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kissgal on Oct 11, 2016:

Another 1 rating will be going away this week woo hoo

cookies37 on Apr 4, 2016:

I would love to do a private swap to help you get your rating up. You are my partner for "recycle a card into a postcard #3. Let me know if you'd like to swap postcards or notecards. Judy

kissgal on Mar 10, 2016:

i just need to hear from 5 more people that i flaked on so that i can get my 1 ratings under 10. But for now i will be doing swaps so that i can get my rating up.

Debmitch on Feb 21, 2016:

Hi there! Great job on your 1's <3 I would be happy to do a private swap with you... any time.

hugs Debbie

Keebzler on Feb 21, 2016:

Hello Diane. :) Just checking up and taking a look at your profile. I hope you have the chance to make all of your low rating up. So far, it seems like you are staying on top of them -- Keep it up and watch those 1s disappear! :)

kissgal on Feb 17, 2016:

i have 2 more swaps going out tomorrow. will finally get those 1 ratings down before i know it. Then i will be able to get to host swaps again.

kissgal on Feb 14, 2016:

another makeup swap going out to @lacey38655 next week

kissgal on Feb 13, 2016:

swaps going out next week: @tyingknots for Bath and Beauty swap 2009; @Mejulia Calling all veggie salad lovers 2009 havent heard from the other person i was partners with; and @Texydeb Family Chef sneaky veggies havent heard from the other 3 persons.. Finally starting to get the swaps fixed. Just need to hear from some more of the people i've flaked on so that I can get these rectified.

kissgal on Feb 13, 2016:

Mnjovigirl what types are you thinking

MNJoviGirl on Feb 12, 2016:

I am willing to do some private swaps with you, if you are interested.


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