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Member since January 2007

I love fun and quirky things. Weird and unusual. Dark and beautiful. Politically incorrect and funny.

I call myself a "yarny." I love to crochet. The yarn section is where I head in every store!

I am up for private, US only swaps. Just pm me.

I have fibromyalgia. It’s really kicking my butt, but I am trying to find a way to live with it. The diagnosis was a blessing because it helped explain sooo many things.

I just ended my almost 8 year marriage to an abuser in December 2019. I got away and he went to prison.



Yarns I like:
- With Love by Red Heart.
- Soft by Red Heart
- I Love This Yarn(a store brand of Hobby Lobby).
- Heartland by Lion Brand (and the chunky version too).
- Landscapes by Lion Brand.
- Vanna Choice by Lion Brand.
- Deborah Norville yarns.

I also love receiving “scrap” or left over balls of acrylic yarn...solid or variegated. I make scrappy blankets and donate to a local church. Balls as small was a walnut or golf ball are perfect...or any amount!!

- anything wool
- the huge blanket yarn by Bernat.
- sock yarns with a wool component to them.
- yarn that smells: cigarette smoke, pet urine/feces, mold, perfume, etc.

Charity is important to me. I donate quite a bit to several charities. Here are some places I donate to:
- hatnothate.org
- Red Scarf Project
- Seamen Institute
- local church knitting group sends items to the Veterans Museum, cotton hats to the local cancer center and prayer shawls to anyone that needs one
- church in Chicago that distributes items to several places: hat/scarf sets to homeless in Chicago, spa/wash cloths go into kits that teen or unwed mothers receive at a hospital, hats, blankets and other baby items are given out where needed.



- weird and unusual.
- funny, cussing, smartass, offending.
- animals; especially cats (big and domestic) and dogs.
- dark: horror, gothic, steampunk, etc

- touristy or multi-view
- religious.
- handmade.
- out of date holiday

A - Z

A - animals.
B - black cats, Beetlejuice, BLUE YARN.
C - cats cats cats!!!!!!!, crochet hooks(Susan Bates or Amour by Clover), cheetahs, clean cotton or linen scents, cussing/sexual/inappropriate.
D - dr. Pepper(anything), decks of cards (standard size), Dexter
E - ear cuffs,
F - the “f” word (my favorite word and I love it on random items!).
G - Garbage Pail Kids, Great Danes.
H - hair elastics, horror movies, Hilda.
I - It’s Happy Bunny,
J - Jack Skellington, Jack the Ripper,
K - kittens,
L - Leopards,
M - magazines (crochet, paranormal, cats), memo sheets, macabre,
N - Nightmare Before Christmas, notecards.
O - orange, Oogy Boogey Man,
P - pit bulls, pattern books (crochet), paranormal, puppies, post-its (fun and quirky), pillowcases (cotton only please),
Q - quotes,
R - roses, reusable shopping bags,
S - Supernatural (tv show), Stephen King, serial killers/mass murderers, sarcasm, swapping cards,
T - tweezers (super fine point), tattoos, Twizzlers,
U - unused US postage (in any denomination), unusual/weird/unorthodox .
V - vanilla, vintage.
W - Weird Al Yankovic, Wicked Witch of the West, washi
X - X-Files (tv show).
Y - yarn (no frogged yarn please),
Z -zoos.

This is just a vague idea of what I like. If you have a question, feel free to ask!


  • anything smelling of cigarettes

  • scented washi tape or glitter washi tape.

  • anything Pro-Trump. I hate that idiot.

  • anything religious. I have my beliefs and am not interested in other religions.


If you are my partner in multiple swaps, I will send them in the same envelope to save postage. I have not seen anything that says each swap has to be mailed separately.


I rate fairly. If your swap is sent late without communication, I have no choice. A 3 is the fair rating and is how this site is meant to run. Sending extras or offering to send extras will not “buy” a 5 rating from me.


I identify as 100% heterosexual. However, I support everyone's right to identify however they wish.

Crazy Cat Lady

Yes I am a Crazy Cat Lady. I have 13 cats total...all indoors, all fixed, all get along! I will list them as I got them.

Tango is the reason I am in love with cats. He came to me in May 2009 at about 3 weeks old. Starving and covered in fleas. He is now a robust, spoiled orange tabby who thinks I gave birth to him. Lol He is also a grumpy cat sometimes with the younger cats.

Lucas came to me in June 2011 at about 5 weeks. My brother-in-laws semi-feral cat had him and abandoned him at 5 weeks. He is my big Fatboy at almost 25 pounds. He is black and grey tiger striped and looks like a raccoon. He will smack you if you walk by him without petting him. He is a wonderful big brother to all the younger cats.

