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Birthday: October 9, 1952
Country: United States

Favorite Crafts

I like to do collages with old magazines(from the 50's) and department store catalogs(40's and 50's) and the sewing pattern catalogs(ditto with the years). I collect paperdolls and often use the extra clothes in my collages. Most of my work is on the humorous or (punny) side of life. My favorite color in teal-turq. with red or bright green and navy I have two cats (calico named Annabelle Lee and black cat named Lenore) Even though I have cats-I collect Scotty Dog things!

Favorite Television

Right now my favorites are anything on ID(Investigation Discovery)channel and American Gothic. Looking forward to the new Season of American Horror Story! I like comedies like Raising Hope, Miranda,some quirky comedies 0n Amazon Originals. Of my favorite quirky type shows that haven't lasted on tv that I adore are shows like Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls and Pushing Up Daisies-not To mention Beauty and Beast-the tv series called Friday the 13 that took place in an antique store and those who care for and returned if lost evil antiques. I used to skip last period study hall in high school to come home and watch Dark Shadows-so glad Johnny Depp did his take on it and now I can watch the original ones on Netflix streaming thanks to the renewed interest.

Favorite Books

I like mystery books and paranormal fantasy books. Nothing heavy and gritty,though. I will read young adult mystery series and novels when I want a fast read.

Favorite Crafts

I used to paint on wood-shapes that were cut out by my husband on a scroll saw. Lots of holiday decorative pieces. Did mini quilts but no sewing was involved-it was all done with fusible web.I had a booth in a crafter's mall when that was all the rage but it closed up and that's when I turned to crafting for my own enjoyment and not trying to fill up a booth. I still occassionally do the name shape when a new baby is born and they want a stand up name for the child's bedroom. Now I enjoy doing collages-altered books-ATC cards and birthday books(I take a baby sized board book and turn it into this is your life and everything that was happening on the year you were born-whom were some other famous people born your same year and even the same day-who were the politicians-what was the price of goods and what items first came out the year-that kind of information.

Favorite Music

I guess the category of my music would be called modern folk-upbeat women singers-like Dar Williams and Jonatha Brookes. Like the oldies too like Janis Ian and Cat Stevens-James Taylor-Jim Croce-etc. My husband introduced me to bluegrass music and old timey blues jazz-like most of that too. His favorite is Bob Dylan but I sometimes find it hard to understand the words he is singing!! I went through a period where I just listened to John Gorka and Lucy Kaplinsky and Christine Kane-they are good if now a little sad-so I'm taking a break from them now.

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies are ones with Johnny Depp in them be they animated or live action. the animated ones like Coraline-Corpse Bride-Nightmare Before Christmas. Also like anything with Vincent Price in it-like the Edgar Allan Poe ones. Gothic old ones like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. And of course anything Muppets.

About Me

I got married in 1982-we have no kids. He came from a family of thirteen siblings and I was the baby of the family having two older sisters. I worked in B Dalton bookstores all the while I was going to college and then some. I was in charge of the children's book sections and I still like to read and keep up with the new books. I work for a company that helps mentally and physically challenged people to become more independent and that is very rewarding-I have done that now for five years-came out of retirement to do this. I take people to dr appts-grocery shopping-bowling-to the YMCA to exercise and one dear little lady that is 91 loves to go to the thrift shops so that it when I find alot of my goodies for doing my crafts too! UPDATE -I retired in April of 2013 and now am having more time to do more crafting and swapping. I didn't need to work anymore so I figured it was time to take care of myself instead of everyone else-the love my former clients dearly and still see a couple of them on a regular friendship basis. I moved my art area from a tiny extra bedroom upstairs to a large 4 season porch that goes across the whole front of the house(on the main floor)-natural lighting windows on three sides-the other side opens up to the living room. Now at least my husband and I are on the same floor when he is watching his sports on tv and I am creating art! I have a cat tower in the front window near my craft desk so that my furry babies(Annabelle Lee and Lenore are just about five years old ) That tiny bedroom upstairs got turned into a music room-my husband just bought an electric guitar. Thankfully he also bought headphones with that so he doesn't scare the kitties too much! Update-my husband went back to work -came out of retirement for his dream job. The federal judge in town asked him to be his law clerk for an appointment of four years!

Craft items

Things I would like to get:: I own several die cutting machines and sometimes like a die so much I buy it twice. My wish is that swap-botters would list in their profile if they own a die cutting machine so I could send them my extras when I am sending them goodies with the intended swap. Paper dolls Doilies-small paper different shapes and colors . Unused party decorative napkin/rice paper napkins-party ribbons decorations.

Old photos-black and white{people-old houses-cemataries -dark}-Pictures of just everyday happening with everyday people

Old postcards Postage stamps(I actually have a stamp album that I work on every now and then)

Anything black cat.

