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HannahEnilk on Dec 10, 2016:

Entry 2 has made it! Thank you for sharing the Pueblo storyteller card.

HannahEnilk on Dec 1, 2016:

PC Diary November Entry 3 Received today! Hopefully 2 will follow soon. What a beautiful shot of Zion National Park. Thank you!

HannahEnilk on Nov 16, 2016:

Entry #1 for November PC diary received! Thank you!

ktina on Jul 15, 2015:

Hi! If you come back, would you kind to rate my Adventures of the Travelling Postcard R26 swap I sent May 2014. Thanks!

Sternenfee on Feb 24, 2014:

I hope you are doing fine. Just saw that you haven't been here for some days. Well, wanted to tell you that I have the swap ready to mail. Hope it arrives safely.

TereDiane1954 on Nov 19, 2013:

Welcome to Color and Light! Come check out the swaps, and feel free to jump into conversations.

preslarb on Nov 2, 2013:

Received my Adventures of the Traveling PC #10 back. I assume you mailed it back to me? If so, thanks so much! Time for me to send another one out....it was fun to see where all it has been!! Thanks again! Bonnie P.

AnnieMaxine on Aug 26, 2013:

Hi! Just hoping that you are still interested in participating in Adventures of the Traveling Postcard swap! If you no longer wish to continue, please message me, so I can get the postcard that you have in your possession back! I'd like to keep all of these postcards in rotation! If you do wish to continue, there is a round currently listed!

Thanks! Annie

Rosei on May 23, 2013:

It always depends on the motivation... I find that when I am doing healthy stuff regularly I feel so good that it keeps motivating me! But if I get out of the habit of it for awhile it seems a lot harder when I start again! But I try to do at least very small amounts of something on a daily basis. =)

Momskii on Feb 25, 2013:

since your postcard was due on a Sunday, I am mailing it today (Monday). Pls let me know if you don't get it and I will send another. Have been having trouble with the mail lately. Should have received 9 postcards already and only have 2.

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