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Last Online: July 15, 2014
Birthday: October 12, 1989
Country: Canada
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I send out some of my international packages by ground because I'd rather stuff you a package full of joy that takes forever to arrive, they usually estimate around two months, than send you a skimpy package that isn't as awesome! If something I sent doesn't show up around or before two months after the sent-by date, though please message me and I'll resend. I also reuse packaging and don't mind if you reuse packaging for me.

I'm an artist from Winnipeg. I make the webcomic Stargazer's Gate which is a fantasy graphic novel about gates between worlds (I would love to get fanart), and I also make things like jewelry and nail polish and art cards. I'm stupidly into steampunk and I love getting stuff in the mail.

If you're going to be sending me something, I like steampunky things, vintage things, chocolate, coffee, tea, fantasy/science fiction and speculative fiction. Nerdy stuff. I get into more detail below!

I try to make my packages a little bit special, sneak in a surprise or tailor them to your profile if I can. At the very least, you can rest assured that no matter what the swap, I read your profile and thought about what you might want. If I'm running close to the deadline, it's because I'm trying to make something special for you. I never just buy a couple of cheap dollar store items that match the swap description. I do try to let people know that the package I've sent them is on its way, and I don't mark 'sent' unless I'm heading to the post office.

If I haven't rated you yet, feel free to nudge me, I'm forgetful sometimes.

Canada post is notoriously slow, and I'm pretty much always sending worldwide, so please keep that in mind and contact me before downrating. If I have hit send, I have sent your package (and usually take a picture before sending it off), but if it's been over two months and your package hasn't arrived, let me know and I will be happy to resend.

Favorite Music

I listen to music all across the board. A lot of it is Homestuck music though. If I get into a music swap, no country, and I prefer less of the 'tame woman crooning about how she needs a man' type genre, I don't know what to call it, easy listening? Otherwise, yeah, bring on variety. I like rock, alt rock, soundtracks, techno, trance, etc.

Favorite Books

Now we're talking! I like Discworld, and I read a ton of urban fantasy, cyberpunk, and speculative fiction besides that. Simon R. Green, Samuel Delaney, William Gibson, Neil Stephenson, The Death Gate Cycle, Terry Pratchett forever, any graphic novels. I don't really like romance novels; I don't mind mystery and horror, and I love fantasy and speculative fiction. Please do send me used books, comic samples, etc.

Favorite Movies

Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, the Matrix, Brave, Wreck It Ralph, Tangled, Oblivion, Pulp Fiction, Stranger than Fiction, Frozen, Galaxy Quest, The Lego Movie, Avengers/Iron Man/Thor, Fight Club. I do like movie merch and themed stuff!

Favorite Crafts

I like to make jewelry and art cards (mostly I draw people's characters from their comics with markers, so I probably won't be doing that here unless it's more generic artsy things), and I'm branching out into cosmetics. Yeah!

I would love to do private swaps. Things I would like to swap with you include...


-Artist cards that are actually drawn by the artist.

-Steampunky jewelry and craft supplies.

-Beads, charms, cool paper, yarn, etc.

-Handmade items.

-Nail polish and other cosmetics

-Profile based surprises?

-Tea, especially loose leaf tea of interesting varieties, no need for factory sealing.

Likes/Help for Swappers

This is the long version of the 'things I like', intended for people doing private swaps or profile based swaps. If you're looking just for a quick wishlist, skip to the bottom section!


I'm really into steampunk.

I like anything "dream" themed. I impulsively buy them and collect them. Things with the word 'dream', sleepy things, clouds, moons, stars, night things, poppies. So if I get into say, a paper trade or a sticker trade, I favor either that, poppies, or steampunky/vintage things. I really like anything vintage themed too. I'm into tarot cards and jewelry making.

