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Hi! My name is Leah (she/her) and I'm a crafty gal from Maryland. I love to DIY and tinker with things and I'm generally a big ol' nerd. I love to read, craft, and spend time with my spouse, young daughter, and my punk-ass cat.

Please note: I’m trying to stay away from the post office, so all of my swaps for now will be U.S. only and use stamps. I’m trying my best to correctly guess postage costs. If I get it wrong and there’s postage due, please please contact me so I can make things right!

Also - I’m using tape and glue to seal envies. Could you please do the same to send to me? Remember, “please don’t lick, even if you’re not sick!”

August 2020: Well, it’s been a hot minute since I was here, eh? I’m glad to be back swapping, and I’m trying to get my group Weirder Every Day up and at ‘em again. Stay tuned!

I like paper crafts, polymer clay, jewelry-making, and shrink plastic. Sometimes I sew stuff, or make assemblages. I recraft new jewelry from vintage components. Sometimes I make zombie art dolls out of Barbies. Just a little bit of everything, I’m just a filthy casual.

Id love to do private swaps, just PM me!

Things I love

Heres the kinds of themes and things that I love to see!

  • sci-fi and fantasy themes (GOT, Westworld...any Worm/Parahumans fans out there?)
  • kitschy and weird crap - bring it on! I LOVE weird stuff. :)
  • new, vintage, and repurposed jewelry
  • anti-racism and diversity themes. Black Lives Matter!
  • things with tiny cute faces (teeny coffee cups with beensy faces! Little smiling avocados! ahh!)
  • pin-ups and saucy ladies
  • Pagan/Wiccan images
  • thrifting and garage sales
  • LGBTQA themes - love is love!
  • kawaii (I like Chococat, Pusheen, cactus kitties or anything Tokidoki, Hello Kitty, Lisa Frank, and Gudetama. My daughter likes LOL dolls, Monster High, Mermicorno/Unicorno, Num Noms, and shopkins)
  • feminists and strong women
  • almost anything Halloween, especially if it’s retro or mystical
  • Christmas - especially retro designs from the 40s - 70s
  • mid-century modern design
  • Japanese style florals
  • Native American style (modern or historical)
  • I love animals -- especially cats, birds, stingrays, giraffes, seahorses, llamas, sloths, pangolins, chipmunks, capybaras, puffins, quails... (except for sharks which scare the bejeezus out of me!).
  • pears and pear-flavored things
  • chocolate anything, especially super-dark

My favorite color is pale turquoise/aqua. I also love dark red, orange, dark turquoise, neon pink, and black. Generally I love just about any color, neons are great, goth colors are great too, etc.

Top Wishes

Heres my favorite craft supplies to swap for:

  • hand painted or drawn backgrounds to use in ATCs and mixed media projects

  • odd little doodads, especially if they’re flat or flattish.

  • anything showing objects with little cute faces

  • fibers and lace for mixed media projects

  • costume jewelry parts - vintage, Southwestern, punk, sculptural, rhinestone animal pins, Christmas pins and earrings, etc...stained or broken is fine but please not crusty with dirt.

  • anything in vintage 60s/70s floral patterns. Give me your fugly florals!

  • altered art and art dolls

  • personalized address labels and swap tags

  • plaid, dark and moody florals, glittery

  • paper/stickers/whatever with Hello Kitty, Tokidoki, Monster High/Ever After High, LOL Surprise!

  • the sticky sheets you can use to mount stamps

  • scrapbook embellishments that are red and black or yellow/gold and blue for my school colors

But I don't really need

  • Christian-themed things (no offense meant! It's just that Im not Christian)
  • anything that smells of tobacco or incense, it just drives my allergies bananas...
  • kiddie stuff, unless it hits on my themes above. Send it my way if it’s kitschy, kawaii, or unintentionally creepy!
  • most tea except mint or green tea. Otherwise you may want to save it for someone who can enjoy it properly!

Favorite Television

Watchmen, Stranger Things, Infinity Train, True Detective, The Boys, What We Do In The Shadows, Teen Titans Go!

Favorite Books

My latest fave authors: John Scalzi, Diana Rowland, Mira Grant, Madeline Ashby, Jim Butcher, Terry Pratchett, Sarah Vowell, David Sedaris, Walter Mosley, Wildbow. Im slowly but happily making my way through the Parahumans series.


