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About Me

If you are sending any swaps to me I'd really like it if you could put at least one stamp on the package! I collect used postage stamps so any chance I get I love to receive them in the mail. =D

Hiya! I'm Brittany. I had to step away from swap-bot for awhile but now I hope to get back into the swing of things and get swapping with everyone! =)

My current hobbies are sewing, crocheting, roleplaying, and collecting things. Since I came back I've found quite a few new crafts that I am eager to try such as the sticker & stamp bags. Also making my own envelopes is becoming pretty fun too~

I like to read but lately I've been having a hard time getting into new series. I love the Jacky Faber series, Hush Hush Series, Maximum Ride Series, Anita Blake Series, and various other books. I am also trying to find some good amigurumi books as well as soft sculpture plush toy books for sewing!


  • I always send my swaps & tags! If you have not received your package from me within a reasonable time please let me know! I will gladly resend if it's gotten lost! So please PM me before you rate a 3 or 1!

  • When I receive swaps I rate them right away! So if I haven't rated yet it means I haven't received your package.

  • I take my swaps/tags to the PO to make sure I have enough stamps on there. I try to use unique stamps when possible but sometimes I will need to have them use the barcode sticker.

  • I only mark my swaps as SENT after I get back from dropping them off at the Post Office! I do not mark it before then.

  • Some of my swaps will be sent in recycled/used packaging but usually only with bubble mailers. I will not use dirty/badly ripped up or unuseable packaging and I don't reuse normal envelopes.

  • I'm open to doing private swaps! If you have an interest in doing one with me please PM me and we can work something out! :D

Please keep in mind that I only have 1 car right now to share with my family. They work during the day so Saturdays will likely be my only day to mail things.

Favorite Movies

I don't got to the theater very often because of work..But I do have quite a collection of movies at home. Some of my favs are:

  • Studio Ghibli films (especially Howl's Moving Castle & My Neighbor Totoro)
  • How To Train Your Dragon
  • Alice
  • Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland
  • Pirate's of the Caribbean
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Disney's Bolt
  • All of Tim Burton's films (Especially Edward Scissorhands & Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • The Dark Knight
  • Undiscovered
  • The Proposal
  • Just Friends
  • Remember Me
  • Disney's Brave

I also love really scary and gorey films such as Saw..Weird and twisted i know..

Favorite Television

I am currently watching:

  • Supernatural
  • Project Runway
  • Survivor
  • Face-Off
  • Dexter
  • True Blood
  • Grimm
  • Once Upon A Time

I'm sure there are others, but I can't recall them at the moment.

Favorite Crafts

Well let's see, currently I only sew and crochet. I love making scarves and various Amigurumi. I enjoy finding new patterns and testing out my skills in crocheting.

I really love using Vanna's choice yarns. I'm not a fan of Red Heart yarn unless it's the soft type. But my absolute favorite yarns are ones that are super soft and fuzzy.

As for sewing, I mostly make fleece hats, Animal Hoodies for dolls and plushies. I have all of my creations posted in my flickr sets =)

Likes & Dislikes

This is for when I do swaps. Gives people a better Idea about what I enjoy.


  • Red Pandas, Wolves, Shiba Inu, sheep, snow leopards, owls & lemurs

  • How To Train Your Dragon - the movie (Anything to do with it, love Night Fury and Deadly Nadders)

  • Alice In Wonderland (Anything to do with it but I love the cheshire cat from Tim Burton's rendition)

  • Studio Ghibli's Totoro toys, Plushies & anything Studio Ghibli film related

  • Dr.Pepper

  • Reese's Pieces candy

  • Edward Scissorhands

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Digimon

  • Pokemon

  • Kawaii things such as; stationary, fabric, stickers, deco tape, paper tape, washi tape, memo pads, ect.

  • Tokidoki

  • Yarn! I can always use yarn - I love soft fuzzy yarn and yarns I can't get in the USA

  • Sanrio's Tenorikuma, Chibimaru, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, Chococat, Pochocco

  • Other Characters: Mamegoma, Sugar Bunnies, Iiwaken, Marupaka, Kutusita Nyanko, Oyasumi Bakura, Homekoro Pomeranian, Pacca & Pocca

  • Sentimental Circus

  • Kittens, anything with little grey or white kitties on it (others fine too!)

  • Anything Care Bears

  • Any Arpakasso plushies and things!

  • Anything with clouds, stars and moons prints

  • Cellphone charms (Things associated with the likes on this list, not random charms)

  • Skulls & plaid

  • Kawaii Japanese fabric

  • Amigurumi crochet patterns - Looking for Totoro's Cat Bus pattern!

