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Date Joined: June 10, 2010
Last Online: October 5, 2016

Country: United Kingdom
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About Me

Sallywag, artist, etc

I like to sew and draw when I have time, I work for a wine company so love my wines.

I am an oldie making a comeback!

| FB - arkaya Jess | DA/Flickr - arkaya |

| Instagram - capt.arkaya | Snapchat - hello_emly |

Updated - 5th Oct 2016


...in no particular order


♡ Gloomy bear, Rilakkuma + Korilakkuma, Mamegoma, Mameshiba, Oyasumi Bakura, Hannari Tofu, Pom Pom Purin + Muffin, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, Wan Room, Jetoy Choo, Little Twin Stars, Sports Ken Dog, Kutusita Nyanko, Tuxedo Sam, Homekoro, Pokémon, Big Hero 6/Baymax, Totoro + The Cat Bus + general kawaii characters no brand is fine too (But I don't really like fake Hello kitty)


♡ q-lia, san-x, crux, mindwave, artbox, pool cool, cram cream, etc
♡ kawaii faces on food / teeth / house-hold objects / etc,
♡ KAWAII NOIR / blood + cute etc (not gross!!),
♡ gothic / sweet / guro lolita,
♡ pin-up / rockabilly / nautical
♡ steampunk / dieselpunk / cogs / watch parts / trains / keys / keyholes / pocket-watches
♡ cameos / crowns / Victorian / rococo / neo classical
♡ Cyber / gasmasks / circuit board / cyberpunk
♡ Space, cosmos, astronauts, galaxy, rockets/spaceships
♡ CATS! (I particularly like tortoise shell cats)
♡ Pandas / cute(kawaii) bears, llamas.
♡ horror hospital (guro) / medical theme / hospital theme / vintage medical item


♡ I'm vegetarian, so no gelatine or animal rennet
♡ nutty chocolate / chocolate / biscuit in chocolates / salted chocolate
♡ NUTS - all/any, sweet/savory, spicy/mild
♡ GUM, I love to chew! Mint/fruit, sweet/sugar free
♡ Teas, no caffeine or fruit please! Jasmine, chamomile, caffine free floral


♡ Only kawaii : sticker sacks / flakes / sheets / loose
♡ notepads / memopads / memo sheets / letter sheets / letter sets / envelopes / post-its
♡ Nail varnish - black, white, grey, clear coat, base coat, pearl-transparent, glitter top coat, textured
♡ Nail art - gems; black/silver/white, other nail art items in grey/silver/black/white


♡ 2-tone polka dots / 2-tone stripes
♡♡♡ B & W ♡♡♡
♡ Pastel shades, steampunk/vintage shades, kawaii colours
♡Japan / China / Korea text / off-cuts / clippings
♡ I love dreamy images (but not fantasy) things that remind me of holidays/summer/real places on jewlery/stationary

Updated 5th Oct 2016


Wishlist - low price:

♡ n/a

Wishlist - higher price:

♡ n/a

Updated 5th Oct 2016

For my partner

  • Manowar stuff (the band) artwork, clippings, badges/patches/pins, etc
  • sweets/savory, can be meat/non veggi, 'weird' stuff, unusual, cultural, novelty, anything!
  • Teas (caffine) any/all, novelty, hot chocolate
  • futurama / simpsons / southpark / Rick and Morty / American Dad / King Of The Hill
  • Smoking papers / packets from around the world (even empty, but good condition)
  • Extreme music, metal/experimental, Norway/Scandinavian

Updated - 5th Oct 2016


  • Anime, Manga, Comics, Sci-fi, Asian films, gore/horror, Metal/post-rock, hip hop, electronic, female vocal ...

  • Serial Experiments Lain, Death Note, Chobits, Ghost in the Shell (Orig only + man machine interface), Akira, Paranoia Agent, Evangelion, Blackjack, Gantz, Perfect Blue, Sailor Moon, Texhnolyze, Boogiepop Phantom, Haibane Renmei ...

  • Watchmen, Preacher ...

  • Kamikaze Girls, Battle Royal, District 9, Fish Story, Star wars, Matrix ...

  • Farscape, Stargate SG1/Universe, V, Red Dwarf, Dexter, Fringe, Dark Matter, Stranger Things, Utopia, Humans, Dark Mirror ...

No particular order, just as and when I remember ...

Updated - 5th Oct 2016

Arkaya's guarantee

  • I always send out swaps as soon as I can + rate as soon as I can.
  • I love to include extras - surprises are fun!
  • I am green and often re-use packaging.
  • If you haven't received your swap from me, let me know asap - I always send them out + want you to get them. So I will do my best to sort it out.
  • Sometimes I re-send items I've received, but it's not because I don't like it - it's because I think someone else will enjoy it more. I always keep handmade/drawn items though!
  • I am happy with second hand/lightly used items - as long as it's not bath items or makeup - ew.

Updated - 5th Oct 2016


Sorry to be picky! I am very easy to please, the following list of disliked styles and characters is to help guide my partners.