I have long hair and I love to get hair accessories. I also love hats, I have a huge collection of them! My favorite types of hats are generally not trucker type hats, but more like the squishy 30s style hats, anything you can imagine putting goggles on (because I usually have goggles on). I would love to get goggles too. For hats, my preferences are brown, blue, green, and things like colored flowers. I do have a bit of a large head so a stretchy hat or a slightly larger hat is also best. Crochet beanies are absolutely awesome and someday I will own a rainbow one.

Crazy shoelaces (someone sent me an AMAZING pair of these once! THANKS BLACKCAT!)

Necklaces, bracelets. (Especially for bracelets, brown/green/metal/wood. I have a chunk on my wrist of vaguely matching bracelets. Wrist is around 7, 7.5 inches around. Necklaces, I love anything! My favorites from past swaps have included an awesome sea jasper pendant, a dream stamped steampunk necklace, and a handmade glasswork thing!)

I collect glitter (especially nail art things), bottles, maps, dictionaries, and writing themed things. And poppies/dream things. I also like used postage stamps and cool ephemera!

I have a personal symbol, it looks kind of like 69, except the two circles overlap, so it's kind of like a galaxy swirl. My zodiac sign is Libra, so it has nothing to do with that.

Smells: I have a lot of scent allergies. I'm usually okay with spicy smells or very neutral things like vanilla, but try to lean away from scenty things for me.

Tastes: Chocolate everything! Coffee, tea, spices, spicy things, nuts, sour and gummy candies, cheese, etc. I never say no to new tastes. I do, however, hate cilantro and squash and raw onions. I doubt that'll come into play. I don't really like plain green tea. I prefer chai and fruity type teas, especially anything that's good iced. I love hot chocolate too.

Animals: Owls, ravens, birds, octopuses.

Flowers: Poppies! I have a huge poppy thing going on. I also really like daisies and lilacs, but anything floral, favor poppies. Especially non-red ones but I love red poppies too! I am excruciatingly happy if you send me anything with poppies on it.

Colors: I LOVE color. My favorite colors are green, blue, brown. I have a color 'order' that's related to a story of mine, it's silver/blue/green/red/orange/gold. If you're making things for me I will be tickled purple and pink (which I don't really like all that much) if you can work that in.

Stationary type things: I love pens and markers and crayons. My favorite things are things I can use.

Genres: Steampunk, fantasy, cyberpunk, science fiction, urban fantasy, mystery, historical, horror, anything speculative fiction. I have been sent comic book samplers before and used books and I appreciate both!

Cosmetics: I like lipglosses and loose eyeshadows and nailpolish best. I don't really use anything like mascara but I sure use nail polish. I don't really like neutral nail polish colors. Someone sent me Mary Kay lipgloss and omg it's amazing I love it so much.

Craft supplies: Anything I can use to draw, big beads (especially ones I can jam into my hair), any cool charms and doo-dads and anything you can imagine being steampunky. I love glitter. Stickers are pretty cool though I don't have a lot of things to stick stickers too. I don't have any washi tape at all (edit: I have a few samples and it's pretty neat stuff!), and I am curious about it. I don't really do papercrafts, but I'd be willing to try! I prefer to draw or paint, or work with fabric or yarn and stuff like that. Did I mention I love color? Either favor brown/gold neutrals or go for the colors! Though I won't complain about anything shiny either...

Jewelry: I have earrings that are very difficult to get out in my ears. I prefer to not get earrings and if I do, make sure they're small dangly earrings and not studs. I love getting necklaces (especially steampunky ones), as long as they're longer than 14 inches... I have a big neck! And I love bracelets, as long as they're bigger than 7 inches... again, big wrists. On my left wrist I have a few brown and green and metal handmade bands and I would love to add to that assortment if you want to make something brown/green/metal/wood. Think hippy. :D I would be very happy to get hair pieces or hats of any kind, as well as brooches and pins.

-I am a member of Completely Inappropriate and I am willing to swap for more adult types of things! Scandalous magnets, skanky pinups, so on and so forth! I am not easily offended.

If you find anything with the colors silver/gray/white, blue, green, red, orange, yellow/gold all on it, preferably in that order, I would be very happy to privately swap you for it!


