though.

Earrings - my ears swell up and turn red no matter what they're made of.

Not that I really dislike them, but I'm allergic to many beauty products that contain any metal oxide or paraben. It's not a severe allergy, like I'm going to choke to death just from openning a package, I just can't use them without breaking out. Unfortunately, this includes most facial cleanser & lotion, sun block, and antiperspirant.


I Collect

Insects (cool pretty ones like butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders, katydids, grasshoppers, praying mantis, etc. NOT flies, cockroaches, termites, or maggots and other gross little uglies.)



Fountain Pens

Stationery and other Paper Products


Yarn (100% natural fiber ONLY - unless it's sock yarn)


Craft Project Patterns

Pressed Pennies


Beads, including size 11 seed beads

Books (non fiction is my favorite)

Postage Stamps

Rubber & Clear Stamps


Any small cute crafting items!


Favorite Crafts





Card, Envelope, and Stationery Making

Soap Making




Cross Stitch


Letter Writing




Favorite Historical Figures


Isaac Newton

Marie Curie



James Clerk Maxwell




Joan of Arc

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Frederick Douglas


Favorite Books

I love all things Stephen King.

My favorite books are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trillogy.

Johnny Got His Gun

Slaughterhouse Five

Lord of the Flies


The Great Gatsby

A Renegade History of the U.S.

Beat The Reaper

Mrs. Dalloway

Naomi Wolf


I'm currently reading In Cold Blood and Leaves of Grass.


Favorite Music

Classic Rock and Grunge, mostly.

Occasionally, I listen to classical, dance music, or big band.

Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd

The Eagles

Alice in Chains

Jethro Tull

Van Morrison

The Black Eyed Peas

Ani Difranco

old Aerosmith

Alice Cooper

Ozzy Osborne

Pearl Jam

Chris Cornell

Sound Garden

Mad Season

Guns N Roses

James Brown

Temple of the Dog

Weird Al

Jon LaJoie

you know, a variety.


Favorite Movies

Natural Born Killers

Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind

The Big Lebowski

Mall Rats

Back to the Future


Stand By Me

The Princess Bride

Dodge Ball


Moulin Rouge

Inglourious Basterds

It's a Wonderful Life

Far and Away


Favorite Television


The Office



The Walking Dead




Game of Thrones

Arrested Development


Trailer Park Boys

The Good Guys

American Horror Story

Peaky Blinders



JewelThief rated for Pinterest Pen-Pal Ideas on Aug 17, 2017
Comment: What a fantastic board! Can't wait to try some of the ideas out! (Apologies for the late rating!) Happy swapping!
Response: :)
cynaemon rated for Write: Mapping Memory on Aug 11, 2017
Comment: Hi, Sarah, Thanks for your lovely letter. I really enjoyed reading about your memories.
Response: :)
Comment: Thank you for forwarding the book on to me. I missed round #33, but will send it on in the next round. I do hope that you will get your book back, soon. I am still waiting for mine to come home, too. Take care.
Response: :)
Peaches12 rated for Give Your Penny the Squeeze #6 on Jul 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the two pennies. I have actually visited both of those places so it was fun to get pennies from there!
Response: :)
VioletFaye rated for Send a Book in Your Style on Jul 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much ! My Book is beautiful ! AND Blues and Greens are my Favorite colors !
Response: I'm so very glad you liked it and that my work wasn't wasted on you. I really hope you will enjoy using the book.
LauraM540 rated for Huge ATC Swap #39 -- USA Only on Jun 28, 2017
Comment: Sorry for the late rating :) I loved the selection of ATC's!! Thanks a bunch!!
Response: I'm so glad you got them and liked them! Thank you for swapping.
Mimiadpi rated for Pressed coins of the World #3 on Jun 13, 2017
Comment: Great coins! Thanks for the extra!! Happy swapping! 🎉
Response: I'm glad you liked them!
Nimue rated for Pressed coins of the World #3 on Jun 8, 2017
Comment: Thank you for sending it arrived today. I definitely do not have either. :) Thanks again for sending and for joining my swap. :)
Response: I love these swaps! It's fairly rare to encounter coin presses in my area, so getting to trade is a great idea. I'm glad you like them.
Comment: Lovely swap! Thank you for the extra coin and beautiful washi tape. Hope you are having a amazing week.✌️❤️😁
Response: I'm so happy you liked them!
Mamamoose rated for Pressed coins of the World #2 on Apr 22, 2017
Comment: Too bad I can only give you one heart! Those coins are fantastic. I have been to both places (but didn't collect elongated coins back then). Thank you so much! Many thanks also for the wonderful fabrics! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Response: Yea! I'm very happy that you liked the swap. Thank you for the rating. :D
Murmuration rated for Pressed coins of the World #2 on Apr 20, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for the pressed coin and also the extra pressed coin. And a special extra thanks (and heart) for the adorable washi tape! I wish I had thought to secure the pressed coins I sent out with washi tape like you did!
Response: SO glad you liked it! I am almost out of extra coins to trade. I better go on vacation again soon!
Onaki rated for ATC - Rocky Horror Picture Show on Apr 18, 2017
Response: Glad you liked it! Great swap idea!
Tracykason rated for Asian themed ATC on Apr 11, 2017
Comment: Loved these - Asian is really a fun and broad theme. Thanks!
Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it!
CraftyCari rated for Pretty TEAPOTS atc swap on Apr 11, 2017
Comment: Thanks. I liked how you incorporated the string from a real tea bag!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it!
Sissi rated for Pinterest Pen-Pal Ideas on Apr 5, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for sharing your great pinterest wall with me <3
Response: Thank you! I got some cool ideas to try from this swap. :)
smartin85 rated for Pinterest Pen-Pal Ideas on Apr 5, 2017
Response: Thank you! I got some great ideas while doing this swap.
Comment: Hi Sarah, Thank you for the unique and beautiful bookmark! I LOVE the snails. And I can make my own one too with the images you sent. Super cute!
Response: Yea! Glad you liked it. This was a great swap.
MrsAlderman rated for ATC - Moulin Rouge on Apr 3, 2017
Comment: I love your atc! its fantastic and is also one of my favorite quotes~ thank you very much!
Response: Haha! Glad you appreciated the humor. I had lots of fun making this card. I can't wait to receive mine. :) Great series of swaps!
user7949 rated for Old Victorian Junk Journal on Mar 20, 2017
Comment: I am totally blown away!!! Like a tumbleweed WOW I am so thrilled about this book, I wish there was a way to give you more than a 5 and a shooting star. Thank you so much, you rock with that coptic stitching. The book is beautiful!!!! Thank you so much. I'll take real good care of it.
Response: YEA!! I'm so glad you liked it. That makes it easier to have given it away. I got quite an amazing book myself, so I think this was a really good swap. Thank you!
JenniferB rated for BL ~ Butterfly & Dragonfly ATC on Mar 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely ATC Sarah. I love what you did with the dragonfly wings. I'm also grateful for the useful extras you sent. Cheers! :)
Response: I'm so very glad you liked it! Thank you for the feedback. :)

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