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Date Joined: October 1, 2007
Last Online: June 11, 2012
Birthday: May 5, 1970
Country: SCOTLAND, United Kingdom
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FYI.....4th JULY 2010. I'M BAAAAACK!!!!





Hello!!!!! Thankyou for reading my profile!

If i have forgotten to rate you please let me know. Occassionally i am too unwell to deal with the computer & i forget to rate. I want to let you know that i have recieved & am happy with what you have sent so please, please give me a nudge!!!

I just want you to know that i'm struggling at the moment with my mental health & while there are days where i can function somewhat okay there are many days that wipe me out completely & i cannot function at all! If there is a chance that this is going delay me posting a swap i WILL let you know!

However, swap-bot keeps me going. As i very rarely leave the house it is my connection & interaction with the outside world :o) I have made many friends on here & i simply love creating packages for you which i do with my very all.

I LOVE personal/private swaps so if you're interested please send me a message & we can set one up. I can do jewellery, knitted,crocheted, sewn, painted, papered..............infact ANYTHING! I LOVE profile surprise swaps especially! Maybe you can do one thing but i can do something else then we could swap our favourite crafts:) What do you think?

I ALWAYS send my swaps! I ALWAYS send quality! If you don't recieve anything then let me know so that i can rectify it! I will do the same for you!

Favorite Music

Meat Loaf, Alanis Morrisette, Adele, Tori Amos, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Winehouse, Beth Rowely, James Blunt, David Gray, Bat for Lashes, Melody Gardot, Diana Krall, Ani DiFranco............i have a very varied taste in music. i can listen to rock, reggae, soul, classical.......depends on my mood! I can get very black & my music will reflect that but also it lightens as i do.

If anyone sends me mixed CDs (which i would LOVE!) could you please send sort of themed ones. For example....a really upbeat sing-a-long-at-the-top-of-my-voice-whilst crafting OR whack-up-the volume-on-ipod-and-fall-into-deep-depression ones. Or anytype inbetween:)

Favorite Crafts

Jewellery making, Altered Art, Mixed Media art, Scrapbooking, Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing, Embroidery, Cross-stitch, Spinning & hand dyeing my own yarn, Soap making (although newly obsessed) & any other bath/beauty/spa making!

I'm learning to use Polymer Clay, using more & more fabric so i'm trying to collect various fabrics of 6x6 or larger , Art Journals, mixed media jewellery & charms.

I'm teaching myself wire jewellery so love copper or silverplated, gold plated, sterling silver wire of 16 or 18 guage. I really need a guage sizeing gadget to check what guages the wire i already have is. I'm sure someone will know what it's called ;-)

I enjoy decorating my own fabric & background papers.

I'm looking to build up a collection of fabric paints & fabric dyes(of which i have none at the moment).

I dabble in cross stitch but have enough skeins of thread to last me a lifetime........i like patterns & now need more aida & aida bands. Any colours & count are appreciated!

I also need the waste canvas for crosstitch & would love some variegated embroidery threads please :o)

I now make resin jewellery also. Yay! I braved it! Lol!

Soaps, bath/beauty, lipbalms etc...............:-)

Favorite Television

NCIS, all the CSIs, Numb3rs, The Mentalist, Dollhouse, Criminal Minds,True Blood, Burn Notice.......don't watch much........i either craft, surf or read. Although i do enjoy watching as i crochet. Very relaxing even when i'm having a really bad day! But i can't watch tv unless i'm doing something e.g. crocheting or computer as i get bored......i need to feel as though i'm doing something constructive :-)

The rest of ME!

I'm 39, happiliy married, have 4 grown up sons, have 4 English Cocker Spaniels, live in my favourite place......West Coast of Scotland.

I suffer with ultra rapid cycling bipolar which tries to rule my life......BUT I WON'T LET IT! I do have a social phobia & a form of agoraphobia so very rarely leave the house therefore my computer is my way into the big wide world! My crafting keeps me going as does my wonderfully understanding hubbie:)

I have created some form of art & craft all my life but now i'm teaching myself so much more! Jewellery, collage, charms. I'm learning how to knit & sew, make soap, I can pretty much make most things & if i can't then i WILL learn! I just need a little more patience & faith in myself. Yay! I've begun making soap & lipbalms & all kinds of bath products with the emphasis on pampering! Lol! A new obsession & i'm LOVING it :-)

I love nature & adore the highlands of Scotland.

