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May 6, 2021 2nd dose administered and no side effects. Woo-hoo.

April 19, 2021 1st dose for Covid-19 vaccine. 12 hours later, no side effects.

March 13, 2021. We have embraced an elderly kitty named Star into our home.

My wish for 2021, is for others to consider, just for a moment, what another person may be going thru quietly. Even when asked, they may not share (as in my case).

Spread friendship, smiles and a positive vibe to everyone you meet. Remember how someone like that makes you feel...and keep passing it along. This world is a wonderful place with YOU in it.

Sept '20. Diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

May 4, 2020. Updated my mailing address to be our home in Pennsylvania.

April 29, '20 Closing on our new Pennsylvania home. We cant believe this dream is finally coming true.

2-20-2020. We found a home in Clarington (Forest County,) PA surrounded by woods and wildlife. Husband starts his new job with the FAA March 15th. Excited and nervous about the transition.

02/17/2020. Mailed my 1000th swap today.

January 19, 2020. Looks like 2020 will be quite an adventure for us. New job, moving back to Pennsylvania, new home etc. Blank slate and ready to fill it up.

2019 is passing so quickly. Fall is here and brought along pleasing cooler weather.

Updated August 6, 2018. My son has a beautiful bride. Their wedding was full of emotions. I cried happy tears when she walked down the aisle, said their vows, and danced the son-mother dance. I am so proud of them. Memorable items that happened were: The fire alarm went off in the church during the reception (deafening) and the mens bathroom toilet actually cracked and water flooded out into the reception (was it that person ate too much earlier? LOL ) All in all, I can say it was the best wedding I have ever attended. Congrats to Amy and Ben (Aug 4, 2018)

***OMG I am giving a gigantic praise to @Pianoheart for a surprise of 21 cassette tapes. (yes, I wrote 21) She did not know this, but my husband lived in Hawaii for 6 years and she sent alot of Hawaiian music. She is a true blessing and a wonderful soul. I cannot thank her enough for sending such joy to us.

I finished my 500th swap on Sept 8th 2017. Am having so much fun sending out smiles to everyone.

May all have a very blessed 2017

My newest niece, Amelia Love McDivitt was born on 7-20-16. So tiny and perfect.

On Mothers Day '16, My oldest son, Ben proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years. She said YES. I will be so happy to have her for a daughter. Sweet, kind and loving. (Their wedding took place Aug '18)

*** If you don't receive a swap from me when I note that I sent it, please notify me ASAP so I can resend it. It is not my personality to flake. Never have, and don't intend to start. My word is my bond. Swapping means too much to me to flake. I LOVE bringing joy to others.

Born and raised in the countryside of Lancaster County, PA (amongst horse & buggies and rolling hills). Lived/studied in Dusseldorf, Germany (1988) Also did the Eurorail (it was a 30 day long train travel pass in which I backpacked through 10 countries) that summer (to celebrate my 20th birthday). 1990-1991 lived in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. Settled back in Lancaster in '91 and got married. Divorced in 2010 after 19 years. Found love again in 2011 and married Justin in 2012. Lived in Michigan from 2012 till 2020. It is when I signed up for swap-bot, hence my name Misplaced from PA. In the spring of 2020, Justin got a new job that took us back to Pennsylvania, but this time into the mountains. We are very excited about it. I have 3 children, Ben (1995) Alexis (1996) and Troy (2002). We have several cats. Prissy and Luna are currently living with my daughter but will find their way to Pennsylvania by the Fall 2021. Star resides with us currently, getting used to her new home.

In my spare time I enjoy walking, baking/cooking new recipes, flower gardening (I have a friendship garden that I have gotten transplants from many friends--you can add too it if you like), traveling, Atlantic Beach Time, antique and thrift store shopping, swapping almost anything and pen paling internationally.