I have a few dislikes, not too many.

-Stud earrings (because I can't wear them without removing some very difficult captives)

-Plain green tea, cilantro, onions.

-Jewelry that's very 'diamond'centric. I like colors and vintagy things better. If that doesn't make sense, "as long as it has some color rather than just silver sparkles" should do it.

-Neutral nail polish. (I don't consider things like gold glitter neutral, of course! Just things like peach or pale pink or light brown) Though your mileage may vary, I was sent this brownish mauve in a swap and it turns out it looks amazing on me and I love it. But please don't send me "peach" or "nude" nail polish.

-Instant coffee

-Hello Kitty

-Really 'kawaii' stuff. If that's the best adjective you can describe it with, it's probably not something I'll love. D: This doesn't really apply to handmade stuff as much, I think things like resin and polymer clay foods are adorable as long as they're handmade. There are lots of people who appreciate kawaii things and you should save your money and give those kawaii things to people who would appreciate them instead.

-Anything scented. Please do not send me perfume samples, candles, incense, etc.


This isn't a shopping list! Just things I'd love to get.

-Anything dream themed

-Nail polish/glitter

-Goggles / steampunk anything.

-Books/ebooks too!

-Poppy things

-Fanart of my webcomic! I stick all my webcomic ATCs to my fridge. :D


-Things that are silver/blue/green/red/orange/gold in that order. ANYTHING.

-Runes and tarot things, fortune telling things.

-Covers and supplies for artist cards, some nice stationary and a half-decent pen or two.

-What is this washi tape stuff everyone is obsessed with I'M DYING to see some for real. Edit: Thank you to ilovelovemylife and Lucide for sending me washi tape samples in totally unrelated swaps! :D :D :D Now I know! And it is pretty neat. It's staying on my wishlist because well, it is pretty awesome.

-Handmade items. :D Especially handmade cosmetics and wearables like hats/scarves/mitts/socks.


-More Mary Kay lipgloss. >__>

-Land O Lakes hot chocolate. (SERIOUSLY if you can buy this where you are send me a packet in your swap


Flaked on by JonHaug for Loose leaf tea swap for three ziplocks (20 grams total/enough to make at least three cups) of looseleaf tea.