My hubbie is a fisherman when not looking after me so fishing items are always a good bet especially sea fishing. Yes, he takes me with him but i walk the dogs & leave the caveman to catch his food! We now have a little boat & get out on the loch..... sometimes to fish, sometimes to just be. I want to use it to visit all the little Scottish Islands but that'll have to be next year now. Although i'm unsure how practical that is gonna be with 4 dogs that love the water........wet dogs = wet bed.......Hmmmm?

I love to read when i'm not crafting & love any of the vampire/supernatural stuff i can get my hands on :o) I really enjoy a good murder or psychological thriller but don't mind the chick lit stuff when i want something less taxing or I fancy a laugh!

I have finally taught myself to knit, crochet ( but only simple items at the mo!)

I have learned how to spin my own yarn & how to dye the fleece! I LOVE this!!!!!

I love making jewellery & beaded items.

I enjoy creating collage/canvas art.

I am teaching myself to work the sewing machine & i'm enjoying learning how to make small pouches, bags & wallets:-)

I enjoy simple embroidery:o)

I really love altered art! I enjoy taking a simple item & turning it into something pretty !

I do alot of papercrafting & rubberstamping. I LOVE Tim Holtz!!! But do enjoy the softer prettier side of the craft.

You may know me from other craft forums as baa-me-chick. If you do come & say hello:)

What i'd love or love!

Handmade bags.......any size or style! Shoulder or tote, big or little, pouches & purses...........:-)

I really really would love someone to knit me socks! I can't figure them out!!! So please can someone knit me a pair of socks??? Pretty please!

Rich, strong, earthy colours & metallic anything esp.copper & bronze are my favourite.

Handmade Jewellery, charm bracelets & charms, danglie earrings.

Chicken anything!

Any kind of SHEEP! Stuffed, ornamental, socks, pictures........so long as it is sheep or chicken i love it! Country cottage anything! Shabby chic!

Anything handmade.

I prefer ANYTHING that is unusual & handmade above shop bought items. Although i still appreciate anything that has been bought for me as i understand that not everyone crafts :-)

I'd also love a pair of long black openwork/lacy crocheted gloves!

Fabric FQs are ALWAYS appreciated........any colour or pattern:) As are any haberdashery goodies..............i often don't know the type of things that i need until i'm halfway through a project! You know what i mean ;-) Lol!

I always need felt. Not the thin cheap craft sort but the kind that is part wool or quite thick. Any colours appreciated:)

I love notebooks & journals......a girl can never have too many of those! Especially spiral bound as i use SOOOO many of these for planning my swaps in. I'm also a LIST girl...................i have lists of lists!!!!

Melt & pour soap bases.

ANYTHING for my new found love of soapmaking............moulds, powders, butters & oils & waxes, flowers & essential oils & food flavours & colours for soaps & for lipbalms too:-)

Dried flowers!

Essential oils:)

100% Cotton yarn. I struggle to get the coloured yarn here. I really want to knit washcloths so any colour is very, very welcome!

I love socks:) Infact, i love pink in my socks which is strange as i'm not really a pink girl.......??? Especially with sheep on! Of course.....Lol!

I would really love handknitted socks. In any of my favourite colours..........including pink!

I love handmade items that have been made with care & attention. Please don't send anything sloppy. I won't send anything badly made to you. My crafting is my pride & joy:)

I LOVE learning new crafts & developing my skills! In the past year, from participating in different swaps, i have taught myself so much! But because i make to swap I never have time to make for me!!!! Lol! Hubbie is always muttering because i'm sending something he likes to other people when he wants it! Haha! But he loves to see the goodies i recieve from swapping so he's pretty easy with it:-)

I want to collect crocheted doillies so if anyone has any that are surplus to requirements please pm me & maybe we could work out a swap:)

What i hate!