  • Disney's Bolt - Bolt Plushie & toys

  • Disney's Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

  • Plushies/Fuzzy things in general

  • Art

  • Unique Handmade Amigurumi

  • Clovers

  • Hot Topic (And lots of things from it)

  • Tote Bags & Messenger bags

  • Gloomy Bear

  • Scarves, arm/leg warmers, and ski caps/ beanies with brims

  • I like most colors, but Favs are teal, aqua, turquoise, red, black, gray, green, blue & orange

  • Sour Patch Kids Candy

  • Mike & Ike Candy

  • Skelanimals

  • Crowded Teeth (Brand of stuff from HotTopic)

  • Gothic Style stuff

  • Punk things

  • Plaid scarves (the ones like at HotTopic)

  • Cherry Print stuff

  • Musical Notes

  • Oreo's (The cookies)

  • Nilla Waffers (the real brand, not the knock off kind)

  • 100 grand bars (candy bar)

I'm not too picky, I just love getting things in the mail, especially Kawaii things you can't get in the USA.


  • Tons of pink (Unless it's on kawaii)

  • Hello Kitty, Charmmy Kitty, Froolie Mew & Kerropi (I like all other Sanrio characters though)

  • Kawaii Poo (Any kawaii restroom related characters are a no for me)

  • Super Tiny polka dots that are close together (hurts my eyes)

  • Bugs/Insects

  • Fish

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Bananas

  • Really Lacey things

  • Glitter (But shiny things are ok)

  • Super Girly things

  • Dora the Explorer

  • Spongebob

  • Princess things & Disney Princess (Exception is Merida from Brave!)

  • Barbie

  • Monster High Dolls

  • Disney's Cars

  • Sesame Street

  • Strawberry Shortcake


Just sticking this on here just in case anyone has used/new DVD's of these movies that they no longer want or can find for cheap and might want to swap them with me. =D DVD format Region 1 please!

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  • The Walking Dead Season 2 & 3
  • LOST Seasons 4-6
  • HTTYD Riders of Berk
  • Game of Thrones Season 1 & 3
  • TrueBlood Seasons 1-5
  • Once Upon A Time Season 1
  • Grimm Season 1
  • Underworld Rise of the Lycans
  • Digimon Seasons 1-4
  • Zoids
  • Ouran High School Host Club Season 1
  • Vampire Knight Volume 1-3
  • Little Nemo
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Ponyo
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Black Butler Vol 1
  • Black Blood Brothers Complete set

Books Wanted! New or used, hardcover or paperback. Doesnt matter as long as they are in good condition (No rips, major tears or damage done)

  • Any & All of Laurell K. Hamilton's books (Anita Blake Series especially)
  • Nightshade Book #2 (Andrea Cremer)
  • Vampire Kisses #7
  • Any Amigurumi books for crocheting!
  • Stuffed Toy sewing books!


  • 100% Perfect Girl vol 5-9 by Wann
  • Alice In the Country Of Hearts vol. 1-5+
  • After School Nightmare vol 5-8,10
  • Black Butler vol. 2-15+
  • Boys Over Flowers Vol.1-36 + Jewlery Box
  • Can't Lose You vol1 by Wann
  • Crimson Hero vol. 11-14
  • Hana-Kimi vol 1-22
  • Honey Hunt vol 3-6
  • Ouran Host Club vol 17 & 18
  • Paradise Kiss Vol.1-5
  • Tramps Like Us vol. 1-14
  • Vampire Knight vol. 5-15 + Official Fan guide

  • Tons more just ask or offer!


  • Supernatural Official Magazines #1-35 (Both newsstand and variant covers)

  • Anything to do with Supernatural TV Series (Faves are Castiel, Dean and Sam in that order)

  • Anything that has to do with How To Train Your Dragon (The Movie)

  • Anything to do with Disney's Brave

  • Barnes & Noble Gift Cards

  • Amazon.com Gift Cards

  • Anything from my Amazon Wishlist

  • Skull Candy earbuds/headphones

  • Dr.Pepper t-shirts (small/medium in Mens or large and XL in womens)

  • Things from my Etsy favs & Amazon wishlists

  • Littlest Pet Shop Toys (Bobble head figures)

  • My Little Pony Blind Bag figures (Looking for lots of them!)

  • Blindbox Vinyl Toys (Mostly Tokidoki stuff: Cactus Pups, Frenzies, Moofia)

  • New Zealand, Australia, Japan & London Stamps (Need them for my collection!) Disney Stamps too! (Other also welcome of course!)

  • Anything & everything Sentimental Circus, Iiwaken, Mamegoma & Tenorikuma: Memo pads, sticker flakes, deco tape, anything!

  • Knit or crocheted Amigurumi plushie Wolf, Red Panda, Fox, snow leopard, dragon, & a Gryphon

  • Crochet Pattern for Studio Ghibli's Cat Bus (From Totoro)

  • Disney's Bolt Plushie/ Crocheted Amigurumi of Bolt

  • Kawaii Sticker Flakes, plushies, keychains, cell phone straps, deco tape, memo pads (Mamegoma, Tenorikuma, Iiwaken, Marupaka Sentimental Circus, Totoro preferred but others welcome!)

  • Sentimental Circus

  • Sticker bags (Kawaii or other)

  • Lucky Stars (Paper or plastic)

  • Lucky Star Papers (Any kind!)