Sissy La-La came to me in 2012 at 2-3 years old(previous owner wasn't sure). She came already spayed and front declawed (I HATE declawing!!!). She is a soft-peachy orange tabby. She is the sweetest and most soft-spoken, so to speak. But she is the leader of the clan. She puts the other cats in their place with her clawless front paws. She comes running if any of the cats are fighting and gets the fighting to stop. She's pretty bad-ass.

Pepper came to me from the same owners and at the same time as Sissy. She was 6 months old at the time. She is half calico/half Sismese with beautiful blue eyes. She is ivory with black and grey splotches all over her. Pepper is wild and crazy and fun! Her favorite thing is to hang out on top of doors. Lol I call her my ninja-cat because she is crazy good at running and flipping. Her and Hank are best buds!!

Hank came to me in 2012 at 4 weeks old. My friend had a cat give birth under her porch. He is an orange and white tiger striped tabby. He thinks he is a dog and greets everyone who comes in like a dog does. He is super friendly and likes to play as much as Pepper does. Aug 12, 2020 UPDATE: Hank crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. He got very sick, very quickly, and we never could fully figure it out. He told me yesterday was the day, and so it was. I’ll miss my little Hankie Pankey-key. I loved him so much. RIP HANK 04/17/2012-08/11/2020.

Sweet Pea is a tortoiseshell cat I rescued from under my sisters house in May 2014. She was really tiny, about 4-5 weeks. She is still skittish, even with me, but is a sweet girl. She wants attention, but at the same time doesn't. She also doesn't meow...she more chirps than anything.

Baby Butters is a black and grey striped tabby cat with mackerel markings. She came to me in October 2014 at about 5 weeks. I had taken Sweet Pea to the annual free spay and neuter and someone had brought in Butters. They spayed her even though she was actually too young. The people who brought her in were just going to release her back out to the streets, but I couldn't let that happen. They agreed to let me have her. Her name is because every time I picked her up or held her she would melt like butter. Aside from Lucas(who she is best buds with and cuddles with all the time) she is one of my most chill cats.

Molly was born under my mom's house in January 2015 to a stray my mom had been feeding. My mom and my sister both kept a kitten from that litter and I got Molly. She is what I call a Tortico. She is tortoiseshell colored with a white chest. She is very sweet and likes to suck on my ears. Lol She is best buds with Gypsy.

Gypsy was born April 2015 in my bedroom. I deliver newspapers and a stray pregnant female jumped in my car one day and would not leave. I brought her home and within 20 minutes she was giving birth. Gypsy was the last of 4 to be born; the only girl and the only black one. She was hissing as she was leaving the birth canal, and I knew she was going to be a spitfire! She doesn't meow, she squeaks instead. Lol

Wednesday (female) and Pugsley (male) came to me in October 2015 at about a month old. An acquaintance had gotten them only to be told by her land lord she couldn't have them. They are both solid black and are super sweet! They were sickly when I got them and I had to nurse them with goats milk...they wouldn't take kitten formula(and you know they can't have cow's milk). Pugsley, who I call Bubba, has decided his favorite place to chill is on my left shoulder with the back of his head pressed behind my ear, just purring away.

Gracie Lou was born to my mother-in-laws outside cat in the country. She is the first long haired cat I ever owned. She is mostly white with grey/black striped patches on her back and face. She came to me in July 2016, about 6 weeks old. She thinks if I am on the toilet or scooping cat litter that I need to be petting her the whole time. She is very sweet.

Paddy came to me in November 2017 at about 8 months old. My niece’s dad (sisters ex husband) was going to toss him out in the negative temps because he was reaching puberty. My niece begged me to take him, how could I say no?!? He’s very sweet, cuddly and one of the chattiest cats I have ever met! He likes to follow me from room to room in the morning when I’m getting ready, chatting the whole time. He is a long haired orange and white boy.

Midnight I found on my paper route in July 2020. She is so tiny and skinny, I thought she was a kitten. I took her to the vet that day and found out she is very, very old, at least 10. Vet thinks she is in kidney failure. She drinks 2 cups of water each day by herself and she’s only 4 1/2 pounds. But she is the sweetest thing. Always purring, always wanting cuddles. But she is safe and loved now and will have as good a life as I can give her. 10/20/2020 Miss Midnight passed away today in my arms at 1045am. Her body finally gave out. I found her July 11, 2020 in the middle of the country. She smelled like old lady perfume, which led me to believe she was dumped for whatever reason. She was tiny, skin and bones, and very, very old for a cat. Vet estimated 12-18 years old. Her tail was limp and drug behind her, her fur was missing in big patches and she was missing teeth, but she had the loudest purr you could imagine. I tried to make sure she felt loved for the rest of her time and I hope she felt it when she passed. Because she was so thin and sickly (kidney failure) she was kept to the bathroom away from the other cats, which earned her the funny nickname Bathroom Cat. You were loved and will be missed, Miss Midnight Bathroom Cat. ❤️❤️❤️

And I have Jersey, my pit bull. She is mostly black with white patches. She was an early Christmas present for my then husband in November 2013; she was 6 weeks old. She is so super sweet and has not a single mean bone in her body. When Pugsley gets all puffed up and growls and bats her in the face, she just blinks and licks her nose. The worst thing about her is that she likes the "treats" in the litter boxes.