Cute! Unless it's SHEEPY cute.....or chicken cute........then i LOVE it! I DO NOT like cute, or baby pinks or blues. I am not a blue person. I would choose any colour over blue everytime. It just doesn't do it for me! Really NO pastels! Pink is ok but must be a vintage, muted pink......certainly not girly! But i DO like pink on my feet.......especially if there is a sheep with it! Lol!

Please nothing fluffy & sparkly! Or kawaii or little girl pretty. Teddy bears & fairies are just NOT me!

But i love SHEEP cute or chicken cute or even Tigger!

Please don't send me ATCs as i have nowhere to put them now & i don't make them myself. I also don't need any bits to make them either. I now have plenty!!!

Other then that i'm pretty easy to please:)

I need.......

******Address labels & labels with my name & logo picture on for swaps as i CANNOT master these on my computer...........i need labels for many things including Barmeychick Crafts, Handmade with love by etc.etc.etc.! So please contact me so that i can send you my logo & any details that i need pleeeeaaaase! I really cannot do these:(******* So if anyone can help me i will love you forever:D

My Wishlist.............Hmmmmm! It would consist of SHEEP!!!!! Anything with sheep on or sheep based or anything to do with sheep! I LOVE them! Haha!

I would also love Anything with chickens

Melt & pour soap bases,

Soapmaking supplies of ANY kind will be really appreciated.............there is a neverending list of neccessary supplies for this

As above for bath/beauty making supplies........and lipbalm making supplies. So flavours, colours, powders, mica colours, cosmetic grade glitters. pots & tubes, flowers & essential oils & cosmetic scents for the soaps & salts etc.

Journals/pretty notebooks

Fabric dyes please, please, please!

Handmade jewellery........if you send earrings i love them long & dangly!

Crocheted items

Knitted items I would LOVE handknitted socks!


Essential oils

Handmade soaps & any handmade & natural bath/shower goodies:-)

Fabric fabric fabric!


Variegated embroidery threads please:o)

Aida & aida bands please........any colour & any count appreciated!

Yarn.........i don't mind acrylic yarn as long as it's not that plastic feeling type. I LOVE variegated yarn :o)

Blended wool & acrylic is fantastic & good value for money!

Natural plant fiber yarn would be awesome.......bamboo, cotton, & many more & i also like the blends :o)

I would LOVE some dyes that will dye animal fibers. I have lots of kool-aid now but they are bright colours & so need more earthy, not so bright colours please,please, pretty please!

Natural or dyed fleece for handspinning in any form..........batts, roving, slivers, tops etc.


100% cotton yarn please, please, please! Any colours would be really appreciated!

crochet cotton:-)

Jewellery supplies,

Unusual glass beads or pretty focal beads please.

Seed beads........any size!

All gauges of wire..........copper, silver, silver plated, gold plated

I also really need something to tell me what guage the wire is that i have already got! I CANNOT remember the name of it!!! Lol!

Soap making supplies.......anything!

Dyes for fabric or for plant fibers or for animal fibers..............in fact, Dyes in general please!

Anything handmade!!!

Ribbons & lace


Seed beads for bead weaving projects please.

UNSWEETENED KOOL AID SACHETS........please, please PLEASE!!!! Any colours are great as i use them for dyeing my handspun yarn!

There is probably loads more i could put onto this list! This is just a start. I appreciate everything & have recieved awesome goodies through swaps that i wouldn't even have thought of! And i love them!

But really, i am really easy to please! As long as there is thought & care put into it i LOVE it!!!! And i'm always happy to recieve different things.............isn't that how we find out what we like???!!!!

For non crafters sending to me for profile or Christmas swaps this list should help ;-)

I really love.................

really long necklaces,

big dangly earrings

chunky bracelets

bags of all kinds........little & big, zipped or not!


sheep socks

milk choc

lipbalms & glosses

pretty hair accessories.......my hair is very long so anything is suitable :-) just NO pretty pink please!

ANY pretty accessories for me would be loved just no pink please!

Mixed cds

Really though, i'm very easy to please so don't stress & SURPRISE me! I often don't realise that i like something until i've got it!!!

