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About Me

Hi friend! I'm Lani and I am obsessed with japanese and korean stationery. I have way too much for one person, so I like to spread joy in the form of cute and kawaii! I have been swapping mail since 16 (18 now), and I am very active on reddit happy mail communities, most notably r/randomactsofhappymail as the user u/mussolani, discord servers, and formerly Amino! I have always had an avid interest in cute stationery!

Some of my hobbies include: Crocheting, resin work, Bullet Journalling, snail mail (of course), sewing, cooking, baking, writing (expository, I suck at creative writing), reading (literature and manga), I took a break from watching anime all throughout high school but now I'm back! I've been watching wayy too much now!

Feel free to friend me! 💕

My dislikes:

I usually graciously accept anything but I can be a little picky with what I like! (i have no known allergies either!)

I dislike:

  • Muted/dark vintage themes (things that feature vintage ephemera, parchment, etc.)

  • A lot of american/western "kawaii" (pusheen for example, or food with the tiny "kawaii" face that you can get at Michael's, ooly is a good example of western cute/kawaii i DO like)

  • knockoff kawaii! All the fake korean memo sheets from AliExpress really grinds my gears because a lot of it is stolen art from my favorite artists!

  • vinyl stickers (I have no idea what to do with them)

  • planner stickers (I don't use a planner unfortunately )': )

My likes:

If there's one thing I love to receive in the mail, it has to be kitties! Not actual kitties of course, but kitty themed stationery, whether it be washi, stickers, memo sheets, patterned paper I love kitty themed things! Especially things that feature my sweet little tuxedo kitty with yellow eyes

I also am very fond of rats, bats, cows, chickens, ducks, capybaras, and frogs (:

Some of my favorite non-animal things include:

  • forget me nots and pansies
  • mushrooms
  • mooncake
  • things written in German or depicting Germany or Austria
  • philosophy things (especially Camus, Wittgenstein, & Kierkegaard)
  • book or stationery/mail themed stationery
  • usable US postage stamps in any denomination
  • I LOVE scented stationery, fuzzy stationery (like fuzzy stickers), and stationery that features some kind of shaker aspect (:
  • celestial themes (I'm a virgo!)
  • cottagecore themes

I really love Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing as well!! (Love anything with Kirby, any of the Pokemon but especially Pikachu and Eevee)

Studio Ghibli!! I especially love Kiki's delivery service and Yakul from Princess Mononoke

The theme I love the most (and give the most of) is definitely cute/kawaii When it comes to stationery, kawaii is it (but my personal aesthetic [clothes, some decor] is quite the opposite, with earthy tones and retro themes)

I'm not super picky when it comes to Kawaii, but I love anything made by independent artists, or japanese brands like Kamio, San-X, Sanrio, Crux etc.

My favorite characters are:

  • San-X's Kutusita Nyanko, Jinbesan, some of the newer Sumikko gurashi stuff (I LOVE Sumikko Gurashi bread theme and the mole theme ❤️)
  • Sanrio's Keroppi, tuxedosam, Kuromi, MyMelody and Cinnamoroll
  • Crux's Keshikko is an absolute favorite

I always really appreciate and want:

  • Large japanese memo sheets
  • small pressed flowers and other micro flora
  • alphabet stickers
  • naked postcards
  • really small self seal cellophane baggies or small vellum/glassine envelopes
  • purple and/or holographic/foil/iridescent washi tape samples
  • Daiso letter set cardstock backings
  • really thin ribbon (about 1/8th of an inch/3 mm preferably in pink, purple, and pastels)
  • paper doilies

My favorite kind of stationery to receive are definitely memo sheets (of all sizes) and kawaii washi samples (with any of the above attributes)

I love all other mediums of course (stickers, patterned paper, etc.) I'm not really used to exchanging non-flat mail so I'm not sure how I feel yet about non-flat items!


Don't worry if you feel like you don't have exactly what I'm interested in!

I never ever throw anything someone gives me away (I do recycle the envelopes if they are plain [I use all my paper waste to create new paper], and plastic/cello baggies if they are also plain) I will try to pass it on to someone I think will appreciate it if I don't!

As long as you put love and effort into your mail I will cherish it all the same (:

If you do not receive my items after a month (domestic) and after 2 months (international) pretty please message me so I can resend

Also feel free to request a private swap! 💕

Missing rating from @loey (profile deleted) "1 oz of Cute Stationery"

Journey and Collection

I have always loved stationery! Especially kawaii stationery!

I remember going to the Sanrio store with my dad as a little girl and buying a 10 color Hello Kitty pen (one that I let a girl borrow and never got back )': ) and one of those glorious mechanical pencil boxes! I would also regularly go to this japanese store where I lived called "Marukai" that sold a lot of adorable kneadable erasers and the puzzle erasers that no one believed were erasers!

Then Marukai was replaced by Daiso, and all I can remember was "so much pink!" Daiso became my new addiction

In middle school I was lucky to develop friendships with friends who also loved kawaii stationery, including a close friend who I still exchange stationery with today (:

It wasn't until the beginning of highschool when I became interested in paper stationery! I remember on a trip to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, seeing the cutest Sumikko Gurashi mini memo pads along with so so so many letter sets and large memo pads! I fell in love with Jinbesan that day too! I loved writing little notes, so my collection steadily expanded once I discovered wonderful online shops (:

Towards the end of 10th grade, I discovered the prospect of happy mail! I didn't fully understand all the postal rules, so I remember pulling up the USPS website and studying all the pricing charts and zone charts for international and domestic destinations! I learned about nonmachinable letters and their surcharge, about keeping your letter flexible for the machinery! About taping your edges, and how there's even a dedicated facility that employs people to read illegible mail!

