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babbles, basics, and blah blah

after some extreme drama in my life, unfortunately caused by myself, i am now here to payback all of the debts that i owe. it make take me a while, as i have at least 10 envies to send out ASAP afterwhich i will never let any of you down again. this is part of rebuilding my life, and believe you me, it's not only been a hurricaine of a storm, but now, i am asking for your help in getting me back on track. if i owe something, please pm me the details. i will be on these like white on rice! i am so sorry i,ve let so many wonderful people down in my personal like and on swap bot. if you want more details, please pm me. thank you.

made it safely to georgia! staying in savannah until april 12th. i DO have an internet connection, but if i don't reply ASAP, i'm probably on the beach. and if i don't rate you as soon as your swap should have been received, do not fret- i am on the beach and my mail is aaaallllllllllll the way back in michigan. did i mention, it's 75 degrees and i'm on the beach? it's 34 back home!

11 MONTHS SOBER for matt and myself!!!!!! April brings 1 year and, yes, WE ARE PROUD. the struggle is never easy but i'm loving and living life now to an extent i never knew existed.

10/3/11 well, after a massive blizzard, shortly followed by a killer ice storm, ALL RESENDS HAVE NOW BEEN SENT! all PMs are caught up, WTAs, tags, etc that have gotten a) eaten by the abominable snowman, b) returned to me stamped "destroyed due to in climate weather" or c) arrived to their new home, damaged HAVE BEEN RESENT. i have spent hours upon hours recanting for the AWOL envies, repreparing, reassembling and doing my absolute best to send what was sent initially and to properly communicate with my partners and keep them posted. everyone has been wonderful, and i'm reminded every single day how kick-ass all of you botters are for bearing with me during the insanity and chaos. yes, i have accumulated some not-so-pretty ratings, and i FULLY ACCEPT MY 3s. my current 1 is NOT permanent and i'm looking so forward to @PAStryloVER receiving her resend, as she is AWESOME and deserves a package as rockin' as the one she sent me! as i said, to the absolute best of my knowledge, EVERYTHiNG has been resent, but i am only human, and if i've made a mistake, or missed an envie that got attacked by winter, please PM me. thank you, and everything will be back to normal on my end ASAP!

14/1/11 i am currently dropping from several of the groups i am in. it's time for me to more fully devote to the groups i'm super active in, and let go of the ones i am not, or that are inactive groups altogether. please, do not take it personally if i've left your group- i just need to downsize for a while.

i am not to be taken at face value. what you see is not what you get. i am an old lady in the body of a 24 yr old...and i LOVE it. i AM my grandma. i never go "out". i talk about "partying" which is my sarcastic way of saying "matt and i are watching pure prairie league on you tube and dancing around in pjs like goofballs". i have EXTREME family values, and they're very "old school". i'm entirely in my element when i'm making dinner, crafting, and playing board games with the family. i'm simple in that manner. my dream is to greet my man at the door every day when he gets home from the office, sit down at the family table for meals, and watch a movie in the evening, before putting our daughter to bed together and reading a story to her every night. i have almost all of this and more. soon, hopefully shortly after the new year, i will be back to my stay at home momness. i am very lucky and i always say so, out loud, several times a day.

12/12/10 ...almost to 8 months...now confidently not craving a beer. this is my prided accomplishment of the year, and because i've come this far, i've chose to not make a new years resolution, but to keep up the boozelessness.

10/14/2010: "Honey, you are very talented. But I think we need to discuss you learning to do crafts completely independent of glitter..." Jeez, babe...it was SO NOT my intent to spill it all over the bed. Oops (teeheehee mwahaha!) :)

the most important things you need to know...

-i swear incessantly...sorry ahead of time

-i smoke like a chimney

-i hate water and i drink disgusting amounts of coffee and energy drinks...oops.

-I LOVE YOUR ART. even if you think you suck at it. chances are, you're better at it than me, and i appreciate 110% of your gift to me, especially if it's from your heart.

hi world! my name is savannah but you can call me savy. i'm 24, mom of one amazing, happy, crafty, smart 6 yr old, clara. i am happily engaged to my absolute soulmate :) he is matthew...matt...and if it's any indication of just how very much we are soulmates, we even have the same last name, which is NOT a common one, at that. he is my lifeline.

i am very obsessed with stickers, fbs, penpalling, the colour green, making stationary, hrc, six feet under, ani difranco, empire records, glitter, urban decay, 2nd hands, mortuary science, cars, kittens, and food :) i work at a gas station... woo hoo lol... i'm a very unique, silly, and eccentric person. i'm huge into gay rights and breastfeeding advocacy. i'm obsessed with these causes and will ramble forever and a day about them. i LOVE to send extras in my swaps, and it has nothing to do with the hearts (though they're lovely of course!) because making someone else smile always brightens my day... i'm just about the most open minded person on earth... as my pen pals know, they can talk to me about everything, as i generally do to them. i babble a lot. my crafts, writing, stickers, etc, got me through a very hard time with my bipolar and depression over the recent past.