I wear size 7 or 7 1/2 shoes, 5 ft tall since 6th grade and funsize in life. Long hair which I enjoy wearing up. I am all natural--no hair dye (love my silver streaks life has highlighted me with), no make up (though I may be seen with mascara or blush), no tattoos and only have my ears pierced once (seems odd now days).

I enjoy www.wheresgeorge.com with my user name Michelle His Belle.

I also am a part timer in Geocaching. My name there is Mstracker. I go with my brother when I visit him and he tracks them and I just totally forget too. I gotta change that!

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I decorate immensely. I mail out over 200 Christmas cards. If you mail me one, I always mail a return. It is always a pleasure meeting new people.

Thank-you for taking the time to get to know me. Hopefully I can get to know you. Peace and Love.

Favorite Music

I listen to Country, Pop and Classical (we have this on while we eat dinner). I don't like RAP or Jazz. Lately, I have been listening to Celtic and New Age music to write my pen pals. It's very calming to the soul.

** I have been listening to NPR and also books on CD.

Favorite Television

At our new home, we have no cable/satellite, just Netflix and Prime Tv
~~30 degrees in February
~~Death in Paradise
~~The Good Doctor
~~Young Sheldon
~~The 100
~~Grace and Frankie
~~The 4400
~~The Librarians
~~Naked and Afraid
~~The Amazing Race
~~When Calls the Heart
~~The real housewives of Orange County
~~Locke & Key

Any suggestions on an International movie or TV show?

As you can see, I like a mixture of everything.

We even watch Korean soap opera.


~~Baby giraffes
~~Sand dollars
~~Fragrant shower gels
~~Dining decorative paper napkins
~~kitchen cotton dishtowels
~~miniature/regular tea cups
~~Life is good products
~~Happy Mail

~~If you have any questions if I would like something, you can always send me a message. I find happiness in the smallest and simplest of items


~~Cigarette smoke
~~Adult Coloring books/cards etc.
~~Children/preschool stickers
~~Reward/Star stickers ~~Hello Kitty
~~ Recipes that are HOT or spicy.
~~Microfiber kitchen towels.
~~Dollar Tree items
~~Dangle earrings

Things I enjoy

~~Unique items
~~Thrift store/Antique store finds
~~Primitive American/Folk Art
~~American Eskimo Dog breed (my last dog was Neva, passed after sharing her life with me for 14 years)

~~Quiet evening at home when the snow is falling
~~Eating out
~~burning candles
~~my flower garden
~~I play Toontown Rewritten with my husband and youngest son

~~Country drives
~~Netflix---any suggestions?

Favorite Books

Anything Beverly Lewis and Tracie Patterson. These authors make me feel "right at home"

*I have been listening to books on CD on my long drives. Gently used ones would be much appreciated.

Wish List

~~Instant Pot and air fryer recipes. Just got one and I have no idea (lol)
~~Shower bombs/disks.
~~Fairy figurines/furniture (new home in the woods and need to incorporate this)
~~Winnie the pooh anything
~~Holly Hobby anything
~~Beatrice Potter anything
~~Reusable grocery totes, fabric and washable
~~wax melts
~~Wallflower diffuser (plain or any design) and plugs
~~candles (none from dollar bins/tree)
~~Packaging items for mailing items
~~Forever stamps
~~Just recently I have started to collect oval stickers for my car from different cities and countries
~~Used books on CD, (Audio books)
~~Celtic music on CD
~~Christmas music box music on CD
~~Gift cards to Panera Bread, McDonalds, Dominos, Chilis, Bath & Body works, Cracker Barrel, Christmas Tree Shoppes, TJ Maxx, Sheetz
~~Quality socks (mid calf or ankle)
~~note cards
~~Christmas cards (all year long)
~~box of birthday cards
~~Anything Life is Good
~~Linen sprays (Chamomile)
~~Room sprays
~~cotton table place mats (seasonal)
~~tea/kitchen towels(cotton only)
~~bracelets (silver)
~~studs or flat pierced earrings (silver)
~~body wash
~~Toffifee chocolates
~~caramello by Cadbury Chocolates
~~Anything Folk Art
~~squirrel anything
~~Fairies on anything
~~homemade kitchen dishcloths
~~holiday/seasonal figurines (cupids, easter bunnies/chicks, 4th of july, halloween, thanksgiving, santas/snowmen for examples)
~~Dotee dolls
~~Matchbox creations
~~Button arm & leg dolls