  • western cartoons (disney, warner bros, cartoon network, dreamworks, pixar - etc) EXCEPT BIG HERO 6/BAYMAX (!!),
  • strawberry shortcake(character),
  • cars / road signs / sports,
  • teacher / birthday / easter / christmas stickers,
  • vampires,
  • mermaids(unless kawaii),
  • clowns / circus,
  • hippy / flowery / neon / peace signs / 60's,
  • toffee or fudge
  • caramel alone - (although I like it with other stuff nuts, fruit, biscuit etc)
  • fish / meat / gelatin ( I am a veggie!)
  • very sweet things / sugary / fruit teas,
  • religious stuff / crosses / stars,
  • paul frank / afro ken
  • real children / humans mixed with kawaii
  • Fake ear gauges/stretchers/earrings,
  • Temporary tattoos,
  • pencil cases (thank you, but I have lots now and not enough pencils to fill them)

Updated - 5th Oct 2016


Hellsjelly rated for PVT - arkaya + Hellsjelly on Jul 20, 2013
Comment: Super cute & lovely swap ! Thank you so much beauty x
Response: You are welcome hun :D
Beckykat rated for Sparkle glitter valentine's swap <3 on Feb 23, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the awesomes xD Loved everything. Soooo sweet and thoughtful :D Especially love the steampunk Loki necklace, barely taken it off <3 Love you xxxxxxx
Response: Thought I replied to this! You are always welcome Lt.Sparkle cheeks, anytime <3<3<3Love you tooxxxx
Comment: I LOVE this fantastic UK - themed package.. Beautiful decorated matchbox filled with goodies. Cute little teapot-pendants, sweets and so much more Thank you so much I wish I could give you two <3
Response: Aww, you are so welcome - glad you enjoyed it :D <3<3
Mikka rated for PVT - arkaya + Mikka on Aug 16, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing stickers, they will be cherished for ever ^_^ And thanks for going true so much trouble to find so many violin stuff <3 I loved everything you send me, thanks very much for swapping!!
Response: You are very welcome, I am so happy you liked it :D <3<3
fluffyghost rated for PVT - arkaya + Fluffyghost on Jul 23, 2012
Comment: Amazing swap! The handmades were incredible! Couldn't be any more happier then I am with everything! Thanks so much. A+++++++++
Response: You are more than welcome, was lovely swapping with you :D
Comment: Thank you for the lovely package! :) It made my day. My 2 year old son thought the envelope was a present you had decorated it so lovely. :)
Response: You are welcome so glad you liked it :D <3<3
Beckykat rated for PVT - arkaya + Beckykat (3) on May 3, 2012
Comment: Loads of cute stuff as always. Stress bread very useful at work. Love all my kawaii kitties and awesome ATC :D <3<3<3
Response: Haha, everyone needs stress bread :D Glad you enjoyed it, I loved mine loads too <3 <3 xx
ILoVeCoWs rated for PVT - arkaya + ILoVeCoWs on Apr 16, 2012
Comment: Thanks so much jess, you rock! You are so talented i love it all.
Response: haha, thank you! Glad you liked it all XD <3
Gingillytown rated for PVT - arkaya + Gingillytown on Apr 14, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much my dear!!!I love your swap, i like all the things, i fall in love with your hand-made blythe outfit....THANKS!!
Response: I am really happy you enjoyed it! I had fun making the dress for you XD <3 <3
bunnyluver77 rated for PVT - arkaya + bunnyluver77 on Apr 14, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much!!! I was so excited when I saw the package waiting for me when I got home :D loved everything so much!!! Such an amazing job on the stickers <3<3<3
Response: So glad you liked it all, had great fun drawing your stickers - thanks for the heart and the super swap XD <3
institutist rated for PVT - arkaya + institutist on Mar 15, 2012
Comment: Wow thank you!! I love your drawings, the skull is really good! The little virgin mary and round stone I especially like, but all the little bits will have pride of places on my shelves:) Thank you for swapping with me, and sending such a thoughtful package:) xx
Response: So pleased you liked it! It was really fun putting it together for you! Thank you for the heart <3
Comment: thank you so much for this amazing package! I loved everything! So sweet of you to send all 4 ATC's, they are so fabulous and I'm so happy to have them in my collection :) The handmade sticker in the sack are just fantastic and so are the plushies! super cute! and thank you for the paper flowers & buttons & badges... Top swap!! thank you again dear <3
Response: aww, you are so welcome - I'm really glad you liked it all XD Lovely swapping with you again <3
Brit rated for PVT - akaya + Brit on Feb 27, 2012
Comment: Thank you soosososo muuuch! ^-^ I LOVE it all! You even sent me a Rilakkuma memo pad I don't have! I am the happiest person! ^-^ Thank you again! ;u;
Response: yay, I'm so happy you liked it XD I checked the memo pads you already had to make sure - thanks for swapping with me <3
Comment: thanks for the re-send. i especially love the happy pills. they're so cute. many many thanks!!! with love, kimberley
Response: glad you liked it + it arrived safely this time :D
Moosecastle rated for Arkaya & Moosecastle on Jan 23, 2012
Comment: Thank you so very much!!! Looove the tiny owl figurine!! And everything else:D
Response: I'm glad you liked it :D Thanks for the heart <3
sylviasushi27 rated for Christmas Cards Express 2011 on Jan 2, 2012
Comment: Thanks so so much for the lovely card and all the lovely Kawaii extras ^_^ They really brightened my day <3
Response: Glad you liked them :)
leecytx rated for Tis the cards season between friends on Dec 30, 2011
Comment: thanks so much for the fabric & hand drawn gecko! :)
Response: You're welcome, I'm pleased you liked it :D
paperfarm rated for pvt - arkaya + PaperFarm on Dec 28, 2011
Comment: *w.o.W+ arkaya! Thank you SO much for all the handmade robot goodies. I LOVE EVERYTHING you sent! The stickers are beyond amazing, your such a talented girl!!! The silver robot tooth pin you sent made my day... I wanted to wear it right away. :) Thank you for the return address labels, pretty handmade hair bow and the other little goodies, so thoughtful. Hope we can do it again soon. Big Hug!
Response: I had so much fun with this swap, thanks for sorting it, and I'm really glad you liked you stuff :D
Comment: Thank you for the card and the postcards and the tuck ins. I love everything.
Response: You are welcome, thanks for the heart :)
LadyGuenevere rated for Christmas Cards Express 2011 on Dec 23, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful card, and happy holidays!

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