Oh, I never stop talking. Sorry.

Favorite Music

i LOVE ani difranco, tori amos, jay brannan, gin blossoms, rush, springsteen, pure prairie league, collin raye, garth brooks, meat loaf, a perfect circle, tears for fears, blues traveler, and too many more to list...

Favorite Books

the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky!!!

Favorite Movies

empire records, the wizard of oz, clerks, clerks II, donnie darko, cruel intentions, the squid and the whale, adam, american beauty, rent (i've also seen it on broadway 8 times across the US), anything from the 80s and early 90s!!

Favorite Television

six feet under, food network, history and military, sabrina the teenage witch, home improvement, full house, king of queens, two and a half men, pawn stars, american pickers, intervention, hoarders, storage wars, ax men, reba, shameless, oddities...

Favorite Crafts

i have recently made the decision to make something all for myself! i'm working on decorating a journal i received from a swap, with all savy-esque pics, designs, sticker, clippings, etc. if you have any ideas, i would much appreciate them!

note i keep pics of my art / projects on my facebook, under the album: art. if you like surprises, don't look!!

stickers! making stationary, envelopes. i'm very generous to my pen pals b/c i LOVE sending little goodies :) recently did my first decoupage and it was very amateur-looking but i'm proud nonetheless.

i have now very rapidly gotten addicted to ATCs, harcore!! i occasionally take hours to get started, but once i start, i'll pump out 10-20 easily, and then have to force myself to stop! i do the same with handmade envies...i can make them for hours upon hours!

wish list :)

unless we have set up a private swap for some specific thing, DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON ME. and i am so serious. the ooga booga monster will blow boogers at you b/c i told her to and i'm da boss. so there. hand-me-downs, destashes, handmades, and here-i-don't-need / will-never-use-this goodies are the best :)


rub ons




urban decay

envelopes (i LOVE handmade ones)


anything GREEN (colour)

six feet under

anything eccentric- i'm all about the bright colours , 80s...)

tori amos

ani difranco


indian spices, foods, drinks...

slams /SBs /Decos


silver coins

gay rights / HRC things

FOOD stickers



anything plaid or paisley

deco tape

anything hazelnut, maple, or coconut


12"x12" paper

anything from trader joes (anything! i mean it!)

dark chocolate

hockey (go red wings!)

unused postage

whimsey jar


no thank you list :(

14/1/11 i am currently OVERWHELMED by loose stickers but always looking for sheets!

any cosmetics that aren't urban decay (not so much b/c of the label but b/c i'm allergic to nearly everything else)

anything related to celery (actual phobia here...yes, i'm an odd one, but i will freak out!)

die-cut tags (though handmade eccentric ones are great)

cardstock stickers

twilight (or any other fad vampire-esque trend of the moment)

silly bands


black licorice

plain FBs (i LOVE n&n decos / slams / SBs, though!)

and beets. don't like beets a whole hell of a lot. but if you're trying to decide whether to send me celery or beets, go ahead and send me the beets.

i hate capitalizing the letter "i" i don't know what it is, other than some weird freak out OCD thing...it's quite funny though...miss supergrammarnazi cannot capitalize the letter "i" without getting creeped out.


14/1/11 i would like to do 1 etsy swap per month, and am open to anywhere from $3-$30. PM me if you're interested. dates and such are always open in my book.

always up for private swaps! just PM me!

currently, i have A LOT of solid colour card stock and scrapbooking paper, 12x12 and 8 1/2x11 to get rid of. i am looking for 12x12 printed and unique paper.

savy and matt

our little princess

Clara and Matt

clara ellen oh what to say about a 6 year old girl who loves life... clara is a very typical yet very atypical 6 year old. she loves everything... particularly sponge bob, dora, strawberry shortcake, hannah montana, and all the other shows that completely annoy us as adults. she makes ATCs, "tiny houses", cards, and my wall is lines with drawings from her. if you happen to have a child that would like to exchange with her, please PM me for a private swap!

matty matt is a very unique, deep, caring, genuinely good person at heart. one of those people you just don't meet every day. he's very creative. he's a gunsmith, and we have an entire wing FULL of antique and rare gun parts. he's fascinated by taking them apart and putting them back together. matt has aspergers and i embrace every aspect of him. although he's a gunsmith and knows everything there is to know about guns, he does NOT hunt. which is equally strange for being a michigander. in fact he has a very deep love for animals of every sort. he rarely even eats them. yep, a man that will eat veggies on his pizza, or just cheese, over meat anyday.

together, the three of us live with his amazing parents, in their huge mansion, that they inherited, when they moved to michigan, from muncie / albany, indiana about 3 years ago.