I know quite a bit about the postal system and their pricing so feel free to shoot me a message with any questions! (And don't worry about postage due! I have sent over 1000 pieces of mail in the past 2 years and have never had postage due on my recipient's end or ever had a letter returned to me for postage due!) I also run a shop that has kept me up to date with everything (:

These are the brands and characters of stationery I own and am willing to swap! (Most of my collection comprises of Korean memo sheets and transparent sticker sheets, but I do have a lot of japanese memos, letter sets, envelopes, washi, and stickers as well!)

Korean Brands:

  • putsonyeon
  • Cottondanchoo
  • mantabox
  • Kabuxc
  • Daemahwangnim
  • Yoon Goo
  • studio fondue
  • Ddoja
  • flyfly.unicorn
  • MyMousse

Japanese Brands:

  • San- x (Sumikko Gurashi, Jinbesan, Rilakkuma, Some Kutusita Nyanko, sentimental circus, and Mamegoma)

  • Sanrio (Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, MyMelody, Little Twin Stars, Kuromi, "Sanrio Characters")

  • Q-lia ( Parlor Series, party series, Sweet Twins, fairy tale series, goo gao etc.)

  • Kamio (Yeastken, koneko no cotton, mochi mochi Panda, delicious cafe, etc.)

  • Crux (Keshikko, koneko cafe, fruity ice pop, moji panda, melty cafe, wata bitto etc.)

  • Mind Wave (especially the sticker flakes)

  • Daiso (there is one 5 minutes from me and I go there every 2 weeks to waste my money (: )

  • Misc. Brands like Pokemon, Nintendo, and others

Washi Tape

  • W-craft Washi, Mt washi, official ghibli themed washi, Sanrio Washi, San-X washi, lots of Daiso washi

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile (:


mgugs17 rated for Animal Advocate Swap #1 on May 7, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful mail :) it definitely made my day
Comment: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVED everything you sent! When I saw the parakeet washi tape on the outside I said, "Oh, I have to get some of that!" so I'm so glad you included some! Loved the postcards, the stationery, the sticker flakes (more parakeets!) and the stamps -- including your vintage stamps on the outside! I see you put so much thought into your selections. Old maps! A stamp from Republic of Palau! A stamp depicting a Catholic saint! Thank you for going above and beyond and sending such a wonderful swap!!!
Chechel2 rated for Happy mail swap ! on Apr 30, 2021
Comment: I apologize for the lateness, I didn’t see your note the first time I opened the envelope. Thank you for the goodies, it’s all so pretty and nice!
coffeef1rst rated for 🍄MUSHROOMS🍄 #4 on Apr 29, 2021
Comment: thank you for the lovely letter and stickers!
Jillemina rated for 3 surprises in an envelope!♥ #2 on Apr 26, 2021
Comment: WOW! What an amazing envelope full of goodies! I love the envelope, so fun! All of the goodies are wonderful. The stationary is perfect, washi tape is amazing and the stickers and cut outs are wonderful! THANKS
Comment: Wow! I was so excited to get your envelope with goodies. You've decorated the envelope so nice! When I opened it, I instantly fell in love with all those cute cat stickers and postnotes! It's just a beautiful package, and I am really thankful for your time and effort! 💜
Zorathecat rated for 3 surprises in an envelope!♥ on Apr 12, 2021
Comment: Hi Lani, Thank you so much for the adorable happy mail! The envelope was SO cute and it was packed with so many cool goodies. And you included my favorite, Jinbesan! <3 Thank you again!
ImnotDorothy rated for “Teabag” tags on Apr 12, 2021
Comment: These are so cute. I can’t wait to use them in my journal. I’m glad you enjoyed making them. Thank you.
Istalksnape rated for Envie full of RABBITS on Apr 8, 2021
Comment: This is the dreamiest envelope full of goodies! All of it is so cute and I love everything (to the point that I’ll probably just keep it in my collection because it’s too pretty to actually use)! Thank you!
hanifahsekar98 rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! on Mar 29, 2021
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
MissNyx rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! on Mar 28, 2021
iolair rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! on Mar 28, 2021
Comment: Hey! Nice to see you around again, haha. Does your shop send to Aus? I would love to buy some kawaii stuff from you!
Response: How kind! I don't ship to Australia at the moment because I fear mail getting lost )': But I'd be more than happy to send something kawaii your way anyway, pls message me again <3
Comment: If I could give a million hearts, I would! What an amazing swap you sent me. I love the decorated envelope so much, I didn't even want to open it. The memos are great. I can tell you put a lot of thought into putting this swap together -- so much appreciated! Thank you!
Response: Aw! Thank you so much for such kind words! You have no idea how much this warms my heart to hear from you :'D I'm so so glad you like everything and you're always very welcome <3
inkspellonyou rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! on Mar 27, 2021
Comment: Hey Lani, thank you so much for sharing! I wish I was a good cook, but at least I am good at arts and crafts. Would love to learn crochet though!
papercrowns rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! on Mar 27, 2021
Comment: I love to crochet too! I like making crochet critters. ☆Raynor
lemooon rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! on Mar 27, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great day!
Ellen101 rated for Kawaii Sticker Flakes Swap USA #39 on Mar 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for a wonderful KAWAII swap. I love the stickers that you sent. And thank you for the extra memos! ❣️
ksperline90 rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! on Mar 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for sharing
coleenfranks rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! on Mar 26, 2021
LavenderSprinkles rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! on Mar 26, 2021

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nalaqueen on May 7, 2021:

Hi :)
Today your mail arrived ( menagerie tag), I love everything, so cute!!!! Thanks

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