My swapping

I ALWAYS send my swaps! If you haven't recieved something that is due to you please let me know before rating me. We CAN work it out! I will resend if necessary. Just please be honest! My ratings are important to me & i ALWAYS send quality & ALWAYS send extras. I value my hearts! But the extras are meant to be as a surprise for you, maybe something from your wishlist or something i think you would like! It all helps to cheer your day up & make you smile:-) I know how i feel when i recieve packages that have been put together with care & attention......it brightens my day & makes me smile like a Cheshire Cat! Therefore i wish to do the same for my fellow swappers!:)

I would love to do some private swaps so if you have any ideas that would suit my profile please yell & we can trade. Anything handmade is perfect!

This is an awesome site & i intend to help keep it going by ALWAYS sending swaps, PIFs, PIBs, Tags & Wishes:)

I tend to have a lot of swaps etc going at one time so it generally means i send as the sending date becomes due. Also, please keep in mind that i'm in the UK so swaps to USA, Canada & Australia take much longer. Sometimes they can get there in a few days, other times a few blooming weeks!!!

Wishes/ideas for private swaps

These are all examples but not limited to..............

  • Handknitted socks
  • Socks with sheep on ;-)
  • handbags.......especially handmade shoulder bags.....although i love bags as long as they're big & shoulder bags!
  • essential oils
  • jewellery.......big dangly earrings, long beaded necklaces & chunky bracelets, rings, bangles,
  • pretty hair accessories for my long red hair( please no pink!)
  • soapmaking supplies of any kind
  • dried flowers & fruit powders
  • small baskets & containers
  • address labels & labels for my crafts so please contact me for my logo & details.....Thanks!
  • jewellery supplies, beads, findings, wire, thread etc.......
  • pretty focal beads
  • seed beeds
  • cross-stitch kits & any supplies such as aida, threads, aida bands
  • fabric........FQs etc.
  • haberdashery supplies & sewing notions to add to my stash
  • 100% cotton yarn.......PLEEEEeeeeeaaase!
  • All types of nice soft yarn
  • lipsmackers lip balms.....i LOVE these!
  • jewellery holders of any kind as i have a fight with my jewellery everytime i want to wear it....Lol!
  • anything sheepy
  • anything chicken
  • roving, batts, fleece......natural or dyed
  • handspun yarn
  • pretty spiral notebooks
  • fabric or wool dyes
  • all gauges of jewellery wire
  • ANYTHING handmade
  • sheep notecards
  • shawls....crocheted, knitted or fabric
  • ANYTHING accessory-wise to help me feel pretty ( I have put on tons of weight due to my medication & sometimes i really hate myself)
  • candles
  • herbs/spices & seasonings for meat & fish (this is for my hubbie ;-) )
  • ANYTHING that you would like to send to me & that i haven't even thought of yet........;-)

Thankyou in advance for anything & everything that you send to me!