Comment: They made it! Only took a month....ha! Thank you for the bonus bag for me. I like the plant stickers decorating the envelope, too.
Comment: As per usual, you knocked this one out of this world with your awesome skills. This eyeball-centric fortune teller is just so...me. And the messages inside were timely. The stamped fortune teller.....O.M.G.G.G. I was already dying at the different funny stamps that you have in your collection, then opening the messages was so AWESOME. Fancy hat party!!! Don't push it! (that's my cats rn) JOIN US!!! LOLOL. Join us. And then FIGHT! So frickin funny and cool. I think I've heard them called cootie catchers before, but not for a longggg time. And yes, no cooties rn please. The mucha stickers on the envie, too -- my grandmother, who was one of my best and dearest friends, had a line of mucha prints down her creepy dark hallway. So every time I see Mucha, I can smell that hallway and see the yellow light. It makes me so happy. Thanks for another special swap. Glad we met last year :):):)
lovetherain rated for ittybittykitty and lovetherain on Jan 4, 2021
Comment: Thank you Leah, for all the wonderful items! The wool felt and roving, and all the sewing notions will definitely come in handy. Thank you also for sharing some of your grandma's tatting. Happy New Year!
Response: I’m so relieved that it finally arrived. I hope you can use some of it.happy new year!
Comment: Thank you! It is pretty and I like all of the pretty goodies inside. I like the pink floral theme. I 💕 things that are handmade! Happy New Year and happy Swapping!
banjobraids rated for Profile Swap-mas on Dec 23, 2020
Comment: I'm a bit speechless and don't know where to begin. First off, all these stickers are AWESOME and I love every one. Mrs. Grossman's bacon!!! Omg! And I absolutely cannot believe that you sent me these stickers that I'm pretty sure are by Samantha Fung. She is one of my favorite artists. My husband got our portrait done by her for Christmas last year. She's AMAAAZING!! I will treasure these stickers and put them on something good fer sher. I love the teensy embroidery box with the scissors, so adorable!!! Yesterday I wore around the Rudolph glasses all day and drove my family crazy. But the thing that made me tear up and just gape in awe, then tell my hubs to throw away all the Christmas presents bc I already got the best one, was the LENTICULAR TV pencil sharpener!!!!!!!!! It's....magnificent. I just love it more than I can even express. From the perfect pink color to the awesome bull/pony image. I am just in love with it. THANK YOU! You are always spoiling me, dear friend. I hope you get everything you want for Christmas! Looking forward to swapping with ya in the new year :):):)🧡🦖🎄
Response: Ok I have to admit I bought the lenticular Tv for you, I know I said we weren’t supposed to buy new things but it was just too cool and seemed perfect for you! And ofc I had to get one too in a different pattern, so now we are lenticular twins. (Which will also be the name of my next college rock band...) I hope you & yours had the best new year and I’m looking forward to swapping with you in 2021!
Comment: Gahhh, sorry for the delay in rating. I got the card and immediately started playing with it, then running around finding a perfect place among my decos. Then every time I went by, I was like oh, that's so cool. Then I remembered I needed to rate. Woopsies! Well, that's a testament to the cool card. I love it!! Yesterday my sister was admiring my tree and she was so blown away by the mermaid ornament! And then I showed her the dinos. She was so jealous. Hope you're having a lovely holiday season! Hugs :):):)
Response: Aww yes I’m glad you liked it! And no worries about the rating, I finally checked my profile after the holidays and realized I hadn’t rated either!!
takehimaway rated for Profile Goodies! on Dec 21, 2020
Comment: Honestly, this was one of my favourite swaps I've gotten so far. Thank you so, so much for taking the time to put this together for me. Of course, my favourite parts were the glow in the dark stickers and stamps. There was nothing you sent that I didn't like! The pin ups were so cute, and you were so thoughtful to include the fireman one. I just love her dark hair too. I LOVED the rainbow tape - that is literally like the best tape I've ever seen! If you'd ever like to do another private swap, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again.
Response: Hey I’m so glad you like it! You should have 2 envies from me (one big and little), although mail is taking forever. I’m still getting swaps sent 3 weeks ago. Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed it and happy new year!
Stamper rated for Christmas Postage Stamp Swap #1 on Dec 14, 2020
Comment: Nice selection of USA stamps but more than 50 % of stamps were damaged Forever stamps attempt to remove of paper were very thin or damaged Cannot be used in my collection recommend to leave on paper
Response: Hi Nick, I’m sorry to hear this. I wish you had reached out to let me know there was a problem before rating me. I’ve got alternate stamps going into the mail tomorrow, and already sent you a DM.
banjobraids rated for Ugly Sweater Ornament on Dec 10, 2020
Comment: LEAHHHH!!!!!!!!! These dinos made me get all choked up, they're SO BEAUTIFUL!!! They're so intricately painted! All the teensy details, omgggg!! I will treasure them forever. They are gonna look so bitchin on my tree. Thank you for this wonderful gift! So glad we met and are swapping together :):):)
Response: Oh yay I was hoping you would like the dinos! I got so into making them, I’m now actually low-key obsessed with making more...I just ordered a bunch more tiny dinos!
Comment: Leah, thank you for the lovely tickets and for joining my swap! I have added them to my December daily junk journal. Swapping these tickets have become a Christmas tradition for me. Thank you and happy holidays!
Response: Thanks for hosting this fun swap, happy holidays!
SilverD rated for Funky Textured Art on Dec 6, 2020
Comment: I enjoyed your swap. It was quite fun deciding what to use as funky textures. All three of yours are really cool! I can't imagine it was easy to color on sandpaper.I really like the hot air balloon stamped ribbon and gesso piece. Thank you for an awesome swap!
Response: You know it wasn’t so bad to color on sand paper, and as a bonus, it kind of sharpens the point lol!
Comment: OH MY GOD, I got the mermaid ornament today and I LOVE IT!!! The colors are so cool, and it's hilarious that it's on a Coors can, lolol! It's classy in the front, party on the back. It's so funny, not only have I been to the city where the artist lives, BUT I also went to NC recently and along the way bought a bunch of recycled aluminum can magnets at a roadside market. They were butterflies and dragonflies made from LaCroix and Monster cans. I love upcycling. This is going to look so bitching on my pink Christmas tree, too. THANK YOU dear friend. HUGGGS
Response: Oh whew I’m so relieved- I was so excited about the upcycling, and it made me laugh, and then a few days later I was like wait oh no...(my jerkbrain is really good at that). Anyways I love that it fits your Christmas theme and everything! I actually was making another mermaid just in case, but it takes forever, so stay tuned...
Comment: Thank you for a such an elegant creepy cool art journal page - can't wait to have enough of these to put a book together!
Response: Oh I’m so glad you like it! I’m excited to get them all into a journal as well!
evielution rated for Tiny Foods With Cute Faces! on Dec 1, 2020
Comment: I gasped out loud when I opened your swap! So many fun kawaii things! And thank you so much for the Sailor Moon sticker!
Response: Aww you’re so welcome!! :p
Comment: You had some neat ideas I liked it! I'm going to so use these in my journal :)
bethe rated for Retro Ads on Nov 28, 2020
Comment: I was so excited to see you were my partner for this swap. Thank you so much for the altered retro ad, it is just my style and I agree, the colors really work well together! I love how you backed it with your work surface, what a nice unique touch :) :) Thank you also for the 80's comics and tiny ads. I really dig all of your swaps and looking forward to swapping in the future. Stay weird!
Response: I’m so glad you liked it, it was fun to make for you! :)
Comment: Beautiful tag! Love the phases of the moon! PS: no special perks except the fancy label. Lol
Response: No special perks?! I feel like immunity from prosecution should at least be on the table lol I’m glad you like the tag, cheers!
Aeon rated for Comics ATC on Nov 25, 2020
Comment: OMG Thank you so much for all of these fabulous goodies! I loved everything from the comic washi taped envelope and card, to the extra comics you sent, and especially the ATC you made. 😍😍. And YES, I would love to do a private shrink plastic swap after the craziness of holiday season is over. Let’s talk!
Response: Excellent! I’m looking forward to it :)
Comment: Thank you for this envie! I will open it soon! Can't believe it is soon December!
OfficeDarling rated for Postage People ATC USA on Nov 19, 2020
Comment: Gorgeous ATC Postage Person! I feel like there are those who make me seek out new techniques because I want to pull up to their level! You are definitely one of them! Thank you so much! And the Washi:)
Response: Aww you are so kind! I’m really glad you liked it, it was fun to make! :)