Comment: I have yet to receive anything. I have contacted you but didn't receive a response. I will re rate if I receive this swap.
draco rated for Recipe OvErDoSe <3 on Jun 2, 2014
Comment: thank you. can't wait to try the recipes. my cat got ahold of the ribbons you sent,
LittleRed rated for CS: Smarties Box #9 Colour Themed on May 29, 2014
Comment: thank you for all the fabulous blue treats!!
tingtinga2602 rated for 2 Things From You Profile #3 on May 27, 2014
Comment: wow.. thank you for all the awesomeness in this pacakge.. you rock.. :D love everything and will try the tea soon
sugarskull rated for Drawing Cocks On The Local Paper on May 20, 2014
Comment: such lovely cocks! thanks for the good laugh :)
mickeykul rated for Blind Surprise Swap (April) on May 11, 2014
Comment: Thank you! it was a pleasure to open all these many green little packeges :) love it <3
Eponita rated for Random Envie of Goodness on May 9, 2014
Comment: Thank you for a super-cool package! The teas all smell so yummy. I also loved your mini graphic zine, very captivating!
dea rated for NH: Basic Profile Surprise Swap on May 8, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the great envelope! I loved tea and glass bead on yours necklace... :-)
mmiatsu rated for QUICK package destash swap #24 on May 5, 2014
Comment: Thank you! Love the candles :)
smadronia rated for Craftily Inappropriate on Mar 21, 2014
Comment: These are so F**king cool! I love them!
Response: I'm so glad you like them. I wished I would've had more magnet base because I printed out a few more so you didn't end up getting "tittiewinkles" and "8===D~~~" and a few other wonderful potential magnets.
Ladybird2490 rated for Private: Profile based Swap on Mar 18, 2014
Comment: Hi Tiffany, Thank you for swapping with me I loved all the different papers can't wait to use them and the nail polish is great, Thank you:)
Response: You're welcome! The nail polish, I should have put a note in there to explain--is handmade by me. :D
Lucine rated for Make your own Jewellery! on Feb 27, 2014
Comment: Thank you. The first package never arrived. If ever received, I will let you know.
chocosamurai rated for chocolate n Crochet on Feb 18, 2014
Comment: YAAAY!! Guess what it finally arrived :D !!! I like the little message you put in the package. Thank you very much for everything. Some of them I've only heard of so can't wait to try the chocolates
momac224915 rated for Naked Tea Swap on Feb 14, 2014
Comment: Cant wait to try :)
Comment: Awesome letter. Love that you included the documents to go with it.
Comment: Where to start on this swap? You are amazing. I loved everything you put into this box and I had fun talking to you during the swapping phase and hope we can continue to correspond. You very thoughtfully filled your package with so many amazing things (LOVING those fingerless gloves you made, by the way) and I had fun unpacking it and going through everything. Thank you so much! =)
Nnyla rated for Me in an Envelope USA/Canada on Feb 7, 2014
Comment: Thank you for such a wonderful package! Wow! You do a lot! I'll have to check out your comic this weekend.
Comment: Wow you sure didn't hold back on this swap! Thanks for the peek into your junk mail life. It's a bit surreal to get a batch of junk mail from someone else, especially from a different country. It's all so familiar, yet with a twist. Special big thanks, though, for your artwork on the envelope and your postal musings...
pernie123 rated for Fortunes on Jan 27, 2014
Comment: Explain to me one simple game using these wood runes. I never heard of this method of fortune telling which you say you used as a teenager. You sent wooden runes? but no instruction to play any game.. I would love to use them, but don't know how. I understand a little more about them now and am adding the heart!
Response: I think you might have the wrong idea about the swap? It has nothing to do with simple games. It has to do with fortune / luck and fortune telling things. Runes are used for fortune telling. I certainly didn't get an item I could play a game with. And this is the last time I trust an Etsy seller who can't ship to me first. :( She said all of her rune sets came with instruction and meaning sheets.
Comment: Thank you so much for all the cool things they will come in very handy for my ATC

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sassafrass on Apr 18, 2014:

Thank you for letting me know that the necklace did in fact arrive. I'm glad you like it :)

sassafrass on Jan 21, 2014:

Hello fellow Canadian! Hope your holidays were great. I hope your tag package has arrived from me, but I know CP is painfully slow. Thank you again for your patience :) Hope all is well at your side!

UrsaMinor on Jan 2, 2014:

Hello! I sent to you in Not-so-QUICK 10 metal charms swap x2 #45. Have you received it? Would you please rate me? I know there was Christmas and all but I guess it should be there by now.

Best wishes for the new year!

Saija, formerly known as PrunellaModularis

nsgrammy2012 on Dec 10, 2013:

Hi! the 12 days of christmas parcel arrived today! thank you so much!!! can't wait to open everything!!! It arrived safely and I love the box you used as well.

KristinCali on Nov 27, 2013:

Thank you for all the trinkets for the pagan tag! Wow, that was the most generous tag ever. I wish I could rate you! You put a big smile on my face. Thank you!

CajunLady on Nov 18, 2013:

Got the Pagan/Wiccan tag today! Thank you so much.

tanjch on Oct 28, 2013:

Thank you for the amazing candy from the tag - i can see why they're one of your favourite - MMMMMMM :)

GreenDuck on Oct 25, 2013:

Thank you so much for the Sea Glass!! They are so pretty and they arrived in perfect shape! Just curious - where did you find these?

Lucide on Oct 25, 2013:

I'm glad you liked it! did you ate the stroopwafels already? I'm curious :P And yeah, I read on your profile you liked poppy's so I used that one as a card, haha.

Toupti on Oct 23, 2013:


I came accross your profile and noticed you like poppies... Maybe you'll like my bedroom click here

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