Jersey had her one and only litter of pups in April 2017. She gave birth to 7, only 5 survived. We kept two females. Daisy was first born and the biggest problem. She was stuck breach in the birth canal. My then husband had to pull her out by her back feet with Jersey's contractions. She's white with large brindle spots all over. She's very independent. Junebug was the last born and the runt. I often had to syringe feed her because the others wouldn't let her in to nurse. She has had a spitfire personality from go. She was growling at my then husband at 2 weeks old. Lol She is sweeter then the other two. She is always coming up wanting lovings and snuggles all the time. She is almost solid black with a white smear on her face and white toes on one foot. She’s also the biggest of all the pups and Jersey! I guess the extra attention paid off!

In February of 2020 I was asked thru friends to foster a 2 year old Great Dane named Bella, until her owner could find a place. Since I had what I called a Great Dane Crush, I accepted immediately. I met this skinny, enormous, terrified, beautiful blue Great Dane the next day. I had never had a dog that big before, or that scared. In the first week, just by feeding her good quality food until she got full, she put on 25 pounds. In the 3 months I fostered her, her owner visited one time, and hardly texted about her. She sent me money via PayPal for her dog food, but only because I asked her every time. Beginning of May, her owner told me because of the COVID19 situation, she was just going to give Bella to me. I couldn’t believe it! But, I somehow knew she was mine the moment I laid eyes on her the night before Valentine’s Day. She has been my love since I brought her home. She is best buds with Junebug, chases the cats (which I am trying to train out of her) and protects me like crazy from anyone anytime we are outside.


dmwcheng rated for Decorated Envie & Note #10 on Jan 12, 2022
Comment: Thank you for your awesome package. I love it. =D Stay golden. And happy happy new year!!
DeboraCreates rated for Happy Mail #11 on Dec 25, 2021
Comment: Loved the enclosures, the vintage notecard is so awesome. Love happy mail stickers, too!
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Comment: Thank you for the great Happy Mail package.
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Comment: Thank you for the fun goodies! Merry Christmas!!
WildStick rated for 3 things about my cat on Dec 20, 2021
Comment: Your little Frankie sounds amazing! One of my cats, Nubs, also does the bathroom thing -.- Strange little beings haha! Thank you so much for the cute card and all the amazing extras!!! I can't believe how much cool stuff you got in here! <3 <3 <3
kittyfun rated for FTLOC#1-"Owned by a Cat"-US on Dec 17, 2021
Comment: Oh my, I wish I could give 5 hearts! All you included was amazing! Thank you and sorry so late on rating!
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Comment: Thank you for your stuffed full of autumn goodies. Happy holiday swapping
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Comment: Thank you for the envelope!
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Comment: Thank you for the goodies. I love the bunny card.
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CrystalZ on Jan 16, 2022:

Thank you so much for the fun Happy Mail themed stickers that you sent for my October wishlist! They will gor sure be going on my future swaps :)

mejulia on Oct 22, 2021:

Thank you for the great wish from the wishlist group. I love hearing how you volunteer. We have a group at my church that crochet's or knits scarves for the homeless or items for a veteran's group. I belonged for awhile but my crochet skills are poor.

TeaNi on Oct 4, 2021:

thank you so much

for granting a September wish for me with the great assortment cute, fun cat items! :)

Swan on Oct 2, 2021:

Thank you for the stickers and stamps for my Wishlist. I thought I had thanked you a few days ago, but I hadn’t. Sorry for the delay.

mejulia on Sep 1, 2021:

Thank you for the great wish from the wishlist group. I love the washi tape.

Artistic on Jul 20, 2021:

AWG July 2021: Thank you, Jennifer, for the lovely florals!

bethe on Jul 18, 2021:

I really appreciate the happy mail stickers! Thank you! AWG July

Autist on Jul 13, 2021:

Thank you for the stationery set wish from AWG! It will come in handy for sure! Cheers-Evan

Tigerlilyknotwise on Jul 13, 2021:

Thank you for the notecards via AWG! Love the sparkles and the pretty mermaid pattern :)
Have a beautiful day!

LisaRea on Jul 13, 2021:

I will have to watch the fear st hugs

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