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Poohtat on Feb 13, 2021:

Thank you for the CPG Jan Wish. I love the floral washi. Happy Swapping!

simcoe54 on Feb 4, 2021:

CPG: December Wishes -- Thanks for the lovely stickers. My grand-daughter will love them.

BusyB on Feb 4, 2021:

Thank you, LOVE the CPG January wish! SO excited to use these pretty textiles on more pages with my Mom, perfect. Thank you for sharing your ideas, some I had not thought of. And that anatomical heart sticker on the envie!💞

bpl76 on Jan 30, 2021:

Thank you sooooo much for the wish love it !!

OrigamiGrace on Jan 29, 2021:


Happy Belated Birthday!!

OrigamiGrace on Jan 29, 2021:

Thank you so much for the super cute addy labels and the garden notes from my Jan wishlist at CPG - I love them!!

bluerose3 on Jan 28, 2021:

Thank you for the stencils (CPG December Wishlist). They will come in handy for flower pot and wooden box crafts.

BusyB on Jan 26, 2021:

Happy Birthday Leah! I hope your CPG wish finds you soon. And hope you are having an awesome day!

kiddomerriweather on Jan 25, 2021:

I just got your CPG December wish yesterday. I can't believe it took over a month to get here! I love the Paul Frank tats. I didn't realize there was a raccoon character. So cool! Thank you so much!

takehimaway on Jan 6, 2021:

I appreciate all of the happy mail - thank you so much for thinking of me.

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