Anything Halloween.

Anything Edgar Allan Poe-I have a Poe shrine in my art area

Cheshire cat from the tim burton version of alice in wonderland-this cat this turquoise

Anything from tim burtons nightmare before Christmas. Anything Coke-I have a coke and chef themed kitchen

Anything scotty dog-prefer the black ones-but the whilte ones are cute too parts of old magazines-from the 1950's and before

Yarn with lots of texture and more than one color going on-I make bookmarks and tags and these are my tassel parts on the top.

Large print text-great for cutting out a word here and there for a collage.Any kind of book text.

Old maps and old illustrations from geography type literature . Printed tissue paper-love to layer it over text or such for a new look-tissue paper from old sewing patterns-embroidery floss -tiny bits of small printed fabric

Scraps of tiny print scrapbook paper-like glittery ones-good of small details on my ATC and collages. Maps

Rubber Stamps-on blocks or cling- acrylic

I'm an old hippie and love anything with the peace sign on it!


smmarrty rated for MJS: Clusters for Journals ~ US on Aug 13, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the clusters. I've been in a junk journal spree and I will add these happily to some pages that need something more. I'm well - getting ready for 2 weeks of vacation before school starts again!
Comment: Love the envelopes, especially the music one! The goodies are amazing. Thank you so much for an excellent swap.
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful pocket. You filled the pockets with the prettiest items. The goodies from my profile are so appreciated. I love it all! Thanks for joining in too!🥰
Response: Glad you liked everything I sent! Thanks for the rating!
di53 rated for SCAVENGER HUNT #39 on Aug 11, 2022
Comment: Thank you. I love this postcard! It just looks so happy!
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for the rating!
jlink rated for SCAVENGER HUNT #39 on Aug 11, 2022
Comment: I lived in Mandan, ND for about a year - went to Bismarck State College. Very flat state with lots of snow!
Response: I lived in Mandan for about a year too-1994-1995-my husband had just gotten out of law school and had a one year clerkship with the Supreme Court. That part of the state is not as flat as Fargo where we live now, and I have lived in ND most of my life-lots of season changes. Thanks for the rating on this swap!
MuggleMom rated for EPUSA: Playing Card Tags with Tabs on Aug 11, 2022
Comment: I LOVE 💟 your card creations and now I'm obsessed with finding Virginia slim deck cards because the cards are gorgeous. You used excellent children's book covers and thank you for the dandelion address labels especially made for me! What an awesome happy mail package today!! xxMuggleMom
Response: So glad you loved everything I sent you! Thank You so much for the rating!
captkristi rated for YTPC: 1 pg wonder July - USA on Jul 26, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much!! I love this swap. You made me laugh for sure - and those address labels are AH-mazing!! I really appreciate this swap! Have a nice air conditioned summer :D
Response: You made me laugh imagining the chickens running that I had to use it! Glad you liked the address labels too! Thanks for the rating and you keep "cool" too!
katie333 rated for AO: 3 Layer ATC - June on Jul 22, 2022
Comment: Thanks so much for the lovely ATC and the bonus address labels which I can always use. :)
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for the rating!
Cgscdy rated for FTLOC#1 - Pocket Letter - Mermaids on Jul 9, 2022
Comment: Tysm love it ❤️
Response: Glad you liked what I sent thanks for the rating!
donetta rated for GAA: A Trifecta of Elements on Jul 8, 2022
Comment: Ooh, Georgene! Such a gorgeous ATC, with all the background collage and use of mixed media...I love it! So happy that your remodel has come to an end (not that they ever REALLY come to an end...they just segue from one room to another, in my experience!). Hopefully your overnight guests provided excellent company and were properly appreciate of your beautiful new kitchen!
Response: Glad you liked my trifecta. You're right about the remodeling-next up is the bathroom where the paint is falling from the ceiling and off the side walls due to leaks before we got new roof! That's going to take professionals to fix that-not a do it yourselfer that I can do! We had a great time with our overnight company-Thursday nights is Wine nite at a bar we go to, and all the wine is half price. So, we didn't have to make them supper or provide drinks-just sat in booth at the bar and had a great time. Afterwards came home and sat outside and talked awhile-it was a beautiful weather evening. Fun to see them as it had been a while! Take care and hope you are enjoying your summer and it's not too warm where you live!
Comment: ❤️❤️ Both clusters are just AMAZING!! Love all the detail, the beautiful themes, your use of fabrics and stitching!! Truly gorgeous little works of art! Love the clever packaging and definitely appreciate the labels! ❤️❤️ thank you so much for such a fabulous swap!
Response: Glad you liked everything I sent! I love using fabric in my items whenever I can. Thank You for your kind words and thanks for the rating!
hibiscus rated for AACG: Turquoise and Yellow ATC on Jul 3, 2022
Comment: An excellent card. Great combination of elements and color but I have to say I truly loved the rick-rack! And so excited to have the stencils … how thoughtful!! Thanks for another great swap … and the tap dance stamp!!
Response: I have a thing about rick rack and use it whenever I can-You wouldn't believe the stash of rick rack I have-buy it whenever I see it at thrift stores-they just don't make the variety and colors now days to find in fabric stores. Always happy to swap with you it makes my day that it makes yours! Thanks for the rating!
Sylvia4647 rated for YTPC: Junk Journal Envelopes US on Jul 2, 2022
Comment: I appreciate the time you put into this swap. Thank you.
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for the kind words and the rating!
JanHardt rated for VC: Extended House ATC on Jul 2, 2022
Comment: I love this house - I would live there! Thank you for the extra goodies. I like how you put them together. Excellent swap.
Response: You made me happy with the recent swap you sent me, so I wanted to do the same for you! Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the rating!
wincejl rated for APCO: Butterfly APC Swap on Jun 28, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful butterfly APC! What a creative idea!
Response: Glad you liked what I created for this swap! Thanks for the rating!
Arabella rated for Five Handmade Gift Tags on Jun 27, 2022
Comment: Love your tags, Georgene!! I'm going to add a couple of them to my journal, use the "Enjoy" one for my bookmark and hang the "BEE-cause" on my hallway wreath!! You always do such beautiful work and I love having you as my partner!! Thank you!!
Response: So glad you like the tags and am pleased you have uses for them. Thank you for your kind words and the rating! Take care!
Comment: Hi Georgene! Your mail is here without any delay and everything is safe. Everything about this swap is beautiful. I can't stop admiring what you've sent across. Also, love your name. I hope we get to swap again. Have a great day.
Response: That really was a fast arrival. Glad you liked everything I sent. I was supposed to be a George Jr. but after two girls before me they just gave up to that name and found a version of George to name me thus Georgene. Thanks for the rating and hope we do swap again in the future! Take care!
isabellasnow rated for YTPC: Masterboard Tags on Jun 23, 2022
Comment: Hi Georgene! I always get excited when I see your name on my mail ;+) Your masterboard tags are--in a word--beautiful! I LOVE all the images and your signature textiles on each tag. You are the queen of fabric and lace! Thank you so, so much for sending extras, too. This was a wonderful swap!
Response: I get excited too when I get your name for a swap because you really get what I do! Glad you liked what I sent-always a pleasure to swap with you. Thank you for the kind words and the rating! Take care!
colodad rated for EASU: Free Theme ATC Coin on Jun 15, 2022
Comment: So glad you wanted to experiment on this swap. the holder is so fun. I need to learn to sew. Love the singer, you can just imagine how loud and strong her voice must be. the coin is wonderful. love the glossy finish and the explosion of fibers!
Response: So glad you liked what I sent-I had alot of fun with this one plus learning a new technique! Thanks for the rating and Take Care!
vlhafer54 rated for APCO: Ticket Party 2 for 2 on Jun 5, 2022
Comment: Love the ATC's - so lively and thank you for the extras - Happy Summer!
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thanks for the rating! Happy Summer to you too!