  • Lucky star kits (For my sister)

  • Kawaii things with kitties on them (Missing my real kitties so much right now :C )

  • Disney's Stitch Stuff (Lilo & Stitch) (Stickers, Deco tape, fabric, charms, rement, etc)

  • Anything Totoro

  • Anything Tokidoki

  • Anything Care Bears

  • Tokidoki cactus pups & milk boxes

  • Hot Topic Gift Cards

  • Gamestop Gift Cards

  • Red Panda Plushie

  • Iilwaken & Other Shiba Inu Plushies

  • Alpaca plushies (Alpacasso/Arpakasso!)

  • Hoodies

  • Jo-Ann Fabric Gift Cards

  • A Bento Box from my likes(Never had one)

  • Tokidoki Frenzies (cellphone charms)

  • Pokemon plushies and Figures

  • Digimon plushies, figures, cards & digivices

  • BJD (Doll) Clothes & such from my etsy favs

  • ATC's! (Themes: Totoro, Studio Ghibli Films, Supernatural (Castiel, Dean or Sam), Tim Burton Films, HTTYD, Kawaii, Disney's Bolt & Stitch, Alice In Wonderland, Pokemon (Jolteon, Zorua, Bulbasaur, Shinx, furret), Disney's Brave)

Kawaii Wishlist!

I've been wanting to expand my Kawaii collection so if anyone would like to swap something with me please let me know! Here are some of the things I am looking for!

  • Tenorikuma Plushies, memo pads, note books, etc
  • Anything with Alpacas/Llamas on it
  • Marupaka anything
  • Anything with little kitties
  • Anything with Iiwaken
  • Mamegoma Sticker Flakes/sacks, memopads, etc.
  • Everything Sentimental Circus
  • Kamio memo pads & sticker sacks (any of the animal ones)
  • Any deco tape, washi tape, paper tape (New or partially used)
  • Envelopes
  • Lettersets
  • Plushies
  • Kutusita Nyanko anything
  • Anything with Oyasumi Bakura
  • Anything with Homekoro Pomeranian
  • Sticker Sacks! (New or used, I am running low!)

I also need storage boxes for the loose memos and lettersets. If you have anything handy for them please let me know! I'd love to do private swaps for kawaii stuff please!

Really Needing~

I'm running out of a lot of my stationary stuff so I'd really love the following:

  • Personalized Address Labels
  • Personalized business cards
  • Memo Pads
  • Blank Note Cards (with envelopes)
  • Deco Tape, Washi Tape & Paper tape (New rolls or partially used ones)
  • Letter Sets
  • Envelopes (Handmade or other)
  • Kawaii Sticker Flakes
  • Kawaii Sticker Sheets
  • Kawaii memo pads
  • Storage boxes for kawaii & stationary stuff


Tags & Other

Just for me to keep track of what tags I join in and such~


Comment: Thank you for all the bags!! :D
Afrogami rated for Private Swap - Afrogami & Rikkuliam on Jul 13, 2013
Comment: Thank you for swapping with me and I absolutely love everything you sent. I really appreciate it and hopefully we can swap again in the future. Have a wonderful weekend, thank you so much!
aviahz rated for 5/5/5 (or more!) bunnies! on Mar 24, 2013
Comment: Thank you for all the kawaii bunnies!! =]
Response: You're welcome! Thanks for the heart :D
Comment: it's always so sweet when i receive swaps from you. i adore everything and as always, thank you for the extras! :D
Response: Aw I'm glad! Thank you so much for the heat! :D
Comment: Thanks for the flakes and the mini memos. I love the tiny bag that says "Thanks for the happy chance to see you." Do you remember where you got it?
Response: Glad you liked them! I don't remember where I got it though sorry D: Thanks for the heart though!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely selection of sticker flakes! :)
Response: You are welcome :D Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thanks lady!! <3
Response: Thank you for the heart! :D
Comment: Thanks.
Comment: Thank you for the bags!
Response: Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thanks for all the bags! =)
Response: Thanks for the heart! :D
burntbao rated for 50/50/50 Kawaii Swap USA on Mar 12, 2013
Response: Thanks for the heart!
Comment: Thanks for these and the extras! They'll get passed along ASAP!
Response: Yay! Thanks for the heart!
CupcakeSprinkles rated for 5/5/5 Alice in Wonderland on Mar 9, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much Brittany for the cutest swap ever! I adored the mini letter set :D so matching!! Thank you!! ❤
Response: You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it all :D Thank you for the heart! :)
Comment: Thank you! :)
Response: Thanks for the heart! :D
Comment: Thanks so much lady... After recovering on the couch all week, I went through all my sticker bags so having new ones is fun!
Response: Glad you liked them! Thanks for the heart! :D
Comment: Thank you for sending me the memo sheets:)
Comment: Thank you so much for my mini memos & the extras that you sent! I especially love the Alice in Wonderland theme memos ~ so cute! <3 x
Response: You're welcome! Glad you liked it all! Thanks for the heart! :D
Comment: Thanks :)
Response: Thanks for the heart! :D
Comment: Thanks for the sacks!!
Response: Thanks for the heart! :D

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