(the last 3 items I have just learned about and find them extremely interesting)

~~~~~~~ This is just a few ideas

On a short note

I am extremely easy to please. I prefer quality over quantity. And LOVE unique items found in gift stores or gently used items from a consignment/thrift store. To get a hand written note or short letter with my swaps mean the world to me--letting me realize you targeted me and not just the swap requirements.

Postcard Preference

I am starting to enjoy these. I really like touristy and unique ones. Funny ones catch me and I place them on my wall to enjoy all year. I also like holiday cards (Easter, Christmas etc). At this time, I have no dislikes.


Cellolady rated for Surprise Postcard Swap #10 on May 17, 2021
Comment: What an awesome swap. Loved it all!! Thank you!
armadillogal rated for TF: I CHALLENGE YOU #3 on May 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the pretty coasters!
DreamCloud rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #16 on May 14, 2021
Comment: Michelle, thank you so much for the very sweet Mother's Day note and cute black-and-white note card. I appreciate the extra love that went into this swap! ❤️
LaughingVixen rated for Happiness In A Box! Swap - May on May 14, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely box of goodies. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. I hope your partner treats you just as good 8)
Comment: Thank you so much! I leave tomorrow to go to Pakistan so the items will be useful! I can use the flip flops and travel scarf! Everything you sent was amazing! Truly enjoyed this swap!
PrincessLeia rated for Postcard Scavenger Hunt #14 on May 11, 2021
Comment: Hi Michelle, Thanks for an awesome bunch of postcards! If i have to pick a fave, its the gargoyles, but i like them all!
shanaabird rated for WIYM: Postcard Soup MAY USA on May 10, 2021
Comment: Thanks so much for the postcards!! The “be nice to udders” postcard is the best!!
mariewilliams810 rated for WnWHS: NATIONAL TRAIN DAY! on May 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard!
Selewis91 rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #15 on May 6, 2021
Response: Thank you for rating. Enjoy your upcoming week.
howdyholly rated for Traveling Greeting Card #10 on May 6, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the memo pages. I sure could use them!
Response: As soon as I buy them, I use them up so quickly for my notes, letters, swap items, etc. And such nice ones are out now. Glad you liked them. Thanks for the heart rating. Hope to meet you at the mailbox for future swaps. Have a great week.
K8thecrafter rated for LSRU-Make Someone's Day/USA on May 6, 2021
Comment: Wow, I absolutely love everything you sent in this overstuffed envie! The packaging was beautiful and the goodies you selected for me are spot on to my style. Thank you somuch!!
Response: You now, made my day..... Thanks for the kind words. Thank you for the heart rating. Happy Swapping--Enjoy your upcoming week.
Lisapotterylady rated for Support small business on May 5, 2021
Comment: It was good to get something from you again. I really like what you chose for me. I use lip gloss all the time and love fruit flavors. I also love the earrings. I collect earrings and will enjoy wearing them whenever I get to meet with people again.
Response: Happy I chose wisely. I have gotten away from wearing earrings too since we were inside the house so much. so I understand. Soon, we can get out and SHINE again. thanks for the heart rating.
Comment: Michelle, thanks for the extra notecard and the nice note! The cherry trees have bloomed here and are now losing their petals--it's like pink snow ❤️
Response: Such a beautiful sight. Yes, like pink snow. And thinking of snow,,it was snowing here today (NW PA). My lilac bush has been eaten by the deer but I have a few flowers tall up that they couldnt reach. Enjoy the upcoming week. Thanks for rating with a heart. Happy Swapping
Comment: Got the card! Will send along in the next round!
Response: Thanks for rating with a heart. See you in the future at the mailbox--Happy Swapping.
Comment: Thank you so much!
Response: Thank you for the heart rating. May you enjoy the upcoming week.