Muna rated for The Wind of Change on Jan 31, 2013
Comment: I love this atc. The strawberries on the background look real, lol Thank You for teaching me how to do ATC's in the first place. I love them. :D I cannot wait until you are caught back up and on here again. You are missed.
DarkSkullMistress42 rated for Challenge in 3Ps on Nov 22, 2011
Comment: Never got anything, will change if I do.
piglet59645 rated for Swap 5-10 SBs on Oct 12, 2011
Comment: You did not mark this as sent, but I did receive it and your sbs and artwork were great as always. PS Sorry for the late rating, trying to archive some things.
weeatcrayons rated for weeatcrayons / andannabegins on Aug 27, 2011
Comment: ****8/27/2011***** - I did finally receive paypal for this after having to chase you down on facebook for months. AFTER i contacted your local police and fraud division and went to press charges did I get paypal for this swap.**** When I contacted you on facebook about this you said you would never "stiff" me and plan on sending. Yet you've removed me from your friends list so it seems you had something in mind already of flaking. I sent you a lot of things and you were to send a GC in return for payment for those things. The swap was for a lot, you purchased a lot and if I happen to get this, I will change the rating. Just so you know, since you have been ignoring me on facebook and I know you're active on there, you update everyday! I have reported you for mail fraud with a friend of mine who works in that department and have been in contact with your local police. If you had just chosen to actually contact me instead of flat out ignoring me I wouldn't have taken it this far. You owe me $30 or my items back. I have given you SEVERAL opportunities to get this to me. You have flat out ignored me and LIED to me about sending this.
Response: i just posted in the forums, but please pm me. i'd like to talk to you. very much so,
kayleena rated for 30 day song journal on Jul 13, 2011
Comment: I haven't received anything, and there has been no communication of any kind. Will change my rating if I ever receive.
Cheekycow rated for The Mini-Journal Trilogy: Part 1 on Jul 2, 2011
Comment: Never got anything from my partner, and she never messaged me to let me know she'd be late sending.
nolagirl rated for The NolaGirl swap. on May 31, 2011
Comment: Will be happy to re-rate if received.
loriallen rated for Zentangle a bookmark on May 9, 2011
Ryleighsmom rated for more stickerbooks on May 7, 2011
Comment: Loved the big fat pack of SB's! Thank you! Sorry for the late rating!
Ryleighsmom rated for (pvt-Group Swap)Trading Places on May 7, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for the great swap! Sorry for being late in rating :)
AnnMarie rated for AnnMarie / andannabegins on Apr 28, 2011
Comment: Thank you for all the wonderful goodies, I was shocked at how much was in the envelope :)
Robje rated for Robje and andannabegins on Apr 26, 2011
Comment: Mailed you several times , you would resent , and I still have'nt gotten anything. Send date- 2 Feb Will change when I have received!
Sunlion rated for Kitty Parcel on Apr 20, 2011
Comment: Sorry for delay in rating -- had connectivity problems -- computer cords and puppies are not a good mix. Anyway, I really like the Hello Kitty stuff, I'm such a girl sometimes, lol. Lovely stickers, cute cards. The blue one with fish bones and paw prints makes me smile. thanks again! Allie
Sam rated for sam and andannabegins on Apr 19, 2011
Comment: nothing arrived sorry i felt i had to rate you a 1 :(
Amber999 rated for 100 FOOD QUESTIONS!!! on Apr 18, 2011
Comment: thanks.
Judy84 rated for Border sticker swap on Apr 12, 2011
Comment: Thank you, the stickers you sent are just great!
missxkay rated for Spring Flowers on Apr 10, 2011
Comment: Thanks Savy!
Comment: Will totally change if I receive anything.
Comment: Oops, I am late on rating this one! Thankyou so much! Nice as always!

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Muna on Oct 8, 2012:

will you ever send me your e-swap for

The Wind of Change

I am gonna wait another month after which I will rate you 1..

piglet59645 on Aug 23, 2012:


piglet59645 on Jul 23, 2012:

We miss you. Inquiring minds need you to let us know you that are okay. :)

TC on Jul 15, 2012:

Savannah, please do check in and let us know how you're doing. I'm hoping for the best for you.

piglet59645 on Jun 30, 2012:

Send me addy update so I can mail your food atc? Thanks!

piglet59645 on Jun 20, 2012:

I missed you too!!!!!!

RyeRye on Jun 20, 2012:

RyeRye on Jun 17, 2012:

piglet59645 on Jun 13, 2012:

Make us a pvte food theme atc swap. I will so join. lol

piglet59645 on Jun 13, 2012:

I think it takes a great determined strong person to come back and fix. :) I have your back and you have my support. I missed you. A great swapper you were, you will comeback better than ever. I have faith in you. You can turn the ratings around. :)

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