MirandAck rated for 10 Surprise Items on Oct 15, 2011
iditsh rated for Sewing Colour Hunt Swap - FEBRUARY on Aug 16, 2010
Comment: i waited 5 months and kept in touch to see when am i getting my swap, nothing arrived.
Zoelene rated for For the BIRDS LP on Jun 13, 2010
Comment: What great things you sent!! I will enjoy all of it. I especially like the necklace and earrings. Did you make them? Thank you for everything.
Lucinka rated for We love Christmas - Presents on May 27, 2010
Comment: many thanks
Comment: I received this big package here and loved it!! Thank you very much!
Comment: I LOVE the bracelet and earrings - my favorite two colors together! The whole package is really great! Thanks for the charms, especially the squirrel ones - now I can have some squirrel earrings.
ahuva rated for Profile Pack:Edited on May 4, 2010
Comment: wow i love it thank u svm very thoughtful package
Comment: Hi Nicki...Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift. I love the wash clothes...Toby (cat) spotted the lime green right away...and he was meowing...Is that for me? He loves lime green. I also love all the soaps..I can not wait to use them. They smell so good...I love them. Thanks again...it truely was a special gift. Hugs Susie
katiewoo rated for April Kindness Swap - International on Apr 30, 2010
Comment: Nicki you did such a great job! How creative you are....the body bar, the crocheted items, the bracelet and earrings. Woo Hoo, I love it all! Thanks so much.
tammyr rated for Sewing Colour Hunt Swap - APRIL on Apr 30, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the great fabric!
Comment: Hi Nicki, I loved my swap from you! The clothespins are beautiful and the extra bird pin was so cute. The chocolate was GREAT to receive (first ever from swap!!). Your comments on your profile are so true, you really send a heartfelt swap! I would love to have you as a partner again! Thanks, Chrissy (razzledazzle)
CJGrand rated for Private - barmeychick & CJGrand on Apr 20, 2010
Comment: What a beautiful handmade shawl. I can't wait to wear it. Thank you also for the birdies, they are adorable, and the watch parts, I can always use them.
redsquirrel rated for What colour is your sheep? on Apr 15, 2010
Comment: thank you very much :) what a great card btw
shellipw rated for What's Your Craft? on Apr 14, 2010
Comment: thanks so much for everything, I appreciate you sending the extras from the personal swap again, I loooove the bracelet and the bird brooch as well as you craftmanship on everything, thanks so much
tiaragoth rated for What's Your Craft? on Apr 13, 2010
Comment: Thank-you so much for the VERY VERY cool bracelet and earrings Nicki : ) I love both and know I will get lots of enjoyment from wearing them. The bracelet is absolutely FANTASTIC. PM me if you'd like to do a private swap anytime : )
mila61 rated for Stray Yarn Ball Swap - international on Apr 10, 2010
Comment: THANK YOU! It was wonderful to receive such a nice yarn and the stitch markers are great! You made my day.
karlupy rated for 10 surprise items on Apr 7, 2010
Comment: wow, i´m speachless, your package went far and beyond of everrything!!! without being mean with all the other swap i have recieved, yours has been the BEST of all, like reaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy really the Best. Thank you so so much, i loved everything that you send me, the teas! o my god the teas! i loved them and everything, and the things for doing a collage! no one could ever beat you! jajaja thanks a lot, you really made my day! a big hug, a huge hug
LisaLisa3 rated for Feeling Blue on Apr 6, 2010
Comment: Thank you so very much for the great blue yarn and goodies you sent!! I love what you sent. Thank you. : )
Flufftail rated for Matching Items on Apr 1, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the colorful handmade jewelry and the generous extras. Great swap! :) ----- http://www.flickr.com/photos/flufftail/4480768041/
pootle rated for PRIVATE - barmeychick & pootle on Mar 27, 2010
Comment: Lovely lovely parcel to open - I feel quite spoiled :) love the lavender smell and the sunny springy colours of the washy thingy! thanks loads :)

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Wickett6029 on Nov 10, 2010:

....missing you, and hoping you're doing well!

hoppyloo on Jul 11, 2010:

Good to see you back :) And thank you for the rating! Hope you are well and truly on the mend - Hugs to you x

liljesmax on May 22, 2010:

I'm sorry you are unwell and hope things will start looking up now. Just keep happy thoughts and think positive! Happy days will be with you again! :)

Christopherpines on May 20, 2010:

Thank you so much for the papercrafting LP! So much inspiration in one package!!! My girls were thrilled that you thought of them, and we had to draw numbers to see who got to pick first! :o) Thank you!! Hope you are feeling better! "HUGS"

Wickett6029 on May 14, 2010:

Sending lots of hugs your way!

dmarie on May 3, 2010:

I am sorry that you were not well- My handmade with love LP arrived an d it is fabulous!!!! THANK YOU ♥♥ I cannot tell what I like the best because I love handmade so much!!!

merlinda on Apr 26, 2010:

hi, sorry to hear on your profile you are not well and have spent time in the hospital. i hope you are soon on the mend and feeling a lot better. i got a phone call tonight that a friend had gone in to hospital(unexpected) and it really does shake you and unsettle everything. i am hoping to hear news tomorrow from the hospital also in scotland. wishing you well and real soon, take good care.

biasbabe on Apr 26, 2010:

Just Checking in on you today. if you get a chance leave us a note in the SWMHC of how you are doing. Have a awesome day dear.

merlinda on Apr 18, 2010:

hello, just seen you on a page somewhere and checked out where you from and wanted to say hello, hope you are having a good week.

all the best

Vblarney on Apr 9, 2010:

image Glad you like your loot bag!

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