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hibiscus on Aug 8, 2022:
hibiscus on May 17, 2022:

Beautiful Gothic arch with wings!

hibiscus on May 6, 2022:

That idea of the nest building mama bird was inspired .. love your artistic vision

hibiscus on May 3, 2022:

The “bird collage” was beyond beautiful.. I treasure this atc… you are quite the artist … hope the remodeling is over soon! Sounds great

supersquirrel on Apr 15, 2022:

Nothing better than coming home to a surprise package! So nice of you to think of me with a Department 56 Easter Squirrel!! She is so gorgeous and so cute!! She will have a permanent place on my mantel. Thank you so much my friend - so thoughtful and kind of you ❤️🤍❤️

supersquirrel on Feb 2, 2022:

Hey friend - Thank you for the jams and the amazing vintage squirrel postcard ❤️

supersquirrel on Dec 2, 2021:

Wonderful trio of jam finishes! ❤️🐿️❤️

hibiscus on Dec 1, 2021:

Really liked that excellent finish to my starter!! (Music inspired starter set). So very clever and I used my last address label today now I can not rush to make more! Love the vintage vehicle!!

ChristyClark1970 on Sep 22, 2021:

Love the finish to the ATC Jam with the cats on the fence! That moon was perfect finish!

Camiliann on Aug 4, 2021:

thanks for the beautiful scss #5 its adorable, so pleased!!!

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