Comment: Thank you for the fun swap! I can't wait to go through all of the charms! Like a treasure hunt! My cat is already trying to get the stocking!! She loves bells!
Response: I wasnt sure what type of "pieces" you liked but I saw them and couldnt pass them up. Glad kitty is happy too. I really liked the candle and hope you do too. Thanks for the heart rating.
Comment: Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for the swap you completed and then sent to me. I know that you are sending me an envelope of goodies each week.However, I'm going ahead and rating you now as I know I won't be disappointed in the rest that will be sent to me. The item(s) you sent me for the swap is/are GREAT!. I really enjoy receiving new items that I can use in future swaps or some other creative project(s) OR Add your project to one of My Collections. I apologize for taking extra time in getting your rating done for this swap. I very much appreciate your completion of this swap and getting it off to me in a timely manner. Colorado is still having problems with the mail. Mail going in and out of Colorado is continuing to be an issue. So, until this issue is resolved, please Be Patient! Thank you for the stickers you sent along as extras. Your Swap-bot Partner, Barbara B. sleepingrover2010 Thank you for the flower seeds. I'm going to try and plant the seeds in a pot and see if I can grow them. I received your third Happy Mail and the items you sent came in a Get Well card. My recovery is being very slow and will be for hopefully no longer than a month, but I don't know. Thank you for the Get Well card. It was so nice you. I am leaving a short note about the 4th envelope you sent me. Each envelope has been a real treat and this one is no acceptation. Thank you for the variety of postcards you sent me in this envelope. As well, I appreciate the Happy Mail stickers and the picture pieces you sent as well.
Response: I had a great time thinking of what to send you. The last envelope is getting mailed off this week, and I hope you will enjoy this as well. I hope your recovery is coming along well. Never fun to feel "stuck" and not be able to do what you want. Hope to see you in future swaps. Thanks for the heart rating and please let me know when envelope 5 gets delivered.
Selewis91 rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #14 on May 3, 2021
Response: Thank you for rating. Enjoy your upcoming week.
Comment: Thank you for your swap. I loved everything!
Response: Both items I sent are always needed in swap-bot, right? Thanks for the heart rating. Enjoy this upcoming week.
Comment: Thanks for the goodies
Response: Happy it finally made it. Was getting worried. Thanks for rating. Hope to see you in the future rr swaps.

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debtea2 on Dec 30, 2020:

to brighten your day ..hope you feel better soon your friends at Crafting Queens

lovesreward on Dec 5, 2020:

Thank you for the holiday RAK card from the CONVID group. That's awesome you have so many Geocaches near you - I would like to do more, but most of ours here are pretty "urban" and I don't want to be around people more than I have to! :) I hope you have a nice holiday season and thank you for the stickers! Take care!

Meisje on Dec 4, 2020:

Just because ♥

Christmas Christmas


chimerix on Dec 1, 2020:

Thank you so much for the pretty Santa & sleigh Christmas Card. And I love the pretty holiday extras you sent. Mele Kalikimaka!

CONVID19 Support - Christmas Card RAK

takehimaway on Nov 29, 2020:

Happy to swap more of the package stickers, if you'd like to do a private swap! <3~

debbiespoms on Nov 28, 2020:

Thank you for the cutest dog Christmas Card ever and the gift tags & so sweet note, Via CS group RAK.

JuneRosebud on Sep 21, 2020:

Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for the cool beach pc from your beach vacation!! Hope you had a great time!!

ayahsantos on Aug 20, 2020:

Thank you so much for the extra postcard from PC Roulette July 2020! Take Care always!!

kristid1970 on Aug 17, 2020:

Happy Birthday 🎂!!

thisismeAXiD on Aug 2, 2020:

Happy birthday

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